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The empire

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of The Empire Architectural structures allow anthropologists to understand the collective behavior of people in a group in ancient times. Among different architectural types, Byzantine Empire has been one of the most culturally influenced architecture. This paper aims to enhance the characteristics and cultural significance of Byzantine Empire architecture which can be understood better by employing comparison method. For the purpose of comparison, Ajanta Caves in India have been chosen. Difference and similarities among both the type of architecture will be studied in the paper. Moreover, transition in the roman art and architecture will also be mentioned in the paper because it led its way to the Byzantine era.
Ravenna is the capital city which holds inclination of the byzantine era that was greatly influenced by cultural notions. The architecture displayed a series of elements that mainly focused on the aspects of culture as well as political setting of the respective era. The Ravenna city has a series of church where the domes have been made circular with the help of pendentives which is considered as technologically advanced tools. Most of the architectural sculptures and structures at Ravenna are octagonal in nature. On the other hand, the Indian Ajanta caves are also referred to as the rock-cut architecture. Ajanta caves are exemplary structures in the world. As noted in the architectural characteristics of Ravenna city, Ajanta cave also are influenced by their religious properties. There are different patterns of carving on the stones that are exquisite and display the religious principles. The carving also draws Buddha these caves are further divided to different sects. These caves are thirty in number and are renowned all around the world for the purpose of their paintings and religious carving on stones (Phuoc).
Ravenna city has a great deal of mosaic work which creates clear pictures of apostles similar to the Buddha pictures in the Ajanta caves displaying their religious preferences and practices. The Gods have been painted in terms of mosaic work in the churches which displays their religious preferences. This is the biggest similarities of the both the structures of respective architecture. The interior of the Ajanta caves has a great deal of carving which made its architecture as renowned in their culture. On the other hand, the architecture of Ravenna city is full of mosaic interiors and molded domes (Ousterhout). The mosaics in the Ravenna city are far different then the carving work done on the stones in Ajanta. Both of the architectural elements of chosen structures are far different from each other as per the use of mediums. Stones were ultimate element of Ajanta caves on which the carving comes visible while Ravenna city has the concepts of painting and colors that have added exquisite value to their cultural heritage. The similarity among both the architecture is in terms of cultural and political influence (Krautheimer).
Transudation of Roman Architecture
The transition of the roman architecture is a very significant subject for evaluation. It is because a number of events have marked the transition of the roman structure in the republic era during 500 BC. The transition in the roman architecture has been marked because of the ages observed in the roman republic. It was noted that Roman Empire has been through middle ages, Dark ages and medieval ages which can also be considered as a reason behind the transition of architectural elements. It was noted that the roman architecture was seemingly barbaric in nature which later on shifted to the sophistication (Jackson).
It was due to the transition that Roman was able to design different pavements around the empire. These highways allowed people to connect to other tribes. It is also considered as an introductory measure of getting aware of other cultures. Through the travelling routes by these highways, people exchanged their culture and became diversified. Also, the reason behind stating Roma architecture as a fusion of styles is because it has been underway a great deal of transition. The influences on the Roman architecture ultimately led its way in the byzantine era (Jackson).
Through the above analysis, it can be said that the Ravenna city and Ajanta caves are different from each other in terms of architectural terms. The only similarity among the elements of both the architecture is the use of cultural practices through carvings and mosaics displaying byzantine era. Also, Roman architecture led its way to byzantine era and got influenced with the representation of culture and religion through structures.
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