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The problems facing students today

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Nowadays, students, who are going to college, have to face many difficult problems such as financial problems, registrations, high tuition, traffic problem, or parking spaces. Dealing with those massive problems, students are now getting frustrated since those factors partially affect badly to their study process. Many students, especially international students, they endure with many unfair problems as they are not able to get into good class that they plan to take because their registration day is too late compared to other resident students, but they have to pay high tuition every quarter. Although I am a resident student, seeing the inequalities that international students undergo, I think we students should raise our voices to find the best solution in order to ensure the benefits for all of students in our college. Besides registration, high tuition and parking problems, the most important factor need to be concerned is the problems of student’s health, and break time of the students. Where would they go when they have break, or lunchtime? The cafeteria would be the best place for students to get their meals; but most of the students are unsatisfied with it. What are those limitations the De Anza cafeteria has? The whole cafeteria system in De Anza College should be improved because of its unhealthy and tasteless foods, high cost, the limited space and lacking equipments. As I did a survey in my English class, 16 out of 24 students are not satisfied with school cafeteria. First of all, the foods provide in De Anza cafeteria is tasteless and unhealthy, it needs to be focused on, and also needs to be improved since it would affected badly to student’s health. The foods are sold for students are mostly high fatty fast foods such as the French fried, chicken nuggets, and those cheesy hamburgers. Those junk food contains lots of amount of saturated fat, and as we know eating a lot of it would cause obesity, and other diseases. What would happen if every day we have to each those fatty foods? The rate of obesity in college students would increase as they are continuously eating those unhealthy foods. In addition, taste of some of the foods in the cafeteria is not good compared to the outside food such as sandwiches at Subway, hamburgers in In-N-Out… Like Ken Hill says, “Food is your body’s fuel. Without fuel, your body wants to shut down.” Food is so essential to us, is indispensable to keep us alive. Therefore, the taste of the food is also important, the cafeteria food need to be improved for better taste. From the survey, there are 7 out of 24 students, who hate and never try the cafeteria food. The numbers show that the cafeteria food taste needs to improve for a better taste that the students can enjoy the food after a hard studying time. In addition, the high cost of cafeteria food is also a big problem that some students have to face. As we know, some college students are not rely on their family money, they are independently work as part time job, and the money which they have earned are not easy to get as they have to work really hard. They would respect to the money that they earn. However, other than the tuition they have to pay every quarter, students also have to spend not a small amount of their money on the foods. Buying one meal is not a problem, but the total money they have to spend for the entire quarter for the expensive cafeteria food is a big problem for those students who live independently. According to the survey, the result I got is 18 out of 24 students in my English class agree with the idea that the foods in cafeteria are expensive to college students. (Logos) For instance, a piece of pizza in the cafeteria is about five dollars, but with the same price, I could get a big delicious pizza with six pieces in Costco. The cost of cafeteria food is high for us as college students. The third problem of cafeteria need to be improved is the limiting of the space including the lacking of table for students to sit, and the limiting of the equipments such as microwaves, and fan machines. At lunch time, the whole cafeteria becomes so crowded, this causes blocking the aisles. I’m getting tired and angry every time I buy lunch at the cafeteria, not only I have to wait in long line twice, one for ordering the food and one for the payment, but also I get frustrated finding a table to sit because there are not enough tables. (Pathos) If I get to the cafeteria late at lunchtime, there is no more available seat for me, so I have to go outside, and sit anywhere to finish my food. Every student has to pay over fifty dollars fee for those supplies and equipments in the cafeteria each quarter. It is unfair that we have to pay that much money for not having a seat in cafeteria. (Ethos) Moreover, the lacking of equipments such as microwaves causing the long waiting lines. Many students bring their own food from home, and they usually need microwaves to warm up their foods. However, there are only four of microwaves for the whole cafeteria, students have to wait in line, and it might be take too long leading the tardiness of students for class. On the other hand, I realized that some of students do not care about the limitations that the cafeteria is encountering. Some of rich students are fine with the expensive cafeteria food, but not all students are being wealthy like that. Many students like independent working students or some international students, they sometimes have to consider in spending money since they have to pay a lot of money for the tuition, or renting. Even though, the cost of cafeteria food is not too high, I think that is also a problem need to be changed so that students are able to afford their meal. I think the best way to solve the problems of cafeteria system is not only student but also the De Anza senators and president, Silicon Valley County, and the state should involve in this problems. As we, students, have to raise our voice in public in order to ensure our benefits and our health. But, we also need the senators and president to work with cafeteria, they would assist us to find some ways to improve the problems as they can make the great plan such as create a petition papers, so that students can have their idea on the problems as they sign the petition. In addition, those senators can help us to raise the fund, raise more money in order to have a better cafeteria such as provide more healthy food, open more type of foods, more equipment, and more tables and expand the cafeteria space. In order to improve the whole cafeteria system, students are essential factors in this campaign. Like in Letter from a Birmingham Jail, Martin Luther King, Jr., 1963, Martin says, “This “Wait” has almost always meant “Never”.” (Martin, 29) If we, students just stand there and do nothing, and wait for school or states to change the cafeteria, our cafeteria might never be improved. Also, the silicon valley county and the States should help the students not only for education, but also for supports as raising the budget for cafeteria to expand and have more supplies. Experience with those problems in the cafeteria, I have a dream that I could become a rich person, so I could spend some money for expanding the cafeteria, provide more tables, more equipments, and I would try my best to make our cafeteria become a comfortable and beautiful place for students to enjoy their eating and chatting time. I have dream that I could be a manage in the cafeteria, so I could change those tasteless food and unhealthy foods, instead I would sign a contact with Subway, In-N-Out and Pizza Hut ,which are the most famous with their good taste foods, to open them in cafeteria. I have a dream that I have power to control and reduce the food price so all the students are delight of having delicious foods and just paying with cheap price. (Anaphora) In conclusion, many students are not satisfied with the whole cafeteria system. The first reason is the cafeteria food since not only its taste is bad, but also its quality. The food contains high calories, and some other fat components that cause increasing the rate of obesity. The second reason is the cost of the food is high that some of the students cannot afford. Besides that, the limiting of cafeteria space and lacking of equipments are also one of the reason students unsatisfied with the cafeteria. Cafeteria in De Anza should be improved in order to have a better place for students to enjoy their time. Work Cites: Hill, Ken. Food quotes. Brainy Quotes. . King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1963. Letter from a Birmingham Jail. (Page 29)

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