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Literature review on community-owned enterprises:

Definitions of'Community-owned Enterprise"Community-owned enterprises' are local businesses 'that are owned, run, managed, and/or shared by members of the same community' either a geographic community or a community of shared interests. Imbroscio, Williamson and Alperovitz have describedsix models of community-ownedenterprise: the community-owned corporation, the non-profit corporation, the municipal enterprise, the consumer >>>

Free combating competition in the social media community marketplace case study sample

This online community is essential in the generation of content that can attract the attention of the target group for business. The key to making a company successful in this day and age is a good customer relation.

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Community spirit creative writing

X FOR THE XYZ EXCELLENCE AWARD, COMMUNITY SPIRIT CATEGORYWe are pleased to nominate Mr. X has always been dedicated to giving back to the community.

Community needs analysis

The needs analysis links the terminal and instrumental values with the community needs, through effective project work and collaboration with the local charity. The research team will partner with the local charity to collect and analyze data on the learners with disabilities, and in the implementation of the project.

Identification of key impacts that businesses have on the local community

This organization uplifts coexistence among the community members as well as fewer conflicts and hence the project is likely to be sustainable. This leads to loss of culture and even conflicts in the long run among the community members and spouses as well.

Community service essay sample

I was standing in the middle of the emergency room in a real hospital, a hospital full of real sick people. Community service must be a reflection of the person providing it.

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Community health hazard

The collaborative of health and the environment is one organization involved in raising awareness of environmental health hazards. It does this by involving the public in a dialogue to know the environmental problems facing the community and possible ways of solving the hazards.

The socioeconomic benefits generated by suffolk county community college

Although the report appears to be generally meant for everyone related to SCCC, the report caters as information to the students of the college as an insight to the social and economic impact that the college has succeeded in making. The report has no noticeable weakness per se except for >>>

Community development discourse

Community development dis Community development dis The understanding of the cultural ways of writing and speaking is captured in the notion of discursive competence. The development of discursive community depends on the ability to set and distinguish a group of people from the rest in the community.

Cesar chavez work with the community service organization research paper examples

Chavez was strong in the creation of the American Farm union and his tactics of non violent protests and strikes worked consistently to create a situation where the same Mexican-Americans were not exploited. Chavez was instrumental in organizing the strike and protest movements and through all his actions he managed >>>

Good example of what do frankenstein and dr. jekyll and mr. hyde have to say about community literature review

The books primarily tell the tales of ambitious scientists trying to defy the rules of nature with respect to the human capacity to give and take life. These two stories, from the community point of view, tell the tale of the duality of all human beings with respect to their >>>

Good city forms and healthy community

Ford from the San Diego State University of San Diego, California, USA; it was first published in 1999 in the journal Cities and discussed how modern cities have been marketed to appeal to various segments of buyers, without consideration of how these cities provide the necessities of modern living; the >>>

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Broader community

World health day Introduction Apparently, the role of healthcare in the development of a nation is inevitable. Notably, the theme of the world health day was the idea of better leadership to boost economic growth of a nation.

Rose for emily book analysis: the struggles emily underwent inside the patriarchal community

The oppression of women that Faulkner presents in the story is similar to the one that led to the rise of feminism in various parts of the world. The struggle is against the oppression that is based on the patriarchal beliefs that men and the society hold against women.

What frankenstein, dr jekyll and mr hyde say about community? essay

He "stood already committed to a profound duplicity of life" and he decided to remove all the veils from his character so that he was a perfect member of the perfect society. Hyde was not eager to become a part of the community and he tended to avoid communication with >>>

Pollution problems in the community

While testing the validity of this statement one negates it and if any premise is true, a 'T' is recorded, and where it is false an 'F' is recorded in the truth table. A row which records a mixture of T and F is termed unsuccessful and thus the statement >>>

Community issue article

Air pollution refers to the transfer of harmful and discomforting materials in the atmosphere and the environment. The evidence associating air pollution to premature deaths has made the nation wake up and realize that air pollution is a significant community issue in the urban areas and something need to be >>>

Sustainable community design

As a result, I have always wanted to be able to make a difference by helping the society and people find the right way to combat, and adopt a non-polluting energy efficient life style. This will call for a sustainable approach to management and development of the built environment.

Lifeline community fellowship

Lifeline community fellowship al Affiliation) Internal Environment The mission of the church is to establish a communion of believers and enrich the life of the despondent through spreading the gospel and empowering them to sustain their hope. Most of the members are involved in the church music and Drama ministry.

Community friendly national development marketing essay

Contents The background of this report is about the Cargills Company, and throughout the assignment it is provided the theoretical aspect of marketing process. This way it gathered a wider aspect about the product, the price set, where it is sold in the market and finally the promotional methods used >>>

Individuality versus community

The author closes the article with two examples; the community of the Apple Macintosh at a coffee house, and the community of Saturn car owners. I liked the tone and concept of the article because I know people who have Macintosh computers and the author is right; they are a >>>

Promotion of a gallery in saudi arabia: a community vision business plan example

The three part promotion strategy will raise awareness in the community about the services offered at the Saudi Arabia Art Gallery. Using print communication such as posters and business cards inform the community of the services offered at the Saudi Arabia Art Gallery.

Transfer from community college to uc system university as communication major

I used to be autistic because of my family situation as my parents got divorced when I was 3 and I was forced to accept my step ma, the woman who used to treat me nicely and suddenly changed when she got her first son. I have delivered under bad >>>

Social capital in the community

The less space unites us as a community, and we thus take part in most of the activities that occur in the neighborhood. During this summer, a family in the neighborhood sold their house and left.

The present economic sitation has had a negative effect on the community

The Present Economic Situation Has Had a Negative Effect On the Community The current economic recession has had a profound impact on individuals living the current socio-cultural environment. From a larger perspective, the present economic situation has had a negative effect on the community.

Essay on local community health care issues

The news articles summarized in this paper are dedicated to the way medicine has changed in the last two centuries, focusing especially on the most important developments and inventions that led to these changes. Even 100 years ago the diseases that are now the most frightening for people were just >>>

Free health planning and community development approaches essay sample

According to the CDC, community development actively involves members of the community regarding the health problems that directly affect them. According to Kulbok, Thatcher, Park, and Meszaros, community development approach is that it leads to knowledge-based decisions by the community members.

Tourism development and host community

Without community participation, tourism development could not be achieved hence there is a need for governments in the developing world to play a role in fostering community support for tourism development and enhancing long-term sustainability as a broad base for tourism development planning as cited by Hall, Kirkpatrick, Michael states >>>

Free report about community engagement activities in isu

Thus, I have chosen to be one of the volunteers in a cleanup activity in our community. The organizers provided us the brief introduction and the mission of the cleanup program.

The individual and community argumentative essay sample

This study will examine the role that the community plays in the development of the individual as well if this evolution has an impact on the community's efforts to become part of the global neighbourhood. 2: 3-9.

Good critical thinking on rural community development

This article discussed and defined the benefits of community assets, community resilience, social capital and community capital by placing these concepts in a bigger framework of entrepreneurial social infrastructure. Community Assets and Community Capital: The social, economic and political dimensions of a community are called the community assets or capital.

Example of admission essay on what unique contributions will you bring to the babson community that will enhance

When thinking of university education it is common to think of vertical learning; from the professor and the assistants to the student. I have learned the minutiae of the tasks and would be able to impart this practical knowledge to my colleagues as we work together to solve academic challenges >>>

Community /public health nursing

Although it is impossible to attain the state of complete health, community health is an aspect of health care that strives to maintain the normal state of health, as well as prevention of infections in the community. Provision of care to a community that does not meet the standards of >>>

Community and public health nursing: promoting the public’s health (8th ed) by allender, j. a., rector, c., & warner, k.d (2014) isbn# 978-1-60913-688-8

The first primary measure is to educate workers about causes of tuberculosis, mode of transmission, management, and prevention. The nurse is a leader because he or she provides direction to those infected and those not in the community.

Community health nursing

The major health risk of garbage to human beings can be cholera outbreak. The decomposing garbage is a source of the deadly cholera disease.

Community assessment and analysis part ii

Community Assessment and Analysis Part II Nursing Diagnosis Actual Problem: Ineffective protection, stress and anxiety, lack of access to healthcare facilities, lack of access to healthy foodsMajor and Minor cues: drug abuse, lack of sleep, increased suicide rates, increased heart disease risk, excretory problems,Three parts: Ineffective protection related to inadequate >>>

Education and the black community essay

This concept is not intended to disregard other Blacks living in the United States but to develop the power and strength of the Black as the citizens of USA. The Status of Education and Black America found that many of the gains accumulated by the African American community in higher >>>

Community and family studies

Community and family studies Module: parenting and caring Dot point: becoming parents and cares Biological parents: the child would have parents genetic material, parents are parents from the moment the child is convieced. Children may not have grandparents Children may not have their parents for most of their lives Planned- >>>

The community in beloved

Though the community had come to the feast happy, the next day the community members came to the conclusion that Baby had overstepped the line between generosity and ostentation with her elaborate feast, and resented her "uncalled-for pride". However, the people of the community are only willing to offer this >>>

The community made me do it

The extent to which the village actually raises the child is the crux of William Deresiewicz's argument in his critical analysis of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, entitled "Community and Cognition in Pride and Prejudice". Furthermore, because the community is the stimulus, the way in which it thinks, talks, and >>>

Free community based corrections essay sample

At the time, trial and sentencing was mainly influenced by gender, status and locality of the offenders and victims involved and was also by the society's attitude towards the crime committed. Integrating Assumptions About Crime, People and Society Response to the Reviews of 'Towards a Unified Criminology'.

Community policing research paper example

Community policing refers to the collaborative and combined efforts between the community and the police which mainly focuses on the elimination of criminal and social disorders. Therefore, community policing is a section of community relations that focuses on the relationship between the community and the police with the common objective >>>

Community service: safeguarding children

People only think of their stomach and forget about the hungry kids in children homes and on the streets. It is a non-profitable organization to the rescue of the abandoned and homeless children.

The need to integrate community and law enforcement efforts to counter crime

The biggest problem that needs to be addressed when it comes to crime is the fact that people and organizations that are supposed to be at the forefront of the efforts that are being made are the ones lagging behind. There is a need to involve them as much as >>>

Community and identity

Janie's life with Logan only adds to her collection of miserable memories in the early stages of her life, as her unattractive and dull first husband treats her like she is his property. As the Mayor's wife and companion in "the big house," Janie is regarded as somewhat of an >>>

Example of community nursing essay

The primary challenges of working for similar communities is the fact that one community will expect the nurses to deliver precisely the same manner they did in the previous community, something that may cause problems in the event that the nurses do not have enough resources by the time they >>>

Community health practice case study sample

This is evident in the way residents of St Albans interact as a community. Physically, from interviews, based on the African American health standards of a healthy community St Albans is above average in this regard.

Good community officer policing essay example

This paper and discussion peruses the world of community officer policing, and gives an overview of the situation. This understanding ushers in the need to obtain insight of some of the pros and cons to community officer policing.

Business plan on how the organization has affected its community

The non-profit organizations have been around long enough and the effects on the community are rather clear. The presence of nonprofit organizations has given the citizens a voice to air their aspirations and special concerns.

Community policing research paper examples

In the recent years, the movements and mobilization of community policing has increased momentarily, the community leaders and police in Illinois serve for effective and efficient ways to improve the quality of life. The introduction of community policing as an alternative strategy of policing has challenged the ability to and >>>

Case study on community policing

Moreover, community policing in the contemporary society is effective as it adheres to social disorder and crime, which is achieved through interaction of police and the public. Therefore, community policing is effective because it strengthens the power of the police in maintaining order and law in the neighborhood.

Strengthen community with strong business relationships

Connect on Linked In, "like" the company's page on Facebook, and when you see posts that are interesting to you be sure to interact with that post and share it if appropriate. If you are running a business it is unlikely that you have all the expertise and skills in >>>

Moyer of schools and 138 teachers and community

These steps were readiness to acceptcredit and use community resources, suitable selection of communityvolunteers inclusive of all the sections of a community assigning ofobjectives and responsibilities to each community worker, and training ofcommunity volunteers. The article said that a Principal can evaluate school-communityrelations by determining the needs of community for >>>

The development of the east african community essay

The study describes the East African Community and contains the factors that led to the formation, break-up and reformation of the community which is made up of the three unified countries of Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. The organizational structure of the East African Community were directed by the Summit of >>>

Example of community in the kite runner book review

All the same, Amir still looks up to Baba and not Hassan, though Hassan looks up to Amir; this imbalance in respect and reciprocity establishes a very uneven community at the beginning of the book. By undertaking this search for Hassan's son, Sohrab, and delving into the belly of the >>>

Building community in organizations

Building Community in Organizations Building Community in Organizations Approaches to organizational designOrganizational design may be used to refer to a process of enhancing the likelihood that a firm will be successful though re-shaping and assessing positions and structure to better achieve the goals of a business. The major approaches of >>>

Plan for community health assessment essay sample

A plan for community health assessment has the main intention and agenda of accumulating, evaluating and utilizing necessary information and details to instruct and gather together people in the community in order to expand precedence and acquire various resources that can help in the development of people's health. In this >>>

Community nursing health practice healthcare concepts essay

There are times when it is said that aggregate based approach is itself a different type of community based approach and in order to understand this, we can look at the concept of population and sub-population. As a difference both of these approaches involve planning and health care activities however >>>

Example of essay on the dallas community in texas

The natural disasters, health, medicine and the environment form the bases of the history of vulnerability. With the efforts and goals by the United States to minimize health disparities in the healthcare sector, significant number of issues continue affecting vulnerable populations, like the people of Dallas, Texas.

Essay on learning community in public school setting

A learning community in a public school setting is where members of a community appoint a group of individuals to select matters that the community needs to learn. More to that, the contribution of the parents is deemed positive since they are able to identify the kind of knowledge needed >>>

Case study on my community

The building, the structure of the city and the neighborhood offers several ways in reflecting and depicting the history of the city. In struggle: SNCC and the Black awakening of the 1960s.

Hinchibrook island essay local community representative concerns

How can this be affected and what are some of the initiatives that the stakeholders of the proposed hotel, would bring to the community. How are the management and stake holders of the proposed hotel going to ensure that the beauty of the island is maintained as it is?

Essay on political by nature aristotle and mans search for community and beauty

The differences between the Greek polis of Aristotle's understanding and the massive cities of today are simple matters of population, of space and of services that help man survive and thrive. The logic of Aristotle's argument is that men create and express an appreciation for beauty through their natural tendency >>>

Last community group modifed

Group Community DevelopmentDue to the timely and successful voluntary services provided by the Volunteer Centre, especially in controlling the burning oil fields and because of the support that they have received from the government, different community groups have been established under aegis of the Volunteer Centre. The community groups together >>>

Advertising to lgbt community

Advertising to LGBT community: Producing ads that cater to gay audience is complex, and neither the pro- nor the anti-gay market view appears to be adequately addressing the issues. Now this difficulty in gathering data has consequences, such as that people of modest income and poorer people are ignored as >>>

Solutions for medium-sized community bank

In fact, according to this definition, data breach is a compromise in systems or a theft that results in the loss or misuse of personal information, which is protected by the state statutes. Cyber crimes are divided into three categories where a computer is:A target;The tool of the crime;[4]It is >>>

How community service can improve human rights and our society as a whole

An organisation that deals with poverty in our community is Heifer and they help poor communities grow food and produce an income for themselves to break the poverty cycle and it restores human dignity by this organisation teaching them how to farm crops and livestock. An organisation that deals with >>>

Significance of community radio station in the arab world research proposal sample

In the recent past, the Arab spring has triggered debate over the contribution of the media to the revolts spreading from Africa to the Middle East. In order to gather the necessary information on community radio stations within these Arab countries, a number of approaches will be used.

Eth/316 community profile comparison

Responsibilities of the Individual to the Community No matter who you are or where you live, we are all part of a bigger community. Department of State, every Individual right has a corresponding duty to the community and the bottom line is that all have theresponsibilityof the individual to watch >>>

The hispanic community

In the Hipicculture, it is customary to be morally responsible for other family members and help them in their time of need when they are experiencing financial problems, unemployment, poorhealthconditions, and other life issues. Children are taught to be respectful of authority, the elderly, and of members of the extended >>>

Evaluate the organization’s involvement to the community

Jude Children's Research Hospital consists of enriching the life of children by advance means of prevention, for the cure of pediatric catastrophic diseases. Jude Children's Research Hospital is determine to offer a broad combination of services based on the principle of full participation in community by advancing the treatment awareness >>>

Example of jewish community in the middle east essay

The Jewish community remains one of the communities in the world that has faced many forms of injustices and atrocities. History paints a clear picture on how Jewish community has suffered in the hands of many political rulers and leaders in various countries in the world, but more importantly in >>>

A comparative analysis of community-based tourism in uganda and kenya

The paper will first define the concept and then explore the demographics and history of tourism in Kenya and Uganda, and finally examine the socio-economic and environmental impacts. The ethnic flare-ups, land use conflict between local communities and wildlife managers, threats of extinction of species and the apparent inability of >>>

Discourse community

Dave struggled in hispoetryclass because he failed to learn the "foreign" language of the class. Dave had a connection to the writing his both of his other classes but not to poetry.

Free trinity community hospital essay sample

The main mission of Trinity Community Hospital and all of the members that make up the entire organization is to be able to provide the highest possible quality of medical and health care services to its patients. The author of the paper basically assumes the role of the chief operating >>>

Example of functional health patterns: sunnyside community essay

As regards health, the community members believe in the importance of clean and safe surroundings as well as healthy lives. One of which is the testing and treatment of syphilis and this was done in collaboration with the community leaders and CDC.

Community service admission essay

I discovered quite early in life that I am very inquisitive, argumentative and critical and my late father testified to this when he said that I took after my uncle who was a community chiefI would like to testify that as a visionary future leader, I have taken initiatives of >>>

Essay on community based tourism

Training is given to increase the skill level and to strengthen the capacity of individuals and organizations to develop and support the program of CBT as a tourist activity. Part of the program for capacity building for the local community consists of eight modules described below and it is designed >>>

Contributing to the ucf community

As a competitor, it allows me to be the developer I am because I do not like to stop until I know what I came to do is finished. Crutching" as fast as I could as if it were the last quarter of the game, I went home and researched >>>

Essay on community leaders’ impact on department of veterans affairs in miami

Department of Veterans Affairs in Miami Florida has endowed services to veterans as well as their military families in the counties of Broward, Monroe, and Miami-Dade in South Florida. Moreover, researches in the Miami VA Healthcare system have shown that in order for them to expand inherent knowledge of the >>>

Benildean community

The researchers, as active citizens of the Benefited community, practiced their observance of the law and took initiative in addressing the problems encountered by the school population in order to mitigate the transportation issues that is currently a hindrance to their punctuality and maximized school productivity. Due to the nature >>>

The community orientation mental health research paper

There was a growing outcry for more attention to public health and the impact of the social conditions grappling the country during that era discrimination and racism, poverty, unemployment, and illiteracy and lack of access to education and opportunity. In addition, supporters of the community orientation offer that in treating >>>

Overview of the community education in my area

The development of Sangre Grande was a result of, the internal organization of the colony of Trinidad 1849, the Spanish quarters; Barrios and Parish were inefficient in its functioning. With the introduction of the rail road, there was an increase in the numbers of persons coming to Sangre Grande; which >>>

Community summary and critical review essay example

Fundamentally, the recognition that a neighbourhood can be a community is widely acknowledged, yet due to the spatial factors in the definition of neighbourhood, not every community can be referred to as a neighbourhood. Alongside the perception of exclusive privilege that can be created in the modern neighbourhood, there is >>>

Community policing and object oriented policing essay examples

Community policing and problem oriented policing both are new and exciting approaches in policing. Community policing is not that effective due to the following four factors: Variation in program scope, programmatic complexity, multiple effects and research design limitations.

How effective is community policing in preventing crime?

Tilley has noted that fundamentally 'community policing stresses policing with and for the community rather than policing of the community. In the past community policing has been oversold as a panacea for crime problems to the police and to the community'.

Lgbtq community in india

In my research I also mentioned about how social media platforms can be impactful in creating awareness, as my primary aim for working on this research is to create awareness about the community to general public and should be accepted and supported in our country India, we should work in >>>

Patton- fuller community hospital networking project

However, in the second half of the Hospital's network structure, the Clinical Areas, a 1000 BaseF Ethernet cable is the standard. The Hospital main IT Data Center is where the 1000 Base F standard is connected to the rest of the Hospital network by a Network Gateway.

Community essay example

As a Saudi Arabian national, one of the communities where I belong is the community of Saudi Arabian students in the United States. The support of fellow Saudi Arabian students is important to mebecause I feel that I belong to a family and I do not feel alone.

Chicago lgbt community needs assessment essay example

The main purpose of this study was to gather data relating to the assets, challenges and needs of LGBT Community in the Chicago area. The issues relating to impact of the recession on the community were also given much emphasis in this community assessment.

Example of essay on roles of the community health nurse

Because of closeness to the community, the community health nurse is able to provide information on the health needs of the community and by so doing, participate in designing health programs and formulating health policies for the government and other health agencies for onward implementation in the community. Moreover, the >>>

Community profile of hackney, london

The aim of this is to gain an understanding of the needs of the community and the resources that exist within the community with a view to understanding what action plan could be implemented to improve the community and the quality of life of the people living in the community. >>>

Community development and local culture

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AND LOCAL CULTURE Community A basic definition of community refers to a social unit larger than a small village that shares common values.[1] The idea of a community presupposes the existence of a group of individuals whose values and norms shape a common identity, where the feelings of >>>

Scenario of the internal community:

By August 25, my mission is to communicate the new vision of the institution collectively discerned, as they were, by the entire school administration and staff to the parents and custodians concerned and, surely, to the students. Furthermore, I will communicate to them the telling importance of mid-year evaluations, by >>>

The national service framework for older people: demonstrating care practice in the community

The topic is discussed in parallel with the application of the minimum care standards and current policies that impact on older people as the specific target group for the care provision, as well as with the principles of practice in community care and the roles of formal and informal carers. >>>

Practice hsc questions – community and family studies

Although, a lower income andeducationcan hinder the quality of care provided to a dependent as the carer may not be able to afford the medication and services required, or have the skills to meet the needs of the dependent. Alternatively, a parent of older children will have to provide the >>>