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Store opening project

The various costs include: building materials, landscaping and safety equipment, shipping, labor, temporary housing, and office facilities, travel, administrative expenses, staffing, training, and stocking of inventory. Project Manager: John Tare, 011-52-444-123-1234,john.[email protected]Com Project Sponsor: Alex R. Fitzgerald, CEO Acme Home Improvements,[email protected]Com Project Objectives: Deploy Acme’s capabilities to meet the commercial and private construction market demands in the Mexico City area.

Expand into international markets to meet the competition head-on and eat them, not only at home, but also abroad. To meet this goal and compete effectively Acme must open its first store in this major metropolitan area inside 12 months. To open this store within a year, Acme will build a project team that communicates effectively, operates efficiently, and is experienced in international ventures. The project team will construct a KICK sq Ft structure, with an additional ask sq Ft of exterior space for garden products.

The store’s design must excel in supporting each of Acme’s five core business areas: plumbing/electrical supplies, building materials, hardware and tools, seasonal/garden/yard, and paint/wall coverings. The project team will construct a comprehensive plan upon which they will base execution. This plan encompasses all details from site preparation through hiring and training. The project team will carry the company up to opening day. It is critical that the team stay on task and on time. Approach: ; Establish a cross-cultural team of Acme corporate personnel from the U.

S. And local Acme De Mexico staff to coordinate the project. Conduct competitive analysis of home improvement stores in Mexico City. ; Develop store design. ; Develop detailed construction schedule. ; Construct and finish store. ; Plan hiring requirements. ; Prepare hiring and training plan. ; Establish supply chain plans. ; Develop advertising, promotion, and merchandising plan. ; Train employees in compliance with Acme corporate policies, standards, procedures, and provide specific job activity training. ; Plan and execute store grand opening.

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