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The enchantress circe

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What animals were lying around Circe’s hall? Mountain lions and wolvesWhat do Odysseus men think of Circe when they first meet her? They believe she is innocentWho is the most faithful of Odysseus’ crew? PolitesWho stays behind when Circe invites them in? Eurylochus; he believes it is a trapWhat does Circe do to the men’s drinks? She poisons them w/ her vile touchWhat happens to Odysseus men? They are turned into swineWho reported the news to Odysseus? Hermes, Zeus’ messengerWho stops Odysseus? What do they give him? Hermes. He gives them an herb to healAfter Odysseus and his crew stay with Circe, what do they ask from her? To leave and continue their journeyWhat is an indirect cause of Odysseus’ landing on Circe’s territory? Odysseus’ men open a bag of wind that was given to them from Aeolus, King of the Wind ONTHE ENCHANTRESS CIRCE SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUFOR ONLY$13. 90/PAGEOrder Now

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