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Speech about insecurity

Everybody has a weakness or something that makes them feel like they’re imperfect, or they need to change. One of the main feelings that I believe is causing this is insecurity. I’ve always thought that it meant not being too sure of yourself or feeling shy, but I learned that its much more than that. Based on en. wikipedia. org/wiki/emotional_insecurity its a feeling of unease or nervousness, and could be triggered by feeling vulnerable in some way about oneself; self image or ego. To be honest, I didn’t understand what feeling nervous had to to with it, but it could tie into the feeling of being shy.

Its not easy to relieve yourself of insecurity, but there are things that could help. Finding out what the core is to our insecurities for example; money or beauty, can help to determine what we need to focus on. An insecure person can lack confidence, and may want to isolate themselves from the rest of the crowd. Insecurity can also cause shyness, paranoia, and sometimes: arrogance, aggression and bullying. Insecurity can also be caused by wanting yourself to be a certain way; self image.

Sometimes, when we have pictures in our minds about our “ ideal self”, its incredibly difficult to accept the way we are; to accept reality. You could also start to feel like suddenly everyone around you are so much better than you. I’ve felt this way on numerous occasions, and I still do. What some people need to realize is that you can’t just get rid of insecurity that easily; its personal. Even though other people don’t see why we’re insecure. Social acceptance is a survival instinct. Our survival as a species depended upon it.

The world was a dangerous place and there was safety in numbers; an ” outcast” would surely die quickly alone in the wilderness. A pack of humans could gather a lot of food, build stronger shelters, hunt bigger or more animals, and had a better chance of protecting the babies and children from predators. Abraham Mazlow identified a ” hierarchy of needs” in humans which is very interesting. You can google him to check it out. But it is very obvious especially in the teenage years, that the instinct to ” fit in” and be like the others is very strong and widespread.

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