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Teaching or learning outcomes Kids Health YMMV. Seashell. Org Teaches kids about their health, and teaches them about their body. Technology Review Technology has become an essential part of our school systems. Schools are now launching websites aimed at enhancing school educational activities, supporting student-teacher communication, contributing to school marketing efforts, and parent- teacher communication. Technology it makes it easier to keep parents informed of student activities and classroom assignments. I did some research and came across five different educational websites such as Funeral. Com, Kids Knott. Com, Brain Pop. Com, De. Gob, and Seashell. Com.

I found these websites to be very Important cause they are based around K-6 students. These websites are very beneficial throughout the years for the students as they progress through their K-6 school. The Fun brain website offers educational games for kids of all age groups. The website can help a child if they are struggling with a certain subject like math, grammar, science, spelling, and history (Fun Brain, 2013). It is an educational website that is more interesting to students and grabs their attention. This website makes students want to learn more about a subject, and keeps them entertained at the same time.

The game lessons are free for the children to utilize, and the child can also use the website at home. The next Important educational website Is Kids know It that teaches children more about history, and teach them about who they are today. Kids know It website Is to provide the highest quality educational satellites, products, movies, music, and so many other programs (Kids Know It, 2013). Children are given the opportunity to learn lessons from Prehistoric Humans to the French Revolution. They can also play history game (Kids Know it, 2013).

This website is also beneficial because if they are trundling in other subjects there are educational activities to lend a hand. Another website that is beneficial for student’s education is Brain pop. Com. This website can help with subjects in Science, Social Studies, English, math, Engineering & Tech, Health, and Arts & Music (Brain Pop, 2013). The science part of the website offers lessons about diversity in life, energy, and matter & chemistry. These websites offers lessons and a review quiz afterwards. I find this website to be very valuable in these subjects. The next website is De. Ova, and it offers research to parents about how the schools ark. This website is run by the U. S. Department of Education and it gives information about funding, policies, and any news that is happening in the education system (U. S. Department of Education, 2013). It is a very important website to teach parents and teachers about education, and any changes that are happening. I find this website to profit the parents more than the students. The final website is Stealth. Org, and it provides information to students about their health. This website teaches kids about their bodies, puberty, cooking recipes, health problems, and illness.

It gives children a chance to watch movies, take quizzes, read articles, word puzzles, and many more activities. This is a very important educational website that can teach students about their body, and if they have questions that they do not feel comfortable asking their parents this website can help. I find this website to help when children are going through puberty. All of these websites are beneficial to students in K-6 grades. It teaches them about many different things about their body, and they can also help them if they are struggling in subjects.

I am going to try and use as many different websites to help with my classroom, and teach my students that learning can be fun. I think kids today forget that they can still learn and have fun. As a teacher it is our Job to educate and teach the students about the things they will need in their everyday life. In conclusion, it is going to be my goal to incorporate technology into my teaching. I feel that as technology is becoming more important in our everyday life that we need to incorporate it into are teaching so that students are better prepared for the future.

I hope that these websites can help if a student is struggling in a certain area. Hopefully schools continue forward on trying to keep up with the technology world.

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