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Strength and weakness essay

Although very few people go looking for conflict, more often than not, conflict results because of miscommunication between people with regard to their needs, ideas, beliefs, goals, or values.

Conflict management is the principle that all conflicts cannot necessarily be resolved, but learning how to manage conflicts can decrease the Odds Of nonproductive escalation. Conflict management involves acquiring skills related to conflict resolution, self-awareness about conflict modes, conflict communication skills, and establishing a structure for management of conflict in your environment.We respond to conflict in one of two ways-?we want to “get away from the conflict” or we are ready to ‘take on anyone who comes our way. What is important to learn, regardless of our initial physiological response to conflict, is that we should intentionally choose our response to conflict. What we should do is that we should take positive views to strive to solve a conflict, such as ‘few steps of dealing with conflict by Foggier were used which are presenting you own options, understanding other opinions and reading new ideas, and lastly reaching an agreement’ (Foggier 2008).Whether we feel like we want to fight or flee when a conflict arises, we can deliberately choose a conflict mode. By consciously choosing a conflict mode instead of to conflict, we are more likely to productively contribute to solving the problem at hand.

All people can benefit, both personally and professionally, from learning conflict management skills. Typically we respond to conflict by using one of five modes: Compromise, Collaboration , Accommodation ,Coercion and Avoidance. Each of these modes can be characterized by two scales: assertiveness and cooperation.None of these modes is wrong to use, but there are right and wrong times to use each. All the five modes involves their advantages and disadvantages respectively. The avoiding mode is low assertiveness and low cooperation.

Many times people will avoid conflicts out of fear of engaging in a conflict or because they do not have confidence in their conflict management skills. Times when the avoiding mode is appropriate are when you have issues of low importance, to reduce emissions, to buy some time, or when you are in a position of lower power.The collaborating mode is high assertiveness and high cooperation. Collaboration has been described as “putting an idea on top of an idea on top of an idea..

. In order to achieve the best solution to a conflict. ” For instance, in morning stage, different roles as team members will have accepted team goals, be operating as a unit and, as indicated by the increase in performance be working together effectively (Williams and McMillan 2010). The compromising mode is moderate assertiveness and moderate cooperation.Some people define compromise as “giving up more than you want,” while others see compromise as both parties winning. The accommodating mode is low assertiveness and high cooperation.

Times when the accommodating mode is appropriate are to show reasonableness, develop performance, create good will, or keep peace. Some people use the accommodating mode when the issue or outcome is of low importance to them. For example, since team may get stuck in the storming stage are almost always ineffective, it is important for team leaders to focus the team on team goals and on improving team performance.

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