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To travel far you must travel deep

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A woman is walking down a paved road, her eyes delving into its crevices and following the lines they create. In her head, a stroke becomes longer and longer as it stretches out in front of her eyes of imagination, broadening her sense of self. This stroke, a seemingly quixotic thought process that most would consider only child to be capable of, is bold and defined yet no one else can even begin to realize that this stroke is what allows her to be. Our minds become us. Every human is exactly the same in that that somewhere inside our heads exists an imagination.

A typical DIY quality. Your mind??™s way of becoming something more. It can??™t leave things to be as they are and it must fix them; make them bigger and better and more powerful than life itself. It allows us to be always thinking and creative.

Imagination reveals what the world could be. What we could be, if only that same mind we enjoyed as a child was still in our possession as we lost that innocence and naivety. The person we become as maturity kicks in determines our ability to further form an identity for ourselves inside our heads.

This person is who we yearn to be in all lanes of life. We strive to become this seemingly unattainable perfectly individual character with attributes that are charismatically positive and uplifting. The journey of personal discovery is the greatest journey one endures through the ups and downs of life, through the sunshine and hail, through the bananas and apple life throws at us.

But is there really a need to pursue ourselves in an effort to unearth ??? hidden qualities??? within ourselvesIn modern philosophy, this concept of personal identity can be referred to as the diachronic problem of personal identity. It asks the question; is a person at one time the same person at another time The mind-body problem examines the idea of how a supposedly non materialistic mind can influence a material body, and vice versa. Our perceptual experiences are dependent on stimuli which arrive at our sensory organs from the external world, causing us to feel a sensation.

The question then is; how can a lump of grey matter create a conscious experience without said stimuliPersonal identity is based on consciousness. We are the same people to the extent that we are conscious of our past and future thoughts actions much the same as we as conscious to our present thoughts and actions. If consciousness is this ??? thought???, then personal identity is founded on the repeated act of consciousness.

It does not consist in the identity of substance, and distinguishes itself from the soul, because a soul may have no awareness of itself. Because only oneself can be aware of their consciousness, exterior humans can never know what it is they are judging. Take for instance prince??™s mind that enters the body of a cobbler. All others will see him as a cobbler but he is only conscious of the prince??™s thoughts and actions. Therefore, the cobbler is in fact a prince. The concept of personal continuity, or the being of the same person throughout our lives, is an integral part. It is the process of ensuring a consistency of mind from one moment to another, in context with self awareness, sentience and wisdom, and the ability to recognize the relationship between our environments and ourselves.

If we look more closely at this idea, we see that life is indeed a circle. It leads us to physical experiences but essentially our personal identity remains constant. A body may change but a person remains the same. Our minds may criss cross throughout hypothetical fields, but the purpose of these wanderings is not to penetrate through to a higher reality, nor is it to arrive at a point of higher understanding of who we as people are. The purpose is to see the place we come from, and identify the link between our personal identity and our surroundings. The stroke curves around and the woman sees the line she considered her way of being joining at both ends.

The sense of identity she feels provides her with the ability to experience herself as something that has continuity and sameness, and to act accordingly.

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