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The technology advancement

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Since the engineering promotion, energy is greatly used to power up engine for vehicle, aeroplane, power boat and besides power generator to bring forth electricity. This energy used is generated by firing off coal, oil and natural gas. Worst of all, these points are non-renewable and will dwindle finally from the Earth. ( Campbell, 2002 ) Particularly on rough oil is consuming faster than the other as most transit is utilizing gasoline or Diesel that is produce by rough oil. Therefore alternate methods are needed to get the better of the deficit of these natural resources. Wind, Solar, Hydro energy, bio-fuel and bio-mass are developed to replace or get the better of the deficit. Those points are renewable as they can be invariably replenished and will ne’er run out. In long tally, the universe market will direct their focal point into renewable energy as they are the biggest potency to function the market needs.

Business Opportunities in Green Energy

Due to the depletion of the non-renewable energy, the universe has to alter in varies manner to follow the use on the renewable energy therefore making chances to the new concern market. Therefore the key to the new concern chances is besides mark to convey down the monetary value of the renewable energy to an low-cost cost. These alterations to accommodate the renewable energy are as follows:


Solar panel, mammoth air current Millss, hydro-power works was developed to make the energy. To hive away them, new type of battery or H fuel cell was created and is usage to power up vehicle, boats and other engines. On top of that, the battery engineering is used to hive away the fresh energy for future used and besides making mobility. Biofuel besides develop to move as a replacement for gasoline or gasolene.


Due to the ripening of the population and the retrenchment of the population in developed states, the use of the energy addition enormously but inefficiently besides. This is due to the increasing of one individual per family due to the ageing population. ( Nielsen, 2004 )

Social Tendencies

Again with engineering promotion and the rise of the life criterions, there will be more electrical contraptions use in a individual family. ( Hodgson, 2007 ) Even there is merely one or more individual but the electrical contraptions that are used will still be the same.


New ordinances were design and implement set to make a flat playing field for companies. Most states that support the renewable energy have implemented subsidy and revenue enhancement discount for those that uses renewable energy. Some states even provide fund to back up companies or family to change over their normal electrical use to tapping on renewable energy like solar. This is to actuate more people or companies to accommodate to the green energy engineering. ( Beck & A ; Martinot, 2004 )


Now those green states are seeking to act upon other states to utilize renewable energy through planetary or international organisation like World Renewable Energy Congress / Network ( WREC/WREN ) . This debut will assist to decelerate down on the planetary warning issue and besides cut down the depletion of natural resources.

Inventions for Green Energy

From those alterations, enterprisers found the chances from the green energy markets and develop new inventions. From the development of fuel cells and battery engineering, automotive company develops an electric power auto that uses fuels cell to run from a conventional burning engine. Newly developed batteries are besides used to hive away the energy green goods from the air current. Furthermore, some person are developing hydro power auto that run on H2O.

In Photovoltaic engineering, new solar stuff besides develop to acquire better efficiency from crystalline Si to thin movie that have better soaking up and looking to moo the cost to bring forth solar stuff. ( Mah, 1998 ) Beside solar stuff, light weight stuff was under research to develop to increase the efficiency for vehicle and at the same clip for the air current turbine to bring forth more energy than earlier.

Opportunist besides found the demand for Biofuel to replace gasolene and gasoline, therefore they started a entire trade name new production and new procedure is developed to fabricate the Biofuel harmonizing to international criterion.

From the renewable energy development, companies are looking ways to spread out their concern in this sector through partnership, confederation or new company to spread out their portfolio. These houses can cover the new concern into consumer merchandises, automotive and besides into trading green energy.

Therefore states and authoritiess have to reorganise their policies ; regulation and ordinance to keep the renewable energy trading and besides to guarantee the criterion is follow through statute law. Particularly on safety criterion have to follow while bring forthing Cadmium Telluride for photovoltaic as they are guessing for wellness if they are non handle decently.


The ideal concern chance to venture in the renewable energy market is to travel deeper into the Photovoltaic industry as solar is available everyplace and most of all the payback on the fabrication has cut down from 5-8 old ages to anticipate 1-2 old ages with new manner of fabrication. ( Turner, 1999 ) Whereas in air current and hydro energy, they are non executable as they are non easy obtain in every portion of the universe. With newer invention, solar panel can be made into smaller and high efficiency to bring forth more energy than earlier and there is a immense market on consumer merchandises which require energy to run instead than concentrating on the automotive industry. Possibly in the hereafter, all family window panel and roof top are made of solar panel to make energy for their ain use at place.

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