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The kandyan kingdom

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The Kandyan Kingdom managed to save the territorial integrity of Sri Lanka by its geographical location. Not only once several times in . History the heart of hill country with its natural location secured the independence of Sri lanka The Kandyan Kingdom which has a geographical location of a special category and a climate wnich is r ; ally cool and enjoyable is famous both home and abroad. The Kandyan Kingdom was divided into five different areas, namely Udu Nuwara, Yari Nuwara, Dumbara, Hewaheta and Harispaththuwa.

While contributing towards natural beauty the mountains the passes rivers and waterfalls secured the people and protected them from foreign invasions. The unity of the people and our own techniques of indigenous warfare contributed in no small measure. The Kandyans have always made a heroic effort to preserve their customs, moral and cultural values and their identity. It is recorded in history how heartlessly they faced the challenges of the foreign invading armies for well over three and a half centuries. Senasammatha Vikramabahu (1469-1511)

Senasammatha Wickrabahu was the founder of the Kandyan Kingdom in 1469. He belonged to the Gampola dynasty. He wanted to build a fortified capital and he was carefully observing the passes Balana and Galagedara. Siriwardhanapura or better known as Senkadagalapura struck him . as the most suitable place. He was very loyal to his religion. He constructed a Dagoba where the Buddha’s bowl relic was He constructed a Dagoba where the Buddha’s bowl relic was enshrined close to his palace. He built a two storey poyage.

It din’t take long for Hashini and Shachini to collect material for the assignment. The teacher walked into the class room with a suggestion ” Shall we listen to another historical story” Hashini asked the teacher ” Teacher, the founder of the Kandyan Kingdom was king Senasammatha Vikramabahu? wasn’t he? ” ” Yes, but it was King Vimaladharma Suriya who won the legal right to the throne by possessing the Tooth Relic” ” The kingdom of Sithavaka, became very powerful by 1582. King Rajasingha -I who was the ruler of Sithavaka invaded the Kandyan Kingdom with the help of Virasundara Bandara.

The king of the Kandyan Kingdom Karalliyadde Bandara ran a ‘a~ to the Portuguese controlled area with his daughter Kusumasana Devi and nephew Yamasinghe Bandara, in search of security. Virasundara Baridara’s son Konappu Bandara ^Iso sought refuge in the Portuguese. The Portuguese thought of capturing power with the help of these princeses. They baptised him. as Don ]u. m and tmini-‘d him in war fare. The heir of the Kandvan Kingdom Kusamasana Devi was baptized as Dona Catrina, prince Yamasinghe Bandara was baptized as Don Philip. They were both brought up under Portuguese.

In the mean time the kandyans revolted against the harsh rule of king Rajasingha 1 who was in power. Portuguese thought of exploiting this situation to capture the Kandyan kingdom, sent a batallion under Don Juan. This army was successful in capturing the kandyan kingdom and Don’Phiiip was enthroned. Before long Don Philip died suddenly of food poisoning.

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