Useful Healthcare Essays Examples

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Accessible health care research paper

Health care reform eliminates the disparities in provision of health care and ensures smooth running of operations in the health care sector Insurance ReformsThese reforms aim to make insurance rules and regulations more flexible and thus more accessible to the public and to reduce the manipulative tendencies of many insurance >>>

Research paper on economic tools in health care

During this period the companies are able to set the prices for the drugs and the prices cannot be pushed down by competition as the company is the only one selling the prescription drug. The patent protection is justified on the basis of allowing the companies to recover their costs >>>

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Report on health care and management

One of the most essential things to note concerning the twentieth and the twenty first centuries include the fact that they have been characterized by a lot of growth and development in various fields, especially, considering the fact that there has been a lot of growth in the information and >>>

Good business plan on healthcare

The most compelling need of the DIMP Ltd upon taking the opportunity provided will be to meet the reformed health standards, improve on services and the number of patients, hence, raising the revenues. It is in the plan to increase on the marketing of the medical center to reach more >>>

Obama-healthcare: when does it become affordable in america essays examples

The employers of the big companies feel the burden and may want to incorporate this additional expense in the employee's salary so that they can purchase the policies for themselves. The employers of the big companies feel the burden and may want to incorporate this additional expense in the employee's >>>

Example of essay on us health care or diet or obesity or food companies problem

The United States government should therefore limit the company's food marketing as a way to regulate and improve the health care of the American people because obesity has become a major burden to the government too. Health experts argue that, unless the government takes precautionary and effective measures, the food >>>

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Healthcare organization term paper

The company is at the present the 10th biggest pharmaceutical corporation all over the globe. Eli Lilly had revenues of twenty billion dollars in the year 2008 and this made the company the 148th biggest company in the US and the 10th biggest business by international pharmaceutical sales.

Big data in health care: the patients like me case essay sample

Patients Like Me is a company that encourages patients suffering from diverse illnesses into social networking, and then uses that generated data from social networking to find trends and patterns via data analysis, in order to improve current knowledge about the diseases and the way patients and the general community >>>

Report on millennium laboratories health care fraud and intimidation allegation

The investigative article responds to the five "W" and the "H" questions:What: the investigation of Millennium Laboratories from San Diego for health care fraud and for mistreatment and intimidation of the former employees;Who: The company that is being under allegation is Millennium Laboratories; the accusers are former employees and the >>>

Example of report on ha-343 health care financial management

Under the terms of call provision the time when the bonds can be called is identified and the price of bonds is identified.a. The lower the bond rating the higher is the cost of debt for the debt issuer.1.

Health care finance essay

This research project aims to determine the relationship between the success of Amazon coffee in Thailand and the franchising business model used. Before that, the majority of the coffee consumers in Thailand paid less to have a cup of coffee.

Mergers and acquisitions: the case of stericycle inc and healthcare waste solutions – case study

The company controls about 50% of the market in the city, and it is projected that with the acquisition of the competitor, the company will grow its market share to about 90%. The investments in research and development for the company will increase and the results of the process will >>>

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Health organization case study: united healthcare corporation essay example

The knowledge on the organisation leaders and management strategies will therefore be essential in unearthing the current trend in the United HealthCare Corporation growth and development. The aim of increasing the number of nurses in its institutions is to improve the services that are offered in America healthcare system.

Healthcare system of zimbabwe: a digest research paper example

Nursing education in Zimbabwe has many levels, with the Conversion Program Certificate to Diploma in Nursing as the lowest and the PhD degree in Nursing being the highest. Aside from the five progressive degrees of nursing education in Zimbabwe, there are two other ways by which one can be considered >>>

Healthcare around the world essay sample

The U.S.A.has many problems with its current health care system, but three of the biggest problems are that so many people lack health care coverage or insurance, that insurance and drug companies are allowed to profit as much as they can from hospitals, doctors, and patients, and that administrative costs >>>

Measures for proper strategic planning in the healthcare sector

Some of the elements that lay down obstacles in the effective implementation of strategic planning are lack of employee alignment, commitment, inflexible planning systems and difficulties in processing the data, no data to support the decision and lack of imagination to support strategic planning Johnson and Thisayakorn have identified poor >>>

Report on healthcare environment and culture

This way the customer/patient is supposed to be seen as the most important person in the organization and they should be the sole reason as for the existence of that organization. The first thing is to know the vision and goal for customer service and communicating this to the employees.

Free essay on the relationship between delegation and empowerment and its importance in a healthcare

Delegation is definitely a hugely important function, particularly in the healthcare setting as this means that those who are overseeing management of opeartions can observe the wider range of activities and plan accordingly while those who have been delegated the tasks can perform them properly and to their heart's content. >>>

Improvement in the convenience and quality of health care essay examples

One of the most important advantages of this form of information management in the health care system is the ability to provide patient information in one place. Usingthis platform, all patients' information can be obtained and retained in one place and is easily accessible due to the ability of the >>>

Information technology issues in healthcare hospital ceo and cio perspectives article review

The article is focusing on the emphasizes and the policies put in place by the US administration concerning the use of computers in the management of data in hospitals. The article did not address the possible factors of the perception of the CEOs and CIOs on the top ten issues >>>

Strategic management in health care

Managed care is the description of various ways that are proposed to reduce the expenditure of providing health care benefits and excelling in the quality of care and these techniques are used by the organizations that provide the people with health care services are called managed care organizations. These incentives >>>

Healthcare management essays example

Planning is a conceptual framework which involves thinking ahead of time, deciding the road map that needs to be followed and the steps that will be taken to achieve a particular target. As mentioned earlier this is the first function of management and as the other functions follow, planning phase >>>

Ethical and moral decisions relating to drugs in health care facilities essay

The medic will prescribe the use of the drug to the patients. The health care's medical practitioners should ensure proper handling of drugs to ensure that the drugs are free from contamination.

Example of health care system evaluation and presentation essay

In the presence of such uncertainties social service structures concerned with disaster awareness and intervention should always be alert to such eventualities that plague the universe manifesting as earthquakes, tornadoes, flooding, hurricanes, fires, bombings,shooting and a very expansive list of occurrences from time to time These experiences bring to the >>>

Example of health care information systems report

Beginning in the 1950s with the computation of dental projects by the National Bureau of standards, and the use deployment of MEDLINE some 25 years afterwards the use of Health care information systems has grown tremendously over the years. Communication and workflow integration into healthcare information systems is one of >>>

Quality management in health care worksheet

Comprehending the health service describes the expansive knowledge as it entails the bigger picture of health care besides the international and local quality and safety context. Leadership and governance guide the participation of other stakeholders in identifying quality and safety agenda as it takes the responsibility of leading the execution >>>

A study of the impact of health care management and health care delivery

The particular aims of the research are to develop an analytic framework for accessing the impact of health care management and health care delivery in the health care delivery organizations, point out specific indicators that can be used in connection to the framework as well as assessing the importance, feasibility >>>

Free essay on health care management closing letter

My decision to launch a career in Health Care Management by joining this university was fuelled by the growing desire to serve the community through enabling efficient health care delivery and more so in modern exciting times in the field. In particular, the training acquired in health informatics management, for >>>

Change management within a healthcare organization – organizational restructure

Basically, an organizational structure is a concept of hierarchy of superiors and subordinates - usually within business environments but could also cover and military applications - in order that there would be a specific collaboration and process in achieving the mission and goal of the organization. The management literature covering >>>

Overview of the key deliverables of the provision healthcare technologies project

This report is aimed to determine the main deliverables those will be delivered at the end of the project. As defining the scope of this project we have to modify the software and hardware to incorporate this new functionality within six months.

Free essay about a healthcare administration leader’s strength

In order to do so, an evaluation of a person's behavior yields two basic categories of personality: assertiveness and cooperativeness."Assertiveness" is how far a person will go to satisfy his own desires."Cooperativeness" is how far a person will go to satisfy another person's desires. There are varying degrees ofeach category >>>

Ensuring employees pay for extra cost of healthcare

In response to this, I believe employers should implement programs that would ensure employees to incur the cost of extra premium spent on lifestyle-related illnesses and chronic conditions. Any calculated cost incurred by an employer that is above half the premium spent on lifestyle-related conditions should be deducted from wages >>>

Health care facility planning part ii – outpatient clinic

These regulatory changes impact the design of the healthcare facility; thus the designs for hospices are going to become less in the home and more in a healthcare building. Whether it is fire codes, building codes, zoning, or safety codes, your knowledge of the regulatory agencies and their main objectives >>>

Negative consequences of health care reform

The current healthcare program unfavorably forces the financially able individuals to pay for the free healthcare benefits of the poor and jobless residents. The middle income individuals must pay a fine for not paying for poor and lazy individuals' healthcare expenses.

Healthcare communication

The authors indicate the use of a Joint Communication Note as a preferred remedy where all the healthcare professionals will get and relay information from and to one another. It is critical to the study of healthcare communication among healthcare professionals, as it recommends better methods of documentation of data, >>>

The elderly healthcare and hospice critical thinking sample

Scientific and technological advancements have played a pivotal role in the development of medicine necessary in curbing the spread of fatal communicable as well as parasitic diseases reducing the number of deaths. In some cases, it may lead to the development of a sour relationship between the elderly and the >>>

Free critical thinking about health care problems in drc and nigeria

If I were the Minister of Health in either country, I would use the measures of health outcome to coordinate and manage the efforts of health care systems and public health groups within the communities to improve the health status of the population. Similarly, actions on environmental health may improve >>>

Health care organizations essay

Determine the evaluation criteria that a financial analyst would use to evaluate the financial performance of the organization post-merger, and identify the determinants that the analyst would use to decide whether or not the merger generated favorable financial results for the organization. Determine the key factors that will drive the >>>

Rising healthcare costs impacting gdp in canada

Impact of Rising Health Care Costs in Canada Affiliation] Impact of Rising Healthcare Costs in Canada Connection between Money Spent on Health and WellbeingProvision of adequate health care plays a vital role both in terms of improving the wellbeing of citizens and in boosting the standards of living in a >>>

Health care marketing

The first step in this process is of prospecting, in which the salesperson looks for and checks the leads and identifies the companies or people that have the potential of becoming the customers. Presentation of the sales is the fourth step in which the presentation of sales is delivered after >>>

Good example of health care administration problem: high cost of prescription drug- a root cause research paper

In accordance with the healthcare requirements they can pre-observe the price of prescription drugs and instruct the physicians or at least create an influence over regular healthcare practitioners to prescribe drugs accordingly, taking the cost of the drugs into consideration so that the drug manufacturers will be able to determine >>>

Essay on health care marketing

On the negative side, marketing techniques and trends can adversely affect the relationship between health care professionals and patients. The participation of health care workers in the advertising and marketing of health care products can potentially reduce patient trust when the latter perceive that health care decisions are influenced by >>>

Free essay about healthcare market segmentation

The entity is the division of market into subsets based on the traits of a population. A population that is made up of women as the majority may trigger health care market towards focusing on drugs and services.

Shortage of nurses in the healthcare industry research paper examples

A shortage of nurses in the healthcare industry is one of the problems that have been problem not only the United States of America but the world at large. It is the obligation of the American government to come up with strategies that would enhance healthcare services and this would >>>

Health care financing essay

Health Care financing has been a big issue in the Unites States since the 1960's and today it is even more of a serious issue, with the millions without insurance and health care costs on the rise the United States health care industry is in trouble. The main purpose in >>>

Healthcare industry

These techniques, which have the ability to process, act on, manage and distribute data from variety of sources, will become the backbone of the healthcare sector. Lack of understanding of the usage of EHR and importance of capturing quality data further adds to the lack of data quality.

Essay on local community health care issues

The news articles summarized in this paper are dedicated to the way medicine has changed in the last two centuries, focusing especially on the most important developments and inventions that led to these changes. Even 100 years ago the diseases that are now the most frightening for people were just >>>

International healthcare: south africa research paper examples

Within the South African healthcare segment, particularly, such healthcare advancement of all the South African national healthcare delivery systems along with its health organizations will persist to ensure the emphasis of quality healthcare along with quality medical care. Health Care Reform and the Crisis of HIV and AIDS in South >>>

The greatest challenges currently facing the uae health care system essay samples

The decline of health in the general population through obesity and poor diets, have caused obesity with its complex ailments such as heart attacks and diabetes, this has pushed for a higher need in the medical field which has fallen short with medicalstaff causing a lack of trust in the >>>

Consumer-driven health care research paper

The Porter's Five Forces is a framework that provides a simple perspective used to assess and analyze the competitive strength and position of a business organization. Open and responsive communication between healthcare organizations and their suppliers, among their umbrella bodies and the customers mitigates to a significant extent against the >>>

Importance of communication with patients in a healthcare setting

One must first listen in order to communicate effectively with a patient about any issues or concerns."But the core skill of good communication is listening". It is important for a physician to be able to communicate both positive and negative news with a patient.

Personal and professional healthcare communication

I will attempt to define communication, the relevancy of effective personal health care communication with other health care professional, clients, and patients. The relevancy of effective professional health care communication to health outcome, how the lack of effective personal and professional health care communications contributes to poor health outcomes, and >>>

Example of effective communication factors in healthcare essay

Health literacy and the patients' opinions should be considered because a two-way communication process is needed to build a trustworthy relationship and improve patient engagement in the treatment. Cultural diversity should also be respected, and all healthcare providers need to frame information and discussions in a manner that is appropriate >>>

The australian health care system nursing essay

Paramedics incorporate their knowledge and clinical expertise with the outcomes of evidence-based practice in order to make appropriate judgements and decisions for patients. Clinical Judgement and Decisions based on Evidence-Based PracticeClinical judgement and decisions are fundamentals of the paramedic profession and form part of the everyday routine.

Health care reform

Health Care Reform Health Care Reform Recent changes in the US health care reform significantly affect not only the general population but also the advanced nursing and managerial roles of the members of the health care team. Changes on the new coverage of health care reform act affect both the >>>

United states healthcare system versus italy healthcare system compare and contrasting

The essence of this essay is to compare and contrast the health care system in the US and Italy. Health Statistics and Cost The cost of a health care facility in a country is a matter of concern in a country as it determines the affordability of health care facility >>>

Health policy issue on lack of preventive health care in the uninsured

Health policy issue on lack of preventive health care amongst the uninsured Task: Health policy issue on lack of preventive health care amongst the uninsuredBackgroundAttributable to the lack of medical insurance, many individuals die every year in the United States. According to the health policy regarding the insurance coverage, the >>>

Leadership in health care organizations practicum

She said that I was returning the favor she did to me when she introduced me to the roles of a nurse in the hospital and that the roles she gave me would help me become a better nurse especially the fact that I was young. It would have guided >>>

Transcultural health care – cuban culture

My first strategy would be to convince her on significance of the plan to her health and I would use data from other patients' experiences to show her how she would benefit from the plan. Hernandez to go to the botanica to purchase some drugs and approaching her desire for >>>

How to develop a culture of safety in health care organizations

How to Develop a Culture of Safety in Health Care Organizations Healthcare environment constitutes of many different variables. Most organizations also advocate the participation of the patient in the treatment process so as to create good communication system between healthcare personnel and patients.

Position in healthcare

POSITION IN HEALTHCARE A vivid of my current professional position could be centered round three themes, which are the attainment of health, maintenance of health, and recovery to health. Basically, the government could be viewed as the major stakeholder in the health promotion mission with a dual role of enacting >>>

The future of nursing in an evolving health care system

Role of Healthcare Reform and the Nurse in Shifting Focus from a Disease Oriented Healthcare System Role of Healthcare Reform and the Nurse in Shifting Focus from a Disease Oriented Healthcare SystemThe Healthcare system is undergoing tremendous transformation driven by the need to reconfigure the entire system, alter health and >>>

Role of nursing in healthcare delivery

Role of Nursing The role of nursing managers is rapidly changing as the increase in the wide range of health care responsibilities. In addition to the direct clinical and medical care, the nurses are involved in many other aspects of the health care industry.

Do elderly african americans trust their caucasian health care providers why or why not

Like the lack of communication and the insensitive attitude of the providers, their focus on profits also changes the African Americans perceptions about them. Later on, it embedded the fear of experimentation in their minds of people and reinforced health disparities among African Americans and others.

Evidence base health care theory

Evidence Base Health Care Theory Evidence Base Health Care Theory The evidence based health care theory has proven useful in the improvement of public population health. As seen in the research conducted by ONeall & Brownson, through the evidence based health care theory, the public practitioners are able to adopt >>>

The need for the aca to provide american family the ability to purchase affordable comprehensive healthcare insurance that includes abortion coverage

The Affordable Care Act, a policy reforms in the insurance sector that took effect at the beginning of the year 2014, is likely to cause a major impact on the access, affordability and coverage of the healthcare insurance policies. According to America's Health Insurance Plans, the ACA provisions are likely >>>

Economic feasibility of adding a nursing home as a healthcare profitable

In analyzing the need, the company must determine if there is sufficient need for nursing home slots in the region to fill the beds and if there is a continuing need. Then, the administrator must determine what the ratio of private pay or insurance pay patients to Medicare and Medicaid >>>

Artificial intelligence in health care delivery system

Therefore, the prices and the level of services become the crucial factor in the exchange of goods or the healthcare services. The healthcare related websites offer huge information about the healthcare services that may satisfy the needs of individuals, the family and the businesses.

Discuss and evaluate societal and healthcare trends influencing healthcare systems and models within political environments including local, state, national, and global systems

Societal and Healthcare Trends al Affiliation Societal and Healthcare Trends There are several societal and healthcare trends influencing healthcare systems and models within political environments including local, state, national, and global systems. However, the healthcare sector is understaffed making it difficult to provide adequate healthcare in local, state, national, and >>>

Nursing home service as an integral part of health care

Some of the possible common concerns are poor number of health professionals, non availability of treatments and even inaccessible domains from which to acquire health services However, due to the development of various initiatives to make health care conveniently available, one of the most promising alternatives for the elderly population >>>

Politics in nursing and health care

In addition, the nurses use these EMR records to look into the previous histories of the patients and comparing them with their health data before administering treatments to the patients. Therefore, these systems have been of immense benefits to the patients in that there has been a great improvement in >>>

Reducing hiv risk among young minority women & a health care team helps reduce high blood pressure among inner-city black men

Topic: Reducing the risk of HIV and High Blood Pressure Reducing the risk of HIV and High Blood Pressure High blood pressure is a chronic disease that can damage blood circulation to various organs with the heart as the most significant organ that can be affected by the resultant effects >>>

Healthcare systems around the globe

It is also not complex in terms of the financing and the administration of the entire healthcare system. Health Statistics and Costs: Comparison between U.S.and Norway The U.S.has varying statistics in regards to the healthcare system that clearly shows that most Americans are still unable to access even the most >>>

Healthcare policy articles

Good, bad and ugly: The depressing story behind Barrack Obama's biggest achievement: & ah=ac379c09c1c3fb67e0e8fd1964d5247fThe key stakeholder in the author of the article, Steven Brill is presenting his dissent with the manner that the administration of President Barrack Obama is handling the "Obama Care" program. The second reason for failure >>>

Ethical issues in healthcare

Implementation of HIPAA has decreased the cost of health insurance and improved the overall quality of care.2. Factors essential for shared decision making are: appreciation of the patient's rights and responsibilities in the decision making process, adequate knowledge about patient condition and awareness about various options and implications of the >>>

Healthcare for the elderly

The National Institute on Aging notes that the present challenges include increased heath care budgets, decline in labor supply, and this is being felt in some countries like Greece, Germany and Italy, increase in taxes to fund healthcare for the older population and decline in trade and savings as these >>>

Knowledge and perception of health care workers nursing essay

The purpose of the study was to understand the level of knowledge and perception of HCWs towards hand hygiene and to know the prevalence of NSI and the factors associated with it. For perception of hand hygiene and effectiveness of some measures to improve hand hygiene in the institution, the >>>

Charles cullen: healthcare serial killer

I do not agree with the speed at which hospital responded to this case because any case of a patient losing a life due to the negligence of a healthcare personnel always subjects the hospital and its management to bear the responsibility. The hospital action to this case is a >>>

Four principles of healthcare ethics nursing essay

According to Jonathan Breslin, the only way to accept family's suggestion is not by telling the patient about the disease, until, the entire health care team agrees to take the same step. In my opinion, as a nurse I give respect to the family decision and do not disclose the >>>

The history of healthcare communication nursing essay

Nevertheless, the visions Grafted together are paradigmatic: the appearance of categorizing the path physiology is necessary for understanding of the disease annually appearance interactions role attitudes is necessary for helping the relationship, the overalls look of the holistic vision of the human person is necessary for the nurse-client relationship. Primary >>>

France and united states health care policy comparison

This essay examines the nations of France and the United States in order to develop better understanding of the similarities and differences to be found in each system. This essay assesses and compares the Health Care policies found in the France and the United States in order to illustrate the >>>

Free essay about healthcare issue

The following passage explores the reasons why American healthcare is so expensive and what measures can be taken to bring down the costs. Following steps can be taken to address the issue of rising healthcare costs.

National health care in usa essay sample

The National Health Care is meant to expand the health care services and streamline laws that will govern the provision of health care services. In the general perspective, National Health Care in the United States is one of the contentious issues.

Good report on healthcare laws

The ethical principle guiding delivery of quality care to the patients that require emergency attendance despite the challenges is the distributive justice. The obligations to the institution, care providers, oneself and colleagues may pose a challenge to the delivery of quality care.

The globalization of health care case study examples

This is so because the sector is experiencing high demands of radiologists compared to the rate at which the radiologists are graduating from the medical schools. Globalization of health care is good to the patients because it reduces the workload experienced by the radiologists thus cutting the costs spend by >>>

Bimstorm presentation at healthcare bim consortium by onuma

The video shows the contributions of BIM and how they use tools and information to drive the industry forwards. Major presentations on large scale improvements in the building industry were made and several processes were applied to small parts of sets of data in real projects.

Role of social media platforms in healthcare interventions in work’s denecke

Summary of "Online Social Media: New Data, New Horizons in Psychosis Treatment" This article provides a distinct set of information in regards to the chances provided by mobile applications and social sites and other pertinent new technologies in the collection of large-scale forms of longitudinal datasets thereby improving the chances >>>

Healthcare & information technology

Healthcare and Information TechnologyThe topmost priority of the professionals is to build a safer and more reliable health system after the integration of information technology. This kind of information provides the basis for the evaluation process of the quality of the treatment and service that is provided to the patients.

Nursing: ha-353 legal aspects/healthcare administration final project thesis sample

The laws and ethics of maternal decision making- Challenges encountered As it relates to the rights of pregnant women in our society, it cannot be assumed that they have no rights regarding the fetus they are carrying. Planned Parenthood was discovered to be one of the greatest resource offering reproductive >>>

Civil health care fraud allegations reports examples

The defendants in the case were; King Jnr, King and Associates Inc, Marie King, SouthernCare Inc.and William Bill. Those involved in the investigation of the case were the FBI, The US Attorney and the Department for Health and Human Services in the United States.

Essay on why health care providers attitude are opposed to complimentary and alternative

Why Some Health Care Providers attitude are opposed to Complimentary and Alternative MedicineComplementary and alternative medicine refer to medical practices and products that are not standardized in the medical field. Initially, there is the argument that the distinctions between therapies in CAM are not clear-cut and that some of the >>>

Example of law and policy in health care report

Define the term law and describe the three sources from which law is derivedLaw is a system of principles and processes by which people handle disputes and problems with the aim of settling them. Describe the four objectives of tort lawTort law seeks to provide remedy for a civil wrong >>>

The unfortunately, mental healthcare and access has received

This will be very important in reducingstigma which is the number one deterrent of seeking mental health and alsopromoting mental health literacy in the general public. The overall goal for the fairwould be to increase the mental health literacy of the community.

Good essay on pervasive healthcare in smart environment for aged-care in uae

This research paper presents AssistiNG Elders At Home framework; it is a middleware-level solution able to:-detecting possible dangerous situations for the elderly-composing emergency groups of caregivers and volunteers, allocated in the nearby and willing to help in emergency event cases The ANGELAH peculiarity is the full integration between monitoring and >>>

Healthcare industry in the usa

The expenses and availability of healthcare in the United States are inferior to the services offered in France. The life expectancy is almost similar in the developed countries and the well being of the children is also good.

Free essay on health care provider and faith diversity

This makes it hard for health care providers because they are not in a position to learn and understand all the religions of the patients they take care of in the hospitals. For the nurses and other health care providers to provide best care to patients, they must have an >>>