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Stakeholder management system design specification

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This document is expected to be edited and keep involving throughout the sign progress to make the design closer and more balanced to most stakeholders’ needs. Introduction Purpose The major function of the design specification document is to define and describe the system design and architecture. The progress of developing and implementing the system will be faster for the software development team with a clear understanding of design and architecture of the system.

Intended audience Software development team Implementation team Prerequisite documents Requirement specification document Goals The design model presented in this document is expected to be able to achieve the allowing goals. To allow user to Hadley the system well and access different functionality special training. 2. To allow administrator to grab information and use administrative function. 3. To provide a platform for students and professors communicate with each other. 4. To display the information provided by the department clearly that students can receive. . To prevent student missing any promoting or planned events or activities held or promoted by the department. Glossary ML (Unified Modeling Language): An approved ISO standard general purpose modeling language in the field of software engineering to provide a standard way to visualize the design of a system. Class diagram: A type of structuralize programmers describes the structure of a system by showing the system’s classes, their attributes, operations/ methods, and the relationship among objects.

Sequence diagram: An interaction diagram that shows how processes operate with one another and in w hat order. It is a construct of a Message Sequence Chart and it shows object interactions arranged in time sequence, also depicts the objects and classes involved in the scenario and the sequence of messages exchanged between the objects needed to array out the functionality of the scenario. Overview of this document System overview: A class diagram for the whole system will be shown to describe the overall structure of the system.

System Design: Several use cases are created according to different objectives, basically different functions. For each use case, class diagram and sequence diagram are provided to show the detail of the design. Screen layout for users and report layout for administrators are also simulated and drawn to briefly show how the system will to showing to end users. System overview The ” Innovator” stakeholder management system can be divided into several major features and functions as follow: Newsletter Social Network (forum) 3. Calendar 4.

Recruitment Board Funding / Supporting Platform 6. Event Page 7. Achievement 8. Research World The highlighted overview of the system: The design specification document will be focus on these major functions. Other basis c functions such as log in/out function will not be described in very detail but will be included in the whole system class diagram. Class diagram of the system Use Case Diagram 1. 1 Class diagram 1. Sequence diagram 1. 3 Screen Layout (Newsletter are introduced together with the photo slide show at the side. ) Social Network 2. Class diagram 2. 2 Sequence diagram 2. 3 Screen Layout Since there are different forum tools and very few people construct a forum starting f room zero, the forum is probably out of the system thus it has a different layout. (The forum index, user can select different board to begin their discussion. ) (Enter division: introducing the highlight post at the top, and other posts as well. ) (View post: user can view the post after click into a particular post. ) Add or edit post: user can post their comment or topics to share with others. Use Case (Calendar) Class diagram Sequence diagram Screen Layout Using 2 months as example since it is not make sense to make the whole calendar an d place is limited: Event adding or editing form: Bookmaking existing unconscious events: Use Case (Recruitment Board) employer side: COM student side: (System will display the hottest Jobs for the users. ) (User can search the Jobs they want and use filter to do the advance search. ) (User can edit / save / clear their C. V.. ) Use Case (Funding / Supporting Platform) User can select the project(s) for sponsoring. (User can also give a helping hand by attending the purporting projects. ) Use Case (Event Page) (User cannot register without logging in the system. ) (User can do simply registration on the event page. ) Use Case (Achievement) is a website which demonstrate all the achievement of the department of computing including social achievement and academic awards. The purpose of HTH s feature is to increase the awareness of the stakeholders about the achievement of COM and attract the top students over the world to choose programmer of COM as heir study option by promoting the achievements and the uniqueness of COM.

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