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The modern family episode

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The Modern Family S1E2 The Modern Family season one, the second episode presents a storyline that brings out the best of my favorite character in the episode that is Phil Dunphy. In this episode, he is the husband to Claire and has three kids, with whom he purposely tries to bond with accordingly. Thus, observing from this activity, he is very loving and wants to keep the emotional attachment between him and his kids as well as his wife. He shows his supportive nature and his love to his children through the things he does for them. For instance, in this episode, he buys his son a new bike in the course to create an atmosphere and platform for bonding. However, while his intentions in buying the bike is to show his love, the bike gets stolen and this puts him in a confusion state, hence, he lies to his son to protect his feelings.
Phil in his contribution in the episode presents his personality as being melancholic. He is notably a thinker, as illustrated in the way he reasons in the relation with his sons, as well as, his wife. For instance, when he realizes the bike he bought for his son was stole, he is quick to gather an idea and lie to his son. Thus, in this aspect he proves his ability as a quick thinker. He presents the characteristic of being “ genius prone” in which he exercises his quick thinking ability. Moreover, emotionally, he is very serious and purposeful. For instance, in the film, Phil is very serious in his relationship to his wife, as well as, the kids. He purposes to bond with the kids, hence, he does things that allow him to spend time with his children.
Moreover, as a parent, Phil exemplifies the melancholic characters of being encouraging, and setting notably high standards. Phil seeks to maintain order with his children and as such, commits to setting standards for the kids. Additionally, his attachment to the children makes him sacrifice a lot of himself for them, while encouraging them and overseeing the development of their talent. In his relationship to Claire, he is notably very “ juvenile” and acts in such an attitude which depicts his characteristic of deep concern for others and easy to be moved to tears with compassion. Thus, his wife, Claire calls him the “ kid” that she married.
Moreover, in his depiction of the melancholic character, Phil expresses the weakness of melancholic character such as low self-image and false humility. This is evident through the movie, as in the episode, he constantly seeks the approval of Jay. In his pursuit to achieve the approval, he is exemplifying low self-image. Further, he keeps reminding jay of when he helped fix his wireless printer. Thus, in this capacity he is seeking approval of being manly. This illustration indicates the weaknesses of the personality of being melancholic, as Phil reveals in his behavior.
Phil remains my favorite character despite the weaknesses he exemplifies as melancholic. This is since, his character allows him to be entertaining, and appear comical in the film. The case where he goes and buys the bike for his son without the knowledge of Claire, his wife, presents him as the canning character that he can be. He further lies when the bike gets stolen, in a scene which leaves the audience in stitches because of laughter. Thus, his existent character makes him entertaining and makes the film a success.
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