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Thailand after Coup: Uniform Reaction The military that overtook Thailand’s military setup is now stepping upto construe what they call as “true democracy”. The junta which leads the country has made up a parliament which constitutes of military personnel, retired military officers and members of the bureaucracy. The junta has also asked the election commission to design a new constitution which ensures that populist parties are unable to win elections in the future.
Military and civil management have on and off been responsible for managing the country’s affairs and this is not the first time the military has taken over the state. Despite the fact that peace has been restored in Bangkok post coup, the junta does now a show sign of lifting the martial law that has been imposes in the country.
Key ministry positions have been handed out to retired and currently serving personals, a move that has left those in charge wonder how to deal with such responsibilities, essentially because the Thai military has never really been involved in much decision making on the international front (Thailand After Coup: Uniform Reaction).
According to analyst’s opinions, the coup will soon end followed by a civilian rule and essentially lead to fresh elections under the new constitution that is currently being drafted. It must be noted however that the junta is taking essential steps to clean up the economy including the intention to wind up the rings of prostitution, smuggling and drug dealing in the country. With all that being said, the Thai economy has been on its back foot as tourism proceeds have gone done and exports have become stagnant.
The ultimate threat comes from the possibility of military courts being set up like in 1970’s. However the view will be much clear once the new constitution comes out and elections take place under it.
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“Thailand After Coup: Uniform Reaction.” Economist 13 Sept. 2014. Print.

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