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The respects the value of diversity ,

The role of the Instructors is very important to shape the next generation’s mind , to make sure that the world in the future is going to be a better place by making the students understand what was wrong in the past and learning for mistakes . Education in our globalized society has greater responsibility of shaping students especially in the exploration of change, interdependence, identity and diversity, rights and responsibilities, peacebuilding, poverty and wealth, sustainability and global justice , these are the keys areas where education has to play vital role (Globalization and education H. Kaur, 2013).

The aims of the teachers for international students should be creating global citizens – a global citizen should be a person that respects the value of diversity , is willing to act to make a world a better and more equitable place for all.- Especially nowadays that a lot of students leave their home country to go abroad to study , so more studying abroad programmes are being created and consequently, college classrooms are becoming increasingly internationalized in terms of both teachers and students. Except for examining the experiences of a diverse population, moving teacher education forward requires educators to reflect always on what they do and re-define  the pedagogy of teacher education (Darling Hammond, 2010; National Council on Teacher Quality, 2013). The skill requirements of jobs in industrial society constantly increase because of the changing of the society and so  educational requirements for employment constantly rise, and larger proportions of the population are required to spend longer periods in school (Universities). Educational places serve as a severals numbers of functions : If someone ask you “ What did you learn in school?” Probably the most common answer will be that you learn about subjects and these institutions certainly act as a transmitter of knowledge and academic skills like reading, writing, and so on. But they also serve other functions in our society as well, and these can be categorized as manifest or hidden functions such as informations about socialization and the transmission of norms and values. As one of the most famous sociologist of all the time said :” Society can survive only if there exists amongst its members a sufficient degree of homogeneity; education perpetuates and reinforces this homogeneity by fixing in the child from the beginning the essential similarities which collective life demands.

“ Durkheim argued that, in complex industrial societies, the school serves a function which cannot be provided by either the family or by the classmates, institutions provide a context where these skills can be learned, as such, it is society in miniature, and model of the social system (Functionalists theories of education, 2008). Durkheim also argue that in modern society the socialization of a child must involve learning both in terms of integration and regulation, with specific regard for her/his own autonomy (Functionalists theories of education, 2008). Let’s first start to explain what is socialization? Socialization is the process in which people learn personal identity and knowledge, social skills the languages and so on. According to the Sociologist Jeffrey J. Arnett there are three interpretation of primary goals of socialization: Socialization teaches impulse control and helps individuals develop a conscience. This goal is accomplished without effort: as people grow up within a particular society, they pick up on the expectations of those around them and internalize these expectations to moderate their impulses and develop a conscience. Socialization teaches individuals how to prepare for leaving in the society and the social rules, like occupational roles, gender roles, and the roles of institutions such as marriage and parenthood.

Socialization cultivates shared sources of meaning and value. (Functionalist Theories of Education, 2008)Through socialization, people learn to identify what is important in a particular culture and what it is not. In terms of socialization, the school has, in recent years, come to take over some of the functions of the family and community for instance : the school has become a primary agency of socialization. The school is the first organization in which the child becomes a member. The school is a miniature reflecting what is happening in the bigger society (as Durkheim and the functionalist theory explain) . The institutions are next to the family in terms of importance as far as socialization is concerned. The school combines the formal influence for shaping the child such as teaching methods, suspension, rules and punishments and informal group influences/ pressure that are approaches useful in the  socialization function. According to Parsons and to the functionalist theory schools acts as a bridge between the family and society in toto, preparing children for their adult role especially during the childhood (American Journal of Sociology , 2010).

According to the Parsons functionalist theory School prepares young people to move from a particularistic standards (family) to a universalist one (society in general) and achieve the status of adult life. These has been shown either in the sociology class experiment among my University’s international classmates. According to the survey that we made in our class School and family are the most important source for establishing self-concept in childhood and the school it’s in the second place according to almost everyone without any cultural differences.

This is because educational systems socialize students to become members of society, to play meaningful roles in the complex network of independent positions. Education helps in shaping values and attitudes to the needs of the contemporary society especially during the period of childhood when an individual is not already shaped and need to create his/her/* personality and it teaches the laws, traditions and norms of the community, the rights that individuals will enjoy and the responsibilities that they will undertake. From the survey’s answers we can also see that this is exactly the same in adulthood when usually , young adult people go to colleges or Universities, and the only differences is that school is also more important in this stage of life and in some cases it has been putted in the first place before family. Also we can see that according to the functionalist theory, people that usually put education as first are more likely to have more success in their life and they are more likely to have a wider education and to stay more years in schools, because in theory, everybody will compete with them as in a ring  and the most talented will win and the society will rewards the most talented with high qualifications, that means easier entrance to those occupations that are functionally most important in society. Usually to be a global citizen is likely more common among people that decide to put education at the first level in the adulthood and it actually put the people in the more functional place in the society . Among all the things that has been showed we can see that education is a very important process that makes an individual and it is fundamental for the transmission of values and norms of the person. The role of the teachers so it is fundamental in this process and usually most of them are failing in succeeding on this level. It is obvious to see these in our society.

To be educated doesn’t mean that you are a good citizen and good individual. The role of the teachers so it is crucial in this process, they need to make sure that not only students need to learn the subjects but also the norms and the values that are shared by the hole community. Me as a global student , I can say that the way of teaching is different in different countries, I can see these not only from the Professors but also from the students .

The norms and values that we share sometime are different and some times are the same depending on the closeent of one  culture to the other. For example when I was putting in small group by the professor and making the survey I was sharing informations with a girl from France and a guy from India and the differences and similarities were evident because of the closeness of the counties. Me and the girl from France we shared almost the same values and norms because we are from two close European countries, instead the guy from India had different values and norms and for example in the childhood for him religion was the things that influences his life the most, instead for us was family & school.

I can also say that it is difficult sometimes to deal with all these differences and I believe that for teachers it is really difficult to understand and to deal with it. For this matter, my recommendations will be to try to understand each differences and to make it a plus , trying to take from each person the good way of learning . While in the class we feel the lack of knowledge of social norms and behaviors of Poland , the classwork should incorporate the knowledge of our native cultures into the class discussion as this could benefit everyone. International students need to adjust to a new academic environment, and it can be achieved by  providing a student perspective on possible approaches for improvement of their experiences.

In conclusion as it can be seen, Universities and departments need to consider more the impact of recruiting large numbers of students who are non-native speakers of English, who have been educated in a national education system. The institution needs to consider whether teaching and learning strategies should address the specific study needs of us as global students. Sometimes I would rather say that some of the learning style and the teaching styles used are incompatible because some of the students are too shy to express the difficulties that can encounter in the process. So for instance to make it not a problem, tutors could perhaps evaluate the appropriateness of strategies when assigning tasks: for example, the use of group work.

It may also be useful for institutions to provide activities for students to encourage the social adjustment that students need to make. Students could be encouraged to organise these activities themselves , to make them feel more as a part of the community, in this case the University.

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