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Explaining the responsibility of the corporation as a moral agent

EXAMPLES OF HOW A CORPORATION CAN BE CONSIDERED A SOCIETAL MORAL PROBLEM:When it does not remunerate it human resources adequately; employees are products of the society and should be sufficiently rewarded for the contribution they make to the company's profitability. When a corporation's products are harmful to the consumers; incase >>>

Moral consequences

At this late date, virtually every American knows the most widely broadcast fallout from the Enron scandal- the collapse of a mega-corporation, jail sentences for many of key players in the scandal, and the realization that no company is invincible, especially given the fact that its very caretakers were in >>>

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The competitive edge of moral leadership

To this end, I would perfectly agree with Wittner that the opinion held by Machiavelli that the end justified the means for a leader can no longer prevail in today's generation of leadership. In effect, I agree with Wittner on the fact that leadership in today's era cannot be well-executed >>>

Ethical and moral decisions relating to drugs in health care facilities essay

The medic will prescribe the use of the drug to the patients. The health care's medical practitioners should ensure proper handling of drugs to ensure that the drugs are free from contamination.

Some essential current moral issue in clothing industry

Quality issue: The quality issue is the one the basic issue in the pieces of clothing industry. Articles of clothing individuals' client primarily the remote client, they demonstrate their item through web and they discuss the nature of material.

Chaos of structure: the importance of deviance in moral conformity essay

This experiment also calls into question the actual value of human moral and social structures, while also questioning the suggestion of evolution and natural selection: that humans want, more than anything, to further the race. Both sociobiologists and sociologists make the same mistake here, assuming that moral structure is in >>>

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Moral law in trifles

They have been considered inferior to the opposite sex and even as a form of property."Trifles" take place in 1916 where the rights of women are yet to be stated a place that is ruled by the paterfamilias, the men. Wright to the murder of the killing of her husband.

Moral attitueds toward the thousand and one night

The tales of the ox and the donkey The vizier fears that his daughter will merely suffer. Narrative imagining - story - is the fundamental instrument of thought.

Moral development in children & adolescents

Lawrence Kohlberg's Six Stages of Moral Development On the other hand, the stages of moral development for Lawrence Kohlberg are the following: The first stage is known as "obedience and punishment orientation". What they do at this stage is to look into the "different sides of issues".

Good example of do powerful nations have moral and legal rights to develop and/or exploit the resources research paper

In the novel "Heart of Darkness," Joseph Conrad depicts the picture of Africa, which is one of the less developed countries, as a place where "the earth seemed unearthly". Capitalism and imperialism are the weapons in the hands of powerful nations that they use to have control over other less >>>

How to properly raise moral qualities in children

Moreover, the fundamental and original purpose of school is establishing a constitution to guide and teach youths not only to be more knowledgeable, but more importantly to be a better man who is useful and responsible to society. Hence, it is clearly demonstrated that parents should hold the responsibility to >>>

Shakespeare’s moral conflict of revenge

Sophocles's Antigone and William Shakespeare's Hamlet illustrate the theme of listening to the moral conscience. The moral conflict of family and law is illustrated in the play Antigone.

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Heathcliff and cathy’s relationship as a symbol of breaking normal moral and social codes

Heathcliff and Cathy's relationship is the central to the novel because of the implications it has for the characters' contemporaries, the next generation, and the narrative as a whole. They plan to live at the Grange, rejecting Cathy and Heathcliff's hell on Earth for a symbol of heaven.

Order leadership power and moral consequences

In the beginning of Lord of the Flies, we are introduced to the powerful conch which is the most important symbol from the novel and the first discovery. Ralph even gives the boys the idea of voting and freedom by raising the conch and saying they have to have a >>>

A response to the morality of hamlet in the tragedy of hamlet, prince of denmark, a play by william shakespeare

While the morality of the story may be skewed in the eyes of the audience, a good question to research is how Hamlet views the morality of the things that happen. Claudius feels justified in killing King Hamlet because he feels a right to the throne.

Shakespeare literature: prophecy and macbeth morality essay

The divination made by the witches pushes Macbeth further into immorality as he is made to believe that he deserves the position of king. In addition, Macbeth abandons reason and morality so as to make the predictions a fact.

Moral codex of macbeth

Prior to this act, it would seem likely that Lady Macbeth would be the one to carry out the murder, yet in Scene 1 it is revealed that the ringing of a bell will be the signal for Macbeth himself to go in and kill the king. This is demonstrated >>>

Moral and ethical concepts in nursing

Perhaps, the current trend in the psychoanalysis is one of the nursinghealthcare issues that have propagated the zeal for various ethical and moral issues. Nurses have constantly acted as important organs of the general society where various health issues have lead to a change in the roles of the family >>>

Ethics, moral dilemmas, and the law week 3

It should be noted that both the nurse and the patient are protected by nurse practice act, which explains that the nurse owes the patient a duty of care in regardless of his situation. ReferencesSimpson, K.& Creehan, P.

The glory of god by wayne grudem: the bible’s teaching on the moral goodness of business

He uses each of the subjects within the chapter to show how they can either be used for the glory of god or used for the glory of man, which is never a good thing. The last chapter in Business for the Glory of God is the chapter that stood >>>

The moral and lessons from the wife of bath’s tale from canterbury tales

He was sent out to find the answer of what women want to teach him a lesson about women as a whole, and to see if he would learn anything along his way. She wanted the Knight to learn a lesson and even though it took him longer than one >>>

Moral issues in the united states navy

The United States Navy's mission is to produce naval forces that are proficient and skilled in combat mission especially in winning wars and able to sustain freedom of the seas. In the case of Suzanne Swift, the navy left without her because it is the right thing to do, for >>>

What were the moral dilemmas facing writers in a communist country in order to be published? essay

Therefore, in order to answer the given question, lots of aspects have to be taken into consideration, some of them being concepts like 'ketman', the true essence of the communist ideology, the 'new faith', Marxism and other interlinked concepts, with 'The Captive Mind' by Milosz being used as one of >>>

Hard times as a moral fable

The circus is very important as a sybol in the scheme of this moral fable. The moral of this novel as a whole is put by dickens in the mouth of Mr.

Ethical, legal and moral dilemma case study example

In that strain, the nurse may be in the know of the impossibilities of recovery and recuperation given the state of health of the patient. In that respect, the action pursued by the nurse would be in clear breach of the confidence between the nurse and her patient.

Sample essay on moral responsibility

According to Socrates, morality refers to the creation of as well as adherence to the rules which govern the way a human behaves. According to Socrates, the issue of good or harm is determined by the benefits accrued to the soul.

Case study on morality in the absence of god

Drawing finally on the conclusion that a large portion of modern society actually functions quite well without religion and the fear of the death of religion is unfounded, life would continue onthe same without it as the law can and will bear the responsibility of human morality. The fact of >>>

Free term paper on ethical, legal and moral dilemmas

It may not be ethical to subject close family members to the pain that is attached to the loss of a loved one. A client who is terminally ill ought to receive psychiatric evaluation and guidance to help her cope with the situation.

Good example of essay on moral problems pose by global citizenship

IntroductionGlobalization is one of the key phenomena of current history and culture as the world has become smaller and economy has become increasingly global and intertwined due to the unprecedented interconnectedness of human, economic, political, cultural, and informational resources the world has come to know. Do global citizenship, education, and >>>

John lockes and aristotles understanding of moral life

John Locke and Aristotle's understanding of moral life and model of governance Introduction John Locke and Aristotle both focused their attention on how humans coped in a free state of nature, contrary to a structured society. On the other hand, Aristotle suggests that, the wants and interests of mankind must >>>

Pick the film gone baby gone or sleepers. judge (moral or immoral) the main action (one single main action) of the film . support your position by using kant’s moral philosophy

As the case progresses along the length of the film, the lines between good and bad are nearly blurred due to interest and mysterious motives. Therefore, all the individuals involved in the staged kidnapping of Amanda had a bad motive for their immoral action.

Analysis of the importance of the moral voice in to kill a mockingbird

Thus it is clear that the most memorable idea of this novel is the importance of the moral voice and how it can impact on the innocent minds of the children."To Kill a Mockingbird was published in 1960 and it reflected on the Civil Rights Movement. Without Atticus and thus >>>

Atticus finch as a moral character

Atticus helps to develop healthy and moral attitudes in his children by encouraging them to avoid unnecessary conflict, to always strive to be the better person, but also to still be prepared to accept a challenge if it is necessary for doing what is morally right, which demonstrates his truly >>>

Moral principles in harper lee’s novel to kill a mockingbird essay

Harper Lee explores a great number of themes in the first chapters of the novel, for example, integrity of a person and his/her ability contradict the norms, adopted in the community. The main characters introduced in the first chapters of the novel are Atticus Finch and his children Scout and >>>

Free the capacity approach with regard to moral action and thought research paper example

As a result, the motivation for this review is to identify different ways that researchers have sought to provide a testable and comprehensive theoretical framework that can serve as a reliable basis for guiding research studies and organizational practices in the future with regard to the moral capacity necessary to >>>

Good example of satisfactory moral guidance essay

Sense of responsibility seen in the commitments upheld enhances the trust levels of everyone connected to the self in life. Basic moral guidance to help a self lead a well balanced peaceful life are: a) confidence in self holding on to moral values of life steadfast b) trust in the >>>

Free moral claims critical thinking example

IntroductionThe debate on the moral argument is unending, as Stich, states that the disagreement arising from the debate on the topic is unending. This writing explains the Meaning of moral claims; the objections of moral claims; the responses to the objections and the arising implications.

Example of can one be moral and not believe in god essay

So this leads to the belief that there has to be a different reason for why a person is or is not moral. This would mean that there had to be an innate sense of what is right or wrong before the belief or existence in the concept of God.

Moral hazard in the health insurance market economics essay

If the health service market is in the state of monopoly, where there is only one provider in the whole facet, in order to realize maximization of the profit, the monopolist will choose the point M to produce the product in the market, in which consumer surplus is. As mentioned >>>

Varying moral worlds in odyssey and aeneid essay

Some of the issues that differ between the two societies, as highlighted in the two poems, include marital love, representation of the underworld, the idea of fate, and pride/hubris. It is believed that the intention of the Greek gods is to safeguard the safety of the people.

Connections between law and morality philosophy essay

Euthanasia is the bringing about of a gentle and easy death in the case of incurable and painful disease with the consent of the victim. Therefore there are some people who still would like euthanasia to remain illegal, therefore their views should be taken into account as well and can >>>

Youth cultures able to incite moral panics media essay

This is in many ways is an exaggerated perception that the Coalition wish to cover as a social issue and need the public reaction to be expressed in outrage. This is seen as a social issue that has caused moral panic in the media by what is reported as thousands >>>

Youth crime, moral panics, and the news

IntroductionIs youth crime a moral panic or a moral crisis, many people will have different views however what view does the media haveThe media tend to represent youth crime as a moral panic within society to create a stir and gain the public's attention. A moral panic refers to the >>>

Importance of moral science

It is also a science of human soul; it's a mirror of one's inward mind, one's ethics. Thus to all the schools of the modern days it's my hearty advice that before preparing a new syllabus for the new term please make Moral science as part of the curriculum.

Egoism and moral scepticism analysis philosophy essay

Gyges used the power of the ring to gain entry to the Royal Palace where he seduced the Queen, murdered the King and subsequently seized the throne. Does he have the right to do the things he is capable of by the power of the ring?

Introduction “absolutely no sense of moral responsibility.” (wilde

In order to underscore the importance of marriage, the subject is introduced in the opening part of the play in a discussion between Algernon and his servant, Lane, and once the subject is introduced, it becomes a recurring concept in the entire play. The concept of marriage is a subject >>>

The existence of moral disagreement philosophy essay

This essay will conclude that the anti-realist argument, casting doubt on the existence of moral facts, is more convincing than the realist argument; therefore moral disagreement can be seen as fundamental, giving us good reason to believe that there are no moral facts. Moral sceptics, most notably Mackie and Nietzsche, >>>

A lawyers dilemma using natural law and utilitarianism moral theories

According to natural law, as defined in encyclopedia Britannica online, humans have the right to make moral judgments, and this is the true law; not the arbitrary power of the state. Thus, in total, it becomes evident that their action was in total contradiction with the natural law, but was, >>>

Influence of religion and education on moral judgement

In addition, another study was conducted among students in Kuwait University, in order to know the effect of gender and education on moral reasoning. The method used in this study was the short form of DIT and before the study all the participants were registered in a short semester at >>>

Morality’s decisions: cyrano de bergerac’s version of honor

This quote reveals how Cyrano does not want to taint the memory Roxane has of Christian, and as a result he does not tell her the truth. Although honesty is one of his beliefs, he lies to Roxane and maintains the ideal man he and Christian have created.

Ethical egoism as moral theory

Thesis: Without a distinct framework, ethical egoism fails as a moral theory to assist moral decision making because it endorses the animalistic nature of humanity, fails to provide a viable solution to a conflict of interest, and is proved to be an evolutionary unstable moral strategy. Without a distinct framework, >>>

An abstract of the research: heart of darkness: morality and meaning

Moreover, in Heart of Darkness, Conrad depicts his most profound and significant point of view into the real human condition and illustrates perhaps his most contemptuous conclusions on the various and conflicting tensions that can be meted out on the moral, psychological and intellectual progress of humanity. This conflict between >>>

Informative essay on ethical and moral issues in business

To understand ethical and moral issues in business, their differences must become imperative, the differences between personal ethics and business ethics become essential, and examples of common ethical problems in businesses become important. Ethics become extremely important to everyone in the workplace, and are the beliefs, values, and morals that >>>

The moral acceptability of passive euthanasia

First, that euthanasia involves the deliberate and premeditated act, of taking away a person's life; and, second, that it is an act of mercy, which is taken for the sake of the person whose life is unbearable from pain or has an incurable disease. In fact, if we proceed with >>>

Moral muscle

The phrase Moral Muscle is a metaphor in which shows a type of strength someone obtains mentally. Moral strength is internally in a person, and only that person can control his moral muscles.

Discuss the distinction between a fundamental and a subordinate moral principle

It is the intrinsic value of the moral principle itself, not that it appeals to other moral principle or justified by other reasons, that makes it the fundamental moral principle. The fundamental moral principle behind choosing to tell a lie would be because it maximizes happiness and the moral principle >>>

Morality and political problems as depicted in the unknown citizen and spain by auden

Auden reflects on moral and political issues of his context in the poems The Unknown Citizen and Spain, to criticise the indoctrination and manipulation of the people by political systems and advocate for individuality. Thus, Auden represents the power of conflicting political perspectives to shape people's motivations and urges individuals >>>

The moral argument for the existence of god

The moral arguments claim that God is the source of our morality, and they appeal to the existence of moral laws as evidence of His existence. However so far we have not been forced to conclude that the God of classical theism is the source of this moral code.

Summary holds that moral reasoning, the foundation for

The topic of moral development is of fundamental importance in the fields of psychology and education. The second level conventional morality consist of phase 3 and 4 of Kohlberg's theory.

Moral virtue aquired

By developing the four cardinal virtues, a person can go very far down the path of a whole life, well lived and the rest is up to good fortune. Aristotle concludes that it is not possible to achieve happiness, a whole life well lived, without moral virtue.

Discovering morality through texts

Gray explored the way in which his view of the world was altered as a result of his environmental repositioning in his poem FaDW, as he highlights the materialistic, disposable nature of western culture. Through this it becomes apparent that Gray's discoveries have altered the way in which he views >>>

Law and morality

Law and Morality Sir John Salmond described the law as 'the body of principles recognised and applied by the state in the administration of justice'. He felt that society had a certain moral standard, which the law had a duty to support, as society would disintegrate without a common morality >>>

Alchemy and morality in ‘rappaccini’s daughter’ and ‘the birthmark’?

The short stories 'The Birthmark' and 'Rappaccini's Daughter' both include alchemists, bringing a Frankenstein-esque horror as to the possibilities and lengths the scientists will go to in order to achieve progress. However, the moral consequences of the procedures are more important than the scientific results, and the amad scientists' are >>>

Sex: morality about pre-marital sex

Sex ispleasurable, but in God's view, the primary purpose of sex is not recreation,but rather recreation. God designed us to be sexual creatures and says sex is to beenjoyed between a husband and wife within their marriage.

Morality vs. obedience

A belief can be defined as "an assent to anything proposed or declared, and its acceptance as fact by reason of the authority from whence it proceeds, apart from personal knowledge; faith." So, to be clear, knowledge is dropping a ball and knowing that it will fall to the ground >>>

Religious/moral issue: euthanasia essay sample

At the beginning Dot tells the priest what her problem is, and takes the view that what Ethel is asking her, is wrong. She starts to steal things from the local shops, which is peculiar behavior for Dot, and not until she is seen in court do we understand that >>>

Moral – college essay

Social contract theory as developed by Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau takes as its premise that there is an agreement between an individual and society in which the individual agrees to submit to the authority of the government and its laws in return for the government's protection of the individual's life >>>

Jonas coming of age the moral spiritual and emotional journey

His community expected him to follow the rules and that he not would question the foundation of their society as a result of his new role. The range of emotions that Jonas felt contributed to his spiritual and moral growth.

Morality of specific actions

Actually, it is very difficult to evaluate the damage and consequences of the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster. As to the advantages of the given position it should be pointed out that higher standards of legalaccountabilityand responsibility make people understand the importance of their specific actions and problems, which can be caused, >>>

Richard cory: the moral essay

The speaker of the poem is someone in a low working class, but he is speaking for everyone in his community who seems to be of equal financial stature. In the first two lines we are introduced to the poems namesake, Richard Cory, and we know that he is someone >>>

Moral panics essay

The issue of drugs and music in the 1960s led to the persecution of many pop stars who were perceived as having a highly corrupting influence upon the youth of the day and, as will be discussed later in the essay, this aspect of moral panics can be related to >>>

Does universial morality exist essay sample

What was the original stimulus of morality, and is this knowledge humans have of morality objective? He believed that that was our aim in life, therefore permitting that humans would all try and do more of the same good to achieve the highest objective good.

Morality does not know what to do about

Once he discovers whom to turn to, he begins a long and difficult journey in which he realizes that he is a unique person, he puts it as, "I am nobody but myself".. In it he hears his grandfather give him instructions to read a note that is in the >>>

Morality and competing ideologies in watchmen

The binary of black and white is the same as the binary of good and evil in Rorschach's mind. In this way, Rorschach is the opposite of Dr.

Importance of moral science in school

It is too much of a social phenomenon and there is too much of the personal and subjective mixed within, for it to be taught as a rational science. Once the child notices and recognizes goodness in others, he or she is likely to develop it as well.

Ethical and moral issues in intelligence

Ethical and Moral Issues in Intelligence Introduction Richard Helms deliberately lied in front of the Senate about the involvement CIA had on 7 February 1973 in Chile. 1 Similarly, William Colby lied in front of the church committee in the year 1975 denying the involvement of US in Angola.

The moral values of male characters in hard times and pride and prejudice

The typical characteristic traits of Mr Darcy is that he is stiff, proud, arrogant and has prejudices regarding his most important relation with a gentleman's daughter, the intelligent Elizabeth Bennet, who like Blackpool in Hard Times is the very center of the novel. Mr Wickham is an officer in the >>>

The moral dilemma in the adventures of huckleberry finn, a novel by mark twain

In the exposition of the story, Huck's lack of morality is shown through his ingratitude for the adult characters that watch over him like Miss Watson and Jim. While Huck still views Jim as a lesser person because of his race, he is starting to develop a relationship with Jim >>>

Are good intentions necessary for moral action

But, consequentiality like Bethel believes that the consequence of the moral action determines whether the actions are right or wrong not the intention, even though the intention may be good; the means justifies the end. It does not matter if the intentions of terrorist group are good and often they >>>

Reaction to the moral instinct by steven pinker

Pinter is critical of the entire question of morality and claims it to be passed on from one generation to the next and accepted without question because we were taught that way! Genetic basis for Morality: There should be a genetic basis to the concept of morality because it is >>>

Fundamental rule of social morality

Praising military personnel for "service to our country" and saying that deserters ought to be shot is an example of people following the fundamental rule of social morality. A major concern that I have with contemporary norms pertains to the notions of profit and non-profit.

Inspiration and trust: the moral catalysts for true loyalty in the scarlet pimpernel

The relationship formulated between a leader and his followers is based upon the leader's ability to inspire, thus creating a dynamic that is built upon love, trust, and the willingness to sacrifice. Commonly, one-sided loyalty and relationships can be attributed to negative characteristics, such as a leader's un-inspiring presence or >>>

An analysis of moral in who moved my cheese

This small book, Who Moved My Cheese, is a fast and easy read but one which can enlighten even a cynical person to some ways to adapt to the inevitable changes of life in its many shifting forms and challenges. Now, the reader of this article may ask, what does >>>

Ethics & morality of stealing

The common ideas for the reason why people steal is that it is for the money. On the black market you can sell an item for 50% of its value-possibly even more if the item is popular in the community at the time.

Moral decisions in daily life

Agent-Focused consequentialism, on the other hand, is when the results of the moral decision are concentrated on the needs of the decision maker. It is my belief that the ideal moral decision making process must combine the strengths of consequentialism and deontology while attempting to compensate for their errors.

Kantian approach to morality philosophy essay

In his human moral theories, Kant argues that the ultimate end of human decisions and actions ought to be good for one's own self and also to others. Metaphysics of human morality was coined around various principles like; moral sensibility, human happiness, categorical imperatives, autonomy of human will, principle of >>>

Moral hazards in financial system

The case we will be discussing will be the housing bubble burst and it relates to the topic because lenders took great risks lendingmoneyto people that could not afford it knowing their banks were too big to fail and he government would have to bail them out. Moral hazards in >>>

“to kill a mocking bird” and “silas marner” are stories with a moral essay sample

In 'To Kill a Mocking Bird' Scout learns about the injustice of discrimination and judgement, to tolerate differences and views and to value people. Silas learns the joys and happiness of love that Eppie has brought in comparison to the love for his money.

Moral and ethical issues of human cloning philosophy essay

With that said, A matter of much debate in current society is whether human cloning should be allowed so that infertile couples could have the opportunity to have genetically related children, give people the chance of life after death, and open the way for perfect match organ transplants, or should >>>

Moral unacceptability of abortion philosophy essay

This case can even apply to people who do not believe that human life begins at conception, and rather that once the egg is fertilized that now it has the potential of life. We should have to deal with the consequences of our actions and believe that having an abortion >>>

On morality

To think that one of a parent's main ambitions is to produce a child and raise it to have said good morals and values. The point that I am so desperately trying to convey is that certain situations I had to deal with as a child and a young adult >>>

Animal cloning: why it is moral

In addition cloning of pet animals such as dogs and cats from the dead pet has also been started in recent times. In addition to cloning endangered species and those close to endangerment, cloning, in the near future, can also help to revive extinct animals if a viable source of >>>

Compare and contrast piaget’s and kohlberg theories of moral develpment. which seems more relevent to the study of adolesecnts why

Moral education and moral development is becoming a of interest and importance in then field of psychology and education. The importance is on the wrong act itself and the consequences, and not on the intentions of the doer.

The presence of art through morality and social roles in emma

Based on Tolstoyan and Gardner's artistic standards, Emma by Jane Austen would classify as art due to the foil characters to Emma who depict proper moral behavior such as her friend Harriet Smith and acquaintance and rival Jane Fairfax; in addition Emma and Frank Churchill are characters which are not >>>

“carelessness”, moral corruption and materialism essay sample

Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby is a novel about a man, who tries to make it rich by following the American Dream to pursue the love of his life. Even Gatsby had stumbled in the ditch of moral corruption before he died and realized her was chasing a dream that >>>