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The absurd

The Absurd Thomas Nagel is a well known philosopher and extremely popular for this exceptional evaluation on the reductionist description of the mind. In his one of the most famous essay named as ‘’ The Absurd’’ argues the fact that earnestness and genuineness which people usually adopt in their lives is willingly distinguished with a specific viewpoint accessible to individuals (Feinberg, 299). Nagel attempts to compare the existential suspicion to the epistemological skepticism. In addition, he says that the seriousness of people towards their life is very indispensable to the human nature. But there always exists a complete doubt that there is a summit. This doubt is an ultimate outcome of the unusual and atypical knack to examine ourself from the exterior.
Hence he concluded a viewpoint that no matter how much a person tries to escape from this doubt thing on the lookout for decisive concerns but doubt can never ever be stamped out. It can be summed up by stating that absurdity of the soul stipulation grades from our ability to dwell in dual diverse perspective. One is the subjective point of view within which we live our lives and from which our day to day choices seem to have significance (Furrow, 285). On the other hand there is one more contrasting standpoint known as objective viewpoint which is also called as the standpoint of sub specie aeternitatis.
Nagel in his essay of the absurd criticized the Camus’s perspective of the absurd. Camus is basically a philosopher who portrays the theory of existentialism (Dombrowski, 178). Similarly, like all his other contemporary work he saw a potential deadly imperfection in existentialism. He quoted that in an overall philosophical interest group that exhibits the decisive self-determination of a person, one looks for some disconcerting lack of direction. Conversely, Thomas Nagel here criticized that the actual absurd roots from the two martial propensities. One is that we consider our lives and project that we undertake all things our lives very serious and lack the avoiding factor. Moreover he says that human beings are even capable of reflecting and deteriorating the rationale for any of our plans and projects. He states one more point on Camus’s idea that there does not come into sight to be in the least plausible human race through which the unsuitable uncertainties could not come to pass. As a result the entire irrationality of our consequences originates from the conflicts linking our overall prospects and humankind but from the inborn collision existing with ourselves.
In addition, Nagel wiles that Camus’s theory is wrong to think that meaning in life is possible. Camus says that absurdity in life only exists for the reason that the world is itself is unreasonable (Bames, 167). Nagel here says that Camus himself proved to this argument. Hence Nagel’s argument was totally justified. He provides complete reasoning to his objections. He says that if God existed and he is the one who created this world this mankind and everything else then our overall challenge is to look for the meaning that would not unavoidably be vain.
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