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Speech to Inform with Visual Aids I. Introduction A. (Opening Device) Imagine getting up every morning on an empty stomach, then immediately going through a vicious training exercise that lasts up to six hours. B. (Thesis Statement) Sumo Wrestling: a competitive full-contact sport where a wrestler attempts to force another wrestler out of a circular ring or to touch the ground with anything other than the soles of the feet. Sumo Wrestling is more than just eating massive meals in order to gain a desirable body mass. It involves religious belief, a strict diet, and excessive training. C. Preview of Main Points) I will be informing you on the how Sumo wrestling evolved, what Sumo wrestlers do throughout their day, the different training exercises they perform, and the crucial diets they must follow everyday in order to become one of the most feared sumo wrestlers. II. Body A. The way sumo wrestling evolved. 1. Sumo wrestling evolved many years ago and still practice many of the old customs. A Sumo Wrestlers life is based on how well they perform in the ring. a. Sumo Wrestling originated in Japan about 1500 years ago. Originally Sumo Wrestling would be performed for the gods in order to receive a good harvest.

Then later was introduced to the military in the form of training samurais. b. It is considered a professional sport and is extremely popular, there are massive amounts of arenas for sumo wrestling to take place throughout Japan. Sumo matches are performed in a ring approximately 15 feet diameter, which is made of rice-straw, laid over a clay-and-sand platform. (Visual Aid) The purpose of Sumo Wrestling is to make any part of your opponent’s body besides their feet touch the ground. 2. The everyday life of a sumo wrestler. a. Sumo Wrestlers live in stables among other wrestlers.

Their stable master who is a retired wrestler himself trains the wrestlers and emphasizes the important steps needed to become a superior wrestler. b. 5am sumo wrestlers start their training. Sumo wrestling is a world in which results are everything, and there is a huge difference between how wrestlers of different ranks are treated and how much money they receive. (Cite: Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia) c. Top ranked Sumo wrestlers have people around them to take care of any of their everyday needs from doing their hair to massages. While the training Sumo wrestlers who have not ranked are constantly train to become a top wrestler.

B. Sumo wrestlers have many exercises they perform on a day-to-day basis to further the strength in their legs as well as their flexibility. 1. Exercise is crucial among all wrestlers. a. One exercise that is practiced in training is stamping which is when they stand with their legs apart and their hands on their thighs or knees, with one foot bent and planted on the ground as they raise the other foot high in the air. As they extend the knee of the leg that is on the ground they bring the other foot down into the ring. (Cite: Sumo Wrestling. ” Crystalinks Home Page) b.

They improve their flexibility by spreading their legs apart 180 degrees and lean forward with their arms out in front of them. 2. The strictness of Sumo Wrestling is unlike any other a. Wrestlers also practice slamming their bodies into each other’s. b. Wrestlers are not allowed to talk at all only the stable master is heard on occasion while he is giving the next instruction. C. Sumo wrestlers have an extremely strict diet. 1. Weight gain is crucial for this sport because there are no weight divisions. a. The average sumo Wrestler weighs more than 140kg, and their average daily calorie intake can reach 8, 000. Visual Aid) b. Sumo wrestlers wake up at 5am and begin wrestling immediately, because for one it is hard to practice on a full stomach and by not eating for the mornings work out it actually slows down the body’s metabolism and makes burning calories more difficult. 2. When a Sumo Wrestler eats is as critical as the amount eaten as well. a. At around 11am the wrestlers have their first meal of the day. By Fasting overnight and before mourning training, sumo wrestlers switch their bodies to fat storing mode when their meals are served. (Cite: ” Japanese Sumo – Introduction to Japanese Sumo. “) b.

An average training Sumo Wrestlers eat 5 kilograms of meat or ten bowls of rice in one meal. However for some it may be harder. For the so called underweight Sumo wrestlers they must gorge large meals until they puke. c. Right after their first meal Sumo Wrestlers go to their rooms to take a nap in order to gain weight all the food they just consumed will be stored as fat. Then all the wrestlers come back to the dining room to eat their last meal of the day at around six or seven. III. Conclusion A. (Summary) Sumo wrestling is an extraordinary sport that involves dedication and strict regulations.

B. (Closing Device) Now that you know a little bit more about the life style of a sumo wrestler do you think you have what it takes to compete with Japans Finest? IV. References ” Sumo. ” Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Web. 20 Oct. 2010. . Mishima, By Shizuko. ” Japanese Sumo – Introduction to Japanese Sumo. ” Japan Travel Guide – Travel to Japan. Web. 21 Oct. 2010. . ” Sumo Wrestling. ” Crystalinks Home Page. Web. 17 Nov. 2010. .

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