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Thelma wallace

Thelma main complaint was that she felt used and never received any recognition or appreciation for her Job knowledge, skills, or abilities.

She has a legitimate case if she uses the glass ceiling effect as her reason for not being promoted. She feels that she Is not being promoted because of her age and sex which would fall under the glass ceiling effect.

Thelma claims that she Is being held jack because she Is a woman and because the company thinks that she Is too old to promote her to a higher position. 2. In my pollen the company has not made any mistakes In handling the situation with Thelma. However, they need to be aware that a potential lawsuit may be heading their direction.

3. Thelma wants to be promoted to a higher position in the company. 4. If Thelma filed a discrimination charge with the EEOC, an investigation would have to be launched to determine the inner of the case.

The company does not feel that they are doing anything wrong and have stated reasons for not wanting to promote Thelma in their performance data section.

5. If I felt that Thelma could handle this higher position in the company I would promote her. If I had my doubts about her being able to do the job adequately and questioned her attitude or other personal attributes I would not promote her and give it more time before I made my final decision.

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