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The kite runner and hamlet

Most of the problems that befall characters in The Kite Runner and Hamlet are as a result of a conflict that exists between the internal and external factors facing the characters. A comparison of the different cases of internal and external conflicts shown in the two texts is discussed in >>>

Siginificance of ghost in hamlet essay sample

The writer's inclusion of the Ghost not only adds to the dramatic effect of the play but also the plot and outcome. The Ghost plays a critical role in defining the destinies of the other characters and lifting the structure of Hamlet.

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Discuss hamlet’s relationship with gertrude

HAMLET'S RELATIONSHIP WITH GERTRUDE The relationship between Hamlet and his mother Gertrude is regarded as the important in Shakespeare's play Hamlet besides being textually shaky. He therefore believes that the action of Gertrude was a betrayal not just to his father but to the whole institution of marriage and love >>>

Hamlet- sanity/ insanity

To be, or not to be,-that is the question; Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, And by opposing end them?"Hamlet's famous soliloquy occurs in the first scene of the third act."To be, >>>

What kind of person is hamlet

"Hamlet is Essentially the Victim of his own Deception A Critical Approach In Shakespeare's play, "Hamlet" wouldeception' is a dominant theme that also shapes the central character Hamlet. To Hamlet, Claudius is a smiling dammed villain, a seducer and a usurper of his right to Denmark's throne; he is one >>>

A parallel between isabella and hamlet

Certainly, if her brother is to be justified on account of his love then she too would in the same way be absolved of any fault in acceding to Angelo's request on account of her love for her own brother, her own flesh and blood. In Isabella's case her brother >>>

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A play “hamlet” by william shakespear essay

Hamlet's father ghost revealed to him that King Claudius killed King Hamlet and requests Hamlet to revenge, which he agrees eventually. In conclusion, Shakespeare used Hamlet's character to develop the plot of his play Hamlet.

Hamlet and rosencrantx and guildenstern are dead

The plays Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead by Tom Stoppard andHamletby William Shakespeare were composed in vastly different contexts and the nature of the plays greatly reflect the context in which they were composed. The fact that this idea was questioned so much in the play shows the contrast between >>>

Queen gertrude is hamlet’s mother and the wife of her dead husband’s brother, king claudius.

Queen Gertrude is Hamlet's mother and the wife of her dead husband's brother, King Claudius. But, if you really want to argue that Gertrude's a big old cheater, be sure to check out the ghost's emphasis on the marriage "vow" he made to Gertrude.

Realizing that hamlet has many faces

However, after the ghost of his father departs, Hamlet seems to lose strength in his convictions and struggles with his mission. Hamlet walks in on Claudius praying and declares his knowledge of his uncle's deeds and asserts that he is going to take revenge.

Hamlet packet questions

He is prayingWhat does Horatio fear the ghost will do to Hamlet? SarcasticWhat does the King tell Laertes he is going to do when Hamlet returns?

Feminism in hamlet

She attempts to tell Hamlet this, but he is too young and stubborn to understand the position she is in as a woman. Gertrude is a great mother who dedicates her life to protect her son and guard the little sanctity she has.

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Role of the ghost of the hamlet

The matter of the Ghost's appearance at the rampart is reported to Hamlet. Therefore, the ghost of his father manifested itself to him.

Hamlet act ii and iii

Claudius asked them to come to the castle to find out what's bothering Hamlet. He does not want her to tell the King that Hamlet's craziness is not real.

Mental illness among homeless in london borough of tower hamlet

The plan covered the main contextual factors and determinants of the urban health issue, the main implications and public consequences of the issue in both the City of London in general and the UK, and offered an outline for the critique of current interventions to combat the issue. As the >>>

Hamlet thesis

While Hamlet broods over the murder of his father for the majority of the play, Laertes takes immediate action, and upon hearing about the death of his father, he rushes in and is ready to kill Claudius-whom he suspects has killed his father. Due to the death of his father >>>

Hamlet by william shakespeare english literature essay

Hamlet was a noble man and he wanted to makes sure that if he wants to take revenge then it has to be fair and righteous. It was not simply a death for revenge, but it was for the land and for the people.

Justice in hamlet

Hamlet becomes obsessed with achieving this justice for his father's death, a duty he views as noble, but he quickly comes to realize that carrying out the murder is not as simple a task as he originally thought. A perfect opportunity arises later for Hamlet to carry out his revenge, >>>

The juxtaposition of hamlet characters

In William Shakespeare's play "The Tragedy of Hamlet", Ophelia and Laertes represent different aspects of prince Hamlets traits that further the understanding of his behaviour, thoughts, and over-all character. By looking into their nature, Hamlet's can be easier accessed by contrast."The way in which Laertes and Ophelia plunge passionately to >>>

Essay analysis of william shakespeare’s hamlet through the postcolonial lens

In comparison, Hamilton is a commentary on America's past through the prism of America's present that uses a cast of African-American and Latinos to retell its own story of history. Hamlet's art is his true nature and this rendition of the play perfectly encapsulates that.

Claudius as the true master manipulator in the novel hamlet

Throughout the play, Claudius used his actions to confuse the minds of others to get what he wants in order to keep the power of being the king and securing his throne of Denmark. According to the criticism on Claudius in Hamlet Outline, it states that "Claudius is clearly a >>>

Dishonesty in hamlet

Also with the use of the metaphysical appearances of the ghost of Old Hamlet in multiple scenes, the audience is brought to conclude that the dishonesty of King Claudius has inflicted disruption to each and every person in Denmark. By alluding to the myth in one scene, and portraying how >>>

Hamlet”: a misogynist essay sample

The way Hamlet speaks to Ophelia in the play shows his belief of how women manipulate the men in his society at the time. Hamlet is obviously disgusted at his mother and he sees her and the rest of women in general as soft and disloyalThe one scene in "Hamlet", >>>

Hamlet king claudius

This scene occurs just after the play within the play, which is used to confirm the fact that Claudius is guilty of the former King's murder in Hamlet's eyes. To conclude then, the soliloquy of King Claudius praying is used by Shakespeare to convey the King's insecurity and fear of >>>

Hamlet: thinking and ideas as inaction in the tragedy

Critic Harry Levin describes Hamlet as "a play obsessed with the word?question'", and Bloom makes it clear that "the question of Hamlet always must be Hamlet himself", because everything in the play depends on Hamlet's response to everything in the play, beginning with the ghost of his father. As a >>>

Jon on hamlet

The death of Hamlet and Ophelia's relationship gives reason for Hamlet to dig another grave one his journey for revenge. King Claudius also seeks to get revenge on Hamlet for Polonius' death and his attempts results in the death of Gertrude.

Hamlet is believed to have been written around 1600

In his soliloquy in Act 3 Scene 1 Hamlet reveals that he is contemplating killing himself and is clearly not in the correct mental state to pursue his revenge, he is evidently emotionally weak as he is contemplating suicide and lacks purpose at this time, whereas in his soliloquy in >>>

Female power in hamlet

Governmental Influence During the course of the play, Gertrude uses her status as a woman to establish herself as a capable and superior ruler. At the beginning of the play Hamlet chastises his mother for not only for her willingness to remarry after the untimely death of his father but >>>

Did hamlet love ophelia

One of which is Hamlet love for Ophelia, despite some argue otherwise, the evidence provides that the Prince truly did love Ophelia. When Ophelia sings that sing in her mentally disturbed state she is revealing the nature of her relationship to Hamlet and his promises of love.

Informative essay on hamlet

The arrival of Fortinbras likely shows that Shakespeare wanted to see a change in the rule in the state of England. It is now clear that Elizabeth's support was waning, and that a changing of the guard was in order.

Hamlet second soliloquy

Hamlet is suspicious of his own friends and soon conceives a new idea to trap his uncle: the reenactment of his father's murder under the cover of a play called "The Murder of Gonzago". In the case of his uncle, Hamlet has been told by the ghost that he is >>>

The patriarchal power and female norms in hamlet

Both Queen Gertrude and Ophelia are very dependent upon the men in their lives and They may not realize at all during the course of the play, but their malfeasance is inevitability the reason for the downfall of the play. The ghost of King Hamlet says this to Prince Hamlet >>>

Hamlet and play

Hamlet, the protagonist of the play was greatly affected by the death of his father, King Hamlet who he sought for revenge throughout the play. By the end of the play, Hamlet gives a formal apology to Laertes, which he accepts.

Betrayal in hamlet

Finally, King Claudius betrays his brother, the late king, by murdering him, marrying his wife, and taking his crown. Hamlet throughout the play begins to doubt his sanity and if he should kill his uncle Claudius or himself "To be or not to be.......", this is an act of betrayal >>>

Three biblical referennces in hamlet

The following excerpt speaks of Cain and Abel giving thanks to the lord through offerings of which God takes notice to Abel's offerings but takes no notice to Cain's. In the course of time Cain presented some of the land's produce as an offering to the LORD.

The craziness of acumen of hamlet

He is capable of scanning reality with a keener eye of the very core of things"-Wolfgang Clemen The question of Hamlet's madness or his facade of madness has been the central issue of discussion among the "Hamlet" readers throughout the ages. Hamlet is capable of seeing beyond his time >>>

All known hamlet by william shakespeare

At the end of the play, the castle and the land are taken over by Fortinbras, the final even that signifies the fall of the nation. For Hamlet, the character in the play Hamlet, must act in order to 'be' and as a revenge hero, that act is the murder >>>

Questioning the madness of hamlet

Questioning The Madness of Hamlet In the Shakespeare play, Hamlet, there is the question concerning the madness of the main character, Hamlet. Hamlet wants to distract the people of Denmark from his real intentions and that is to seek revenge for his father.

Hamlet: literary

The ghost asks Hamlet to "Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder." Prince Hamlet vow's to avenge his father's death, and promises not hurt his mother even though he blame's her for re-marrying to his uncle right after his father's death. Fortinbras is another character in the play who feels >>>

Hamlet and revenge

His plan to maintain an appearance of a madman is a smart one, and the fact that he does a good job in his portrayal only makes him more clever, not more insane. Additional proof that Hamlet must be sane is that even in his "madness" he is clever in >>>

Hamlet act ii close reading

In the beginning of Hamlet's soliloquy, he compares himself to a "rogue and peasant slave", which points out that Hamlet is frustrated with himself. Here Hamlet is amazed by how easily the actor could show such emotion, and he even says "what would he do, had he the motive and >>>

Hamlet’s soliloquies are embarrassingly outdated

As well as this, Hamlet constantly repeats himself in his soliloquies for example in the first one he frequently mentions how quick his mother remarried after his father's death, 'and yet within a month','a little month e'er those sheets were old' 'within a month, ere yet the salt of most >>>

The corruption of denmark in william shakespeare’s hamlet

At the end of the play, the castle and the land are taken over by Fortinbras, the final even that signifies the fall of the nation. In the beginning of the play, the ghost of King Hamlet arrives to warn Prince Hamlet about the corruption in Elsinore.

Great gatsby and hamlet comparision

Claudius in reality is multi-faced and his ambition is to aquire the crown by killing his brother and marries his sister in law. He uses his madness to manipulate and deceive the other characters, while in reality he is carrying out his master plan.

Hamlet – king claudius

He was viewed as the villain of the play and showed very little remorse for his actions. Claudius's love for Gertrude may be sincere, but it seemed to me that he married her to help him win the throne away from Hamlet after he killed the king.

Prince hamlet, the flawed hero in hamlet

Hamlet makes a sweeping generalization based on his Mother Gertrude and Ophelia that all women are morally corrupt, and in doing so he demonstrates a lack of trust in Gertrude that contributes to his madness and leads him to more trouble. New Clarendon Shakespeare edition.

Hamlet gray or dorian hamlet

Throughout the playHamletwe see the themes of obsession and good vs.evil, Hamlet struggles with his inner demons until his tragic and untimely death. In the novel The Picture of Dorian Gray we meet a character that is very similar to Hamlet in his continuous struggles with his good vs.evil persona >>>

Hamlet by william shakespeare – ophelia character analysis

Even as a minor character in the play Hamlet, the character Ophelia plays a vital part in the development of both the plot and thematic ideas. For example, if the reader analyses Ophelia's character from the perspective of feminism, concerned with the equal rights and fair treatment of women, or >>>

A tragedy of hamlet

Over the course of the play Hamlet is so overcome by his emotions that he loses sight of the origin of his behavior. Hamlet commits the height of this passion in a response to his father's death and in his evident love for Ophelia.

Hamlet’s soliloquys

In Hamlet's soliloquys we learn of events that speed his revenge, how he feels about his father's death and his mother's swift marriage to Hamlet's uncle Claudius. By truthfully revealing his innermost thoughts and emotions, Hamlet's soliloquy advances the plot by showing the audience and reader how Hamlet feels about >>>

Horatio in shakespeare’s hamlet

Horatio is not afraid to speak his mind to Hamlet, either when Hamlet meets the ghost for the first time, Horatio makes it clear that Hamlet's choice to follow the ghost in hopes of learning the reason for its appearance is ill-advised he is honest and forthright in his arguments >>>

Hamlet-laertes justice semina

For there to be a want in justice, there must be an injustice in the characters life, Laertes feels betrayed by Hamlet due to the unjust deaths of the ones close to him. Laertes wants to redeem his father's name and he feels the only way to do this is >>>

Hamlet loyalty essay

The experiences portrayed through the play show the importance of Horatio's loyalty to Hamlet. For Horatio's loyalty to his dear friend hamlet, he is there at his deathbed comforting him all the way.

Hamlet the avenger essay sample

While hamlet waits and analyzes the death of his father before seeking revenge, Laertes hears of his father's death and immediately seeks vengeance on Polonius' murderer and Fortinbras strives to regain the land lost from the success of King Hamlet. Laertes is so angry he essentially strips himself of his >>>

The history analysis of religious festivals in shakespeare’s tragedy “hamlet”

In act one of the scenes is the Ghost who says that he is not in heaven and is not in hell and during the night, he is able to disappear and in the day light he is stuck in purgatory till he is punished for his sins. Shakespeare uses >>>

Dramatic techniques in hamlet

The symbolic portrayal of a mirrored room within the Castle of Elsinore in Kenneth Branagh's 1996 film production of 'Hamlet' further reflects the transparency of the kingdom and how its conflicting illusions result in the inevitable disorder of society. Shakespeare's use of dramatic techniques in his exploration of the detrimental >>>

Ophelia’s contribution in hamlet

Ophelia's Contribution in Hamlet One thing critics of Hamlet can agree on is that Ophelia, though brief in appearance, enamored readers and audiences because of her cryptic death and her symbol of innocence in the play. In her five scenes of the play, Ophelia proves to be obedient and respectful >>>

Hamlet, part 8: themes

One theme in Hamlet is "Death conquers everyone in the end". Hamlet develops the theme "Everyone is equal in the face of death".

Hamlet film adaptation

However, by the gradual development of the vicious themes of betrayal, revenge and death, Branagh's movie is much more effective in translating the theatrical Hamlet into a cinematic masterpiece. Most importantly, the death and funeral of Hamlet is beautifully directed in Branagh's film.

The focus of the shakespearean play hamlet

However, this answer is very doubtful because of the sheer complexity of Hamlet and the genius of Shakespeare. Hamlet is in third person point of view, which means the account of the story is being told by a third person.

Hamlet and his life

In the To be or not to be speech in Act 3 scene 1, Hamlet talks about commiting suicide but he is too scared to find out what lies beyond death. Hamlet wants to kill Claudius because the ghost of King Hamlet told Hamlet that Claudius killed him.

Discuss the female characters in hamlet-support with reference to the text!

Her brevity of grieving the death of his father is a main reason for his new found disillusionment with life 'O god a beast that wants discourse of reason would have mourned longer 'He thinks of the marriage to his uncle with revulsion' Such an act that blurs the grace >>>

Discuss hamlet’s attitude to death and the afterlife

However, Shakespeare makes Hamlet very aware of the consequences of his actions, which is why this is not the typical revenge tragedy that Jacobean audiences were familiar with. Hamlet, as I have already suggested, is very much a thinker and considers the consequences of his actions.

Hamlet: there is a divinity that shapes our ends essay sample

When the Prince is approached by his father's ghost, revealing to the former his duty to fate; Hamlet must avenge his father's death in order to ultimately cleanse Denmark from its rottenness. Here, Hamlet feels the burden that fate has put upon his shoulders."The time is out of joint: O >>>

Hamlet’s characterisation

Through soliloquies and characterisation, we see that Hamlet's world is a cold, political one, unreceptive to his grief, and this fundamental incompatibility is ultimately what creates and drives the play's great drama behind his struggle, his murderous plot, uncertainty, and finally his thoughtful, accepting resolve at the end of the >>>

Hamlet’s emotions

After everybody leaves the ceremony in the castle, Hamlet is by himself and he talks about his father and how he was an excellent king, and he talks about how quickly his mother re married."... Hamlet shows anger when the ghost that looks like his father told him that Claudius >>>

Hamlet nunnery scene analysis

All of the points I am going to cover have been expressed through different mediums for example in film and televised dramatic plays where the concept of Hamlet's anger or use of nunnery is perceived to be different through artistic licence and also I will talk about the themes raised >>>

The origin of hamlet

The origin of Hamlet is believed to date back to the death of his son Hamnet in 1596 of an unknown illness, and it is thought to be a prominent factor in leading Shakespeare to write Hamlet. During the time of the release of Hamlet, the reign of Queen Elizabeth >>>

Faked madness of hamlet

By analyzing the character of Hamlet, the major theme of appearance versus reality in the play, and the suspicious purposefulness of Hamlet's apparent madness, one can ultimately determine that Hamlet is sane. Hamlet has the ability to pick and choose when he is going to act insane, a clear indication >>>

Feminism ophelia hamlet

Aphelion's struggles in the patriarchal society in which she lives and the loss of her identity as a whole, by not only her father, but other authorial males in her life. The pitfalls to being a dutiful daughter, in her case, is that she lost the one man that made >>>

Self-murder, killing and religion valueness in the “hamlet” tragedy

Indeed, the absence of moral clarity in the play is arguably the root of most of the tragedy that is played out in the final scenes. The characters' dilemmas concerning two great moral questions, suicide and murder, demonstrate the centrality of this motivation, both within the confines of the play >>>

Literature foils: contrasting characters in “hamlet”

Hamlet's desire to murder Claudius is out of revenge, while Fortinbras' plan, however personal it may be, is done in the name of the nation of Norway and in the name of honor. In the end of the play, both Hamlet and Laertes are dead.

Hamlet thesis on decay and corruption

The evidence of this theme can be seen though the breakdown of the royal family, and the monarchy, by the events surrounding Hamlet's "To be or not to be" soliloquy, The Mousetrap, and the moral decay of the characters through the use of spying and poison. The murder of Claudius >>>

A response to the morality of hamlet in the tragedy of hamlet, prince of denmark, a play by william shakespeare

While the morality of the story may be skewed in the eyes of the audience, a good question to research is how Hamlet views the morality of the things that happen. Claudius feels justified in killing King Hamlet because he feels a right to the throne.

Hamlet and gatsby comparison

In these works, there are a number of motivating factors that contribute to the downfall of the main characters- obsession, hatred, and the wanting to be accepted but ultimately it is love that leads to the demise of Gatsby and Hamlet. Hamlet, being the loving and devoted son he was, >>>

Hamlet as a critical study

Act I Scene V of Hamlet serves as a key scene in the play as it is when Hamlet is commanded by the ghost to revenge his "foul and most unnatural murder." In this scene Hamlet is told that Claudius is to blame for the death of his father and >>>

How a film interprets hamlet explicatory essay

Laurence Olivier's need to focus on less traditional approaches, his need to shorten the production, and the need to perform a psychological analysis of the characters determine his interpretation of the play 'Hamlet'. Although Shakespeare shows a skeptical Hamlet in the original play, the playwright does not emphasize Hamlet's analytical >>>

The immoral ambitions of iago in othello and claudius in hamlet

One of the most fascinating qualities of Iago's character is that although he is driven by his motivation for revenge, the rationalization he uses to validate the damage he causes is utterly unconvincing, and the way he deceives those that perceive him as a friend is hypocritical. Iago is looking >>>

Relationship of hamlet and gertrude

In the Shakespearean play Hamlet, the conflict between Hamlet and his mother, Gertrude, is parallel to the main conflict of the story. As the play starts, Hamlet is disappointed with his mother's marriage to Claudius.

Summary: hamlet act v scene i and ii

When Hamlet asks the gravedigger how long he has been a gravedigger the man responds to him and tells him he has been digging up graves sing the late King Hamlet defeated the old Fortinbras in battle, which was the day the young Hamlet was born. Hamlet then picks up >>>

Hamlet – time is of the essence: procrastination essay sample

Hamlet justifies this procrastination and hesitation to kill Claudius in his own mind and to the audience by assuring the reliability of his father's ghost claim that he was killed by now King Claudius in an successful attempt to take the throne and the queen. Again, Hamlet justifies his hesitations >>>

A reflection of mankind in hamlet

Upon Hamlet's arrival to Denmark to mourn the death of his father, he encounters what appears to be the ghost of his deceased father. Additionally, Hamlet must shoulder the burden of his father's death and decide how to implement action against it.

Hamlet and oedipus the king

However, Oedipus is guilty of his father's death, while Hamlet's uncle is the guilty one, but this cannot be properly understood until one takes into consideration the relationship with their mothers. When the ghost of Hamlet's father is speaking about his brother, he refers to him as "that incestuous, that >>>

Hamlet’s madness `what is madness?

The only fact that hinders this observation is the fact that others saw the ghost as well and were even the ones who told young Hamlet of his appearance. Everyone, with the exception of his dear friend Horatio, believe that Hamlet is truly mad.

Meaning of a monologue from hamlet

A person can dream of being a dancer or a singer or a swimmer or a cyclist or a runner or a tennis champion or a artist or a cinema artist and these dreams are Just endless. Hen a child see a dream which moms very close and a attachment >>>

Hamlet history

He Is "a product of many factors that have made him what he Is, and which continue to shape all of his behavior." In the very first words of speech to court, Claudia quickly mentions of "our sometime sister, now our queen," "mirth in funeral," "dirge in marriage," and "taken >>>

Hamlet: to be, or not to be: movie analysis

The mirror reflection stands as a symbolic example of Hamlet's self reflection and his search to find the answer within himself. It is indubitable that Branagh's version of this scene captures both the emotions and themes of Hamlet and his tortured character.

Hamlet’s procrastination: a study on his failure to act

There are many reasons as to why Hamlet may have delayed the revenge: be it the fact that Hamlet feared the consequence of killing, maybe he doubted the ghost, it could be that Hamlet did not want to hurt his mother, or maybe even the fact that he was a >>>

Hamlet vs heart of darkness essay sample

By showing that he has the ability to draw intelligent conclusions about the problems in court, he increases his chances of obtaining the genuine respect of the king and queen. When lying, selfishly is the nature of Claudius and Polonius, Marlow does not even like to lie, selfish or unselfish >>>

Hamlet key relationships

Hamlet and Laertes mirror each other in many important ways, creating a complex thematic scene and establishing a parallel story with interesting implications; Hamlet's choices concerning his mother, as well as the dialogue that the two of them engage in, constitute a veritable hero-test, demonstrating the strength of Hamlet's virtue; >>>

Gertrude and ophelia (hamlet)

Although Gertrude is the Queen of Denmark and Ophelia is the prince's lovers, they have no standing in the society and their voices are never heard. Later in the play, after Hamlet killed Polonius and runs away, Laertes is in France, she has no one to turn to.

Honor in hamlet

From the beginning of the play, the first sign of hatred and the desire of honor are shown in the Norwegian Prince Fortinbras who is getting ready to conquer Denmark. His honor not only relies on the duty of a son to his father, but also depends on the responsibility >>>

“hamlet” by william shakespeare

In the play Hamlet's inability to act on his father's murder, his mother's marriage, and his uncle assuming of the thrown are all evidence of his tragic flaw of procrastination, which act's as an major cause to Hamlet's downfall. His plan is to study Claudius's reaction to the play to >>>

The guiltiness of hamlet’s mother gertrude

A defense of Gertrude in the matter of King Hamlet's death is in order only if she knew that Claudius had poisoned King Hamlet, and nothing in the text indicates that she knew of the murder. Gertrude's exhortation to Hamlet reveals her lack of empathy and interest in her own >>>

Hamlet is better at talking about revenge, than he is at doing it

Since we are certainly left in no doubt of the intricacy of Hamlet's character, it would therefore seem that Shakespeare is exploring a diversity of reasons as to why the Prince of Denmark delays his revenge. The play, Hamlet claims "is the image of a murder done in Vienna", the >>>

Protestant reformation and hamlet s character

The effects of the Renaissance and the Reformation on Hamlet's character, are manifest even before he meets the ghost. Hamlet's inability to act is largely a byproduct of the time period during which he lived.