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Systems and operations management essay example

Part 1

Between the customer and the business its self, the management needs to be involved in the proper strategic planning of the operations of the company . The management gets involved in the proper strategy formulation of the current state of the relationship between the business and the customer in regards to the technological providence.The operational systems may also be involved in proper strategy implementation and evaluation of steps to facilitate this. The success of a business is dependent on the management of the customer relationship. This is important in the marketing process and by extension the improvement of thevolume of sales.


Matters such as improving the business technology interface would give reasonable results in providing an avenue to interact with the customers much better. This would allow the customers to offer feedback thereby improving the relationship between the business and he customer. Going digital is a measure taken by the operational team of a business would enhance this particular case. Putting the business on the online grid gives the customer to view the products being produced by a certain business entity. Otherwise called e-business , technological integration of a business entity into an easily accessible output facilitates the business relationship with that of its customers.
Avenues such as online purchasing would be highly regarded by a customer when they purchase products at their own vicinities. This would be part of the online service that a business entity would enhance its interaction between its customers. Customers having grievances would tend to want to post them online at a business entity’s website. By providing this avenue, the customer grievances will be taken care off, hence improving the relationship depending on the nature of the reply they receive. Also business would also enhance its Customer relationship by providing online payment options. A customer would choose to use options such as visa payment. This would give the customer easy options as he/she would pay at her own convenience at her/his own premises. This rules out other ways of doing it that involved the customer to find a bank .This would work on the customers’ advantage as it provides a safer option of payment
When it comes to customer searching, a business would want to acquire the more digitised enticing method to attract as many customers as it can. A customer would react more to a sales person who has technological advantages such as power points to present his brochures. Hence the business gains an added advantage due to the technology application. Holding an online conference with far away customers would also be counted as an achievement in enhancing the relationship between its customers. The customer will notice that the business is well place technological and so can they deliver their request.In the specified manners we can show or rather have show how the sales and marketing has changed its ways of handling customers. All this is attributed to the technological development adopted by a business entity. As mentioned earlier identifying the key areas that would require technological integration by a business entity would prove to be a method that can give the customer easier time in accessing any information required.
The business entity would want to involve its self in selling and buying its products online. Adopting the use of sites such as Amazon and other websites , business entities would also give a customer an avenue to view the services offered or even have an option to choose what he/she likes. This would bring a positive relation that might lead to long term basis. Also online application at large in relation to operations segment part of the business. It enables the avenue of allowing digitize exchange of information between them on their customers. This would be seen as way technology has improved the interface of the business and its customers.


The turnover in a business in terms of volume of sales is dependent on the relationship the business has with the customers. It is therefore imperative for a business to pull all stops in order to enhance the management of customer relationship for the sake of the business. The management of the customer relationship is vital in many operations of the business. For instance, customers are comfortable buying where the their concerns are taken into consideration by the management of the enterprise. As such, the volume of sales in a business is dependent on the management of the customer relationship. The technological advancements in electronic business allow businesses to keep track of the purchases and orders place by different customers throughout the calendar year. Using such records, the business can grant discounts and loyalty points to the customers.

Part 2.

Systems And Operations Management
In our case study involving Ninak Fireworks, we will consider the three models in analyzing the challenges faces in the operations process and also when it comes to customer satisfaction. The models involved could be categorized as , the input-process-Output model, the value chain model and lastly business process mapping. Taking a detailed look at each , we deduced the major functions. The Input-Process-Output basically illustrates the program’s inputs, step involved in converting the inputs and lastly the out-put which is the end product. Hence it is able to present the system components in a clear understandable manner. The value chain model encompasses a clear representation on how an organization can enhance its competitiveness in the market. Lastly the business processing mapping refers to the activities defining the business functions (Simons & Peterson, 2000, Pp.105). In regards to the study topic on Ninak fireworks factory and the challenges it faces. We shall relate these problems with the relevant model. The challenges include;
– An absence of online purchasing service, this is quite an analog system as to compared to the kind of experienced gained by other factories using the service. They also limit themselves to customers who happen to hear of them or may be from the other forms of advertising they practice (Coovert & Thompson, 2000, Pp.59). (Input-process-output model)
– A confusion created by the departments also can be termed as a challenge. This bugling or rather uncoordinated issues brought out by the departments would result in loss of efficiency in the future. (Schiflett et al., 2004, Pp.15) ( business process mapping).


– Another challenge facing this Factory is another analogous method of handling data. The factory still puts down order on paper then making copies one to retain from the sale and the other accounting(input-process-output model)

Input ProcessOutput

– There are inappropriate travelling expenses used by the marketing department whenever meeting new customers .This can be termed as misuse since the (value chain model)


– Another confusion which may be regarded as a challenge in the confusion on the products caused by departments. It seems that some department can not get their functions straight by having the right products (Bishop & Scott, 2000, Pp.439). (business process mapping)
– In busy periods when work tends to pile up on the order pickers side, the control clerk comes in for the rescue this poses a challenge. The same Clerk is responsible for the recording and producing a correct summary involving the stock at hand. (business process mapping model) (Baltes et al., 2002, Pp.156)
– Another clear challenge facing this factory in the lacking of skill when it comes to forecasting or planning. ( business process mapping) .
– Physical delivering of documents within the factory as can be evidenced seen when the invoice is taken to the warehouse. Time wastage results here that would have been applied in developing of the factory economically. They should adapt various methods in connecting the whole factory electronically. ( input-process-output)


Based on the challenges identified in Ninak Fireworks, the enterprise has improvements to make. It is evident that the enterprise is losing out due to the inefficiencies in its operations. The company needs to improve on its human resource base, especially I the business mapping sector. This is important for the forecasting of the business and strategy development. Improvements in the systems of the company are also required in order to reduce the workload in the company. The input output process model of the factory also needs improvements. At present, the factory processes its data using an analog data handling method.
Systems in a business are meant to augment the processes and operations in order to increase efficiency in the business. The importance of systems in a business is exemplified by the case study of Ninak Fireworks. As evidenced in the discussion, the problems in Ninak Fireworks are erecting bottlenecks in the business operations of the business. While analog systems are not entirely obsolete, the efficiency of digital systems is unraveled.

Part 3.

In dealing with the arising problems, the factory may want to adapt the following measures that would improve the operational challenges more so focusing on the database improvement. In relation to the problems stated above, the company would want to adopt the following;
– In regards to the lack of an online service of business, the factory would want to carry an assessment to weigh its position against the other producers in terms of services offered. In beating them adopting external neutrality would be the best option to curb this present challenge it is facing .By also integrating the systems digitally would provide a customer with an avenue of checking out their products various departments involved (Marks, Zaccaro & Mathieu, 2000, Pp. 975).
– With challenge involving the confusion caused by the various departments, a proposal of database integration. By integrating the system visualization is achieved as various information about the department are brought into a simple illustration. The integration will give access to different softwares in the automation that resulted from the electronic integration. In turn it will also ease communication easy access of information as earlier stated (Taggar, 2002, Pp.315).
– The matter arising from the handling of data in an analog manner can be solved by automation of the Factories entire system. The knowledge in handling the automated development is itself considered an input. This impacts the enhancement of the level of the factory in attaining maximum or rather desired outputs (Marks 2001). The automation will also assist in the organizational skills of the departments and accurate data handling hence improve on the efficiency of the entire production line involving the various departments. In dealing with the matters arising from the interdepartmental conflict caused by an assumption of mishandling of duties. (Kozlowski 1999). Hence the various actions or decision by the department head in the Ninak factory will have a an important impact on the marginal returns of the factory.
– In the case of misuse of the funds in terms of unwanted expenditures which the factory incurs when its advertisement team goes for customer hunting, it can me be minimized. In turn it can be made efficient by adopting video conference and slide shows use in targeting highly regarded customers in distant countries..
– In the challenges involving the product mixing, need to maximize on the product modeling will minimize the errors involved in mixing the products. Hence identifying the proper functions that are related to the departments will increase the returns leading to a bright future for the factory (Semar & Lee, 1999, Pp.86).
– The problem resulting from the workload build up on the Clerks side and led to the failure of a summary report not being prepared in time , the department can improve its communication in the entire Factory. Keeping the information of the departments in track would save much to prevent such from occurring. If the systems are automated, records can be easily fetched hence this will increase the efficiency (Pritchard, 1995, Pp158). The department can also adapt Oracle E-Business Suite interfaces. Additionally, this helps in solving ease access and retrieving of documents by providing a productive search system (Barbara et al., 1995, Pp.15).
– Lastly we dwell on the challenge involving the physically procurement of documents in the departs such as the warehouse department receiving the invoice.. Automated, integrated system can allow documents to be viewed in multiple location hence do away with the taking the documents physically to departments (Paulraj, Lado & Chen, 2008, Pp. 47).

Mind map/rich picture.

The next quest is to come up with a mind map/rich picture to identify and explore the people; management and technology issues at Ninak Fireworks. An analysis would later be required to show how improvements the operations and Ninak Fireworks can be achieved through the irises issues (Marks, Mathieu & Zaccaro, 2001, Pp. 356). We can consult on what a mind map or a rich picture is. It brings out the change reflectors or any sign showing that a change is needed in a certain analysis (Kozlowski, Gully, Nason, Smith, 1999, Pp.249). In our quest we shall involve people on the matters of management and technological issues. It is noted that this kind of analysis would create an avenue that would involve the participants in discussions that will give an insight in the matter in the topic. This brings the need to assess the analysis critically (Annex, 2005, Pp.34).
I would involve the basics of using a paper which has pictures , symbols and words pertaining our quest topic. The pictorial representation is as shown below.

Management issues technological issues

We shall first consider the management issues related to the people in Ninak Factory. They include;
– Interdepartmental relationship mostly involving the heads is quite developing to be a menace that may prove to be an issue as time goes by. Holding team building with the whole departments involved would prove to be fruitful. (Andrea & Emanuela, 2010, Pp.72).
– Another management issue relating to the people in the factory is the one caused by information not relayed by per the required time. (Marks, Mathieu, Zaccaro, 200, pp.356)
– Another issue that management undergoes in respect to the people is lack of enough employees. When the company was in higher demand seasons, we noticed that a clerk would be involved nature of the work he was never stipulated . It is important for the management to acknowledge that at least another employ needs to deploy in such an area (Daniel et al., 2005, Pp.517).

In relations to technological issue, the few below resulted.

– The head of the factory illustrated while taking orders that, they used to write it down on paper then latter computerize it. The invoice would later be physically taken to the warehouse department. It arises that the option of computerizing was present but still the departments would still use analog methods in performing tasks . Adoption modern digitalized ways of handling information would be applied by just simply optimization (Checkland, 2000, pp.58). This would further lead to increases in productivity and performance of the factory because of the elimination of bottlenecks in the factory’s operation system.
– Another issue related to the technological issue would be a slow process of technological growth. Hence there’s need for the full integration of the entire factory system to allow development growth which will result in efficiency in technology application (Pew & Mavor, 1998, Pp.95). In the technological era that we live in, it is important for businesses to keep tabs with the growth. The integration of the entire system in the factory allows for the factory to make milestones in the development of technology. This is very vital because it will open up the factory to increased business and improved customer relations.
– Lastly the issue arising from the deduced mind map is the manual handling of data. Just as stated above, proper automation of the entire factory’s system would be rendered an achievement. Automation increases the efficiency of the operations in the business. An increase in efficiency will increase the performance of the factory and therefore set it on the path to success. Automation is also important in the handling of data. The manual handling of data is prone to errors that could send the factory in financial quagmire. The use of automated systems can help preempt this.
The value of technological advancements in the operations of the business cannot be underscored more. As evidenced in the case study, there are potential problems when businesses do not embrace technological changes in the operating systems. These problems harm the businesses in ways that can be prevented. The analysis of the issues facing the factory shows just how the progress of a business can be hampered by the choice of systems that a business adopts. However, there is reprieve in the fact that more technology to help the business operate more efficiently is being developed. This offers businesses an opportunity to revamp their operating systems in order to operate competitively in the technological world that businesses find themselves presently.


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