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Literature review on community-owned enterprises:

Definitions of'Community-owned Enterprise"Community-owned enterprises' are local businesses 'that are owned, run, managed, and/or shared by members of the same community' either a geographic community or a community of shared interests. Imbroscio, Williamson and Alperovitz have describedsix models of community-ownedenterprise: the community-owned corporation, the non-profit corporation, the municipal enterprise, the consumer >>>

Free literature review about change in competition, amt and strategy

The policy is in line with the country's vision 2020, which aims at reforming the management of its resources, and it has contributed greatly to the manufacturing industry in the country. The findings of this study show that there is a positive relationship between management accounting, organizational structure and performance >>>

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Example of service product marketing place promotion literature review

Ali Shahhosseini of the University of Tehran, consumers of service look at the premises of the company offering the service as an indicator of the quality of services offered. The image of an organization is mainly affected by the distribution of the outlets of the organization.

Literature review on improving workplace behaviour for better performance

Work psychology is mainly concerned with several relationships, but the main issues are the relationship between the individual and the individual's work and the relationships among the members of an organisation. Despite the amount of different factors that define workplace behaviour, knowing leadership skills, employeemotivation practices, and how to translate >>>

Cultural differences literature review essay sample

Based on the case study, the ability of John and Ahmad to apologize to each other yields the bargaining power between the parties involved, and enable them to come to an agreement. The culture at home is different from the culture in the UAE, thus he has to adjust to >>>

Consultant proposal – mncf model for decision-support system literature review examples

For the company to utilize the MCNF model, a database would have to be created based on a) site, b) type of waste, c) type of preferred container, d) time windows for sites and waste processing facilities; e) driver availability and driving times, and so on. Routes would be determined >>>

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Example of these are the key questions that the research seeks to answer literature review

The literature review covers the challenge faced by McDonalds in the increasing opposition to its marketing its products to children and the image of its food products being unhealthy. However, the criticism of the company has been growing and the company is under pressure from consumers and authorities to >>>

Ebusiness literature review examples

It was noted that the number of Internet users increases annually, so the number of customers, who wish to have the access to a huge amount of information on different products and services through service providers, also increases. Wei DaiWhat the article is about:The paper is devoted to the consideration >>>

Free team foundation server literature review example

In essence, team project is a simple container that isolates the artifacts and tools relating to particular software that undergoes a development process. It is visual studio support software which can is used to ease the work of a development team.

Blog entries literature review examples

She has gone to where she has been able to go because of the passion and the liking of the job and the business that she started. The most striking was that of the kids who get videos and not understanding the consequences and the responsibilities that decisions come with, >>>

Example of corporate governance literature review

Some nations have been forced to develop standards and approaches that define the form of corporate governance in the nation. Corporate governance is vital in relation to defining company valuation in global markets and economy of the respective countries.

Good best business practices: trends and globalization literature review example

In the Journal of International Marketing, studies show that international advertising is the best way to broadcast branding messages, signs and symbols of a particular company. Because of the difference in culture and societal influences, Wal-Mart Corporation is using the wrong way to design a view the appeals to their >>>

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Literature review on importance of consideration of culture

Thus, it is highly important for managers of multinational organizations to be aware of these and train to handle cultural issues and enable smooth communication between the employees of an organization and the communication between managers and employees in an organization. In this view, the aspects of the societal paradigms >>>

Enterprise performance management literature review

The second activity is the consolidation of various measurement database related to the given business's progress against the specified goals in the first step. He is charged and trusted with the obligation of providing the necessary information and other material sources concerning the effective running of the policies attached to >>>

Free literature review on plant mitochondria and endoplasmic reticulum

Mitochondrial dynamics in plants is determined by the following factors: the metabolism of the cell, the architecture of the cell, mechanoproteins and regulatory proteins which participate in the fusion and fission of organelles. The shape of the endoplasmic reticulum and the membrane shape changes during the division of the cell, >>>

Literature review on the role of the trickster in african-american folktales

Because they are the image of the society reflected in literature, African tricksters are representative for the African American society in which they have been created. Moreover, the tricksters specific to African American literature have a similar role in the current society as they have in the Folktales.

Tqm in nigeria construction sector literature review

In addition, the transformation of the western paradigm to that of total quality management will be a radical transformation in the organization. Implementing TQM in construction industries is a difficult task because of the point of view of the industry from the leaders in the construction industry.

Importance of communication in a business supply chain literature review examples

The result is substantial risks in the running of a business and at times affects the relationship with the retailers. The use of technology as a means of communication in the supply chain eases the complexity in the process and provides for dependency which builds relationships Modern technology has led >>>

Emergency and disasters literature review

On the other hand, the 'all hazards approach" presented by Von Lubits, Beakley, and Patricelli argues that effectiveand efficient management of disasters calls for the utilization of knowledge management and refined information because failures in responding to disasters is hampered by issues such as existing disaster management approaches, and a >>>

Lean and agile supply chains literature review samples

The main keywords in the article are supply chain management and agile and lean supply chain selection. The strategic application of lean and agile supply chain.

Literature to burns (1980) adaptive is the

The Dual Process Model of Perfectionism made a distinctionbetween the pursuit of success,excellence, approval, and satisfaction; and the avoidance of failure,mediocrity, disapproval, and dissatisfaction. Perfectionism has been reportedto be in association with academicachievement and in a number of studies performedin the field.

Free literature review on poor performance in nursing

They include poor and unrealistic patient and work scheduling, biased and poor enforcement of policies, lack of leadership in the profession, failure to pay attention to the grievances of employees, failure to show care to the employees and failure by the management to lead by example. K, & Black, B.P.

Sample literature review on power as individual construct and power as an organizational construct

In the organizational sense therefore, power hinges on the capacity to overcome uncertainties facing the organization, whether a unit can be replaced easily, and the significance of a units function in relation to the overall mission of the organization. According to Raven, power exists depending on the interaction between the >>>

Recruitment and selection review of literature essay

The company is the subsidiary of Grasim Industries Ltd The company is the country's largest exporter of cement clinker. In July 2004, Grasim Industries Ltd acquired management control of the company and in October 14, 2004, the name of the company was changed from UltraTech ChemCo Ltd to UltraTech Cement >>>

Perspective of revenue managers for the new development in revenue management literature review sample

One of the advantages that would be deduced from the above mentioned feature of the total revenue management would be the price elasticity in the menus made available to the customers. Additionally, it is the opinion of the revenue managers that the customer centric revenue management turns out to be >>>

Cultural value of imperialism and its effect on literature essays examples

He continued to say that he was subjected to the intolerable sense of guilt by the adverse impact of the British Imperialists. Imperialism also affects the controlling authority in a manner that the people in the high authority are vulnerable to the abuse and humiliation of the local people.

Literature review of waste management of masonry materials

Hamza,, [ 2 ]:The aim of this paper is to use marble and granite waste of different sizes in the fabrication of concrete blocks, with full replacing of conventional coarse and all right sums with marble waste scrapings and slurry pulverization of content up to 40 %. S,, >>>

Good example of office based strategies for the management of obesity literature review

Among adults in offices around the world overweight and obesity in about 30 to 40% of cases are the causes of diabetes type 2, in 35% of cases - coronary heart disease and 55% - of hypertension. Each year, the cause of the disease is referred to one million deaths >>>

Literature review on quality of work life

Stephen and Dhanapal indicates that QWL also affects employees in the way they response to their work in terms of job performance, job effort, organization identification, job involvement, job satisfaction, personal alienation, intention to quitand organization employee turnover. In addition, employee relations also include the way employees relate with an >>>

Literature review on cardiac resuscitation in pregnancy

It should be noted that the proper identification of the cause for the cardiac arrest enables the medical practitioner to determine if any specific therapeutic options can be applied. When a pregnant woman goes into cardiac arrest, standard resuscitation should be performed and the preparation of the patient possibly undergoing >>>

Exam: literature analysis

To help you answer this question, you might consider: the various different parts of the 'emergency kit' and what they mean for you the ways in which the poet creates a voice and attitude for the speaker and reveals how he sees life the impact and imagery of the last >>>

Review of literature related to customer loyalty

Customer relations though customer satisfaction and trust has greater effect on loyalty. 12 Richard Chinomona & Maxwell Sandada2013 Amongst service quality, satisfaction, trust & customer relationship, impact of service quality and satisfaction is highest on customer loyalty.

Free addressing chronic diseases literature review sample

This gap of design that did not consider the provision of health care to chronic patients, however, needs to be addressed to avert the effects of communicable chronic diseases. The health care system should be able to provide a wide range of these services, which include enlightening the community on >>>

Literature review performance management and the balanced scorecard

In 1990, Kaplan and Norton led a research study of a lot of companies with the purpose of exploring the new methods of performance management. Kaplan and Norton introduced the new tool as the Balanced Scorecard and summarized the concepts of the study in the first of threeHarvardBusiness Review articles, >>>

Construction waste material in landfills literature review sample

The two articles being reviewed in this paper are: a) Multi-Attribute Decision Making in Choosing Suitable Construction Waste Management Methods, and b) A Framework for Managing Construction Demolition Waste: Economic determinants of recycling, both addressing the decision making process in construction waste material management. Zhang and Li primarily address the >>>

Free operational efficiency in organizational change management literature review example

The question becomes relevant to the process of change management itself and how it is to be implemented to reduce change resistance. To evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of change management, researchers need to evaluate the input and output by empirical study to measure where operational efficiency is at its >>>

Literature review on build to order supply chain management future trends and challenges

In this paper, the author delves on the Build to Order model of managing a supply chain as opposed to the traditional one, focusing on the possible upcoming trends on the industries that rely on this production scheme, and on the future of the Build to Order supply chain system >>>

Virginia woolfs the death of the moth literature review examples

Although the Woolf attempts to describe with detachment, her tone cannot remain so as she witnesses the life and death of the moth. The simplicity of the content is a contrast to the complexity of the true subject of the story, the analysis of contrast between life and death.

Frankenstein a beautiful monster english literature

Elizabeth becomes the bright spot in the novel or the "light" so to speak for the reader and for Victor. Elizabeth and the Daemon can be compared to weapons in Victor's arsenal.

Literature review on the effects of workplace engagement on employees

However, it can be generally referred to as the ability and willingness of employees to help the organization in which they are employed achieve its objectives. In order to increase employee engagement, the human resource department should come up with a variety of ways through which employees can be empowered.

Literature review on practicum experience

Moreover, the involvement of the nurse educator was ensured in relation to developing the mentors training to ensure knowledge and skills and input on the mentorship program. The impact of evidence-based practice in nursing and the next big ideas.

Key role of shrm in advancing the degree of team learning literature review example

HRPs need to link strategies and the work process according to the emerging global business concern in order to help employees to fulfilltheir goals and the objectives of the organization. It is very important for HRPs to evaluate and identify learning technique according to the members of team.

Good example of what do frankenstein and dr. jekyll and mr. hyde have to say about community literature review

The books primarily tell the tales of ambitious scientists trying to defy the rules of nature with respect to the human capacity to give and take life. These two stories, from the community point of view, tell the tale of the duality of all human beings with respect to their >>>

Writing a short literature review essay sample

A literature review may be a pioneer to the introduction of the research paper, or this can be a complete paper by itself, performing as the first phase of big research projects as well as allowing the examiner to determine that the learner is on the correct path. Additionally, you >>>

Example of proper nurse staffing literature review

On the contrary, infections that are preventable increase and the satisfaction rate of clients and motivation of nurses is low when the staffing is poor. The argument of proper staffing is on the rise as a result of the increasing ageing of population and lack of nurses.

Example of literature review on evaluation of an evidence-based project

Evaluation is the process of systematically collecting data pertaining to different aspects of a project for the purpose of judging effectiveness and making decisions about the project's future. A formative evaluation focuses on the process of planning and implementing the project while a summative evaluation looks at the outcomes.

The episodic novel of huckleberry finn english literature essay

As a function in Huck 's acquisition procedure, Mark Twain realistically utilizes the societal perceptual experience of Whites during the clip period to help Huck in detecting the defects of bondage, rejecting many critics ' premise that he is a racialist. When Huck realizes that his destiny was wrapped around >>>

Good example of nursing: literature review

The main aim of this study was to scrutinize the relationship between nurse staffing and nurse-rated quality of nursing care and the job outcomes. Nurse staffing, direct nursing care hours and patient mortality in Taiwan: the longitudinal analysis of hospital nursing staffing and patient extreme study.

Death of a salesman the american dream english literature

True to this day, the "American Dream" is a concept that is sought after by men and women all over the world, depicting that the ideas and concepts that Arthur Miller had in the 1900's are never changing". From the very beginning of the play, we witness that Willy, currently >>>

“fahrenheit 451” by ray bradbury – the importance of literature

Literature involves the contemplation of the essence of society and how individuals work within the confines of society's structure. Through this book, Bradbury wants people to understand the importance of literature, both active role and passive role of literature- reading and thinking.

“othello”, “a worn path” and “negro” literature comparison essay

Although Hughes in his "Negro" discusses race as the main source for the character's identity and attempts to accentuate the role of the black race for the whole world history, Shakespeare in Othello and Welty in "A Worn Path" are inclined to provide the emphasis on the characters' race as >>>

Literature review: prevention and control of childhood obesity

Literature Reviews Prevention and Control of Childhood Obesity In quest of finding causes, preventions and control of childhood obesity, several health professionals have participated in the studies of obesity in children and teenagers. The purpose of this study, according to the article, was to determine the rates of identification of >>>

Effects of shift work on the body literature review

Of particular interest to this review are the health implications of shift work thus the purpose of this review is to elucidate some of the specific health problems associated with shift work identifying research evidence of these associations as well as the mechanisms by which shift work causes or aggravates >>>

Literature analysis of the novel of mice and men by john steinbeck

12 Page 3 On this page I thought that John Steinbeck described the overall setting of the place."A few miles south of Soledad, the Salinas River drops in close to the hillside bank and runs deep and green." Straightaway Steinbeck sets the scene and puts us in place. The effect >>>

Free literature review about persuasion nature of hashish in marseille

The central argument of the essay is the use of drugs in the modern society. The author commands his authority from the beginning of the essay to the end, which gives the reader the intention of the writer's work.

Free essay on nursing shortage and impact on patients: a literature review

The quality of patient care, as well as the underlying tenets of timely, safe, effective, efficient and patient-centred health care, is inherently threatened by the increasingly difficult workload on the falling number of nursing staffers. The adjusted regression analysis showed that nurse staffing levels had a statistically significant, andpositive effect >>>

Significance of sneakers literature review sample

In regards to the above, I will argue in favour of the notion that it is not possible to design a perfect athletic shoe. The growth of injuries is currently on the rise, a fact that led to the conclusion that: the increase in number of knee and foot injuries.

Free literature review on online fashion retailers in the united kingdom

More precisely, the knowledge of the online fashion retail business in the United Kingdom is of importance. Therefore, this paper will highlight the place of online fashion retailin the world and more precisely the United Kingdom, and how online fashion retail compares to retail stores.

The real estate market in dubai literature review examples

The effect of the financial crisis started to be felt in Dubai and the greater Gulf region in early 2009. According to Renaud, the prices of real estates fell due to the increase supply of the products in the real market.

Free literature review on tweet for more than just gossip

This allows other people to join in the discussion and make the topic "trend" or become the talk of the moment. This very moment, twitter is being used by a variety of landscapes and industries, extending the media to their audiences, the seller to their customers, and even the influential >>>

Example of literature review on resource based view and internationalization

This quality absolves Xiaomi of the threat of competitive rivalry and the threat of substitution which are prime features in Porter's entry model. One of the products of Xiaomi Inc.that showcases the extent to which it is tech-savvy and distinct from other competitors is the Mi Band.

Literature review on efficient markets

The semi-strong form of market efficiency indicates that all the historical and public information is reflected into the stock market prices and can be tested by the use of event studies attempting to disclose how quickly and accurately markets respond to new information. In addition, the paper asserts that size >>>

Useful facebook tools that shape consumer or buyer behavior literature review examples

The social media is distinctfrom other types of traditional or industrial media in the essence that people can acquire information about the products in the market.the clients can also get educated through these social sites and obtain data in electronic form from different sites on the internet. The major question >>>

Literature review on financial capability as a 21st century skill

Just one of the programs that YouthSave has set into motion is the Enidaso account in Ghana which serves youth between the ages of 12 and 18. Making Cents International, in collaboration with BRAC and the SEEP Network, is reaching out to youth in Bangladesh and sub-Saharan Africa with a >>>

Analyzing literature with the method(e)

Step 4: Repetition: doll and dollhouseStrand: play/playing/playedContrasts; Play and bleeding- the narrator states that she is allowed to play after bleeding monthly for over 20 years yet the bleeding signifies amenstruation periods' growing up thus should not be playing with toys. The narrator states that she is allowed to play >>>

Korean literature

In the ancient belief, the priest is referred to as the mudang if female and the baksu if he is male. The mudang has the main responsibility of being an intermediary between the gods and the people through rituals.

How does this piece of literature reflect on modern life

How the piece of literature reflect on modern life The play is the writing of William Shakespeare. From the introduction, the piece displays the fact that there is still the existence of racism in the case of Othello marrying Desdemona.

Religious symbolism in literature

In the novel, the author has employed death and resurrection of the main character, Gandalf, who is compared to the ever powerful Jesus. In literature, several authors have alluded to the Garden of Eden in various works.

Meaning of multicultural literature

It is observable that, language is the principal factor in enhancing multiculturalism.argues that rethinking of multicultural education is an attempt to reclaim education as part of a larger and more serious struggle for social justice and a common language is imperative in this course. Both Heyneman and Cannon attest to >>>

English & literature

English and Literature The Black Belt Region of Alabama The region has majority of its population being African-Americans. The language is a symbol of unity and togetherness among the community members.

Jaws & moby dick- difference between the literature and the trivial

of the English of the Concerned 13 January Jaws & Moby Dick- Difference between the Literature and the Trivial In abroad context, literature could mean anything that a person could consider a written text to be. Although, this is not the alpha and omega of the concept called literariness, I >>>

Thinking about literature review

Nevertheless, the invention of internet has enabled students to use the Web for their research. Even though the use of the internet has led information literacy, Postman argues that invention of technology has disadvantages too.

Good literature review about the impact of hazardous waste

The definition of 'hazardous' depends on the constitution, the physical form and chemical, physical and biological properties of the waste. Despite the differences in the definition and classifications of waste, some of the key characteristics on the basis of which hazardous wastes are identified across all the countries include the >>>

Literature of organic farmers which produces the

The deciding factor that limits the use of organic products is the price and availability. There are groups of consumers who are willing to paypremium prices for the organic products.

Literature on console video game industry

The growth of video game hardware and software is evident with the rise in sales worldwide of video games to US $ 30 billion in 2008 as predicted by the market research firm IDC. The United States is leading in the video and computer games sphere with a yearly spend >>>

The wife of bath, beatrice, and grendel’s mother – examples of women empowerment in literature

Because of this, she is the metaphorical symbol of women equality; "Of the tribulation that's in marriage- about which I am an expert in my age- that is to say that I have been the whip". She is an important character in Beowulf as a secondary antagonist who is perceived >>>

Human nature in literature

Whether the action is positive or negative depends on the state of mind of the being, as well as the inner nature of the heart. Essentially each art form is the same, the only varying factors are the modes of 2 imitation, as in what is to be imitated, and >>>

Honors literature don quixote essay

In Cervantes' Don Quixote, Don Quixote is portrayed as a delusional person with a tendency of expressing eccentric behaviors; however, Don Quixote's delusions can be judged reasonable if the audience looks at the acts of Don Quixote as a childish and immature approach to regarding things in life. With Don >>>

Literature: the legend of sleepy hollow and katrina van tassel

He was a superstitious schoolteacherof the children in the town. The one thing Brom Van Brunt and Ichabod Crane had in common was they both wanted to win the hand of Katrina Van Tressel.

The yellow wallpaper literature review sample

Charlotte Gilman explores the mind of a woman who struggles to tear the layers of wallpaper placed by the society. She grows gradually to become defiant to the restrictive rules around her, the clearer she saw the woman behind the wallpaper.

Literature review on the jilting of granny weatherall katherine anne porter

Although it was sixty years ago and she has since married and had many children it obviously preys on her mind because she thinks of George as she lies there dying:For sixty years she has prayed against remembering him and against losing her soul in the deep pit of hell, >>>

Good example of literature review on factors affecting second languages acquisition and learning

Many people have learnt a second language while in school, and knows that in order for them to successfully learn a second language they had to work hard and be determined and persistent in their efforts. Native language speaks to when persons learning a second language that is the same >>>

Example of literature review on the effect of age in second language pronunciation learning

Most of the previous studies and theoretic concepts suggest a link between the age of exposure to a second language and development of native-like pronunciation. As commonly the pronunciation is undervalued and omitted in language classes, the learners simply try to transfer the sounds from their native or first language >>>

The end of poverty economic possibilities for our time literature review examples

In contrast to the image that the title of this book brings about and the prejudiced idea in our mind about how it is overwhelmingly difficult to end poverty in the distant or near future, Jeffrey Sachs's The End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities for Our Time provides an honest, uncomplicated >>>

Good literature review about poverty on childhood development

Both studies show with a high level of certainty that the state of poverty has a negative impact on the neurological development of children. The impact of episodic and chronic poverty on child cognitive development.

A preschool literature program essay

The focus of this literature program is to integrate literacy into a Pre-School curriculum which will aim to arm the children with a sense of how important literacy is whilst establishing strong, lifelong skills and, all the while, introducing the children to the wonderful world of literature which will hopefully >>>

The present urban regimes in canada literature review samples

The urban regime theory has been developed by scholars and it includes all related factors of a specified circumstance and its focus is on the impact of certain situations to the relationships of members in associations or alliances. It is consensual in all articles that the urban regime in Canada >>>

Free literature review on achievement of developmental milestones in infants

The objective was to investigate if the duration of breastfeeding has an effect on the likelihood of gross and fine motor delay in infants. 3% of infants in the moderate CMD group and 81.

Nature of science and technology literature review

Dan Sullivan defines technology as a system of techniques where a technique is a way of doing something. He explains that you can virtually have a technology of anything: a technology of playing baseball, writing, and of making various kinds of objects.

Literature review on childrens growth and development from 4-5 years old

The objective of this paper is to investigate on the recent best evidences from literatures in the field of growth and development of children aged around four to five years. Features of Mental Development and Self-Development in the Preschool Child.

The problem of personal identity literature review

It is only God who has the responsibility to create human beings since we are a replication of what exactly He is. It is the soul that makes us what we are.

Good example of literature review on successful intercultural communication in global teams

The core barriers of communication at individual level pertain to the variance of the perception, values and ethics of a particular place / organisation. The theoretical and practical perspective of the element could be evaluated with the support of literary readings that illustrate the intercultural interactions determining the communication in >>>

Free literature review on disaster planning for families is your family prepared

However, families can be able to adopt an emergency preparedness plan to improve the ability of the all the people in the family to help in the rescue and evacuation procedures. The training plan can be introduced to all members of the family.