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Multiples valuation creative writing example

Considerably, as a market value measure price-earnings ratio expresses the relationship between the market price of a share of common stock and the prevailing earnings per share. As a result, investors should use the calculated value of price-earnings ratio and other market value ratios including dividend cover, dividend yield and >>>

The mysterious old man – creative writing

At that time none of us had the foggiest idea of the shape of things to come. But to the simple folks of our village anyone from the outside world was strange and mysterious.

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Example of creative writing on mcdonalds international business operations

The online website Quick MBA states that the importance of Global Strategy for a company such as McDonalds is due to an opening of a new market for the company that would drive both sales and profits. Because of the company's profitability, the company has invested in long-term assets thus >>>

Creative writing on internship program report

He was also a graduate of the School of Business from the University of San Fransisco, which was why he was the designated mentor and recommend by my teaching faculty to train internship students at Verexus Inc. The collaboration of the above data was similar to a company's balance sheet, >>>

Creative writing on marketing strategies assignment

The marketing mix of a company is made up of four things, that is the price, product, place and the promotion. When it comes to the promotion, the companyconsiders the mediums of advertising that are available in the market.

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Creative writing: continue the story of the other time by peter appleton

The few words she had said about her husband had made it clear to Scoop that she loves him, that he had been a good husband. When she took the cups back to the kitchen, he saw that there was a distinctive ring mark on her annular but no ring >>>

Sample creative writing on american history

According to this video the decisions made by government which led to the economic crisis were: Building securities by bundling of loan products and bad mortgages which large investment companies like Bear Stearns sold as securities to interested investors in open market to arrange additional capital for purchase of additional >>>

Example of creative companies creative writing

Safaricom Limited devised a service known as MPESA, the most successful mobile money transfer service that enables millions of people to send or receive money through their mobile phones. According to Safaricom, the number of MPESA customers is about15 million and the service brought the company about $203 million in >>>

Real-world sign typography creative writing sample

In terms of readability, the font size used was big enough and with the help of another color to highlight the letters, the letters are legible and can be clearly seen from a certain distance and angle. However, I do not think San Serif is the appropriate typeface to use >>>

Free creative writing about unsolicited sales proposal

The contract for catering services would commence on the date of the signing and to be applicable within one year. A trial of food menus and choices would be provided to sample the food items that we serve, anytime upon your request.

Informal solicited sales proposal creative writing examples

Meeting the customer's need to their satisfaction is our main motivation and therefore we are dedicated to deliver what we promise by opening a new client's file in which we include their specifications and what they order alongside what we deliver to ensure that even the simple details are put >>>

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Example of congratulatory memo creative writing

ManagerDear Employees,After weeks of curiosity, speculation and anxiety following the presentations and interviews of all the employees who applied for the job promotion, we are pleased to take this opportunity to formally announce and congratulate one of our employees who has received the new assignment. We acknowledge that all of >>>

Good example of the employment process creative writing

Setting of the interview will be the very first phase of the hiring process. It will include the venue for the interviewing process, the seating arrangements and those who will be involved in the process.

Creative writing on financial analysis

Conflict of interest between security analysts and investment bankersThe conflict of interest between investment bankers and security analyst is ingrained in the entire culture of investment banks. Therefore, the conflict of interest between the security analysts and investment banker is unavoidable, especially if they work in the same firm.

Community spirit creative writing

X FOR THE XYZ EXCELLENCE AWARD, COMMUNITY SPIRIT CATEGORYWe are pleased to nominate Mr. X has always been dedicated to giving back to the community.

Organizational conflict creative writing

Intraorganizational conflict is defined as a type of conflict caused by the structural composition and allocation of authority in an organization. Vertical conflict, role conflict, line-staff conflict, and horizontal conflict are examples of the intra organizational conflict.

Leadership 3 creative writing sample

Leader is like the captain of the ship who steers the ship through different situations and guides it towards the destination. A leader may facilitate the members of the team in a participative process with equal participation and complete coherence and understanding between the members.

The nine deadly sins of project planning creative writing

One of the most common problems associated with failed project is failure to plan for the project in the first place. A common practice in project management is planning for the project at the beginning of the project and not referring to the project during the implementation stage.

Creative writing on evaluating contracts

The contract has the followingcharacteristics, maximum risk on the contractor, minimal supervision and monitoring on both parties to the contract, the desire of the contractor to minimize and control the level of expenditure and overall costs, and finally, the contract is payable based on the amount of effort applied rather >>>

Free creative writing on examining your theorist

Abraham Maslow's theory of human motivation is based on the idea of motivation. The weak links in the theory are its inability to focus on the end result of human development.

Comprehensive knowledge of the functional areas of business creative writing

The aim of joining MBA was to analyze substantial the areas of business and learn how to manage different functions of the business. It is useful for marketing and management department of the company.

Free how to add another sata hard drive to a computer creative writing example

Although the thought of installing a second HDD may seem intimidating at first, the installation is simple process and should not take you more than 10 minutes to complete it.- A screwdriver- SATAHDD- SATA cable - 2x 15-pin SATA power connector- Empty bay within the computer case to mount the >>>

Good creative writing on home dusting guide

In the kitchen, proper dusting is required so that the water and other food materials are not soiled. The process of cleaning must be carried out gently and carefully to avoid breakage of the glass.

Creative writing on nickel and dimed

The tone of graphics and font selection on the front of "Nickel and Dimed" book is passionate just like that of Affluenza. The author's information is found in the first pages of the book.

Example of creative writing on receiving bad news

The use of a dog as a buffer by the by the adviser was not a good idea. Developing a strong connection first and then adopting a soft transition is one of the best ways of communicating bad news.

Review of attendance monitoring procedure creative writing example

These problems affect both the timeliness and the accuracy of the information derived from the procedure. In the course of the rounds, the checker notes the observations on the attendance sheet for the day, distributes the notifications, and collects whatever justification/ explanation letters are submitted by the staff.

Types of swaps creative writing sample

The agreement ofthe swap includes the dates of payments of the cash flows and the calculations. Currency swaps, on the other hand, entail the exchange of the principal and fixed rate interest payments of a loan in one currency for equal loan in the other currency.

Example of creative writing on marketing philosophy and strategy

IntroductionThis report entails the development of a marketing plan for the launch of a new product which I have named I-Active Multi-Function Cleaning System to be presented to the American intercontinental brainstorming conference which is a meeting of elite entrepreneurs and marketing executives. The cleaning system is unique in that >>>

Example of creative writing on immigration and economics

The memo provides economic facts on the effects of immigration to the US economy. This article combines the issues raised in the previous article "Rationalizing US immigration Policy: Reforms for simplicity, Fairness and Economic growth" by Giovanni peri and the "ten economic facts about immigration" by Looney and Greenstone.

Creative writing assignment

Edmond looked at the child intently and thought, 'this is the first day of my silence.' He felt something stir inside him that he could only identifyas joy and yet there was also the thought of fear on the world his little girl would grow in. He knew he was >>>

Creative writing: change

He was bright in study and showed no interest in sports but was always eager to talk to his friends' fathers. I knew he lived with his mother and he had no father.

Literacy theory and practice creative writing examples

It is through the knowledge acquired that literacy is connected to the ability of reading and writing. Literacy therefore is the change in one's ability to contextualize events and settings.

Cultural event that changed me creative writing examples

The event produced a lot of joy for the community and reinforced the original idea of the United States as the melting pot of cultures. At the end of the day, I was too tired to think.

Example of self assessment creative writing

I have realized my weaknesses and the areas that I need to work and improve. I also plan to improve on my topic choice, and try to be specific on my areas of reading and writing.

Example of continuity, change, and gender creative writing

In her Ridgeway raised the issue of how gender inequality persists in the contemporary society where a lot of effort is aligned to fighting against it. The final argument of Ridgeway is represented in the last chapter where she explained how gender inequality persists despite changes in economic and political >>>

Example of creative writing on effective listening

She incessantly spoke for about 15 minutes where what I could understand was the fact that her parents were forcing her to get married to a cousin. In addition, serving her the coffee in my garden would have been a better option to coherently listen and understand Rita.

Example of creative writing on interpersonal communication

The concepts of interpersonal communication include the self, perception of others and people's emotions. The unknown self is when the individual is unknown to others and themselves.

Free my relationships creative writing example

Five important relationships in my life are as follows: staying in touch with family members to affirm the familial bond, as well as to sustain love and support for each other; staying in touch with close friends to relate, to influence, and to play; staying connected with a romantic partner >>>

Creative writing on internet

The most disturbing aspect of such discussion is usage of Internet by the growing generation. It is remarkable that at present Internet is considered to be one of the most dangerous media sources.

Example of weekly journal week 5 creative writing

One's character which is made up of individual choices defines who the person is more than how much he can do in life because of his abilities. The teacher has to be aware of the varied levels of needs of his students and respond accordingly.

Free creative writing on design objectives

The aim is to design a interactive interface for system that can be controlled remotely to be used for diagnosing illnesses on patients in a space ship. It is expected that one of the crew members can be directed by the physician on earth to place the devices on the >>>

Free creative writing on discovery of a time capsule

The significance of the items in the prevailing conditions was also our observation as it will be expressed in the foregoing. We discovered that in the 1960s, the American community was characterized by music as a result of the particulars of the Album.

War veterans creative writing samples

The experiences of these Iraq war veterans in terms of the combat they did, injuries that tried to defeat them and their post-war experiences had a great impact towards the peace in Iraq. The war also changed his personal outlook and his whole persona as he was part of the >>>

Example of creative writing on pithecanthropus erectus

The plot is also of significance to me as it basically tells the tale of the human race from pre historic time to the time of slavery and somehow depicts the future with the ultimate destruction of man. I am also curious as to the inspiration behind the storyline and >>>

Free fantasy and childrens/adolescents needs creative writing example

Lewis' "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" follows the adventures of the Pevensie children Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy. Children would be interested in the book because of the fantastical or magical elements in the novel while adolescents and adults may also find serious themes in the novel such >>>

Good example of creative writing on court considerations on government regulation and control over public places

The court allows the government to regulate the use of public places like streets by protestors on the grounds of interests like of protecting public order, accommodating compromising needs of potential users of the same location, and protecting uninterested onlookers from the negative effects of speeches. Public expression and use >>>

The following methods would be employed to tackle the above listed ethical issues creative writing examples

The key ethical issues that may arise during the progress of the project are:- Selling of lollipops in an unhealthy environment, i.e.the bathroom facilities of a nightclub.- Selling cake pops on campus to evade adherence to formal health and safety restrictions.- Setting the product price to high to achieve abnormal >>>

High-tech government contracting creative writing examples

Half of the value of the products and services bought by the Federal Government comes from the American small businesses, and this necessitated the needfor the Government to find ways that it can link with the small businesses. In this sense, it acts an avenue for matching the demand of >>>

How i chose the topic creative writing example

In the beginning, most students view it as an opportunity to better their lives and have very little vision for the strugglesto be faced in the future. Performing the real life study was the most involving part of the study since I had to network in the university to find >>>

Nature and nurture influence the way we become creative writing

In regard to nature, some of my behavioral characteristics are shared by other members of my family despite the absence of the influence of nurture. The experience of my best friend also influenced my opinion on the nature versus nurture personality debate:Despite being separated from his twin at the age >>>

Creative writing on how to succeed in an online college environment

For long, I have been thinking of how much I will have to invest time and resources just to achieve the satisfaction I have been craving. How wrong I was, I just needed to be connected to the right person and everything move in the right direction.Mr.

Career change creative writing sample

He had told me about this before and how it could really make his life easier for many reasons but he hesitated because he had the security of his present job and a family that he was responsible for. The security of his present job would definitely keep he and >>>

Three problems associated with drug abuse and the most harmful one to society creative writing

The reason why this drug can be seen as the most harmful is the fact that, to the related criminal activity increase, sexual trading for doses, body damage it directly causes and severe dependence, because of its anti-anxiety and analgesic action that rapidly makes people incapable of coping with their >>>

Creative writing on the things they carried extra chapter

He could not really settle down to understand what was actually going on but in all the mayhem and haphazard happenings of the last day were still fresh in his mind. Jimmy laid himself out on the grass and closed his eyes with the sound of the buzzing insects in >>>

Example of politics and the english language creative writing

He proposes change of attitude and consideration of the future generation in the present use of the language. By use of imagery and metaphors, he appeals to the reader to note the consequences of their present actions.

Good creative writing on critique of are too many people going to college

By engaging a number of experts in the discussion, questions such as the effect on the economy if the number of students attending colleges increased substantially, who would or should pay for the students who attend college, and how do the costs of going to college outweigh the benefits of >>>

Free creative writing on a cambodian learning english in the united states of america

It is important for her to learn English so that she may learn as much as she can on the trip, allowing her to go back home with more knowledge. Pech's difficulties reading have mainly to do with having a poor vocabulary, which has made her read looking up every >>>

Lambic pentameter creative writing example

The first disobedience from man was on the fruitThe fruits from the forbidden tree which assured a mortal tasteThus the coming of death and woes of manWith Eden gone one greater man stillPromises of restoration, rejuvenation, of the seatThrough singing the muse of heaven and the top secretsWhether of Sinai >>>

Creative writing on sex without love

Sharon Olds, the author of the poem is telling herself, and at the same time is making us aware of the fact that in this world the bodily pleasure is more important than the true feelings and real emotions. On the other hand, this initial graceful comparison is expelled in >>>

Story synopsis creative writing

Her memory drifted back to that evening, she remembered her excitement as he had given her the present and said he was taking her out for dinner. Slamming the case shut, she turned and said 'Okay Jim, I am going now.' He was pulled out of his daze, brought crashing >>>

Example of integrated interpretation of the yellow wallpaper creative writing

Gilman, through this story defines the second-class status of women in marriage because of the rigid distinction between the dominant status of the male with active work profile and servile status of women limiting themselves to domestic functions. The gender distinction is severely pronounced in the story and is expressed >>>

Role of myths and legends in learning and culture creative writing examples

From that day onwards, a weeping Maria rechristened as La Llorona, the weeping woman, walks the earth in the dark, searching for her children. The children, afraid of La Llorona, keep away from staying out in the dark for long and thereby stay safe.

The role of gender in the chrysanthemums by john steinbeck creative writing example

The story opens with the words: 'The high gray-flannel fog of winter closed off the Salinas Valley from the sky and from all the rest of the world' and the reader from the very beginning becomes aware of the topic the author wants to expose. It is interesting to note >>>

Gender and religion creative writing

The findings of the research appeared tobe similar to the findings of the previous studies focused on negotiation of women's role in conservative religious traditions stating that there is a contradiction between traditional women's roles and the changes in the contemporary society. Bradshaw and Ellison had greatly contributed to the >>>

Short story: margaret jams creative writing

The song of the girls, the beat of their steps,their intermittent giggling, and the soft rustling of leaves created a symphony of sorts. She then looked at the house that stood in front of them the last house of the day, the last house on the street.

Free creative writing on harriet tubman

The weight hit Harriet in the head, gave her a concussion, and she suffered for the rest of her life from complications of that injury. She felt that none that she rescued were better than her, which helped her to blend in with the slaves that she was helping when >>>

Example of oh sorrowful day that hath wroght itself upon us creative writing

Mine father and mine honor starve at the gates of mercy,Scarce can I comprehend the nature of my despairing love,Even for salvation, thou cannot repent thy deeds,Thy heart hath harden would, thy promises quaint pity,The delation in thy heart embossed with icy pearls. Bereaved of an amiable soul, I fade,A >>>

Free creative writing on psychoanalytic and archetypal literary theory

It can be said of Sheldon Cooper that he has trouble overcoming his anal stage hence his obsession with cleanliness and perfection at what he does. According to this theory, Sheldon can be said to be intellectualizing because of the pressure he received from his mother.

Emilys party creative writing sample

Gilligan asked Emily if she was sure she could handle the house for the rest of the day, one last time. Her cellphone was off; she forgot to charge it with all the scheming of a splendid party.

Example of creative writing on point of view

The scene I have selected is that of Brandi's daughter, Trista, who comes running to her mother to tell her that she is being bullied by Kaylee, Alycia's eldest daughter. I hugged mum and she finally decided to walk up to Aunt Alycia and talk to her about Kaylee's behaviour.

Good english1 creative writing example

She took out the key from her bag and was about to open the locks when she thought better of it and retreated her steps. She was left with the house she currently lived in and only a small trust in her name after settling all the bills and gambling >>>

Good example of creative writing on escape

As the time when the veil between the living and dead is the thinnest, Samhain is the time signally the end of lightness and the beginning of darkness. The creature makes its way through the darkness towards a beacon of light over the hill."Out of the darkness and towards the >>>

Letter to the editor creative writing examples

The problem is that children are so wrapped up in their gadgets and the new technology that is available to them. Since it is so important for children to know about their past and their family, it should be the priority of the parents to teach it to them.

Creative writing on fedex customer relations

However, early this week, specifically on February 18, Monday, I sent a package through FedEx branch in Hollis, New York and I was informed that it would only take a maximum of 48 hours for the package to be received to our branch in the Philippines. I immediately called your >>>

Free creative writing about logistics and distribution exam

Therefore, the main importance of the four primary service outputs to logistics is that they enhance customer satisfaction and competitive. Moreover, Samsung and Nokia are two competing firms that differ in the level of service output provided to customers.

Good creative writing on are police drones really stingless

Drones will easily trackcriminals, stolen animals and wildlife in danger,For a moment, the crowd and I are lost in wonder,Are police drones really stingless? Police drones will splash our secret lives to the public and the state.

Education: principles of supervision creative writing examples

In the event my students agree with the set of criteria, it is time for me to show to them the preferred, standard level of learning proficiency that they have to achieve at the end of the lesson. Once the students understood the learning objectives, it is easy for the >>>

Summation to the jury: the wolfs innocence creative writing example

I am seeking to present to you an argument and the evidence to portray the innocence of my client. The birth and the moving out of the three little pigs was not communicated to him.

Romantic comedy films syllabus creative writing

The topic of romantic comedies is usually characters who have not yet fallen in love and married, who fall in love during the course of the film. The films Friends with Benefits and No Strings Attached are romantic comedies released in 2011.

Creative piece creative writing example

It simply takes opening of the mind's shutters to let in the sunshine and colour in life. The bright colourful umbrellas in the picture indicate the opportunities that are out there for everyone to feel and be happy and peaceful.

Inspirational essay creative writing example

The choice is ours to make and the result leads to a state of affairs that either improves and enhances life or degrades it. We can all be bees, who go about their work in such away that their mere presence on the earth enables other organisms to have life >>>

Race and ethnic relations for analytical comparison assignment creative writing examples

The information provided in the Statistical Abstracts of the United States Census Bureau demonstrates a peculiar variation in the levels of students. For instance, in the earlier years of 1970, the disparity between white high school graduates and the black graduates was so high.

Example of research methods creative writing

The units within each group have an equal chance of being included in the sample- Cluster random sampling: the population is divided into clusters and then units from each cluster are selected through simple or systematic random sampling.- Multi-stage sampling: it is a form of cluster sampling and involves the >>>

Good forward premium= forward rate- spot rate/spot rate creative writing example

When the spot rate is higher than the forward rate, the transaction will result in premium. It could be concluded that the interest rate is the obstacle in buying the currency at a forward rate.

Example of creative writing on race: the power of illusion

Initially, I found it difficult to adjust because of the newness of my environment and the kind of people I have to deal with. Hence, what I would do different the next time a large change occurs in my life is to accept that it is part of living, improving, >>>

Creative writing on world mythology

The animal is considered a hero among the Algonquian tribes and he is a trickster character who has humorous adventures. I can even send one of the members on a long journey, and if they make it then I come to their aid.

The double trouble in new jersey creative writing examples

New Jersey State Park named Double Trouble is located in Jersey Pine Barrens, or how it is called Pinelands, to the south of Toms River and north of Lacey Township, Ocean Country. The park has an unusual name and it is interesting how it appeared.

Good creative writing on dove is pure

The purity of Dove is a like a baby's smile4. Dove is like a shower from a waterfall22.

Free creative writing on native american folklore and lady in the water

Along the way, the audience and the characters both learn the importance of 'stories,' and their ability to strengthen and bring out the best qualities in individuals - thisbolsters the importance of literature as an integral part of a culture. Like Tayo in Silko's Ceremony, the eventual goal of the >>>

Summer dreamscapes – creative writing

I could feel the anxiousness in the pit of my stomach and the readiness in my mind. My lungs, empty, began to ache and I knew in a split second I needed to get to the surface for air.

Good creative writing on police response times as evidence of lack of racial bias

Research Question: In the study, Correll andhis associates wanted to investigate whether police officer decisions to shoot at a potentially hostile target can be influenced by the targets race. Overall design of the study: Police officers were compared with community members in terms of speed and accuracy of simulated decisions >>>

Creative writing – the assassin

The assassin knew the time and location of when he was going to strike as he was told by the director who knew everything. She was about to turn the car around when her bodyguards saw a light coming from inside the house, somebody must be in she thought and >>>

Creative writing on imperialism and its effects to humanity

The imperialists change the way of life of the conquered people to an extent that the conquered lose almost every aspect of their indigenous way of life. Hiswritings were mainly focused on the way of life of the natives and the imperialist.