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Frederick Winslow Taylor’s “ The Principles of Scientific Management” explains the inherent repulsion of people to accept technology as a part of productive growth. This can be attributed to two fundamental mentalities of the workforce of abhorring labor-saving devices and of the prevailing mind-set of soldiering on. The introduction of technology is immediately seen as a threat by the workers and is then met by dislike because it is equated to something that will put them out of job. Conversely, the concept of soldiering on nurtures the philosophy of preserving some form of status quo that management is comfortable that it divests an efficient worker of his potential to produce more than what is expected of him. These attitudes become a problem since it cultivates a culture where the labor force stagnate instead of grow.
Scientific management is a solution offered by Taylor where it seeks to cultivate a new form of mentality where there is a new manner of setting an equilibrium that integrates the worth of the working man with the aid of efficiency that technology can provide. He offers four principles which starts with the assimilation of new set of ideals that have worked in the past to formulate a better set of understanding that will yield improved results. The next puts focus on establishing skilled managers who will guide in the new way of administrating the principle of scientific management. Perhaps the most important of these principles is the third which is the bringing together of science and man to a common goal. The final principle is what differentiates it from all other which is the division of work which gives direct correlation to the significance of technology in improving output while keeping the working man assured of his worth in the production process (1916).
Taylor, F. W. (1916). The principles of scientific management. Bulletin of the Taylor Society. pp. 13-23.

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