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Skill development activity

MOTIVATING SELF AND OTHERS by Motivating others entails rewarding appropriately in order to encourage the hard work and inspire them to do even better. If an employee at a car dealership sells more and meets the target set, by giving him a bonus, you encourage him to sell more. The next time he may even beat his own records because he knows there is a reward in store. This is a form of extrinsic motivation. On the other hand, intrinsic motivation is the sense of accomplishment within the employee that he met his personal goals
Promotions and the autonomy to make decisions empower the employers to do more and participate in making the organization better. It is a sign of trust and faith that goes a long way in making them believe in themselves. A manager can delegate the duties of supervision to the employee of the month in manufacturing company. This will serve as a stimuli to his colleagues to work harder too.
According to Maslow, physiological, safety and existence needs are basic. They can be gratified by salaries from work for rent payment, food, etc. The belongingness, association and affiliation needs can be mollified by social and interpersonal interactions among the employees and the employers through outside work activities.
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