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Technologist and technician essay sample

Human resource is a major contributor to any building industry and it has a direct impact on the quality of product to be produced and more so on the cost implication to any industry. Most activities in the building industry are labour intensive and require well trained and specialised personnel. For any employer in the building industry to ensure the product quality and services are of acceptable standards they must enhance the performance of employed personnel.
Most employers will prefer hiring technologists as opposed to technicians because of the extensiveness of the training program the technologists undergo and theskills and knowledge they gain thus elevating their performance. As shown by the centre for the built environment, the technologists tend to undergo a more rigorous and all round training as compared to the technicians.
Both technicians and technologists’ career as indicated in the centre for the built environment brochure will entail a training that will equip one with the knowledge on Energy and environmental to enable them become adept at managing environmentally sustainable building systems. As a diploma graduate technician or technologists in building systems engineering one will have the capacity to examine, implement and manage the process of integrating building business goals with energy systems, both traditional and renewable. The career opportunities for the technicians and the technologists will include both the private and public sector which include property management firms, building owners, new service deliveries and energy engineers.
However in addition to this, technologist training will not only equip them with the skills to implement and manage but also equips them with the knowledge and skills to manage sophisticated and environmentally sustainable systems. In the current world the technology, engineering and the environment are inseparable there is need to advance in technology and creation of sophisticated engineering systems but this should be environmentally friendly to ensure sustainability in development, thus most building industries will require a work force that can articulate and understand this, and who else better than a technologist.
The technologists training will entail both theory and practice of heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and handling of air, electricity and control systems. The technologists are also taught on emerging renewable energy technologies and energy efficient principles.

Their knowledge on renewable energy, energy efficiency, and environmental management standards is vital to ensuring environmental friendly and sustainable projects.

In a broader sense a technologist has more knowledge skills and authority to undertake projects assigned to them. With the training undergone a technologist has the ability to use broader range of skills and knowledge, they can negotiate a construction project with the client and manage the whole process from conception to completion. Most the technologists work include; collecting and then analysing the technical data, assessing the client needs in order to satisfy them , advising on legal requirements, tendering and negotiation of contracts, identifying the best materials to use and advising on the same, carrying out surveys on land and buildings. After completion of the projects the technologist has the authority to work with respective clients to get feedback and appraisal of the implemented projects.
The multiskilling concept has recently been a major trend in most companies in the building industry. A technologist can perform all work that can be done by a technician and in addition can partly tackle simple tasks that can be done by an engineer. For instance a technologist can collect technical data and at the same time can identify best building techniques and materials and give advice to the client and the management, this would have otherwise needed a technician and an engineer. In the end it reduces company cost and time.
This shows the technologists’ multi skilled ability which puts him as the best candidate for the same job opportunity as the technician.

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