Useful Accounting Essays Examples

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Example of financial accounting essay

On December 31st the company sells on credit $5,000 of goods which had been bought a month previously at a cost of $3,500: Cost of Goods Sold.Dr. On December 1st the company placed an order for $15,000 of goods from a Chinese supplier, and paid a deposit of $6,000, with >>>

Essay on managerial accounting

As a manager equipped with managerial accounting skills, one would be able to follow the budget promptly hence when the management evaluates the performance, it may lead to promotions. In decision making, managerial accounting also takes in to consideration the employee morale.

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Example of managerial accounting essay

The advantage in the high operating leverage lies in the fact that upon the attainment of thebreakeven point, an increase in the sales revenue causes a larger increase in the operating income. It ought to be appreciated that the firm stands to benefit from the higher operating leverage after the >>>

Report on accounting

From the housing, the chief amount of profits has been created which was $ 9,896 in 2012, a chief proportion of 98. In the year 2012, the Gross Profit of the company was $ 5,434 million which enhanced in the financial year by 5.

Good report on accounting

Another internal control requirement for the public or listed company is that the company must have non executive directors, The role of NED's is to ensure that the rights of shareholders are protected and the directors are not generating any personal gain from the decision making of the business. In >>>

Lease accounting essays examples

One of the conditions for a lease to be treated as a capital lease is if there exists a transfer of possession to the renter at the completion of the lease term. The other difference between an operating lease and a capital lease is that under the operating lease, the >>>

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Freddie mac accounting scandal essay examples

The US government knew that something had to be done about Freddie Mac, and in 2008, the company's stocks were removed from the New York Stock Exchange. In a change that was made in 2012 though, Freddie Mac agreed to pay its profits to the US government.

“creative” approach to accounting and reporting

The most common methods of creative accounting include: write-off of expenses not to those accounts of the account which are defined by the legislation; the sale of the same goods between companies by collusion in order to increase sales; barter transactions for the exchange of services for shares, software or >>>

Free research paper on international accounting

This include the international and regional harmonization, the risks involved in foreign exchange, the patterns and classifications of accounting in all the developing and communist countries, foreign currency translation and encompasses a variety of functional areas, namely the managerial, financial, taxation, the information system of accounting and auditing. International >>>

Free accounting cycle term paper example

The basic steps of accounting are analyzing the transactions, recording them in a journal, posting the entries into the ledger, adjusting the balance and passing adjusting entries, preparing financial statements and finally closing the accounts. After passing the entries in respective accounts, the transactions are recorded in the journal ledger >>>

Managerial accounting analyses of continental tire ag research proposal examples

The purpose of the current paper is to identify the level of financial performance of Continental AG and compare it to its competitors Michelin and Goodyear companies. With reference to the purposes of financial analysis, the aim of this paper is to carry out an analysis of financial ratios, to >>>

Good the collapse of enron brought significant changes to the accounting profession research paper example

The directors of the company manipulated the financial statements of the company to mislead users of accounting information. In this case, the company violated the US accounting rules that required any company owning other businesses to include the financial position and results of operations of the subsidiaries in the consolidated >>>

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Good example of accounting implications of valuing inventory report

In the period of rising prices of the fast moving consumer goods, when company's inventory in being valued under FIFO method then the closing stock will be highest. In the period of rising prices of the fast moving consumer goods, when the company's inventory is being valued under LIFO method >>>

Starbucks case accounting

Identify and comment on the major trends in the growth in Starbucks sales and earnings, including: a. Because of the reduced costs, Starbucks was able to have a higher operating income in 2010.

Example of research paper on managerial accounting practice

Control systems in the controlling of the sales expenditure is procedures and policies put in place by management to prevent errors and fraud in regard to the sales expenditure. The sales department should compare the money which has been paid in relation to the sales expense and the amount budgeted.

Case study on biovail corporation: revenue recognition and fob sales accounting

Biovail is a company with a strong base and with policies that have enabled it to be a leader on the pharmaceutical manufacturing front. Biovail company is a large company that cannot escape scrutiny and critic when faced with a disarray no matter the magnitude of that disarray.

Essay on international accounting

The determination of what should be reported and the enhanced roles of internal auditors are also part of the issues with regards to this matter. This type of reporting is also timely in the advent of the proliferation of various conferences, movement and organizations.

Example of accounting theory research paper

It gives the definition of accounting theory as the assumptions, frameworks and methodologies used in the application and study of principles related to finances or financials. According to the accounting theory in subject to the paper, invested money acts as a statement to show the worthwhile services and products according >>>

Good essay on cabot corporation accounting

This can be evidenced by the fact that in its balance sheet, the total assets and liabilities of the company are equal. This means that even with a positive net income for the financial year ending in December 31, 2015, Cabot Corporation's liabilities are still so large that even a >>>

Research paper on review of accounting ethics

Secondly, the current business and regulatory environment is conducive for ethical behaviour due to continuous training organized by firms to educate their employees on the essence of behaving ethically. This is significant as it creates awareness and helps employees to appreciate and comprehend the essence of ethical behaviour.

Case study on managerial accounting vs financial accounting

With the growth in the free market, the issue of competition and globalization led to the introduction of managing internal controls in the formulation of policies and strategies that contribute to growth. This is because of the omissions of the variable costs that add to the manufacturing overhead.

Good research paper about accounting

It shows the proportion or the extent to which the current liabilities of a company can be offset by the current assets. A ratio of 2 is realistic and acceptable since it means that the company is able to offset the current liabilities twice using the current assets.

Accounting report samples

Introduction: I was asked by the management of the company to represent the report on the proposal of opening the new clothing company in Indonesia. Political and Law Issues: Before the development of the independent company in the Indonesia, it is very important to complete the legal requirements of the >>>

Common accounting principles essay examples

Generally accepted accounting principles refer to the accounting standards that lay the procedure and method of operations in the larger accounting discipline. The principle of materiality relates to the accounting and reporting for items in the statements of accounts such as the income statement and the financial position statement.

Good example of financial accounting report

Referring to the cash flow statement of the company we found that the company is having a highly sustainable cash position from operating activities amounting to $578. Hence, the operating cash position of the company is really encouraging but it is the high investment and financing outflow that leads to >>>

Example of case study on katz sapper miller accounting

It also involves understanding and honoring the spirit and letter of the regulations and laws that apply to Katz, Sapper & Miller. Katz, Sapper & Miller's competitive professional accounting has particular emphasis on the provision of personalized service to its clients that are professionally delivered and competitively priced.

Research paper on accounting

The two bodies, which are responsible for setting, accounting standards have the proposed changes in the exposure draft. Under the current rules, the minimum lease payments are applied in calculating the present value of the lease.

Following is the summary of accounting policies research paper examples

The consolidated Statements consists of the accounts of Panera Bread Company and its wholly owned subsidiaries both direct and indirect.ii)Fiscal Year: iii)Use of Estimates:The preparation of financial statements in conformity with GAAP requires management to make estimates and assumptions that affect the reported amounts of assets and liabilities and disclosure >>>

Accounting and modern organizations

The modern management accounting practices are essentially different from that of traditional management accounting because they enable managers to make sound decisions to minimize cost as well in the same time add value to the products and services by improving the quality of products, which is required by the customers, >>>

The history of earnings management accounting essay

The intent of this research paper is to reply the inquiry what net incomes direction is and how directors and hearers follow the regulations utilizing the guidelines of this tool. Net incomes are an sum of net income that company produce in a certain period of clip." Net incomes quality >>>

The principle of accounting and management accounting essay

During the one-year study, it province that the company divide the function of the president and the executive, The division of duties between the chair and the main executive officer should be agreed by the board and set out in a statement of place or authorization. Inrespectof the rating of >>>

Good critical thinking on the role of management accounting

Otley developed counterargument towards the opinion of Johnson and Kaplan stating that the future of the management accounting role should be considered from the perspective of "a more integrated view of the role of formal control systems in organizational functioning". Siegel and Sorensen also questioned the role of management accountants >>>

Accounting for the recognition

Since the customer is allowed to gain benefits from the membership for a period till the membership expires or dilutes, similarly the fee is also earned throughout the period of the membership so the membership fee should be distributed over that period of membership. I hope that the above-mentioned advice >>>

The accounting software installation project case study assignment

Two months after the start of the project the first of several problems occurred that should have been a major concern to Karin as the project manager. A project office will help to integrate the project activities, do effective control and reporting plans on project progress, improve in house and >>>

Essay on changes in management accounting research since the 1950s

These concerns have influenced greatly the path taken in management accounting research since then and have led to a critical evaluation of the role of historical study of the development of management accounting and the role it plays in the current research in management accounting. This paper seeks to investigate >>>

Accounting web quest

I believe this to be the cases as CAs are usually the highest level of accounting in a business. They are insightful and trustworthy, and can be responsible for the success or failure of a business.

Managerial accounting research paper example

Managerial and financial accountants perform the accounting functions in the organization. In other words, financial accountants implement the financial decisions and recommendations as postulated by the managerial accountants and sanctioned by the decision making organs of the organizations.

Wilkerson managerial accounting assignment

If possible, managers could also contemplate reducing the cost of Flow Controllers in order to better the margin. More information on the cost of receiving, unpacking and storing the different direct material products that are used for valves, pumps, and flow controllers.

The defense finance and accounting service strategic plan assignment

In the last several months, we developed a Balanced Scorecard that will allow everyone in the organization to understand the linkages of performance, help illuminate the importance of a strong strategy, and demonstrate the indicators of success across the business lines and throughout the organization. The DFAS Strategic Plan focuses >>>

For aspiring ca students, accounting assignment help in melbourne

The majority of accounting students seek help in the bottleneck areas rather than a 100% solved assignment handed over by the solving company. Often the reason is due to being absent on a day some any links in the chain of reasoning were explained.

Positioning six sigma within the management accounting agenda

This chapter traces the parallel historical developments in cost and direction accounting from its traditional cost accounting phase to its current phase that addresses the demands of administrations runing in dynamic and competitory contexts and explores the acceptance of quality issues within the scope of direction accounting. IFAC in its >>>

The problem of organizational structure in moss and mcadams accounting firm case study

The case study illuminates the effects of lacking a strong project management structure that balances, and supervises, the functional management between Bruce Palmer, Ruby Sands, Ken Crosby, and Zack Olds placement. Sands, Cosby and Palmer come to the terrible agreement that Olds split his time between the two projects; mornings >>>

Management and cost accounting assignment

Based on the monthly activity cost and volume data provided, determine the amount of cost assigned to each of the 3 customers. 09 and a coefficient for the independent variable of $183.22.

My interest in studying accounting and finance to become a financial analyst

I am interested in studying Accounting and finance so that I can gain more knowledge of an aspect present consistently in everyday life and becoming a part of it. In order to broaden my knowledge of both accounting and finance I have been reading books such as 'Think and grow >>>

Essay on smiths accounting and tax service

Amanda needed to have conducted the recruitment and equally conducted an analysis of the performance of the recruits. She did not have in the business any guidelines as to the procedures to be followed, the manner of records and the timelines to be observed.

Adavantages of management accounting information

Advantages of management accounting information The provision of management accounting information are for the intention of planning, control and decision making which may contribute to the success of an organization. For the planning of an organization, the manager can use the historical, present and future information obtained from management accounting >>>

Criticism of management accounting

This text tries to examine the impact of risk estimation in the RADR on the estimates of project values using two methods which are the empirical survey literature and the textbook literature. Illustration of the magnitude of the bias: Some limitations must be placed on the distribution of the estimate >>>

What is cost management accounting reporting systems

Cost Accounting Reporting System deals with the process of tracking, measuring, recording and classifying the appropriate allocation of expenditure for the determination of the cost of product or service in an organization and for the presentation of suitably arranged data for the purpose of control and guidance of management. Furthermore, >>>

Article review on cost accounting

The position of the authors is that cost accounting is essential in the managerial operations. In the discussion, the authors bring out the fact that costs accounting as a disciple is essential not in external reporting but for the internal consumption of the organization.

Techniques and systems of management accounting

However, financial accounting is more restricted with the aforesaid standard, which provides frameworks on the presentation of financial reports and the accounting treatment of items. Such system is often criticized on grounds that it entails a lot of work and provides uncertainty on the funds available to the division.

Role of management accounting in international firm

2) Management accounting' involvement in currency management is also important as the fluctuations in the exchange rates can distort the financial results of the subsidiaries.) Management accounting is a means of co-ordinating established configurations and its form depends on the strategies a firm adopts for configuration and co-ordination 4) Study >>>

Comparing and contrasting accounting and bookkeeping

The skills needed for bookkeeping are typically general knowledge of financial principles, and strong attention to detail."The bookkeeper's work will often fall under the oversight of either an accountant or the owner of a small business". Accountants often design the bookkeeping system, create the financial and reporting controls to ensure >>>

Ethics in managerial: accounting and csr responsibilities in oman

In a nutshell, a management accountant has ethical responsibilities in four broad areas: first, to maintain a high level of professional competence; second, to treat sensitive matters with confidentially; third, to maintain personal integrity; and fourth, to disclose information in a credible fashion. Second, A growing number of employees in >>>

Good research paper about accounting

The intense revision of related material while taking the CMA exams while still in the university improves the students testing skills in both their school and CMA exams. They also stand a better chance of passing the CMA exams compared to the employed professionals that have stayed a long time >>>

Green accounting in comparing the wealth of nations

However, according to the World Bank, national wealth should also incorporate the natural and human aspects that contribute to the wealth of nations. According to IPS Correspondents, green accounting is concerned measuring the national wealth of a country in terms of its natural resources and intangible capital including skills and >>>

Activity based budget accounting case study

Central to his thoughts, the director of the hospital was not quite sure whether the old method actually provided a proficient representation of the true picture of the actual costs that were incurred within the hospital. The old method of evaluating the costs that were being used in the hospital >>>

Accounting information systems and auditing essays example

The areas of focus include, the main functions and activities that the system is expected to perform, how it will be build, the design, who to build it and its shortcomings and how to deal with them. The system in should able to handle all business transactions, it should be >>>

Accounting and economic issues facing transition economies in central/eastern europe research paper

In addition to work in progress on standard testing and legislation, the Department for International Development of the UK government in conjunction with the World Bank initiated work with twelve pilot companies in order to assist in the transition to the new accounting system from the RAS. It is also >>>

Good essay about the role of management accounting

The role of management accounting is becoming increasingly significant in the worldwide business environment, as the growth of information technology has provided accountants with the ability to generate both financial and non-financial information for the assisting decisions of the business. Involvement in the planning method at both operational and strategic >>>

Accrual basis of accounting term paper examples

The most important issue with the accrual basis of accounting is that this system requires the transactions to be recognized and recorded at the time when they occur. The Primary Disadvantage of Accrual Accounting.

What are the negative effects of accounting scandals on the government

Fraudulent reporting, which is the major form of financial scandal can have negative consequences that may hurt not only the government but also a reduction in the confidence of the public in the capital market. Conflict of interest as well as lack of an independent oversight of management of government >>>

Accounting and financial management practices on long-term existence of small and medium enterprises

According to a thesis by Shandong University of Technology in China, 60-80% of new jobs are created solely by the SME sector annually and in Europe, 75% of the workforce is employed by SMEs. Therefore, prudent accounting and financial management are important for the well-being of small and medium scale >>>

Example of accounting and its significance in law enforcement research paper

Law enforcement relies on the work of the accounting profession in the assessment and in strengthening sector accounting and auditing practices through enhanced financial transparency in financial and enterprise sectors. Due to awareness and intolerance of fraudulent activity, the service of accounting profession in law enforcement is rapidly increasing.

Accounting research proposal

Online learning is a modern way of learning that is supported by technological applications and the students can learn from anywhere in the world. Theory and practice of online learning.

Free case study on transaction-based cost accounting

The managers of Ajax are naturally concerned about the financial performance of the company, after experiencing significant decline in the volume of Product B sold, the absence of competition in a small-volume market with a high gross margin, and the inconsistency between actual and projected results have resulted in a >>>

Fair value accounting vs historical cost accounting

On the contrary, fair value accounting on the other hand measures and records current values of assets and liabilities in the balance sheet therefore making the book value to be approximately equal to the market value. Fair value accounting and the Management of the firm.

Computers in accounting

Some data, such as sales and cost of goods sold would need to be manually typed in, but then the gross profit can be automatically calculated by inserting a formulae into the relevant 'cell' which states how the profit is to be lactated, Once inserted then the formulae can apply >>>

Investigating weaknesses in the accounting systems essay sample

1 Anil Gupta, the Finance Director of Inkwell Ltd has asked me to write this report to review Inkwell Ltd's accounting systems and the effectiveness of its internal controls.1. 2 This report has been prepared to cover the assessment requirements of AAT Learning & Assessment Area 'Internal Control and Accounting >>>

Generally accepted accounting principles narrative essay

What is referred to elsewhere as Generally Accepted Accounting Principles is in the UK referred to as Generally Accepted Accounting Practice.[edit] History Accounting standards derive from a number of sources. In contrast to a Western balance sheet, Chinese accounting standards do not include an accounting of the debts that a >>>

Roles of management accounting in appraising and managing major investment decisions essay

This essay illustrates on the implications of capital budgeting practices to coincide the firm's investment strategy as of the cases on Caterpillar Inc and Intel Corporation and how management accounting plays a role in managing them financially and non-financially. It allows firms to utilize its inputs to maximize its value >>>

Disadvantages of balance scorecard accounting essay

The empirical survey conducted by Sun blare, Granlund and Brown concluded that the balance scorecard is eligible to make a balance in multiple aims and the survey highlighted to hold balanced both in footings of procedure and results. Critics have besides claimed that the positive feedback from the balance scorecard >>>

Finance & accounting essay

Some applications of the time value of money is also included and discussed in the second to the last part of the paper. The formula for the computation of the present value and the future value for single amount is shown in Appendix A.

Informative essay on current liabilities and payroll accounting

Federal Income Tax State and Local Income Taxes Employers must pay the taxes withheld from employees' gross pay to the appropriate government agency. 45% = $58 EMPLOYER PAYROLL TAXES Employers pay amounts equal to that withheld from the employee's gross pay.

Harmonization of accounting standards

The Enron scandal was identified as one of the most devastating scandals in the history of modern business. Several names that was involved in the scandal that follows the amazing corporate success were Ken Lay, which was the chairman and CEO of the company, Jeff Skilling, who replaced Ken Lay >>>

Intermediate financial accounting

General purpose financial reports will reveal information pertinent to the appraisal of performance, financial position and financing and investing, including information about observance The conceptual framework for financial reporting, institutes the ideas that lie behind financial reporting. The objective of financial reporting is the basis of the framework.

The formulation of accounting standards

The formulation of accounting standards is based on the premise that financial information should be available to users of these statements to enable them to make decisions about the allocation of scarce resources and in the evaluation of such decisions. AASB 1024 and the relevant sections of the Corporations Law >>>

Creative accounting

When the economy is moving into recession, the most companies are likely to manipulate their financial statement to be in the upward direction in order for the favourable profit by overstating the asset and understating the liability.b) No, the roles and responsibilities of auditors and regulators are very vital at >>>

The role and limitations of accounting information accounting essay

The role of financial reporting is to give information about the company's financial performance and position that may be of use to a wide range of users for evaluating the performance of the company's management and for making key financial decisions. Accounting information provides a firm with the understanding of >>>

International accounting and auditing

In order to understand the fight against money laundering, it is important to assess the International Standards of Auditing, their implementation and the effectiveness of the standards and other anti-money laundering regulations based on the role of the external auditor. Overdependence on the clients will lead to the loss of >>>

Accounting vs economic income

In today's colleges, economic income concepts with the accounting procedural approach in both economics and accounting courses need to be implemented. Economic versus Accounting Income: The Impact of Education on students concepts.

Mulberry group plc accounting

In this part, we will try to analyze the core ratios of the company and simply analyze the probable reason for the changes of these ratios.2.1. According to Note 5, apart from the growth in sale of goods which caused by the impressive performance in new oversea stores and online >>>

Accounting policies, income statement and related items

Accounting policies differ from accounting principles in that the principles are the rules and the policies are a company's way of adhering to the rules. The GAAP hierarchy consists of the sources of accounting principles used in the preparation of financial statements of federal reporting entities that are presented in >>>

Accounting information system: overview

The payment will be authorized by the principal upon confirmation from the classteacherof the attendance of the students. The payment will however be effected by the school Bursar.

Financial reporting quality: red flags and accounting warning signs

I hypothesize that financial reporting quality can improve investment efficiency by reducing information asymmetry in two ways: it reduces the information asymmetry between the firm and investors and thus lowers the firm's cost of raising funds; and it reduces information asymmetry between investors and the manager and thus lowers the >>>

Solutions managerial accounting

The costs that might be added in the Firing Department include: costs transferred in from the Mixing Department; materials costs added in the Firing Department; labor costs added in the Firing Department; and overhead costs added in the Firing Department. Once a service departments costs have been allocated, costs are >>>

Accounting attachment report

1 The objectives of the Industrial attachment The purpose of industrial attachment is to bridge the gap between the theory and the practise of coursework learnt in the University of Botswana. In providing accounting services, the aim is to also influence the practise of proper accounting ethos and to improve >>>

Business accounting

Owner's equity is decreased by all of the following except a.owner's investments.b.owner's withdrawals.c.expenses.d.owner's drawings.102. Owner's equity at the end of the year was a.$120,000.b.$100,000.c.$80,000.d.$90,000.139.

The introduction of the environmental legislation accounting essay

The chief intent of this paper is to measure the possible effects of the debut of the environmental statute law utilizing the free-market and pro-regulatory attack to ordinance. The socially optimum degree is determined by cut downing emanations until the benefit of slaking one more unit of pollution that is >>>

Financial accounting – cash flow

Introduction:The cash flow statement is intended to convert the accrual basis of accounting used to prepare the income statement and balance sheet back to a cash basis. The essay compares the cash flow statement with the other main financial statements and describes the beneficiaries of the cash flow statement.

Essay on generally accepted accounting principles

While directors work for the prospects and growth of company apart from protecting the interests of shareholders, officers control and monitor the internal operations of company that pertain to day-to-day activities of a company. Therefore, it holds good for D&Os to discharge the duties and responsibilities in accordance with the >>>

Informative essay on generally accepted accounting principles

This paper will help to create an understanding of GAAP, the purpose of the principles, and how they relate to thehealthcare industry today. Assets of a company that is not expected to be in business next month will have a different value than the assets of a company expected to >>>

Accounting measurement

The framework of the accounting standards board states that one of the underlying assumptions upon which financial accounting is based is the accruals concept. The financial assets of the firms are based on the fair value measurement bases, in line with the accounting standard that covers financial instruments.

Why is an accounting cycle necessary

The goal of accounting function is claimed to be processing of organizational and financial information and data, as well as preparing financial statements at the end of every financial period. The corrected balances are used to prepare financial statements and only then it is possible to close the accounts.

Accounting information system model corporation: service concern

Though an accounting information system can simply be a paper-and-pencil-based manual accounting system, today, the term AIS is most commonly referred to as a complex computer-based system combining the resources and capability of information technology with traditional accounting methods and controls. As transaction occur, the data is collected from the >>>

Financial accounting and analysis course – annual report analysis

From the point of view of an ordinary reader of the annual report, the picture in the first page is conveying the message that company has surprises to offer to its shareholders. Although in the case of Home Depot, the table of contents in second page has made the announcement >>>

Accounting theory narrative essay

In this regard it is important to note that financial statements are not prepared for the benefit of management and/or the company, but rather to ensure the transparentcommunicationby management to shareholders and otherfinancial statementusers regarding the activities and transactions of the corporation. In this context, it is important that all >>>