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To go down with love

??? To Go Down With Love??™ by Lukman bin Mustafa I was an ordinary college boy. Really ordinary.

I had friends to enjoy, study to concentrate on, and the most important is freedom. Far from parents was so enjoying. No more orders and advices. What do I do in my day It was just like you teenagers! I went to class, chatting and get home to hostel with empty head. ??? The emptiness bring happiness???.

That??™s what I??™d been telling myself all these day. Starting almost a year ago, I never came home. ??? This is semester holiday, why don??™t you come home. I miss you??? That??™s my answer when my mother called me and wanted me to go home. I knew my parents knew that I was lying to them all this while. But their feelings were not my concern. I won??™t go home again and I never needed my parents anymore.

How I earn my living You will know soon. ??? What??? ??? Try this new stuff??? ??? What is this??? They said the stuff was ??? heaven??™ on earth. Without more question, I gave the stuff a try just like my other friends did. Whoa! I really fell in love with ??? her??™. I asked them what??™s her name.

They said ??? Ice??™. The great name as it taste. My new love was the best. Only for three weeks dating with Ice, ??? she??™ had got me.

I stated addicting it. I really could not survive without it. Because of Ice, I neglected my class and my life. However, the price was really a problem to me. My parents cut off my monthly allowance because I refused to go home. How rude they were to me.

My educational loan was almost zero. However, I was grateful because my friend offered me a good business. Looking at the business??™ marketing plan, no need for downline or maintenance fee, I was sure this would give me a big profit. I work was easy. I just had to deliver anything from a boss called Brother Sam to anyone on his order.

And then I must come back to him with money. I knew my work was illegal but Brother Sam promised lots of Ice every time I finished my job and he didn??™t lie. One night, an important night, I carried the loads more than ever.

I was happy because Brother Sam gave me full trusty. Surely I would never make him down, just like before. With two henchmen with me, I felt like a boss.

After doing what my codes requires one of the henchmen drove me to Shah Alam. According to Brother Sam, I would meet someone called Jack to receive this stuff. And I would meet my boss again with RM 10m. On the way, we were tailed by a white Proton Waja. ??? Here comes the dogs.??? I said. We laughed in the car. I asked the driver to speed up.

Unfortunately, our car was shot from left. One of my men died of headshot luckily the driver and I still safe. He kept driving. Out of the blue, our car went crazy because all of the tires were shot.

??? Stop the car! We never escape with this crap.??? He stopped the car and we needed to go out quickly. When he went out, he was shot at his head. From that, I was sure that there was sniper. It seemed that the police did a very good ambush plan this time. I realized that I needed to be extra careful this time. So, I planned my escape. When a car used the street with beam light, I quickly made my move.

I ran as fast as I could into the bush. The police kept chasing me. I released some blind shoot while looking for hiding spot. At the hiding spot, I use my extra Ice. This time, I wish my ??? love??™ would take away my fear and gain my confident again.

After that, I could feel that I was stronger and brave. Ice really helped me out. That night I fought like a warrior in warfare. I managed to kill two policemen. Suddenly, I felt something weird went through my lung and throat.

I could feel the holes were at my lung and throat. The high-speed tiny metal got me this time. Now, at this moment, I am suffering a deadly pain. I know that I am lying on the bed of my own blood.

I am shot badly. My world is now becoming darker and keeps darker. I cannot even move my finger. I guess this is the end of me. I am still hoping that there is still light for me. I don??™t it to end like this.

Help me!!!

Thanks for your opinion!
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