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Student compulsory assignment

The students are compulsory to undergo an industrial training for duration 2 months which consist 8 weeks before completing their courses. The objective of this industrial training is to expose students to the actual working environment. Besides, to cultivate teamwork, spirit and familiarize with colleagues. By undergo the industrial training, students will create a trust worthy and responsible person. Besides that objective of industrial training is to build self-confidence among students and let students know the technical knowledge and professionalism.

I was placed in Human Resource and Service department at E. H Tara Holdings Sad Bad and Milan Maker Industries during my industrial training. This industrial training really examines the understanding and responsibility in completing the assignment given by the department. Specifically it measures the creativity in conducting the task to fulfill the department and customer’s wants and needs. This training gives me good experience from the view of implementing my knowledge in management aspects. Last but not least, I had learnt more about Human Resource Management and Service.

Generally, the objective of the Industry Training is as follows: l. To entering the working world. II. Provide opportunities for students to relate the understanding of the theory learned to real situations in industry training organizations where students are placed in a department. Ill. Provide opportunities for a private organization, statutory bodies and government to transfer the experience and expertise to students towards the formation of professionals. IV. Establish and strengthen bilateral relations between the Polytechnic and the organizations involved for mutual benefit and interest in the future.

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