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The castle analysis

‘ The Castle’, directed by Rob Sitch, is a film about a community whose houses are being taken by the government. Darryl Kerrigan, one of the main characters in this Australian film, fights for his house and his community. The moral of the film is that a home is more than just bricks and mortar. Firstly, a relationship makes a family. A family makes a home, and homes make a community. A loving family is the key element in making a home. In, ‘ The Castle’, Darryl Kerrigan’s family have a very tight bond. Even though their son, Wayne, is in jail, they still manage to keep in contact with him and stick together.

The Kerrigan family all love each other, all support each other, and all accept that they are equal. They will always be there for one another and value each others opinions and thoughts. A symbol that represents the family of 6 is the dinner table, as they are always gathered there to talk about their day. The relationship between the Kerrigan family is also similar to the Coolaroo community. The Coolaroo community have a very strong and tight bond. Not one person in the area is left out as they all live very close by. Whenever someone is in need, a neighbour is there to help.

In the situation in ‘ The Castle’, the Coolaroo community work together to try and save their houses from the federyal government. Darryl is considered the ‘ leader’ as he takes most charge and action in the film. Darryl is the one who goes to the high court, and he is also the one who looks after Jack because when they thought that they had lost the case, Darryl offered him to stay with him, as Jack had no money to buy a place to live. Darryl also arranged a meeting with everyone within the community to talk about the fact that they’re houses might be sold by the government.

They all gave him a lot of back up and support. Darryl and his family did not stop helping his neighbours as they loved them and cared for them very much. The Kerrigan Family and the Coolaroo community all have a very close relationship with one another, but Darryl and his family have the strongest bond. They always look out for each other, through good and bad. They all consider each other equal, and even though some people call his son Wayne the ‘ black sheep’ because he is in jail, Darryl and his family don’t listen to them. They still love Wayne just as much, even though they don’t get to see him a lot.

Darryl and his community are also very close and Darryl puts his heart and soul into trying to win their houses back. Darryl would keep on persisting and getting back on track even though the court said that he had lost. He did not listen. He just kept on going, no matter what other people said, for the sake of his house, his community, and his family. In conclusion, a home is made up of many values, however the three main elements are relationships, family and community. Similar to a formal, if one of those elements are missing, the formula doesn’t work. As a relationship builds a family, a family builds a home, and homes create a community.

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