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Thet110 intimate apparel

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DirectorJennifer L NelsonSettingNew York City, Lower Manhattan, 1905Act 1Series of letters between Esther and George; ends with weddingAct 2Happy married lifeAwkward wedding nightGeorge is awfulLoses Esthers life savings tossing diceCharactersEsther MillsProtagonistPlayed by Summer Brown35 years oldfrom the southseamstress from age 9illiteratewants to open beauty shopMrs. DicksonLandlady of EstherPlayed by Amber Chaneydidn’t love husbandMrs. Van Burenone of Esthers customersPlayed by Rachel Grandiziolonely, husband never arounddrinks brandysouthern accentkisses EstherGeorge ArmstrongMarries EstherPlayed by Philip Kershawpaid someone to write his lettersmakes excuses about being unemployedgambles her life savings awayfalls for hookerMaymeEsthers best friend and prostitutePlayed by Agyeiwaa Asantepiano player “ Give Me A Man” drinks gincynicalMr. MarksEsther’s awkward love interest and garment shop ownerPlayed by Noah Israelorthodox jewreligion forbids him from touching a woman not his wife or familyarranged marriageloves Esther back

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