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Free sociology book review sample

The ethical problems faced by organizations included; Creation of a series of off-the-books partnerships to hide the company's huge debt and inflate its stock prices. If it may the laying of is supposed to be in a dignified, unbiased, and respectful manner.

Taking on the trust by steve weinberg book review

The coverage of Tarbell on Standard Oil Company proved highly successful as well, as it received high regard in ratings such as in the list of top journalistic stories of the Journalism Department of New York University, in which the story ranked number five. The response of Rockefeller served as >>>

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Ethical issues raised by dr angells book essays examples

Instead, they use their profits to advertise their drugs to physician and patients, some of the profits are used to fund legal proceedings to severe exclusive government marketing rights Pharmaceutical companies focus on commercially viable drugs at the expense of preventive drugs; most pharmaceutical companies focus their research into the >>>

Free book review on troubleshooting report on a restaurants food and operations

The customer's order is recorded on the waiter's notebook and the customer requested to pay and wait for a short-while depending on the availability of the order. The restaurant has adequate products based on the menu; however, the problem is the nature of the service and the time for the >>>

Free book review about steve jobs

The week after, I learned about the struggles of Jobs before he became the icon of invention and the master of digital-age technology. Aside from this, Jobs was also fascinated with music and created the own soundtrack of his life.

Allure of toxic leaders book review sample

The author argues that, bad leaders are not the ones to blame but rather the subjects led since they are the one who put them into power and allow them to cling there. After analyzing the story of Adolf Hitler of Germany and Jeff Skillinngs of Enron, she makes the >>>

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Free book review on good to great why some companies make the leap and others dont book review

Different companies were studied and critically analyzed for the whole team to come up with a valid and satisfying answer to the question that preyed the author of the book for years: Can good companies evolve into great ones?"Good is the enemy of great and that is one of the >>>

Good book review about disciplined people: lifting up organizations from good to great

The Level 5 Leader simply sets the way for all the others to do the work. The outlook and interests of the celebrity leaders are in stark contrast those of with the Level 5 Leader, A Level 5 leader is more concerned with the long-term success of the organization.

Example of book review on the cult of the amateur: review

Keen's book, The Cult of the Amateur, is concerned with the cost of Internet culture. Perhaps one of the most important statements that Keen makes regarding the rise of the Internet culture as it exists today is that the culture is similar to Marxism in that it creates a dearth >>>

Free a thorough book review sample

As China grows to become the world's largest economy, catching up with even the United States in the coming decade, it is important to understand the strategic growth objectives of the Chinese economy. According to the words of Peter Nolan "In the current economic scenario, China is the Godfather of >>>

Book review on the world is flat – questions

They then create the work that I require, and they share in the profit.* International distribution: By creating short films for the Internet, they are seen by a greater swath of the world population, thus making them more potentially profitable due to the global audience globalization makes available.* Source of >>>

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Sample essay on consulting paper. book to be use is …shockley- zalabak, pamela s. 2012. fundemental

As much as diversity is essential in an organization for the crucial role it plays in introducing new beliefs to the organization, sometimes it acts as a hindrance to the organization. The lack of uniformity in the language communicated is likely to be a source of problems to the organization.

Generic drugs book reviews examples

The most affected are the big pharmaceutical companies as they all oppose the issue of marketing the generic drugs. The big pharmaceutical companies in the United States are capable of producing popular drugs in the market place.

Example of book review on supply chain management

Except focusing entirely on exporting- and importing-related consequences of September, 11th and examining their implications for running business in the USA, Michael Assaf, Cynthia Bonincontro, Stephen Johnsen, authors of the book "Global Sourcing and Purchasing Post 9/11", attempt to think in more global terms, rethinking current trends in the world >>>

Free book review on eklavya: the archer par excellence by edwin pio

In the course of my study, I intend to learn the various moral and legal aspects of running a successful business entity that emphasizes on the need to conduct business professionally. Among the characteristic that I would be looking forward to would be aggressiveness in business, servant leadership and also >>>

Sample book review on tombstone

Clive Beggs had formerly been Chartered, BRE advisor, and engineer of the School of Civil Engineering under The University of Leeds and is the serving Professor of Medical Technology in the University of Bradford.- He is a biomedical scientist and mechanical engineer and excels in the field of energy management.- >>>

Paper book review example

The investment is the backbone of any fiscal system in the world, but the investors have to take the relevant decisions with a cool head, and they have to analyze the overall situation of the companies and nations as well so that they can choose the most sensible opportunities in >>>

Free book review on who moved my cheese

This continues for some time until Haw realizes one day that if he is to survive, he will need to follow the example of Sniff and Scurry and move on to find new Cheese. He realizes that that the more cheese is important to someone, the more one wants to >>>

Maintaining responsible conduct in public organization book review examples

Additionally, the article explains the practicalities of public administration principles under the subtopic 'the roots of ethical conduct". The connection between the article and the Cooper reading's key points is the fact that they both relate to the ethical conduct in public administration.

Book review on relationship between golf and management

The two, have a close realation in that, management determines the outcomes of systems and golf is an organization or a sport activity and an organization is often perceived as a systemNext, as rules and regulations are used in management, golf as a sport is equally defined by guidelines. In >>>

Nypd battles crime book review

Murphy also took special effort to curb corruption any way he could; heopted to take the slow route, attempting to make changes within the department that would be steady but not too fast, and keep the public perception of the police as managed as possible. Public support was incredibly important >>>

Example of book review on the odyssey

Odysseus and his men manage to escape the fury, but not before they had to face many hardships. While Odysseus and his men had to face many dangers on their way back home, contemporary soldiers face a lot of official and bureaucratic legislations before they are allowed to go home >>>

The color of water: a book review essay

The Color of Water: A Black Man's Tribute to His White Mother" is a memoir written about a white mother who struggles to make sure her children is well kept and finishes college, and about a black son who also struggles to know who he is and who his mother >>>

Slavery as an institution and how it is perceived in huckleberry finn book review examples

It tells the story of the son of a town's vagrant who leaves his son in rags and tatters and who is very much at the mercy of the elements throughout. Twain's sarcasm on the ignorance of American society is very much reflected in the attitudes which were pervasive at >>>

Of mice and men by john steinbeck book review

Lennie -if you jus' happen to get into trouble like you always done before, I want you to come right here an' hide in the brush." This expression leaves the reader anxious and wanting to know when Lennie is going to get into trouble and in this way it makes >>>

Book review: multicultural education: issues and perspectives

Running Head: BOOK REVIEW: MULTICULTURAL Book Review: Multicultural Education: Issues and Perspectives Instructor Name Date of Submission Book Review: Multicultural Education: Issues and Perspectives Justification for Selection of the Book Education is based on a sort of methodology that conveys ideas and facts to the humans in a holistic and >>>

Choose one book: bastard out of carolina, the sprite catches you and you fall down, melanie, bird with a broken wing, or when i

This is backbone of her famous novel where Allison unfolds the life story of Ruth Anne "Bone" Boatwright, who is daughter of a fifteen-year-old uneducated waitress, out of wedlock. In the stories collected in Trash and in her stunning first novel, Bastard Out of Carolina, she offers an uncompromising vision >>>

The book “the haunting of the hill house” by shirley jackson

The novel The Haunting of Hill House, is about Eleanor, Theodora and Luke, who are welcome to remain in a haunted house on the slope for the mid year to encourage a researcher, Dr. When she got a welcome from the Hill House she took a gander at it as >>>

Rose for emily book analysis: the struggles emily underwent inside the patriarchal community

The oppression of women that Faulkner presents in the story is similar to the one that led to the rise of feminism in various parts of the world. The struggle is against the oppression that is based on the patriarchal beliefs that men and the society hold against women.

Of mice and men film/book comparison

The lack of interaction between the Weak' ones of the ranch in the film version ofOf Mice and Menresults in the obscuring of the theme of handicaps that is present throughout the novel. In the film, the scene begins with Leonie approaching Crooks as the rest of the men are >>>

Books and the power point

The publicity of books is indeed a good thing as it widens the scope of knowledge that people have about the existence of particular books. Even today that the use of the internet has become a very vibrant way of commercializing almost everything, not many authors have taken advantage of >>>

The impacts of books being replaced with technology in fahrenheit 451

Kindness and generosity is something important because in the beginning of the book he meets a girl by the name of Clarisse McClellan who points out in many details of how he should take time to enjoy the little things in life such as looking at the moon and smelling >>>

Labor in america by melvyn dubofsky book review

The book also goes through the formation of unions and every aspect of labor and the effect that it has towards the current and past labor situation. Generally this book is an important read and a great perspective into how things have come to be in the United States of >>>

Analysis of the book “the scarlet letter”

The Scarlet Letter is historically significant because it can relate to today's world and society, and shows the overwhelming traditions that have stayed the same throughout the years, such as the way women are treated and shamed, how affairs managed, and also how homelessness can relate to Hester personally. This >>>

Example of book review on max brooks world war z

The Zombies which permeate the narrative and the ten year war which went on for a decade are apt comparisons to the Frankenstein story although Brooks is more concerned with inefficiency and government ineptitude faced by the American nation. The theme of survival is perhaps the one which is paramount >>>

The modification of animals and the impact of biotechnology on our ways of living depicted in emily anthes book frankenstein’s cat

This is because we have figured out techniques to modify animals to the way we want them to be and I think that this is an amazing gift that we as humans have. There are some people who believe that biotechnology goes against the laws of nature and believe that >>>

Ray bradbury’s fahrenheit 451 – a book analysis

In his book, Fahrenheit 451, author Ray Bradbury highlights the power and importance of obtaining knowledge through books but decries the impact that technological innovations, particularly the television, pose in stifling intellectual and creative development. In effect, the firemen's task of burning books in the novel is actually a metaphor >>>

Book review on the big short:

Lewis examines a number of the most important issues and players in the financial crisis, looking into the major reasons that the credit and housing bubbles burst; Lewis takes a slightly different approach to the issue, however, because he is heavily concerned with the personality of the individual who bets >>>

Good hot button marketing book review example

The hot button, according to Feig in this case, is to wake the sense of satisfaction in a consumer through a luring statement that can move the world. He remarks "Hot button marketing is a blatant sell to the self.

The origins and development book

The focus of the book is on the internal history of the English language: its sounds, grammar, and word stock. How the English language changed from being the speech of a few small tribes to becoming the major language of the Earth and in the process itself changed radically is >>>

Leadership book review examples

The leadership trait and strategies are of much effect on the success of the organization. The leader should be focused on the prevailing working condition in the organization and take the value of the activity by formulation of value based strategies.

Summary of a book chapter

Summary Chapter 4 Summary Chapter 4 The of Chapter 4 is "Criminal or Crusaders?" and in this chapter the describes different kinds of terrorists and the terrorists that are operational in the 21st century. Terrorist even believe that they are elite members of the society and are victims and they >>>

Summary of book call of the wild

A summary of a Call of the Wild by Jack London Chapter starts with Buck in his master's, Judge Miller's, home and an acquaintance, Manuel, later steals him and sells him to a stranger. In chapter three, Buck acclimatizes to life in the wilderness and he asserts his superiority by >>>

How does mckibbens book conclude what is his final argument

According to the author, the new earth can never go back to the old earth because of all the carbon that human beings have dumped into the atmosphere. Furthermore, this book points out that the new earth will have repercussions on the economic status of generations to come.

I can read reviews dealing with the content and criticism of cultural topics (films, theatre, books, concerts) and summarise the main points

For this paper, the event to attend to is that of "Museums at Night: Banknotes and Bullion" on Friday May 16, 20141. The uniqueness of visiting this museum is that it is intended to offer its visitors the history of the bank of England since its foundation in 1694 to >>>

Scandinavian elements found in the domesday book english language essay

The first draft of the survey he and his men commenced last year, on the day of the birth of Christ, is now complete. As this record held all the names of all the places in this part of England, it may serve us as a reference for the discovery >>>

Summary about a book

Before the Devil Knows Youre Dead: Summary A finance executive by the Andy Hanson is in need of money to cover the embezzled funds from his employer. Before Andy pulls the trigger, he is shot by Chris with his brother's gun.

Analysis of the book the cider house rules

We learn of the life of homer as he grows up to become a hero in his own way. Homer attempts to be of use to each of his foster families in his third family, he attempts getting to be of use by following every of their advice but when >>>

Free research paper on why female superheroes are not common in movies/comic books

The attitude of people towards females in the society seems to have a considerable influence on the movie industry. Female-led movies are few in the market due to the following reasons.

Good example of law and business conduct book review

In the article "Business Ethics: Law as a Determinant of Business Conduct, Vincent Di Lorenzo looks at the influence that law has on business conduct by comparing the purpose and requirements of the law with actual business conduct that currently exists in the market. The analysis of this industry's business >>>

Ninety percent of everything: introduction & chapter 1 book review sample

With so much security at ports and much of the activities within the ports oblivious to outsiders, there is bound to be curiosity for those who are interested in knowing more about ships and related activities, but for others, it is a convenience not to be distracted. Agreed, it could >>>

Free book review on the commentators

He also told Wiensethal that he knew he would not die in peace if he was not forgiven for the wrongs he had committed against the Jews and begged for forgiveness. The main reason is the fact that the soldier was not asking the people whom he had wronged for >>>

15 books every content marketer should read this year

Grab it."No matter how persuasive and inspiring your writing is, it would still fail if you do not align it with the expectations and needs of the actual target audience. This book will teach you how to produce the best content for the various steps of the buyer's journey, create >>>

The negative construction of the black male character illustrated in ernest gaines’ book, a lesson before dying

In Lesson Before Dying the experiences of black male characters relate to racism within the south and the ultimate dehumanization/emasculation, negative stereotypes, and criminalization of the black man. A world connection from the book is nobody really knows what happened with the Trayvon Martin case but as we all look >>>

Book review on a faithful account of the race

Historian Stephen Hall keenly engages in the nineteenth-century history of the African American intellectual life in his book, "A Faithful Account of the Race: African American Historical Writing in Nineteenth-Century America". His work traces the long nineteenth century and how various black American writers induced various themes during different moments, >>>

Book review on chinese cinderella: the secret story of an unwanted daughter

Adeline's main reason for her love of school was to be away from her stepmother so that she could become a different person that was admired by her peers as she topped her class regularly. Her wholepersonalitychanged when she was away from her Niang and with someone that knew her >>>

Jugnoo now allows you to book an auto via an ai bot

It is a twofold partnership that enables users to seamlessly plan journeys using a combination of options such as cab services, bike-taxis, auto-rickshaws, local buses and trains, all on the tap of a button. To cater to this need, we have partnered with category leaders in the auto-on-demand space and >>>

Magazine article on e-books

However the brazen veteran; the book; is endanger of being stripped of its crown by the young and brash E-book. However the frog like e-book with its dull boring features and its fabulously annoying Wifi connectivity could be the bane of books.

Women, warfare and armies in early modern europe book review examples

Lynn presents the fundamental assertion that the number of women in the campaign community of the military was large and at times even outnumbered that of the military soldiers. Furthermore, the book argues that a considerable number of the women who served in the ranks and assumed the roles of >>>

How to read a book

As the first sentence says, "Since we are all moribund, and since reading books is time-consuming, we must devise a system that allows us a semblance of economy." The first idea is that the task of reading is a time consuming one. Here the author is presenting one part of >>>

Should kids books be banned

The Clan of the Cave Bear is a perfect example of this situation. The Clan of the Cave Bear is a very informative and detailed book.

The book by william zinsser on willing well

Varied with the author's insights and anecdotes are plentiful samples of writing both strong and weak, varying in style and genre, to illustrate the principles discussed in a given section. However, beyond that, I find his advice flawless and his writing an excellent model of the principles he sticks to.

Review of charles dickens’ book, a christmas carol

Dickens uses the allegorical character of 'Scrooge' to display the attitudes of the rich and fortunate towards those suffering through poverty and his exaggeration od Scrooge's characteristics emphasizes his change of character towards the end of the novella. So at the end of this stave Scrooge is no longer hiding >>>

Book review on review of the book the secret history by procopius, et, al

However, this exaggeration is evident only in the Greek version of the book written by Procopius as that amount of exaggeration is not found in the English versions of Peter Sarris and G.A. However, as already mentioned earlier in this paper, there is a lot of exaggeration in the Procopius's >>>

The analysis of the book “the crucible” by arthur miller

In order to prevent this, he accuses her of witchcraft and struggles with an external conflict to ensure the stability of his own pride and character. When it becomes known throughout the village that Reverend Parris' daughter was included in the group of girls dancing in the woods, he quickly >>>

Comparing fahrenheit 451 with logans run book review

In the world of Fahrenheit 451, books and reading are illegal, and the police are sent to track down books and any kind of literature and burn it. Both Bradbury and Nolan, the authors of Fahrenheit 451 and Logan's Run, respectively, believed that a society taken that far down the >>>

Book report on “the life you imagine” by derek jeter essay sample

He also had to sign a contract each year about his goals and the rules he needed to follow to be able to participate in sports. This guidance from his parents caused him to be noticed by the Yankees and in the 1st round of the draft in 1992 he >>>

Free book review on season of life by jeffery marx

For a person who has been a part of the sports fraternity, writing a book that questions the leadership approach of coaches, the lifestyles of players and their 'true' quality of life, is a bold move and should be commended. Considering that it is this segment of the audience that >>>

Review of william faulkner’s book, absalom, absalom!

Sullivan asserts that through its prose, narrative elements, and critique of racism in the South, Faulkner's seminal work, Absalom, Absalom, is one of the most important literary works in American history and is one of the reasons that the South was able to free itself from its underpinning of racism. >>>

Example of the original adventures of hank the cowdog book review

The book presents glory, guts, danger, and sacrifice in the life of Hank, who is the head of Ranch Security. When the news reaches Loper, the owner of the ranch, he is very upset and ties the head of the chicken around Hank's neck.

A look at the idea of prominence based on f. scott fitzgerald’s book, the great gatsby

James Gatz is an unremarkable man from a poor family of farmers in North Dakota, but enthralled by the American Dream of the self-made man and the promise of greatness, he fabricates an identity for himself: Jay Gatsby. It's true, Gatz fell short of Gatsby and fell short of the >>>

Greatest show on earth in all its evolutionary beauty book review example

Dawkins address evolutionary change via the process of natural selection that is the process he is trying to help people to increase their understanding of in his book. Also, in natural selection it is the gene pool that is randomly being sculpted, not just the appearance of the body of >>>

Good example of book review on the rape of nanking: the forgotten holocaust of world war ii

This paper intends to discuss the book and delves deep to examine several other related aspects.'The Rape of Nanking' portrays the rape and massacre in Chinese capital of those days, Nanking. Throughout the book, author describes about the brutality and inhuman acts of Japanese and also appears complaining that government >>>

In your opinion what is/are the main theme(s) of the book?

They do not pay attention to people around them, they are alone, and everything is money for them. It is not something for which you would be supposed to work and spend all your time on.

Liesel’s obsession with stealing books

In spite of the book being stolen and not to be discovered by Hans, the title of the book was a part of Liesel's past that she wanted to keep secret therefore she hid the book under the mattress. Liesel is the only one that shows love, affection, and the >>>

Leadership for leading a local congregation book review

Reasons that have caused the conflicts and struggles services that do not satisfy the human spiritual needs, more conflicts among the congregation and lack of gratitude for the pastor and the programs the churches offer. It is learned that most of the church members in the provided book have a >>>

Example of she wins, you win: the most important rule every businesswoman needs to know book review

The book tells the women all the rules they need to use in order to survive in the male dominated world of business. Gail stresses the importance of mentoring the new personnel and also the members of the team a as they in turn help to produce the required results >>>

Free book review on relationship between thinking, fast and slow to my personal life

This was a very important lesson to me because it opened my mind to understand more about my personal conducts regarding the logical arguments I have been making as a result of my assumptions and the application of the traditional theoretical concepts of the utility theory. However, this may be >>>

A book of prefaces

I admire the character of Richard when he leaves the South at nineteen for Chicago to find what he thinks is a much better, dignified life. I believeRichard Wright understood the importance of writing about his experiences we see this when he writes about the hardships ofracismas a black youth >>>

Evaluation of the ending in flannery o’connor’s book, a good man is hard to find

The most prominent and most defined moment of climax in the story manifests itself in the dialogue directly prior to the grandmother's death, in which a stark contrast is created between the grandmother's fervent and desperate religious pleas and The Misfit's calm rebuttal. A possible theme of "The River" is >>>

Book report on darkest minds

Ruby was completely terrified and did not understand how to control her powers; she was convinced she was Green for so long that it had not occurred to her that she was anything different. Ruby no longer feared what she first dreaded and that was that she would not be >>>

Books and practical experience

Between books and practical experience, one is more likely to find gain more learning on the latter because there is nothing that compares to the blending of humans and the experience that molds them. The truth, in a nutshell, is that man can live without books, but man'sfailureto learn from >>>

Solution manual for fluid mech cengel book

The gage pressure at the inlet of the elbow and the anchoring force needed to hold the elbow in place are to be determined.v Assumptions 1 The flow is steady, frictionless, incompressible, and irrotational. Analysis The weight of the elbow and the water in it is W = mg = >>>

Review of the book “developing mind”

Shedding light on the significance of the concept of neurobiology and what it can offer to the future, the Siegel book is truly a necessary source of enlightenment on the relationship between human brain and its impacts on the total personality outcome of a person as well as the relevant >>>

Book review on hiphop

In essence, Spence explores through this book and its scholarship the idea that rap and hip-hop culture may actually be bad for black politics; "this work represents an attempt to examine the core questions of black politics as well as the politics of the present using rap and hip-hop as >>>

Example of brain on fire: my month of madness book report essay

In the book, Susannah Cahalan narrates her problems and struggles with anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis and the procedure by which her ailment was diagnosed with this form of encephalitis. Susannah Cahalan in her book, "Brain on Fire," narrates her problems and struggles with a rare disease and the ways through which >>>

Ha jin book reflection

The main theme that I noticed during the first section of In the Pond is an opposition to corrupt Chinese ways. This is also a part of the theme, which becomes rather evident during this passage."The workers heard of Bin's disrupting the election, and they were impressed.

Jennifer finney boylan autobiography paper book review examples

Majority of the readers of her book, especially the ones who really love her works, likely know that the author of the book they are reading is a transgender. Gender and sexuality really seems to be a very sensitive issue that not a lot of people try to talk about >>>

Political and economic institutions of different nations in why nations fail book

In Why Nations Fail, Acemoglu and Robinson strive to explain the gap between the wealthy and poor nations; the West, Japan and the rest of the world. The authors think that Diamond's theory fails to explain the gap between the rich and poor nations because it does not factor in >>>

Discuss the issues related to the widespread adoption of e-books

In this essay, the author aims to discuss the various issues that have risen as a result of adoption of e-books. Generations of readers have grown up reading paper books and have gotten so used to this that making the transition to e-books is not a very comfortable venture.

Summary of the book of genesis

Summary of the book of Genesis In Genesis chapters 1-11, God created the universe and all living things in the p of 7 days. The fall of man followed as Adam and Eve ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and God banished them from the >>>

Lake of the woods book review example

The squad was called in to help in the search for her sons in the woods. Pat Ivey's life story as told in her book is relatable to many people and not only those in the emergency services.