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The truth about honor.

Very intelligent. Very attentive.

Very honest. Very agreeable. Very hard-working. Very productive. Very helpful.

Very debonair. Very successful. This is not a description of an elite human clone, but is the idealistic culmination of traits for an honors student. An honors student loves to learn, wants to do work, over achieves on even the smallest of tasks, and keeps a pleasant smile going throughout finals week. I’m here to tell you, these utopian desires for an honors student are all a facade. I want to rename this misleading title, “ honors student” to another title; “ individual who registers for honors and AP classes solely because the grade is weighted,” is much more fitting.

There is a marvelous practice in most high schools, where an honors class is weighted more than a regular class. Most honors students who register for these elite classes, see only the weighted grade, and forget about the extra hours of work involved. Most honors students are not productive, they get distracted, and are experts on procrastination. The internet holds millions of sources where an avid procrastinator can be satisfied. Essays, projects, and book reading are left for the night before, and are completed at ungodly hours of the morning.

There is this sublime invention calledFacebook, which is one of my favorite places to waste my time away, with others who I know are doing the same. Honors students are not always very intelligent, they are very creative. They can leave an essay until the night before, but somehow find a way to pick out obscure rhetoric elements in a text. They can write a ten minute speech in under five minutes, and somehow appear to be well prepared.

This shows a large amount of creativity, used to improvise speeches, essays, and other assignments. The assignments given in an honors course are meant to be time consuming and thought provoking, however most honors student hurriedly scrawl down answers before class, or at three a. m the night before. This takes imagination, to throw out answers in such little time, with such little thought, not intelligence. Most honors students are not honest, they are great actors. They complain about every minute assignment to their fellow honor mates, yet appear interested when communicating with the teacher.

When an honors student forgets an assignment, they do not admit they forgot, and take the penalty. Instead, they draw up a story about their internet connection, and fool the teacher into giving them an extension. Due to the ere mentioned extreme procrastination, they sleep little. Most honors student’s moods are affected by the lack of sleep, and can cause irritable phases. Therefore, they catch up on sleep during class, but hide it easily.

While this applies to most honors students, it is not true for all. However, most honors students see only the grade, and ignore the process that is required to get it. Very creative. Very deceitful. Very tired. Very distracted.

Very disagreeable. Very last minute. That is what a true honors student is.

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