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Soccer ritual

I had the passion to playsoccerbecause of them and I was wanted to become as a famous player in Saudi Arabia Maxed Abdullah. From that moment my sibling and play it and like it very much. Also, we were fans to AY-Edited FCC as my father does because most of children want to become like their fathers. My father once bought for us a football, so my brother and I keep play with it and watch soccer matches to learn some skills. Furthermore, when we became good player, we start to play against my cousins and our neighbors.

We won In all of games we took medallions. After that I was plan to win on my brothers and get the medallion from them to look a hero on my father eyes, so I started watch a lot soccer matches and soccer animation. I learn a lot of skills such as how to shoot by left foot, how to skip from the player, and how to pass the ball under the player and that happen when I was in second grade in elementary school. I start to collect my team from my cousins and my neighbors, so my oldest brother and I made a competition and we asked my father to Judge.

So I won the game and my dad was surprised of the way I was played, so he gave me a hundred SIR is about $26 but in that time it value a lot because when my father gave us 5 RSI we feel like rich. Soccer is more than a sport; soccer player are a folk group with rituals and Informal tradition. In this research I will define a ritual and how is related to soccer. What Is a ritual? A ritual Is a particular type of tradition that many folklorist as a distinct category of folklore.

Ritual are habitual actions, but they are more purposeful than customs rituals are frequently highly organized and controlled often ant to indicate or announce membership in a group. Most rituals are stylized, and highly conceptualized deeply symbolic activities that enable groups to acknowledge exemplify, and / or act out certain traditional ideas, values, and beliefs. Familyand community celebrations scared and secular ceremonies, and a variety of other structured performance include rituals.

Rituals required a set of beliefs and values that group members accept and want to have reinforced. The ritual works to teach their importance by emphasizing even acting out these sales or belies like tradition in general. Rituals frequently employ symbols and metaphors to represent Important concepts. There are no clear records about who or whom Invited the soccer or the mime was, however the historian agreed that a kind of play ball was played for at least 3000 years, and that can see In China, Egypt, and Greece before modern one has developed in England.

There are many rituals related to teams before they join first time. That was because they have a ritual before the game and they belief they can win the game. Especially Fabian Breather’s shaved head before each game and hanging a towel on goal. Shatter is a soccer team in Khaki. Before they play the game they slaughtered a sheep to win games, however theanimal rightsgroup PETA . NET ” strongly worded letter” to the FAA president. They do that because they feel the luck comes by this ritual.

In many Muslim majority countries like Astrakhan, the ritual slaughter of a sheep is seen as bringing good fortune ahead of a major event. The meat is then often distributed among the poor. According to Shatter coach Smoky says, ” Of course this tradition may have certain psychological impact on players that can help them to relax before the game. “(FOOTBALL) Slaughter a lamb has known from old centuries in many books and religions such as Islam, and Christianity. In holy Curran mention (e-*HCI 4439) that mean God command Abraham to sacrifice a sheep instead of his son Small (AY shaft 107).

People sacrifice a sheep because they want to be placed by God or to forgive a sign, and some do it for the evil to make a bad thing. As Jewish and Muslim did the same thing when they have children. To be grateful to the God. Most soccer players have superstitions and rituals. They think they can success in their game. Superstitions can have variety things such as dirty socks, pre-game song, or a sort of pray. Also, there are funny operations like Christian Rolando has 7 1. On the bus Christian is sitting alone in the back row and he is the last one who leaves the bus 2. N the plane he sits always with Epee, and he is the first who leaves the plane 3. In the locker room at the halftime he must change his hairstyle 4. He must touch the ball before leaving the dressing room 5. In the Portugal national team he is the only Portuguese who is allowed to start off with a long-sleeve Jersey 6. On the pitch he always steps onto the right foot 7. When he scores the goal, first he is waving to his family (footballers). Sorcery Sorcery is a one of a taboo thing. Many clubs used sorcery to win the game.

They used it before the game and some wear it or hang it. They do that that to blind the other team from scoringgoalsor they used devils to stop goalkeepers from follow the ball. According to AY hill FCC Ex player conference that he used sorcery in one of games by washing his face, and after the game he quit and went to Mecca to erase his sin. (sport kabob) In conclusion, soccer became a famous game in the world have it’s on rituals and superstitions between the players, mangers, and fans. I

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