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The core aim of the proposal is developing the best possible solution for the benefit package for the employees of the midsized organisation. It is important to make an emphasis that in our organisation there is no own dining hall, where the complex dinners may be cooked, but still there is a well-equipped dining room. First of all, I would like to outline the background of the food origin in order to support my idea for the benefit package and to carry out the analysis of the most acceptable type of benefits packages to chose.

In order to support my idea, I would like to outline the key grocery options. Nowadays variety of options in the grocery allows us to diversify our everyday ration. In majority of cases people do not thing about the origin of the food or is core components because it is purchased as a product and people are not much interested in the details of its manufacturing. The key factors which are taken in consideration while purchasing some food are its taste, price, freshness, calorie content and the impact, this food makes for human body health condition. In other words, it is possible to make a conclusion that while choosing some food people are oriented on the personal satisfaction and do not think about environment, the impact, made by taking some components of the food from the environment or the outcomes of the manufacturing process (Ohmae, 1999). That is why being a HR manager and developing the benefit package such factors as price, quality and origin are the key determining characteristics for me.

In order to get more information and understand the human choices in food, it is possible to classify the food due to the factor of its origin – organic food, pastoral food, industrial food and also- the food we forage ourselves While considering the industrial type of food, it is important to pay special attention to the food-production system, which is the source of the lion share of the current human meals. Currently, the corn is the key basis of industrial food: first of all, it is consumed directly; also, it may be applied as the fed to livestock and also, the chemicals are processed form the corn – for example, glucose (Pollan, 2006). While discussing the pastoral food, it is possible to outline the key principles of the organic farming and also, the practical implementation of these principles. The organic food is popular nowadays and that, in turn, has leaded to the adaptation of the industrial agriculture methods by the producers of the organic food to its manufacturing. In such way, the principle of anti-industrial roots of organic movements has been lost. The next issue to be discussed ids the organically manufactured food.

In the organic farms, all traditions of the organic farming are followed – a minimal quantity of chemicals is applied and the principle of the waste products recirculation into the system is implemented into the practice (Eric, 2004). Being an HR Director of the midsized company, I would like to offer the subscription for the high quality fast food for the employees. In the case if some of them are not willing to consume the fast food, they would be provided with a compensation for the meals in the monetary form, but still, I would like to emphasize that the fast food is the best possible solution for the dinner in the big city. I would like to offe the fast flood establishment with the good reputation for being the main supplier of the fast food to our office. Even while taking in account, the advantages of the organically manufactured food, it is still the expensive type of the benefits packages for the employees.

In addition, while taking in consideration the age of the personnel- young people (25-30 years), it is obvious that majority of them would prefer the fast food for the break meal. To my opinion, the personnel should be provided with possibility of choice and while taking in account the fact that the meat is the core source of the calories for the youth the differently cocked meat dishes should be provided for the personnel. I would like to develop the meat menu due to the core variants of its cooking. Additional attention would be paid to the requirements to the initial product in order to evaluate the inexpensive variant for the everyday ration. Every employee would be provided with an option of choosing the trimming (potatoes, porridge or vegetables) but the main focus in the scopes of this proposal would be paid to the meat dishes In modern culinary arts considerable significance is assigned to the meat cooking and treatment. To reach the best taste and usefulness, the product should be of the high quality and properly cooked.

To the main meat qualities we can attribute its nutritional quality and “ eating” quality – flavour, juiciness, tenderness and colour (McCarthy, 1975). It is important to pay additional attention to the fact that the key problem in the modern meat industry is to keep balance between the organic origins and to reach the best commercial results for the shortest period of time with the help of new technologies of animal keeping, nutrition and diseases prevention. The aspect of nutrition and diseases prevention is a very important for our benefit packages formation. There are the numerous methods of meat-cooking. Among them I would like to chose the following possible variants for the dinner of personnel: braising (stewing), cooking on the pan (pan- sear, pan-frying), grilling and barbecuing, pot-roast, roasting, microwave, steaming, poaching and simmering (boiling).

. Professionals advise to place braised meat on top of vegetables, or with them, and add a relatively small amount of liquid. The most appropriate cuts of meat for this treatment are: shin steak, chuck steak, blade steak, thick skirt steak, flank steak, topside, silverside and thick flank steak, and oxtail. Also, kidneys, liver, heart and tripe (offal) are suitable for braising. Cooking on the pan is also a very popular now.

There is a two –step method for more dietetic result and more tender taste: Initial browning (searing) is done in a pan, then cooking completed in the oven. Grilling (barbecuing) is a fast and dry method of cooking. The best pieces of meat for this purpose are tender cuts of beef and lamb.. There are two variations on this method: char-grilling or barbecuing, and fan-grilling. Pot-Roast is a method alike to the braising.

If wanted, vegetables may be added.. The most appropriate cuts of meat for this purpose are: topside corner, fresh silverside, rump, chuck (rolled), blade, fresh brisket (rolled), thick flank, hogget, mutton or lamb. Roasting is a dry heat method with a small amount of oil using. It may be applied to in thhe oven or on a rotating spit over a fire, gas flame or electric grill bars. Roasting is applicable to the different cuts of meat.

Microwave cooking is economical, quick and convenient for home using. It may be used for defrosting meat and for reheating prepared meat dishes. Steaming is the meat-cooking technique when there is no direct contact with the cooking liquid, but meat is surrounded with the steam. While using this method the minimal weight loss is obtained and the juicy flavour is saved (QMS, 2011). While streaming meat using a tight fitting lid is recommended.

The most appropriate cuts of meat for this purpose are tongues, veal brains, kidney, heart, beef cheek, tripe, beef forequarter cuts, lamb cuts (and offal) , more tender beef and lamb loin and leg cuts. Poaching is a very gentle, moist heat method of cooking using a minimum amount of liquid that is kept at just below simmering point, approximately between 90 to 94°C (FAO corporate document responsibility, 2010). I have paid additional attention to the meat, required for different types of cooking because the next step is choosing the most acceptable variants for our office in the light of its price and complicity of the cooking process. To my opinion, it is acceptable to chose the following ways of cooking: braising (stewing), cooking on the pan (pan- sear, pan-frying), microwave, steaming, poaching and simmering (boiling). These variants are the best suitable due to the fact of their taste qualities, dietary qualities and also there is a set of variants developed, in order to provide every employee with an option of choice. As it has been stated above, the following options of trimming are available: potatoes, vegetables or porridge.

The way of meat cooking may be chosen according to the taste, diet and to the available cut of meat. The major success factor is the key requirements maintenance. The detailed description of each cooking technique is provided in order to outline the basic information about the dietary qualities of the product and to provide the employee with a complete information about the origin of the product. The main advantage of such approach is the free access to the information and the option of making choice. To my opinion such benefit package for the employee as the properly planned nutrition on the working place is one of the advantages of being employed in our company. There are two options of the practical implementation of the dinner meals ordering: to provide each employee with an subscription for visiting the fast food chain or to order the complex delivery to the office and to consume it in the dining room.

That issue depends on the nature of work and personal willing of the employee. To conclude, I would like to say that the core advantages of implementation of the benefit packages- the fast foods in the office is the loyalty towards the employees, the healthy approach towards their nutrition and finally, such approach enables the management of the company to develop the competitive labour conditions for the current employees and o attract the new potential employees. It is a very important issue because in the current labour market there is a lack of professionals and creating the attractive professional environment and its combination with the benefit package is the key success factor in the nowadays world of competition.

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