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Torbati’s (2007) article talks about the ineffectiveness of using Wikipedia as a resource site. In academic research, the vera of the sources used is very important as it becomes a basis of the legitimacy of the research that the writer is doing. Wikipedia is one of the most popular web-based encyclopedia used by students in their studies. Although there are students that find it useful such as Gabe Friedman who found “ the page on Thucydides particularly helpful,” most professors find it an illegitimate source of information (Torbati, 2007, par. 26). An example of the inaccuracy of the information is the article uploaded by John Behan in 2010 regarding emysphilia (Torbati, 2007, par. 1-3). Since there was an air of authority on how it was discussed, the article was found believable by many students. History Department Chair Paul Freedman said that Wikipedia can be used “ for general orientation, as an introduction to a topic” but not as an authority on a particular subject (Torbati, 2007, par. 9). Dean Stephen Lassonde find Wikipedia prone to many errors compared to hard copies, which undergo rigorous editing standards (Torbati, 2007, par. 13). The inaccuracy of the website pushed the History Department at Middlebury to ban it as a citation source (Torbati, 2007, par. 15-16). Students may use Wikipedia for finding a simple background of the subject they are working on but it should not be their only source. The legitimacy and authority of hard copies have more definite and factual information rather than a web-based encyclopedia, especially one that is open for everyone to upload information to. Not because it is written “ like it’s something possible…because of (its) authoritative pronouncement” does not mean that it’s real and true (Torbati, 2007, par. 32). It is still important to search other books, especially the recommended reading materials given to the students to cross-reference its veracity. Works Cited Torbati, J. (2007). Profs question students’ Wikipedia dependency. Yale Daily News. Retrieved from http://www. yaledailynews. com/news/2007/feb/07/profs-question-students-wikipedia-dependency/

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