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The cause of civil war

Human or RobotAccording to McKibben, genetic engineering has long been ruining human meaning. ??? These new technologies show us that human meaning dangles by a far thinner thread than we had thought.??? (p. 422) Meaning is that we, parents, now can decide to create a baby as good as Einstein with genetic engineering. But is it alright to us to do the Lord??™s job And as known, this job needs a plenty of money that most people cannot afford to have an ??? Einstein baby???. One more question is to us.

Is it fair if the offspring of rich parents had the best genetic modifications of their strength and stamina genes We don??™t say genetic engineering is the bad thing. The thing, we refer to, are moral. We can accept scientists to begin their working of genetic technology to create new species such as plants, animals or micro-organisms. However, if they attempt to change the nature of human, that becomes another problem. Nobody can??™t decide who is intelligent, who is handsome, or who is strong; that is the way people are.

We are not robots and are pre-programmed. Scientists or doctors can use genetic testing to know exactly a short of our genetic system. Then we will know what diseases we are having, giving us chances to take steps to delay their onset or even prevent them altogether. However, the problem expands as people have meanings to enhance their healthiness, their abilities, or even the capacity of their memory. For example, in a neighborhood, your neighbor has just ??? upgraded??? their children to have cleverer brains by genetic engineering, and the others start to do same. What are you thinking So you have to choice to decide your children??™s future. That is likely a chaining effect; people are thinking as that way.

McKibben concerns in this problem as much. McKibben is afraid of genetic engineering will reduce human freedom. We are already pre-programmed by our random genes; we are not probably perfect in some way.

As even that acknowledges, we are still a human but that won??™t be the case in the near future. Will advances in genetic science destroy human freedom The offspring of rich parents is provided such enhanced capacities as good health, stronger bodies, and cleverer brains. That would give them greater freedom and more choices in living.

So how is about the offspring of poor parents Any parents would want to have these benefits for their children. It is not fair to the children of poor families. They have rights as same as the others.

And the flame of the war between rich and poor persons would be burned stronger. The worse, human would face with a new race, superior race. America is called with another name to be ??? United State???, because it has many races on it. It would not be a matter to have one more race. But it would really become the matter if that race had superior.

They have surpassing abilities towards the other people. If that would happen, we had faced to the World War III in the future. However it will be difficult for us to image the scene. The war on the use of genetic science in sport might be an example easily to see now. It would be no longer for the use of genetic engineering opened. The competition for fairness will soon be no meaning if technology continues to advance at current rates.

The fact, that it would not be a fight between human and human to surpass each others, would be a fight of science. The concerns of Mckibben are right. We are human so our children are human either. We cannot create them like robots and I think our children would not want to become different.

All we can do for our children is to create a best environment for them to develop their potential abilities and to wait them to create exploits in future.

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