Useful Career Essays Examples

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Employee development and career management – you decide case study

Steve is the founder of CH but does not clearly understand the value of a mentoring program in the company. The introduction of a mentoring program will assist employees in developing realistic goals based on the departmental needs.

Career profile paper essay samples

She said that she reports directly to the Operations Manager, as well as to the President of the organization. She selected the stocks brokering industry for its dynamism and the excitement that is exhibited, especially in times of peaks and bulls.

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Career research assignment research paper

The main purpose of this assignment is to present the findings of the research I have done concerning the career that I can comfortably work in. These are the FOCUS result that is the career exploration results that form the first of the report, the MBTI assessment results that form >>>

How the master’s degree in business communication will contribute the career

How the Master's Degree in Business CommunicationWill Contribute to the CareerDuring my working career I have realized that in order for me to improve my chances to achieve a higher level of success in the corporate world I must improve my credentials and capabilities. Thomas due to the fact >>>

Planning a career essays examples

I know pretty well what I need to pay in turn for accomplishing all my dreams, and I am willing to pay the price for realizing each and every dream of mine. As a Medical Office Administrator, I can see more opportunity for someone like me with a passion to >>>

Career management methods

You ought to have a plan B. And in your rules set you need to have success evaluation criteria that you can act upon before it is too late.

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Leadership career management and personal development education essay

The presentation in forepart of our pupils was an exciting affair for the first clip and taking portion in this conference I found that it was direct and really related and consecutive to the point. Now I am doing the notes of any of import information related to my class >>>

Airline career pilot program and safety conference

The event is very relevant to my career because I will be prepared to deal with emergencies that are brought by fire outbreaks. I will be glad to be part of this experience to sharpen my skills and become part of the competitive edge.

Free essay on top executive career planning assessment

The position of ensuring the security of my family is mainly financial and this development will help achieving this goal.- Secure my position in the firmThis will be done through persistent hard work and quality in the execution of my duties the security of my position in the firm will >>>

Essay on career opportunity at citibank, united states

I have found that I reserve the quality of a good business analyst who is able to find answers to questions and solutions to answers whenever they come across any issue and do not wait for solutions to come to their doorstep. Apart from these qualities, I am able to >>>

Retail management career path paper

It is an attribute that allows them manager to understands and concentrate on facts that have a greater impact in the meeting of work requirementsCommitmentThis is the ability to demonstrate the initiative and individual accountability in meeting the demands of work according to the highest standards of the organizationHonesty and >>>

Career plan essay examples

The Job description requires a NetworkEngineer whose job purpose is to: Establish and maintain network performance by enhancing internet connections and configurations and correcting the network problems. In interviewing, one must relax and take time to answer the questions.

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Organizational interventions influencing employee career development preferred by different career

The ndings of this study contributed to the validation of theoretical discussions on the association of individuals and organizational career development interventions, implying that organizations need to design their career mobility systems or performance incentive systems in accordance with employees' career orientations. A comparison of the concepts of career anchor, >>>

A career in management consultancy – the best choice for me

My long-term goal is to combine my passion for technology and consultancy and position myself as a leader in the field, with skills and flexibility to thrive in a rapidly changing world, leading a team of professionals from the forefront. Considering I was part of the organization for a considerably >>>

Essay on career exploration analysis paper

A big part of a healthcare management career is quality and efficiency improvement, things I have learned in the course. Overall, MGT-521 has helped me refine the skills I will need in my chosen profession of healthcare administration.

Example of essay on career building

a) Mine is a kinesthetic learning style - I learn best when I do things myself, as the tactile sensation of performing a task allows me to gain muscle memory and remember how to do things. One of the things I can do to help achieve this goal is use >>>

A 2-3 page, double-spaced statement of purpose that describes your background, reasons for applying to this graduate program, and your educational and career goals

I also had the opportunity to meet two well known politicians which promoted my interest in the field of Economics and enhanced my understanding about how politicians or government can have an impact on the economic conditions of a country. I strongly believe that by continuing my education in this >>>

Career the boundaries of dispatch department of

Iwas responsible for operation and maintenance of the machine, and developing Standardoperating procedure for the operation of the machine after commissioning. Ideveloped a layout of control panel for the machine and implemented the same.

Good example of career goal statement essay

I have worked at varying workplaces where I had the chance to apply different information technologies to the varying businesses. Consequently, I would like to use the experience I have gained in my previous works for developing better information technology applications.

Marketing as a career

A marketing person should be able to do the fundamental requisites of marketing which is to have an idea on how to build a SWOT analysis for a company. If you possess the qualities above then you could be a good candidate for entering and being successful in the career >>>

Sport’s marketing as a career

It is one of the ways of screening job applicants therefore it is very important for a person to have a resume that is presentable and up to the mark. The different forms are as follows:Chronological Resume: This is the one of the most commonly used style which outlines the >>>

Future career

Mastering the English language skills in fashion designing is also important because not everyone can necessarily understand a particular language other than the globally recognized language, which is why English is known now as the language of business. 07 Nov.2011.

Paper on your career or dream

In a similar way, I thought that the best career path I should follow was that of a nurse. After joining college to undertake a marketing course, I still have not discovered my career choice although I have engaged in modeling with the view of traveling around the world next >>>

The inspiration behind pharmacy, my future career of choice

Five days at the volunteer site seemed to be long at the beginning, but by the time I left the place, I learned that I was so much affiliated with the community and hoped myself to become a person who see the hurt of both outside and inside. Since then, >>>

Career development plan part iv essay

Compensation Plan The new compensation plan for the sales team is founded on labor research and statistics to establish a market-based pay structure for the employees. In this compensation plan the employees are provided a competitive salary with the potential to earn a descent living, which will help attract, retain, >>>

A degree in economics – a step to a career in banking and finance

In particular, what has piqued my interest is the application of the Nash equilibrium, a concept within game theory and which allows economists to assess the competing behaviors of rational, interacting agents and in doing so predict future economic/business trends and events. I believe that the expertise available at university >>>

Example of career project critical thinking

This is because the results of the tests help in determining the field that an individual is best suited in. The other career that I can venture in, my option B is the respiratory therapist.

Case study on career and lifestyle development

Here, she explores the use of the word "WHY?" Erickson downplays the sexuality, which is biological, and in favor of the features of psychosocial which are the conflicts between the parents and the child who in our case is Kay. The school and neighborhood at large become the significant relationship >>>

Free career reflective paper term paper example

Building relationships and to be able to work across boundaries is one key area that I have learned and practiced during the semester. I will do this by ensuring that whatever I do, I do so in order to supports my team's goals and the organizational mission.

Personal statement on reasons for pursuing a career in public relations

Nowadays information is considered to be the most valuable possession as a powerful means of influence on people it can actually rule the humanity and induce many changes in the world. As a representative of those individuals who would like to have at least minor influence on what is going >>>

Free research paper on career development plan

This has led to the development of a number of theories that explain various issues related to career development at all levels of application. Therefore, I will initiate a career development program that will address the two issues to ensure that students appreciate the value of education in their success.

An exploration of my career choice nursing essay

The first one I have already done I applied and got accepted to a Nursing Program in the University of Georgia. It is a perfect opportunity for me to explore the career of a nurse, to discover my major interests and the fields of nursing, I am going to specialize >>>

Employee training and career development essay sample

Employee development is another important piece of the success of an organization."Employee development is designed to help the organization ensure that it has the necessary talent internally for meeting future human resource needs. The disadvantage of this type of employee development is that the employee will be offsite for the >>>

Nursing as a career

I feel that nursing is a combination ofscience and technology, and the art of caring. Nursing is one of the noblest professions, and I am very excited that I am going to be a part of it.

Reason for choosing the nursing career

My reason for choosing the nursing career is because I believe that the need to help people is a calling, and I feel attracted to helping those people who are in need of my skills. Working with these institutions have made me to realize that making use of clinical judgments >>>

Registered nursing as a career

The nurse informs the physician of the patients' symptoms and reactions to the care plan. Registered nurses work in a clean and stable environment most of the time.

Nursing career

There are different levels in the nursing field and they all depend on the program an individual takes. The master's program requires an individual to study for a full year and it prepares graduates for roles and positions in teaching, clinical practice, research, consulting, and administration.

The registered nurse career field essay sample

Such occupations include Advance Practice Nurses, Certified Nurse-Midwives, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Community Health Nurses, Critical Care Nurses, Emergency Nurses, Geriatric Nurses, Home Health Care and Hospice Nurses, Legal Nurse Consultants, Licensed-Practical Nurses, Neonatal Nurses, Nurse Anesthetists, Nurse Assistants, Nurse Managers, Nurse Practitioners, Nursing Instructors, Occupational Health Nurses, Oncological Nurses, Psychiatric >>>

Career & personality traits essay

The closest thing on the paper that is even close to Cosmetology would be a Pharmacist. There are many people in the world that want to become a Nurse.

Essay on my career as a police officer

During this period I have started from scratch and learned the basics of administration and discipline, this also helped me identify that my ultimate goal is to join the police forces and to serve the community directly. This was the period when I started having practical experience of the police >>>

A one page statement of career interests and goals for graduate school admission

Admission Essay to the Graduate School of Microbiology and Immunology Microbiology and immunology have always been atthe core of understanding the body and the immune system in response to the various pathogens and diseases that have plagued most species on earth. At the end of graduate school, I hope to >>>

Address why you are applying for the program, how your degree program will relate to your long-range career objectives, what or non-academic qualities you will contribute to the program, what prior experience, why you want to attend mit

With the passion, I have in this field; it is my duty to ensure that am well equipped before entering to the field to exercise my competence. For this reason, I considered it to be ideal to apply for the course in your institution.

Quest for career & vocation: the razors edge argumentative essay examples

Laurence "Larry" Darrell is not only at the center of the novel but is also a perfect example of the novel's theme of the rejection of materialism. Larry, who is the protagonist of the novel, not only abandons wealth but personal relationships and security as well in order to make >>>

Career in criminal justice

Some of the skills needed to perform this job is great writing and speaking skills. Some of the skills that are required is to have the ability to gather research and analyze data, interpreting regulations, and the ability to communicate.

Pharrell williams music career

Williams also has the honour of producing several popular and hit singles for different musicians from his production company The Neptunes The musical career of Williams began from his school life where he was member of the school band along with Chad Hugo. The song was produced in 1992 and >>>

Conlon nancarrow’s career and his relation to player piano

Books related to the life and the career of Conlon Nancarrow will be employed for exploring the issues set by the research question, as presented above. The Music of Conlon Nancarrow.

Career objectives

As a person interested in entrepreneurship and business, I need to understand every aspect of business administration and management. I believe an MBA in the Prestigious University will enable me learn in a multi-cultural and competitive environment, something that is of great value if I have to succeed beyond the >>>

Career of a computer forensics investigator

This development is reflected in the certifications that are offered by this organization at a minimal fee to Computer Forensics Investigators. Cybercafe is the use of a computer system or technology to commit and aid in the commission of a crime.

Investigate a career: computer support specialist

Another reason that I like this career path is that I would be continually exposed to what is the latest in computer technology. I find the computer support specialist most interesting and appealing, and I think that it would be an excellent career choice for me in the field of >>>

Personal progress in career and business

In the setting the practitioners need to take all the necessary steps to ensure they are keeping the children well and safe. The practitioners need to be continually progress through thecareerand are on the track they want to be and have the confidence to do this within their place of >>>

Career change creative writing sample

He had told me about this before and how it could really make his life easier for many reasons but he hesitated because he had the security of his present job and a family that he was responsible for. The security of his present job would definitely keep he and >>>

Why i chose to pursue a career in secondary education

Most people decide to become a teacher fairly early in their life; however, I decided only recently to pursue a career in education. In this position I was able to interact with the students a great deal; I was able to relate to them and still be able to help >>>

Essay on career portfolio

Job Description: Provision of treatment services to outpatients, analytic and consultative services on applied behavior and participation in program development and planning. Job Description: Candidate will support the mission of the Army and provide skills to form a total Army.- Position: Part time Counseling Psychologist.

Negotiating – career development

For example, salary, professional development and potential of career growth are the most important factor for me. The reason for it is that these factors define my future as a person and professional.

Career exploration and decision making

Comparing the result of the two careers and self from Keirsey Temperament and the Holland Occupational theme theory, there are similarities; some temperament traits which can be combined to produce success and satisfaction. These indicators are the best to assist one to do self assessment and lead in choosing a >>>

Career interest profiler and competencies

Other benificial knowledge I gained to help me in my career and in life are the different types of comunications, how to evaluate arguments for validity, analyzing your audience and how to create a effective message. I will continue to work towards a better understanding and mastery of these lessons >>>

Factors of ultimate career success

My underlying hypothesis is that these variables positively affect career success- the underlying foundation of which is the contest-mobility model of career success which indicates that those illustrating maximum skills and determination will enjoy prosperous career outcomes in a spirit of competition the nature of which is assumed to be >>>

My future career: why i want to become a phlebotomist

To their surprise, I was able to draw their blood, and it made me feel like I accomplished a goal. A lot of people experience bad blood draws if you commit to being great at what you do you can get rid of those fears and memories of bad experiences.

My interest in a challenging medical career

However, as the discussion progressed, I was able to recognise the range of factors that can lead doctors to advise this termination and saw that in coming to a medical decision, it is vital to have a clear prior understanding of the range of positives and negatives. I am also >>>

Essay on my academic and career goals

I aspire to be a psychologist in the future and it is for this reason that I have set both my academic and career goals. I have set out my career objectives and they act as a guideline that I have to measure against because my academic performance is what >>>

My planning possible pathways assignment and career goals

I wanted to bring my skills into my work and find a job suited best for me, and career matchmaking was just that. The results revealed that the skills I had aligned with the careers in the medicine and health cluster as well as the science and engineering cluster, narrowing >>>

Pharmacy as a career admission essay examples

In fact, the seminars and trainings that I have attended will make my life easy in my doctor of Pharmacy career. Choosing a Career in Pharmacy and the Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Career essay: nursing

The apparent security of the nursing career and the current and future demand for healthcare professionals is due to the aging baby boomer population in America. The Oncology Nursing Society is a "professional organization of over 35,000 registered nurses and other healthcare providers dedicated to excellence in patient care, education, >>>

“the strange career of jim crow” by c. v. woodward essay sample

Vann Woodward's novel "The Strange Career of Jim Crow" was not simply a book about segregation and racism. After reading the book, I found that it was a book about race relations and history that challenges what is generally thought about the characteristics of this time period.

Career comes before marriage

Other than that, we will have a stable income when we have our own career even if we are successful or not. When we have our own career, we must have income.

Career and marriage

It's a positive thing to have a career man or woman in a marriage and that the essence of good marriage is adopting to change On the other hand many support the view that healthy career equal unhealthy marriage. Many of the men in this study have a wife who >>>

Self awareness & career management essay sample

Self-awareness as the individual's ability to assess other's evaluations of the self and to incorporate these assessments into one's self-evaluation, Individual who is self-aware has a deep understanding of his/her emotions, strengths, weaknesses and drives. To develop and manage my career as a unique individual in the future, the first >>>

The reason to choose public relations career

It aims to clearly outline the strengths that he has while minimizing his weaknesses and finally it has to be able to make Derek achieve his lifelong dream of becoming a member of the staff of a famous organization or persona in dealing with the public relations part of the >>>

Choosing a career in botany

Well, first you should keep in mind that four years of college and a Bachelor"s degree are the bare essentials for most of the careers aforementioned. If you are interested in botany, it should be for your genuine love of the science, not themoney.

Albert camus’ political writing and career

Had an underground newspaper; Camus became the editor, under the name "Beauchard," criticized French collaboration with the Nazis "Now the only moral value is courage, which is useful here for judging the puppets and chatterboxes who pretend to speak in the name of the people.written in the newspaper The content >>>

Short and long term career goals

Over time my goals continue to grow and advance, Drexel will allow me to make my current goals a reality and work toward my future goals and the ones that I will create in the future. All I can say is that it is my beliefs that Drexel is the >>>

Statement of academic/ career goals

In the United States,I believethat EMU is the platform where I can pursue my highly spiritedgoalsand where my skills can be enhanced and polished because of the learned science faculty available there. Studying at EMU has changed my life, and I truly think that EMU is the right place for >>>

Career goals in dental hygienist profession

CSN has a great dental program for dental hygiene and that's where I will be attending to get my associates degree. I plan on reaching my goal by working very hard and to become a successful dental hygienist.

The career cycle of teachers: a review of mr. holland’s opus

One is in the development of a senior revue that he devotes much of his time to during the later part of his career, and the other is his decision to incorporate methods into his teaching and conducting that offer ways for the deaf community to 'hear amusic. Compared to >>>

Employee training and career development

In this paper the subjects discussed are the role of training in an organization's development, different employee development methods, relationship between employee development and organizational development, and the role of human resource management in career development. The role of training in an organization development is making the employee a better >>>

Free essay on job and career satisfaction and turnover intentions of newly-graduated nurses

The aging of the nursing workforce has and is expected to result in the mass retirement of registered nurses in both the hospital setting and academe each year. Favorable regard of the role and the profession promotes continued role performance in this field that, in theory, should affect the intent >>>

Career goals and learning plan paper

I am very eager to begin Psychology Courses at the University of Pheonix. In the long run I hope that this determination will give me the ability to find a position or career and workenvironmentthat suits me.

Moral career creative writing example

The first of the three stages in the police officer's career is the period of entry into the police service- the pre-patient phase. The pre-patient period is the period in which the police officer has aspirations of joining the police service.

Career goals: career choice

This understanding makes selecting a significant deeply personal and profound question for every individual."It is one amongst the foremost important decisions created by individuals growing up in Western cultures with several making an attempt to search out through their careers a way of existential significance for his or her entire >>>

The next steps and obstacles to overcome that lead to successful career

Dear students, you have to choose the field of study where your ability meets with the talent possessed within you, something which you enjoy and are fully interested in. Instead, try to discover the capabilities of your child and encourage him to excel in his field of interest.

The 3 ways ego will derail your career before it really begins

To the men of the last type their own success is a constant surprise, and its fruits the more delicious, yet to be tested cautiously with a haunting sense of doubt whether it is not all a dream. There's a weak side to each of us, that - like a >>>

Healthcare career paths psychology / psychiatry report examples

The report shows that it clearly discusses on advantages and disadvantages of careers and describes the range of opportunities that are available for employment in the field of health care. Thus, this shows that the report was done in a clarified way that elaborates the importance of psychiatry in helping >>>

The impact of social identity on a person’s career

Therefore, I give a statement that my social identity has affected my past and it is touching my future too. From my experiences, I learn that the social identity of a child is vital for the wellbeing.

Career motivation

What is Career Motivation? ypes of Career motivations Identifying Career Motivation Example of Career Motivation worksheet Ways of Career motivation Career motivation at work References What is Career? Career is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as a person's "course or progress through life " By the late 20th century, >>>

One-career family versus two-career family essay sample

On the other hand, in a "two-career family","both the husband and the wife are committed to the pursuit of a career". In a "One-career Family", it is the husband or the wife's choice or both their choice that only one of them will oblige themselves into developing a career.

Life & career of hayden christensen

He is one of the popular names in the entertainment industry and has bagged a few awards and accolades in his career. He owes a huge part of his attractive net worth to the commercials and brand endorsements he has undertaken in the past.

Describe an experience that influenced your career choice

I had some practical experience working at a hospital in Nigeria with sometime spent in the accounting department, this enabled me gain a practical experience of how the laws/duties/decisions made by public administrators affects people/individuals in real life situations such as explaining why people in less developed countries are prepared >>>

About my ambition to build a career in forensic science

I lost my grandmother, grandfather and two uncles in the space of a couple of months during my second year of university. I hope I can be given the opportunity to reach my full potential after being knocked down in many more ways than one and achieve my ambition of >>>

Professional career narrative essay

If a situation requires that a boss or someone higher in authority questions thepersonalitythat you are displaying on the job, as in being lazy in greeting the guests or forgetting to smile as the guest or another employee, it may be necessary to register for another course in hospitality education. >>>

Life and career of ryan reynolds – one of the most famous actors in hollywood

He took on a supporting role in the biopic Woman in Gold in 2015 and starred in the thriller Self/Less. But if he ignores the details in favor of the bigger picture, others might view Reynolds as undisciplined with details, and not appreciate his great planning skills.

How do you answer the question what are your short term and long term career goals

Answer i see myself having a stable job, succesful man, being independent and hardworkin Answer In short terms i want a good start in a company like yours and those responsibilities and roles which will use and improve my skills and capabilities. In long term after having an experience of >>>

Power, office politics, and a career in crisis

2 Thomas Green: Path to Senior Market Specialist tC Thomas Green was born in 1979 in Brunswick, Georgia, the son of a postman and a school secretary. He is an intelligent and capable young man, but I do not believe he is making a strong effort." In response to Davis's >>>

A cricket career of virat kohli

He had his downside during the England 2014 tour, but he came back in a much more stronger and matured manner during the Australia 2014 tour, where he was known for his famous sweep shots to Nathan Lyon and for those pull shots to Mitchell Johnson. India lost the Pataudi >>>

Mae west and how the production code affected her career

Mae worked on the stage and was in vaudeville from the time when she was five years of age. The film debuted in 1932 and even though her performance was a minor part in the movie, she was able to display enough of her quick wit that made her famous.

Why choose it-career essay

It is when I decide to obtain my degree in Information Technology. When I graduated from High School, I noticed that Information Technology was a good career to go for.