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Term paper on how to develop top talent

Setting up a high performance company that may have a large number of talented employees is the greatest desire of any manager of a company. However, it is not easy to realize this. It is the responsibility of the management of a business organization to get to learn how to identify and foster those people who are talented that have the potential for development within the company.

According to BancSerch Inc. (2010), there are three things that can promote talent and bring about highest performance. These things are “hiring strong and agileleaders who can easily adapt to change; building strong employee engagement so that workers become committed to delivering on strategic goals; and making collaboration work for your company” (BancSerch Inc., 2010, pg 1).

In order to offer talent “a real chance” in the organization, it is of great importance for the management to be on the continual “lookout for real creativity among employees” (BancSerch Inc., 2010). The individuals who strive to find “new and unique” ways of finding solutions to problems should be noted. Advantage should be taken of the fact that each and every employee in the organization has the life experience, skills and education that is unique. These diversities should be looked at and considered as strengths and talents that can be cherished by the company as its assets.

Entrepreneurial talent within the organization should be recognized and encouraged and this capacity should be put to work to the company’s advantage. It is of great importance “to challenge employees by offering interesting projects and opportunities” (BancSerch Inc. (2010). p.3). This offers a chance the employees they are supposed to have “to allow their creative ideas to shine” (BancSerch Inc., 2010, p.3). It is also vital to celebrate the employees’ innovative accomplishments.

Employees should be made to be aware of the fact that they are appreciated by the management and these people will in return reward the management or business owner for offering them an environment full of enthusiasm in which to flourish (BancSerch Inc., 2010). The same environment full of enthusiasm will play a major role in increasing “corporate stamina” and will as well impress the outsiders. Mast (2011) observes that “to deliver on top talent, CEOs must lead their executive team in creating a safe environment that rewards risk-taking, and rewards new ideas even if they threaten to cannibalize existing products or compete with the current organizational structure” (Para 6).

In the current days, many business organizations are competing to get top talent, and it is quite hard to find, employ, and retain the right people. However, by a business organization carrying out some extra planning, care and effort, it can be able to get “superstars” who can take the organization to a new higher level and enable it to have a competitive advantage over other organizations.

According to Kaplan (2010), “if the goal is to develop markets, start by developing talent”. If a business organization wants to accomplish great things, it should put its focus on developing top talent. The leadership roles that should be played by the management to develop talent are mentoring and coaching. The starting point for innovation is ensuring having a large number of people having top talent. Kaplan (2010) puts it that, “if you want to attract the best talent, develop a reputation as the best talent developer” (Para 1).

A business manager should put growth opportunities ahead of his or her own. If an organization puts developing talent in the first place, it will be able to attract the top talent. If there is consistence in giving encouragement and preparation of the people who are talented in to the best opportunities, the organization will turn out to be a “talent magnet”. Those individuals who have the willingness to get better are willing to work for the organization. If a greater priority is given to developing talent, the employees will trust their talents to the organization.

In the case where people who have talent switch to other greater opportunities, it should not be thought that this is a “hole to fill”. This should not be considered as an inconvenience that has been brought in to take on “additional tasks while filling a role” (Kaplan, 2010, para 2). The manager of this organization should be proud when he or she sees the people he or she mentors climb to new better opportunities. Kaplan (2010) points out that “high potential people will seek for you if you have a track record of celebrating and supporting the success of others…talent development is self-stuffing” (Kaplan, 2010, Para 3).

A large number of managers of business organizations focus their thoughts on the work t that is supposed to be done and on the way to keep employees focused on the work at hand. When the employees quit their jobs in the organization, this is looked at as being a “management challenge”. What distinguishes a manager and a leader is the issue that a manager will seek to hold on the individuals assigned to him or her at whatever costs but on the other hand, a leader will seek to develop individuals assigned to him or her at whatever costs. A leader will promote new professional as well as personal development opportunities for his or her best individuals even if they might not be in the organization.

Those leaders who engage in establishing a reputation for developing top talent will attract the best people at all times. This still applies for community leadership. Less worry should be on “brain-drain” and much of it should be on setting up “the capacity for talent development” (Kaplan, 2010, Para 4). According to Kaplan (2010), “communities should worry less about company incentives for job creation and more about investments in education and workforce development” (Kaplan, 2010, Para 4). There should be no worry in a situation where talented people are seen to move to exploit “new opportunities in other communities” (Kaplan, 2010, Para 4). This should be encouraged. The leader should remain focused on improving the community in order for it to be the best it can at assisting its members to be the best they actually can be. Developing top talent is the most excellent economic development. Having a large number of people who are considered as “top talent” individuals in the community leads to the economic development in that community. The economic development results from optimal exploitation of the available opportunities and resources by the by the people who are talented. Therefore, it is very important to take appropriate measures to ensure development of top talent.


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