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The history of pizza through years

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When pondering a topic to write about, I thought of one of my favorite meals to eat when it is made right, pizza. When the topic of pizza came into my mind I began to wonder of its history. Its always interesting how we know so little about what we love, so I took it upon myself to research the history of a food we all love so much, Pizza. According to Wikipedia “pizza” was first introduced when ancient cultures dipped flat bread into different toppings. A well-documented flat bread often eaten by the Romans was called focaccia. The site says that “modern pizza” was made in Naples, Italy in the 17 hundreds. The process back then was to add tomatoes to focaccia bread. Unfortunately, while this story sounds fine and dandy after this statement it says citation needed. Which is a point in time that one remembers that they are working with a subpar website and not an accredited site. Foods like pizza which is realistically just bread with additives or a dip has been eaten for thousands of years. Sardinia an island in the Mediterranean Sea, is crucial to the story of pizza because archaeologists have found baked bread there that dates back over 7,000 years. An example from a closer time period is in the 15 hundreds in Naples, Italy where a flat bread was referred to as pizza. It at the time was sold on the streets and was known as a dish for the poor. An old story is that in 1889 an Italian pizza maker came up with the “pizza margherita”. Raffaele Esposito is the man who invented said pizza and was considered the father of modern pizza. When contemplating what to write about I immediately thought of food, maybe because I’m always hungry, so I thought of one of Americas favorite foods, pizza. From food on campus to TV commercials it is difficult to escape the smell, appeal, and taste of pizza. With further research an interesting article appeared, about the man who created pineapple pizza, Sam Panopoulos.

Sam Panopoulos a Canadian, is the man credited with the invention of the controversial pineapple pizza. The article is from a food journal goes into depth about Sam and his creation. From what I can tell there is no direct citation in or at the end of the article, however after further research and reading I found out that the information provided in the article about Sam is in fact true. It is important to note that the article was written in 2015 when Mr. Panopoulos was still alive, but a correction was added to the article after his death in 2017, this shows that care and time was put into the story before, during, and after it was written.

The paper is written in a style that mixes opinion and conversation with Mr. Panopoulos, in all, it seems like a well-rounded article sharing a story and giving pizza advice. The information is factual and written by a food expert. The article has direct quotes from Sam, so it does not seem like the modern attack peace. In some regards it is refreshing to read something that is not about the modern political landscape that everyone loves to drag on about. The article was written by a “foodie” for the pure purpose of getting the truth to the world. As I wrote about in one of my journals it is refreshing to read something that is not pushing a personal or more realistically a polital opinion, but to just have a slice.

Since the article I’m using is from a food journal there is no bias being spread, but merely the story of Hawaiian pizza and the Canadian who invented it. If anything, I would say that the author would encourage the reader and others to keep an open mind about foods that sound odd or have a sour opinion by the public. Although this article is not a regular article it being in a food blog of sorts, it is well written and is straight forward. It being written about one of the most controversial pizzas in the world there are always going to be people who wonder why it was made, which will inevitably lead them to an article like the one I found. When trying to apply deeper meanings in an article about pizza it can be difficult, for example there is no use of ethos in a “story” about pizza, who would have guessed. On the other hand, there are many uses of pathos, like when the writer was asking Mr. Panopoulos questions the obvious question came up of do you still order your own pizza to which Sam responded “Yeah, I do, and I still like it” if that does not tug at your heart strings I don’t know what will. On the logical approach I feel that the article takes a more backseat view. Sam recalls that people told him that “he was crazy for doing this” its bits like this that no one would know about that make me interested in the outcome of the story and in Sam himself.

From starting my research only knowing that I enjoyed the taste, to learning the whole history every sentence has “filled in a piece of the pie.” From originally being made out of little toppings and some various sauces to a man in Canada with a crazy idea, the history of pizza is rich and tasty, just like life. Showing that even the little things that we take for granted like a slice of pizza always have a deeper meaning and a story to be learned.

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