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Students reflective analysis applied management project writing process education essay

In the broadest sense brooding analysis is the study where pupil ‘s contemplations on the AMP ( Applied Management Project ) composing procedure, the pupil ‘s sensed public presentation, outlooks, and lessons learnt can be expressed. This is based on treating the cognition and feelings during and after the completion of the thesis instead than merely merely looking at the past events and recapping everything without supplying any analysis. However, in order to go a brooding scholar the qualities that are basically needed are unfastened mindedness and committedness to alter by recognizing personal prejudice.

Contemplation on the work done is a critical accomplishment to be learnt that may be easy applied in future life state of affairss whilst working or transporting out some undertakings. By looking back and critically analyzing the events that took topographic point merely so you can measure your work and place the countries in yourpersonalitythat demand betterment. Acerate leaf to state that brooding study would be uncomplete without acknowledging the failings and supplying the drawbacks as the experience from the undertaking is non expected to be perfect.

Additionally, it has to be mentioned that this brooding analysis study non merely includes personal experiences and the accomplishments learnt from the undertaking but it besides includes lessons that can be applied in the future undertakings. Hence, this indicates that contemplation is the nucleus of a womb-to-tomb acquisition procedure as merely by analyzing the experiences we can larn from them.

Remembrance of Experiences

The experiences from this undertaking can be easy compared to the rollercoaster with the outlooks, the temper every bit good as enthusiasm invariably traveling up and down.

To get down with, the aggregation the subjects itself was the experience that did non go forth me apathetic. This was preceded with the expectancy and the anxiousness that the subject of our group would be interesting ne’er minding the fact that it might be hard one. The outlook was to acquire interesting subject. The rubric of the subject received was ‘The Feasibility of Selling to the World ‘s Poor by the Multinational Organizations as a Means ofPovertyAlleviation ‘ and it was met with the content from the group members intending that it is a good, interesting and really relevant subject to the group members as some of them come from hapless African or Asiatic states. However, my primary ideas about the subject were non every bit positive as I would hold imagined they would be.

However, the following twenty-four hours was spent reading the given articles and brainstorming as it was suggested by the coachs and it proved to be of great value. This enlightened me as I started to understand more about the subject and the demands of the undertaking. This enabled me to try to place the possible purposes and aims of such subject that could be set to be achieved in AMP undertaking.

Additionally, in order to keep the records of the events and for better, more in-depth contemplation maintaining the notes of specific occurrences, experiences or thoughts that came into my head allowed me to look at them subsequently with the different position and to critically measure in order to understand what I have learnt from those experiences. This suggestion by the lectors to maintain notes proved to be really helpful in order to reflect on the experiences and learn from them.

Apart from maintaining the journal of the events for the brooding analysis, separate journal was created for literature reappraisal which was the chief portion of the undertaking. As in my old studies I ne’er used to maintain a journal of different studies, articles, books that are needed in order to compose the study. This was done merely by taking all the relevant stuffs and analyzing them at the same clip instead than maintaining the notes of the beginnings. Due to the enormousness of this AMP undertaking maintaining the journal of mention beginnings was indispensable portion of the literature reappraisal in order to use them expeditiously at the phases of composing the undertaking. Generating separate worksheet and spliting the columns into four parts ( beginning, writer, page, sum-up of information ) allowed me to easy track the beginnings in the literature reappraisal subdivision of the undertaking. It non merely enabled me to be more organized but more significantly it proved to be clip salvaging activity.

Another major portion of AMP undertaking that required developing peculiar scheme was creative activity of selling program for selling to the hapless. This seemed to be particularly hard undertaking as there is more literature available about assisting the hapless through assorted assistance organisations instead than selling to the hapless as a mean of poorness relief. This different attack to poverty relief was initiated by the transnational companies merely in recent old ages therefore the handiness of good beginning stuff on this affair was instead scarce. This factor created the feeling of defeat. However, alternatively of seeking to happen published stuffs the determination was made to seek on the web sites of big transnational companies and to seek for the information about poorness relief undertakings that they are set abouting. This enlightenment provided me with legion instance surveies and studies from the web sites straight and suggested the possible market and merchandise that could do great impact in poorness relief in hapless countries. This is when the important determination about the feasibleness of selling irrigation pumps to the hapless in Africa was made. Having decided on the merchandise that I believed to be of paramount demand in African states I had to happen the state that this merchandise will be sold in. After long hours of research into the most suited market the determination was made to sell irrigation pumps in Uganda where state has adequate rainfall during the twelvemonth and adequate lakes and rivers but the husbandmans are non able to capture and use this H2O in field irrigation, therefore, holding over 32 million of cultivable land laying untapped. This seemed as perfect merchandise for their market in order to spread out the concern and relieve the poorness.

Having examined the cardinal phases of the AMP development the following portion of the study provides the feelings and experiences during and after each of these stages with the designation of the lessons learnt.

Personal Feelingss and Learning from the Experience

As it has already been mentioned AMP experience was ne’er stable during the whole procedure. Personally, I saw this subject as ill-defined and instead hard as I did non cognize a batch about the NGOs or other assistance organisations in poorness relief procedure non even adverting the fact that I would hold to move as a adviser for the transnational company that aspires to sell to the hapless in order to relieve poorness. Not merely I felt confused about the subject but worried every bit good. Thus, after reading legion subjects sing poorness relief the assurance and exhilaration returned to me. However, the exhilaration about the subject diminished as I began to understand the wideness of the subject. However, this experience is positive as it demonstrated that in the hereafter the things should be expected with a more realistic attack and taken more carefully. The undertakings that ab initio appear either hard or easy may non be as they seem to be one time you start reading relevant stuffs. This foremost required broader reading around the subject country and brainstorming while researching. Merely so it was possible to construct a more realistic attack and cut down the possibility of undertakingfailureevery bit good as to understate the emphasis degree that was received due to miss of apprehension.

After reading legion articles and diaries I learnt how to choose chiefly the beginnings that are relevant. Due to huge handiness of secondary informations ( journal articles, authorities studies, instance surveies, researches, etc. ) on the issues of poorness and poorness relief some of the articles seemed to be relevant judgment from the rubric whilst the information inside the article was non truly relevant to the subject given. Therefore, this needed to develop effectual method of choosing the right articles. After reading several articles I noticed the form of the articles that are relevant and the 1s that are non. The usage of CRAP ( currency, dependability, authorization, intent of the beginning ) trial suggested by the University of Bedfordshire librarian Peter Godwin helped greatly in choosing the right beginnings for the undertaking.

Besides the accomplishments mentioned above I distinguished more of them that I learnt while making this undertaking:

Self direction and motive. As thesis is unsupervised undertaking unlike the undergraduate thesis this allowed me to larn from this experience the ways to self manage and actuate myself by giving some wagess to myself after each phase of thesis was complete and on clip.

Team effectivity. This is indispensable accomplishment that I have learnt as it is the footing of the success in squad work. The ability to work efficaciously within a squad has helped me a batch in seeking to happen solutions to assorted issues and is greatly appreciated by the directors in future employment. This besides showed that the ability to portion the cognition within a squad is invaluable. In add-on to this, I learnt to work efficaciously in a group in a clip constrained state of affairs.

Problem work outing. Having faced with assorted jobs during AMP such as clip direction, motive, etc. allowed me to understand how good I can get by in the unplanned state of affairss in the hereafter.

Planing and organization/Project direction accomplishments. This is the accomplishment that I acquired in the initial phases of the undertaking and proved to be non merely utile but clip economy every bit good. Always seeing myself as instead organized individual during AMP undertaking I learnt the ways to better these accomplishments ( note pickings, clip direction ) . Furthermore, I learnt how to be specific and efficient by stipulating the country of the survey and puting the boundaries. In this sense, planning and organisation is really valuable lesson for future undertakings.

Self analyzing and rating. This is closely connected to self direction and motive as it is the accomplishment which demonstrates how good one can concentrate on the undertaking and work systematically to accomplish set ends. Furthermore, the ability to measure the success in the undertaking is indispensable portion of any undertaking. The country of self contemplation appeared to be rather new to me as I seldom tried to measure my old undertakings

These the nucleus accomplishments carry important function in the future undertakings every bit good as employment because the employers look how you adapt the accomplishments that you province you have in different state of affairss.

In brief this undertaking taught me:

Better clip maintaining pattern.

Better note pickings and summarising pattern.

Better acquisition and group work pattern.

All this gives valuable lesson which will be really utile at ulterior old ages in life while working on some undertaking in the company or merely working with some people that are from different background. Besides prove that sharing the thoughts is valuable.

Group Dynamics and Learning from the Experience

This experience turned into good acquisition pattern as sharing cognition among the group members provides the ability to analyze the affairs from different position. Then you can reflect on what you where chiefly believing about the subject and what you think now after the group meetings and compare how this cognition has changed. I ever thought that single studies or undertakings have to be done on single footing significance that you merely see composing down merely your personal ideas or thoughts. But by making so I may be disregarding the thoughts of the others as they might believe in wholly different manner and would non accept my thoughts. Therefore, the first phase of AMP undertaking as being group work has given really valuable lesson. I became more cognizant of the benefits of sharing the thoughts among group members. Given that most of the group members come from different civilizations and different backgrounds it implies that with different degrees of cognition allow the thoughts to be shared and reflected upon from many different positions.

Team work was non something wholly unfamiliar to me as we managed to garner really difficult working group members since the first talks of Postgraduate surveies. This has proved to be really dedicated and difficult working group in many occasions when fixing group works. Therefore, without any vacillation the same group was formed for AMP undertaking with the add-on of other 4 member as the groups had to be of formed of 8 people. Even though we still were in our little group of 4 that we have known each other for about a twelvemonth, we were able to broaden our heads with the other group members. This turned out to be even more productive than we thought because all the other 4 members were from Africa, therefore, the issues of poorness were their mundane life back place. In this sense, the determination has been made to concentrate on the states of Africa so that we would be able to hear from the primary beginning the effectivity or non effectivity of assorted assistance organisations in African states. In this sense, they were able to portion of import information about the poorness relief in Africa and the methods that work and the 1s that do non. Furthermore, we were able to hold really productive treatments because for most of us the things that we thought were true turned out to be merely superficial imitation of poorness relief and normally enduring for some short term. This enable us to reflect on the thoughts that we ab initio were traveling to discourse in our undertaking and to explicate the purposes and aims in a better manner. In this sense we were able to oppugn the given stuffs better and with the more existent to life position. This is because the research was based simply on the secondary research and we could non travel to Africa transport out the research and see what methods work and what do non so the possibility of holding group members who come from African parts was truly honoring for our group.

In add-on to group work group kineticss was non something that we have ne’er encountered before as we had legion undertakings prior to this 1. However, in this group due to it being larger and due to the importance of the undertaking it was possible to detect the behaviors that were non seen before. Some group members felt demotivated, others felt scared of the importance this undertaking was transporting. Therefore, more statements and fluctuations of thoughts could be observed as compared to smaller group that we had before. Hence, some group members thought that it is better to work on their ain and non to listen to the assortment of sentiments. But for me personally group work ever was and ever will be the set where I can larn from the others and I can portion my ideas with the others as good. I seldom relied merely on my personal sentiment when it comes to making undertakings or studies, therefore, I was ever seeking for person that I could portion my thoughts with and to acquire some different penetration while hearing other individual ‘s sentiment. This is for a really simple ground. If 9 people are stating one thing and one is stating another it is really improbable that those 9 people can be incorrect. Even if there are instances that we had conflicting thoughts group work allows to come up with some sort of solution that is normally suited for everyone.

However, to be a successful member of the group is ne’er easy as you have to oppugn yourself invariably whether you contribute sufficiently, whether they see you as a valuable member of the group or whether you gain more from the group work instead than being on your ain. Chapman ( 2006 ) in his surveies states that group work is one of the most of import factors in today ‘s society as this proves to do work more efficient and increases productiveness. This thought is farther elaborated by Brodbeck and Greitemeyer ( 2000 ) proposing that the interaction within the group allows to develop new thoughts every bit good as to critically measure the bing 1s.

The possibility to portion the thoughts and complement on each other has ever attracted me as this allows me to larn something new, to rectify myself if my perceptual experiences are incorrect and to portion my cognition with the others. I have ever seen the group work as a better manner to success in comparing to single work. In add-on to this, Forsyth ( 1999 ) supports the thought of group work instead than members working individually.

Lessons for Future Undertakings

Despite the fact that I have learnt legion lessons while transporting out the undertaking there are still certain countries that need to be improved and applied in future undertakings or group activities. These can be suggested as followers:

Open mindedness to the thoughts and suggestions expressed by the group members.

Accept the unfavorable judgment and learn from it.

Better clip direction.

Improve consciousness of contemplation on the events.

These are the activities that I personally found disputing to accept and alter my attitude towards them. Therefore, they are the 1s that I will try to better in future undertakings.


As this study suggests the brooding analysis of the events and experiences is the key to life larning procedure as it allows acquiring deeper penetrations into the experiences and bettering on them. This brooding study non merely included the events that took topographic point while set abouting AMP undertaking but it besides revealed the failings of my personality every bit good as provided with some valuable lessons for the future undertakings. The first subdivision of this study presents the assorted phases of AMP whilst other subdivisions provide with the lessons learnt and the personal feelings at every phase of the undertaking. Besides reflecting on my personal experiences this study besides gives the contemplation on group kineticss as group work was one of the initial phases of the undertaking. It has been suggested that group work is perceived as more productive attack to work leting to portion the thoughts among other members of the group.

Overall, this study suggests that set abouting AMP undertaking was a really practical experience which awarded with legion lessons for the future undertakings.

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