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Swot analysis

Lecturer SWOT Analysis of the Walt Disney Company The paper addresses SWOT analysis of the Walt Disney Company. The multinational corporation is based headquartered in California, the United States. The company provides entertainment products in the major areas of; film production, theme parks and televisions. The SWOT analysis involves the analysis of the internal and the external factors that affects the company. The internal factors are strengths and weaknesses. The company has adequate control over the internal factors. The external factors comprise opportunities and threats. The company has insufficient control over the external factors (Quincy 307).
Internal factors
The major strength of the Walt Disney Company is its wide product portfolio, which provides it with a huge and diversified product portfolio. The diverse products include; 14 theme parks globally, ABC broadcast television services, cable television services like Disney Channel, and merchandising products. The main weakness of the company is based on the inappropriate or insensitive production content. Some animated family productions have hidden sexual representations; for example, The Lion King (1994).
External Factors
The significant opportunity entails increasing international demand for cable, television and film entertainment products. Adequate financial capital of the company ensures investments in international marketing strategies and products, for the products of the company. The key threat experienced by the company entails intense competition in the global entertainment industry. The major competitor organization is Comcast, which is the leading revenue earner in the broadcast and cable entertainment industry (Gabler 276).
Walt Disney Company has put in place effective measures of using the strengths and opportunities, so as to minimize the negative impact of the weaknesses and threats. The wide product portfolio attract huge international customer base, and thus minimize competition and creates products that suits individual needs of customers. Increasing international demand increases market share of the company. Adequate financial investments should thus be made in product development and promotion.
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