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Sample critical thinking on private pharmaceutical drug testing a necessary evil

However, market incentives are what drive expensive and innovative research that save lives, and drug companies have the resources to conduct large scale clinical trials that the public sector is not able to afford. Private companies will continue to invest in clinical trials, and it is the responsibility of the >>>

Generic drugs book reviews examples

The most affected are the big pharmaceutical companies as they all oppose the issue of marketing the generic drugs. The big pharmaceutical companies in the United States are capable of producing popular drugs in the market place.

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The leadership at food and drug administration

Skills and traits of the leadersThe traits of Merck for instance are oriented towards generating revenue at the expense of the health of the consumers of rofecoxib. The leadership at FDA and Merck share the responsibility of not taking appropriate action meant to safeguard the interests of public health.

Food and drug administration (fda)

But in the August of 1997, Food and Drug Administration allowed the advertising of drugs without a brief summary, though a major statement still had to be added, which had to educate the consumer about the major risk and refer him to other sources for detailed information. The supporters of >>>

Workplace and drug testing

Drug checking in employees is something that has caused great debate, with regard to the rights of the employees involved and this will be the focus of discussion in this paper. As such, it is the responsibility of every employer to ensure that its employees are free of drug use >>>

Ethical and moral decisions relating to drugs in health care facilities essay

The medic will prescribe the use of the drug to the patients. The health care's medical practitioners should ensure proper handling of drugs to ensure that the drugs are free from contamination.

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Sex, drugs and gdp: the challenge of measuring the shadow economy

In as much as most economists may accept the inclusion of illicit activities in computing the GDPs of the countries, my opinion is entirely different. Some economists may argue that the inclusion of such illicit activities is a better counting of everything that people are doing in the economy irrespective >>>

Drugs on university campus

Drugs on Campus [Supervisor's Drugs on Campus line]- The use of consuming drugs by students is very serious problem. But the ratio of students who are taking drugs is low as it may be thought the ratio is higher, According to study of Drug culture on UK Campuses 45% of >>>

Sample critical thinking on legalization recreational drugs

Educating people about the after effects of recreational drugs usage, controlled and safe environments where to intake recreational drugs, monitoring strict standards for sale of recreational drugs and other measures that ensure that consumption of recreational drugs remains controlled, informed and safe. Recreational drugs only lead to bad consequences in >>>

Hsbc scandal: britain’s bank is a drugs and gun-running

The bank became the subject of a US senate investigation, and they dropped a 335 page report that accused the bank of ignoring all of the warning and safeguards that should have stopped the laundering of money from Mexico, Iran and Syria. With the settlement of the fee, comes the >>>

Drug testing on welfare

Drug testing for welfare has come to be seen as unreliable because it has been found that people, who receive welfare, are not drug users in the United States. The drug testing for welfare program was put in place to ensure the deterrence of people who have applied for welfare.

Mandatory drug testing for people on welfare

The Issue of DisadvantagesHere, the debate will argue two distinct disadvantages to mandatory drug testing. Cost to the taxpayers is yet another advantage of performing mandatory drug testing.

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Good example of health care administration problem: high cost of prescription drug- a root cause research paper

In accordance with the healthcare requirements they can pre-observe the price of prescription drugs and instruct the physicians or at least create an influence over regular healthcare practitioners to prescribe drugs accordingly, taking the cost of the drugs into consideration so that the drug manufacturers will be able to determine >>>

Male sexual enhancement drugs: how their advertising works essay

Overall the article addresses the issue of how men define their masculinity by the size and stamina of their penis and believe a larger penis correlates to increased masculinity, and the advertisements for these drugs reinforces those sexual attitudes and beliefs. They focused on the money spent on advertising, the >>>

Free essay on smart drugs for straight as

In response to the article "Smart drugs for straight A's" it discusses the use of this drug on all different social aspects. I would like to see drugs like this blossom into a possible cure for the dreadful diseases like Alzheimer's.

Is television the drug of the nation

Likewise in the video entitled, 'Television the drug of the nation' the author utilizes various images to illustrate to the audience that television addiction was a hazardous threat to the nation. Television the drug of the nation.

Te consequences of drugs on teenagers

The Consequences of Drugs on Teenagers The Consequences of Drugs on Teenagers Outline Thesis ment: Indeed, many teens struggle with drug-related problems, which may be a result of peer influence, lack of proper parental guidance and these lead to health effects, reduced academic performances and adoption of deviant behaviors.A. Drug >>>

Drug trafficking in the united states

The network of the drug trafficking industry has expanded, not only to the United States, but also to other parts of the world. The hypothesis for the research is that limiting illegal immigrations from countries which are the homes of drug cartels can help the government restrict drug trafficking in >>>

Drug testing government assistance programs

By the implementation of this law, the number of drug users is significantly reduced, and the unnecessary pressure is avoided. The initiation of mandatory drug tests for all people seeking government assistance is an excellent law.

Chlorpromazine: being synthesized in 1951. the drug

The intended aim of this report is to research and then write abouthow Chlorpromazine, one of pharmaceuticals more vital developments, came to be,including: the chemical process to synthesize this drug; the mechanism, clearlyhighlighting each step of the interaction of Chlorpromazine with body, andfinally an analysis of the side effects. 7Tosynthesise >>>

Drug abuse prevalence and the gender construction essay

On the other hand, the girls also share in the causes of such high prevalence of drug abuse among the youth. However, both are parties in the development and influence of drug use.

Research paper on antiviral drugs

The process of developing such development may lead to the development of drugsthat can treat influenza, as well as impede the ability of the virus in the tendency of developing drug resistance. The compound that blocks universal enzymes to influenza viruses is a breakthrough in the development of modern and >>>

Example of thesis on the business of developing new drugs for cancer patients

This paper seeks to enlighten the public on the business of developing new cancer drugs for cancer patients by examiningthe related economic issues, special needs of the patients, the process involved and the resulting benefits. Following an extensive review of literature, this paper asserts that the business of developing new >>>

Positive and negative effects of legalizing drugs on the united states economy

Proponents of drug legalization have been quick to point out that human will, cannot be suppressed and it is economically futile to attempt to do so and hence it would be in the states interest to allow those in favor of such a course to indulge without interference. In addition >>>

Discrimination in the united states of america and drug laws research paper example

The main idea of this research is to prove that the drug laws in the United States of America led to disproportional incarceration of African Americans; consequently, this led to inappropriate level of their lives. In the middle of the eightieth of the last century, the Congress of the United >>>

Advance in oral drug delivery biology essay

Advance in oral drug deliveryOral route is one of the most and appropriate route for the delivery of pharmaceutical active ingredients in various perspectives such as ease of administration; patient compliance as well as patient acceptance and cost-effectiveness. The advantages and disadvantages of oral mucosa for delivery of drug are >>>

Importance of impurity determination in drug substance biology essay

An impurity as defined by the ICH guidelines is "Any component of the medicinal product which is not the chemical entity defined as the active substance or an Excipients in the product", while the definition of impurity profile is same as "A description of the impurities present in the medicinal >>>

The action of drugs on cytochromes biology essay

The aim of this review is to summarize the general knowledge of cytochrome P450 and the molecule mechanism in various kinds of drug metabolism, which can result in drug activation toxicity and influence the pharmaceutical effect. As CYP 3A4 is the most abundant kind of enzymes in the family of >>>

Ergogenic aids and performance enhancing drugs biology essay

In addition, a study by McGuine, Sullivan & Bernhardt regarding creatine supplementation in High School Football players, found that out of the 1,349 players, 30% stated that they used creatine supplementation to enhance their sporting performance. Once the Loading Phase has ended, 2-5 grams of creatine are consumed per day >>>

A smart drug approach biology essay

The Blood Brain Barrier is the major barrier to the passage of active molecules from the outer compartment to the brain. The brain micro vessel endothelial cells that form the BBB, display important morphological characters such as the presence of tight junction between the cells, the absence of fenestrations or >>>

Contrasting the effectiveness of vaccine and drug based biology essay

MB2050/SSMGovernment Scientific Report AssessmentContrasting the effectiveness of vaccine and drug-based strategies for the control and treatment of tuberculosis IntroductionTuberculosis is an infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. The transmission is influenced by number of bacteria in the droplets, virulence factors of the bacteria, exposure to ultraviolet light, depth of inhalation >>>

Free research paper on drug control policy

The perspective of the public health sector, the objective of the drug control policy is to reduce the unpleasant consequences of consumption socially. The attention of the policy has focused on the controversial issues about the legalization of marijuana, and the influenced of the policy to the young people of >>>

Good are the laws against illegal drug use fair do they affect all citizens, regardless research paper example

Evidence presented in this case is substantial to prove that the disparities in drug arrests and incarcerations stem from unfairness in the application and enforcement of drug laws. According to Curry and Corral-Camacho in 1980, the rate of African Americans arrested for drug offenses was 2.

War on drugs and prison overcrowding analysis research paper example

The proponents of this system believe that Georgia specifically and the United States of America in general will be able to solve their problems through the institutions of justice and maintenance of the rule of law. The proponents of legal systems appreciate the grappling challenges but still insist that Georgia >>>

Legalizing drugs in saudi arabia research paper

Supporters of drug prevention in Saudi Arabia say that drugs should be illegal because of the troubles the government are facing, and the fact that drugs lead many addicts to facing problems, committing crimes, and developing diseases by circulating used needles. The main reason, however, is Islam and the Islamic >>>

Legalization of recreational drug use report examples

The government can be able to get a lot of many once it legalizes use of drugs. In addition, the government is going to save lives of affected street people.

Free employer right to test employees for drugs use essay example

It is noteworthy that the attempt to rescue the victims of drug abuse from the abyss and get them back to the bandwagon of national development. This contract of service and or for service is informed by the fact that the employee would contribute favorably to the organization and see >>>

Drug court

The Drug Court's main objectives are: to reduce the drug dependency of eligible persons to promote the re-integration of such drug dependent persons into the community, and to reduce the need for such drug dependent persons to resort to criminal activity to support their drug dependencies. I have come to >>>

Sample essay on law enforcement efforts to eradicate the drug trade

The abuse of drugs is on the increase in most countries in the world with the antidrug campaigns bearing no fruits in most cases. In efforts to fight the crime, the Brazilian government issued a ruling in 2011 to increase the number of soldiers in the borders of Paraguay, Argentina, >>>

Drugs definition and meaning

The chapter also highlights factors related to drug use. The chapter also highlights problems related to drugs.

Rationale for the development of drug addiction in urban college campuses

Drug abuse and addiction have become a contentious issue in universities and colleges across the globe with the trend of drug use spreading to the younger generations. Reports from international health agencies indicate that the prevalence of drug use among college students is alarming and is at 39%.

Police corruption related to drug trafficking

An analysis of the factors would be undertaken to determine why police officers are more susceptible to the commission of drug trafficking crimes. An analysis of the factors leading to police officers commission of this type of crime would be undertaken to determine the susceptibility for crime commission.

Economic impacts of drugs to the society

This is associated with a lot of negative impacts not only to the users but also the society at large and as such has become a topic of significant concern to the practitioners in the American justice system. Alcoholism and the use of drugs com accompanied with heavy costs in >>>

Techniques of overcoming the drug abuse

Therefore, it is highly recommendable to establish intervention programs that include communities, families, schools as well as the media in reducing the rates of drug abuse. Therefore, prevention programs focus on using education to help the youth and the general public on understanding the dangers of drug abuse.

Athletes and performance enhancing drugs

Athletes and Performance Enhancing Drugs A major concern in the sports that has been around for a long time now is the use of anabolic steroids by athletes. The most common performance enhancing drugs are Creatine, Anablic steroids, and Steroid precursors.

Moral panic and drugs essay

The media play a significant role in the dissemination of moral panic by ensuring the masses are not involved in the decision-making process. The dangers of the perceived threat are orchestrated by the elite people in the society and propagated through the media.

Three problems associated with drug abuse and the most harmful one to society creative writing

The reason why this drug can be seen as the most harmful is the fact that, to the related criminal activity increase, sexual trading for doses, body damage it directly causes and severe dependence, because of its anti-anxiety and analgesic action that rapidly makes people incapable of coping with their >>>

Thesis on america failed drug policy

Since the turn of the 20thcentury, US governments have tried to control the use of drugs through the application of different policies that have mainly focused on the economic aspects of distribution at the expense of other policies. In conclusion, the war against drug abuse in America has failed to >>>

Drug cartel violence coming soon to america

The cartels are making it known that they will do what ever it takes to keep control of their trafficking lines and will be the most powerful cartels in Mexico and the border states of the United States. Looking into the acts and the desires for the cartels to move >>>

How does pericarditis form due to drug abuse research papers example

Once the condition has been calmed, the physician can administer more analgesics or have the patient undergo Pericardiocentesis or the draining of fluid from the pericardial cavity. The serous pericardium is the one of the components that surrounds the heart.

Good drug abuse by teenagers research paper example

It is widely believed that the addiction to drugs is due to a flaw in the character and can be coped up with a change in the behavior. The first step in CBT is to perform a functional analysis of the behavior of a patient that is associated with the >>>

Drugs and society

The major role is to enforce the laws and regulation of drugs and substance use. It is grown at the borders of USA and it is illegal.

The president’s national drug control strategy

It is clear, therefore, that the President's intention is not only to reduce the use of illegal drugs in the country by reducing the number of drug dependents, but also to trim down the supply of drugs entering the country. To backstop the efforts of schools and the community, the >>>

Bcs classification of some drugs essay

Purpose of the BCC Guidance: Expands the regulatory application of the BCC and recommends methods for lassoing drugs. A drug reduce is considered to be RAPIDLY DISSOLVING when > 85% of the labeled amount of drug substance dissolves within 30 minutes using USPS apparatus or II in a volume of >>>

The effects of illegal drugs trade on markets essay

The really geographics of the Region makes the Caribbean a desirable transshipment point to drug sellers who move cocaine from the supply markets in South America to the demand markets in North America and Europe, conveying a proliferation of illegal arms, an addition in organized offense; undermining of democratic administration >>>

Evaluate 2012, un office of drugs and crime

Evaluate the effectiveness of legal and non-legal responsesin the protection of human rightsMany view the morally repugnantinstitution of slavery as a thing of the past, but the disturb fact is that illegalslavery and trade of human trafficking continues to be prevalent to this day. Vaster attention to Human trafficking and >>>

Investigate work antibiotics are drugs used to control

This is when genetic material, including the genes for antibiotic resistance, are passed from one bacterium to another and this can be done in many ways, one of which is shown in figure 1. TB was eradicated in the UK in the past due to the use of BCG vaccinations >>>

Polymeric a controlled release profile of drug thus

There are twomain types of polymeric sutures: Absorbable sutures and Non-Absorbable sutures. On the basis of theirorigin, absorbable sutures are further classified into 2 types: Natural and Synthetic.

Case study on cobain turned to be unethical when he started using drugs such as heroin

What's the difference between these two kinds of sequencing in terms of the value of work and what it can give you? This educates you how important it is to value the little you have so as to achieve your heart desire and recognize the vital of work in the >>>

Merck sharp & dohme corp’s ethical problem – selling untested drugs has claimed human lives

Statement of the IssueThe ethical issue is the insufficient clinical trial of Vioxx that led to the deaths of patients who were prescribed with the drug; dishonesty, lying and nondisclosure of the eminent dangers of using the drug; and as reported "Merck directed its 3,000-person Vioxx sales force to avoid >>>

Drug zafirlukast/bioavailability

An Analysis of how Drug Degradation, Diffusion, Partitioning and Permeability Influence Bioavailability of Drugs in Vivo This paper discusses how drug degradation, diffusion, partitioning and permeability influence the bioavailability of drugs in vivo and it will focus particularly on two derivatives in comparison to the parent drug Zafirlukast. Lastly, using >>>

Implications of racial factors on drug policies

With racial elements being the fuel to drug policies and laws, an element of modern Jim Crow laws is perceived through double standards and the shaping of the nation's perspectives through the media. There is a double standard for the use of the drug, to say the least.

How drug addicts affects families essay

Because drug addiction is such a tough battle to overcome for some people, many family member often feel an obligation to go above and beyond on efforts to help the drug addict only to often times realize they are sometimes in the battle alone. With drugs altering a person's personality >>>

Alcohol and drug addiction

RApersp.wps The Historical Realities of Alcoholism in theMexicanAmerican Community and the Social Implications: This 8 page paper considers the historical realities of alcohol abuse in the Mexican American community and the implications of this problem. The Relationship Between Alcohol and Sex / Physical,Psychological, Social: A 5 page research paper that >>>

Tackling the drug abuse problem among students

Hence, people will try to retain the feeling of euphoria by taking the drugs again and again and causes them hard to control themselves to stay away from drugs, said to be addiction. As a person keep taking drugs, the brain will adapt to the abundance of dopamine by reducing >>>

Drugs and substance abuse in kenya essay sample

In every sense of the statement, this institution is the lieutenant on the frontline in this battle against drug abuse in Kenya. Also, the law requires that the institution empowers other non-governmental organizations and the civil society organizations which are established at the grassroots in the society and in touch >>>

The american dream: do capitalism and drug abuse have a part to play?

Materialism and the illusion of equality, two factors that ultimately stem from a capitalist ideology, underlie the American Dream myth and are strongly linked to the presence of drug abuse in the United States. Drug use becomes drug addiction when the use of the drug becomes compulsory and the user >>>

Hugs not drugs an essay about types of drug use and abuse essay sample

The focus of this essay will be on the kinds of drugs, types of drug abuse, and the thin red line between good and bad drugs that has made its appearance more prevalent over the past years. Now, the differences between good and bad drugs have become harder to identify.

Good movie review about drugs and despair in requiem for a dream

Darren Aronofsky's 2000 movie Requiem for a Dream is perhaps one of the most harrowing depictions of the cycle of drug abuse ever put on film. Fitting the oppressive, Greek tragedy-based atmosphere of the film, the main theme of Requiem for a Dream is a harsh, minor-key riff that builds >>>

A behavioral study on drug addicts during recovery at hill narcotics anonymous

The meeting was then called to order by the chairperson and they all recite the prayer of serenity. He stated that, "he was robbed and shot five times, two shots to the head, two to the torso and one to the leg".

Argumenting a personal opinion on drug testing those benefiting of welfare previous to receiving money

Welfare recipients in the United States should be required to pass a random drug test to qualify for welfare and other cash benefits from the state. By requiring drug random drug tests, we could provide help to the people who are abusing drugs, and raise their chances/opportunities of getting a >>>

Connection between drugs and sport

There is such an awesome measure of trade out inquiry in star games, both for the players and for the proprietors, that the drive to diversion & quote; the system or cheat is particularly strong. Some would fight that the piece of a coach and contender is to seize anyway >>>

The influence of drug abuse on human mind and body

Drug abuse is one in all the highest issues attempt the state these days particularly among the youth.abuse is that the improper use of medicine, Incidences of drug and alcoholic abuse and connected anti-social behavior have enormously hyperbolic in recent years. The amount of abuse is surprising and even a >>>

Gore vidal’s “drugs” essay sample

Granted, it is logical to assume that in the stipulation that drugs were made legal that the younger people may not use drugs as much. With all this it is a little naive to think that the government fights the legalization of drugs only to make money.

Free drug addiction and treatment research paper sample

The National Trade Association under the field of addiction studies is tasked to perform the role of providing the necessary information to the traders who are addicted to the process and give them the necessary information as to what the right step should be. The various approaches that are employed >>>

Complications due to toxicity of the drugs used in ns management.

The side effects of alkylating agents, including early complications of bone marrow suppression, alopecia, gastrointestinal upset, hemorrhagic cystitis, and infections, late complications of malignancies and impaired fertility, especially in males. The use of diuretics should be reviewed on a daily basis and the patient's electrolytes should be checked regularly.

Against drug abuse in kentucky argumentative essay

As such, the moral fabric of the people in Kentucky is jeopardized because of the negative effects that result from drug abuse. New York: Springer Science + Business Media, Inc, 2005.

The role of drugs in the youth culture essay sample

Youth and adolescents who misuse drugs are subject to delinquent and drug abuse behaviors. There are many causes to explain the relationship between juvenile delinquency and drug abuse.

Drug trafficking in mexico city

Although the Mexican government has made efforts to seize this ongoing war, it has prove to be undoubtedly difficult due to the undeniable facts that these drug traffickers are well funded, well armed, and have support from corrupt politician's and law enforcement agents. These people are wealthy, equipped with many >>>

A complex issue of drug trafficking in the world

It's easy to believe a picture of tons of drugs and weapons on a table surrounded by well trained and heavily armed police men and woman, but the truth is right in front of us, drugs are getting better and cheaper, they are being produced more than ever and being >>>

Current anti obesity drugs and their disadvantages biology essay

The drug 's metabolites increased the release of norepinephrine and inhibited the re-uptake of Dopastat Inhibition of re-uptake of Dopastat means that more of it is about, ready to impact the receptors at the post-synaptic axon. Weight loss decreases the opportunities of secondary diseases and so anti-obesity drugs are hence >>>

Essay on athletes and drugs

Armstrong sought legal action to prevent the USADA from pursuing its investigation, but the courts denied his requests, and by 23 August 2012, he publically announced that he was tired of the all the fighting and would no longer contest the charges. This move came on the same day that >>>

Good essay about athletes and drugs

I could not afford to miss her in action due to her electric and powerful performance on the track and field. As result of the doping practice, she lost almost everything from finances, to the medals she had won after 2000 to friends; in addition, to this she was ban >>>

Television: the undiscovered drug

When he finally decides to do his homework, the television will remain on, and he will sit on the couch with his books propped up in front of him, giving it only half of his attention. Most teens have the majority of their day devoted to the television.

Essay on criminal trial in drug courts in europe

The criminal justice system is critical in the formation of any civilized society; it is required that the criminal justice system should be robust and in a position to protect the interests and rights of the various groups within the society. The participation in drug court programs is voluntary, that >>>

Drugs and alcohol abuse research paper examples

A continued abuse of prescription and OTC drugs also continued to rise, especially on the use stimulants and pain relievers. More people, seeing a reduced risk in the use of marijuana due to its establishment as a "legal" drug, were reported to have shifted from other drugs of abuse to >>>

Good example of research paper on what are the sociological causes of drug use & abuse among college students

Normally, this predisposition arises because of:- Developmental traits of puberty and maturity, consisting of ongoing brain maturity through in the early 20s and the progress towards greater freedom and independence- Social and cultural standards of collegelife that encourage binge alcohol and substance use.- Personality traits and family background also may >>>

Course work on teenage drug use

Over the past one decade, various developments have resulted in the effort to gain a clear insight into the extent and nature of drug use that has threatened the life of teenagers. From the study, the states that reported high alcohol use in the initial months of the study were >>>

Good argumentative essay about drugs and alcohol

The paper will discuss the effects of drugs and alcohol and examine their negative effects on the individual and society. The kidney, also, is a victim to the excessive consumption of alcohol and drug abuse.

Filipino drug mules essay sample

This is in light of the Philippine Consulate General in Macau SAR's report to the DFA on the arrest of two Filipinos, a man and a woman, on February 1 by the Judiciary Police in Macau SAR for alleged drug trafficking. It is undertaking comprehensive and proactive measures to address >>>

The response to the technological approach on the war on drugs, drug trade went online

It would be a way to catalog and search the databases for anything and everything for which the program is told to search. Memex would have to be in place for a year if not more along with any and all government officials backing off of the fight on the >>>

Amphetamine as an ergogenic drug essays examples

The uses of amphetamines to increase athleticism and competitiveness usually fall under the illegal usage of the drug. Since athletic organizations ban the use of performance-enhancing drugs by athletes, many athletes mask their use of amphetamine through ephedrine- a drug used to treat coughs, common asthma, and sinus.

Legalization of all drugs essay

Angela Abaca puts this thought into perspective by stating in the article "It's Time to Legalize All Drugs" that "the goal of the War on Drugs is to make every American sober 100% of the time that is as impossible as getting the Bush Administration and all their cronies to >>>

Example of drug testing for welfare research paper

The paper will indicate how the pros of the idea outweigh the cons of the same. In expressing the importance of drug testing for welfare, Wills said that "The the main benefit of drug testing for welfare is to protect the interest of the the taxpayer who is the most >>>

Essay on drug testing for people on welfare

In that context, it is consequently a matter of policy for the federal and state governments to ensure that the welfare services fall to the right people and that potential drug users are prevented from the melee before loss of welfare aid. It is emotive and certain that the consumption >>>

Understanding the product: drug familiarization

Although the side effects of the drug have been proved beyond reasonable doubt, the drug is still in the shelves of most United States' pharmacies. Despite the side effects, the drug is among the most effective in the family of drugs applied in the treatment of cancer.