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How does steinbeck present the relationship between george and lennie in the novel?

The skilled and careful presentation of this relationship forms the foundation upon which almost all of the novella's prevailing themes are structured, from the preciousness of companionship to the futility ofdreams. Immediately, Steinbeck portrays the essence of George and Lennie's relationship through this first quote about the men: that this >>>

The novel of mice and men – sexism and degradation of women

In the Novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, the author is representing sexism and the degradation of women because of how Curley's wife is flirtatious, how she is talked about by men and the way that her death was treated. Overall everything that Curley's wife did wrong to >>>

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The importance of loyalty and betrayal in the kite runner, a novel by khaled hosseini

The story is told through the eyes of the protagonist Amir, and the events of his life in Afghanistan, fleeing from Afghanistan to America because of the Soviet-Afghan war, and finally returning to Afghanistan to rescue Sohrab, his half brother's son. Early on in the novel, Hassan displays loyalty to >>>

A topic of loneliness in the novel of mice and men by john steinbeck

Steinbeck uses characters, the most essential are Curley's wife, Candy and Crooks, to mirror on the discriminative term that in the long run result in the characters' loneliness and particular behaviors. Curley's spouse is a major individual in Of Mice and Men and is married to Curley, a very competitive >>>

Dark romanticism in historical fiction novel “the scarlet letter”

Hester in time overcame the sin and was the heroine of the story. Hawthorne used the symbolism of the scarlet letter and the sin it publicized to eventually become a judgment on the hypocrisy of the religious community.

Main message of “a rose for emily” novel

The ending image of a strand of Emily's hair laying next to Homer Barron's rotting corpse effectively illustrates the balance between death and change in Emily's life. Through the years, the townspeople's tolerance for Emily's adherence to seem to decline, eventually leaving her to die and become obsolete to the >>>

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A life experience in the novel of mice and men

The question of who is most powerful out of the characters in this book is debatable based on what characteristic of a person is considered most important. The biggest victim of oppression in the novel is Crooks, a black worker who is formed to live in separation from the other >>>

Character analysis of pip in the novel: “great expectations” by charles dickens essay sample

Pip is a confused character constantly seeking his own identity, but he can never seem to understand who he is or where he is going in life. Pip is unsure of his own identity, yet he is proud and boastful of his own class status in the English society.

Mary shelley’s novel frankenstein or the modern prometheus essay

This is the main theme that the writer explores; in this way, she prompts the readers to think about the causes of misfortunes that struck many innocent people. This is one of the issues that should be identified because it is important for understanding the subsequent actions of this monster >>>

The concept of friendship during the great depression in of mice and men, a novel by john steinbeck

The ending of the novella is seen as a tragedy to the readers following the death of Lennie, nevertheless is holds the key ideas that Steinbeck wanted to present to the reader concerning society during the Great Depression such as how they were unable to understand the concept of friendship. >>>

The episodic novel of huckleberry finn english literature essay

As a function in Huck 's acquisition procedure, Mark Twain realistically utilizes the societal perceptual experience of Whites during the clip period to help Huck in detecting the defects of bondage, rejecting many critics ' premise that he is a racialist. When Huck realizes that his destiny was wrapped around >>>

Plot of the kite runner novel

Amir and Hassan were best friends, the only difference was that Amirr's father was rich and people respected him, but Hassan was their servant and a Hazara. When Assef tried to hit Hassan, he shot him in the eye and escaped with Amir.

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The theme of hardship in the novel of mice and men

There are many conflicts George and Lennie face together in the novel such as Lennie against Curley, Lennie against Curley's wife and Lennie against George. All of the conflicts evolve Lennie but impacts both Lennie and George.

Frankenstein: “cruelty breeds evil”- analysis of the novel essay sample

When the Creature innocently reaches out to his creator, Victor escapes and abandons his creation because he is "unable to endure the aspect of the being [he] had created" He leaves the Creature to fend for himself, alone in the world, innocent and as defenseless as a human infant. In >>>

Loyalty and friendship in the novel of mice and men

Lennie murders a woman, and the other workers want to torture him for his crime. George knows and loves Lennie and would never let anything happen to him.

Literature analysis of the novel of mice and men by john steinbeck

12 Page 3 On this page I thought that John Steinbeck described the overall setting of the place."A few miles south of Soledad, the Salinas River drops in close to the hillside bank and runs deep and green." Straightaway Steinbeck sets the scene and puts us in place. The effect >>>

Mary shelley and her iconic novel frankenstein

He was extremely influential during the Enlightenment Period and through his connections Mary would be introduced to many of the most prominent philosophers, authors, and poets of the time. Victor's death cures the monster's desire for vengeance and he sets out to end his life.

The difference among obliviousness and knowledge in bradbury’s novel fahrenheit 451

This similarity is authorized to maintain a strategic distance from any contention and satisfy the minorities, and this is the place the fire men come in. Mildred cannot get away from this alternative world, and rather fits in with what the parlor close relatives say since she needs to accept >>>

“of mice and men”: george’s actions at the end of the novel

It is clear from the start in the novella that George cares for Lennie, as he protects and looks out for him. Steinbeck shows the realism that people in the Great Depression would have faced in situations similar to Lennie and George's; he shows us a piece of history and >>>

How eliezer’s relations with his father changes throughout the novel

How the Relationship between Wiesel and His Son Eliezer Changes through the Novel Night Earlier in the novel, the relationship between Wiesel and his son Eliezer experiences obstacles. As the situation gets worse, Elie feels strongly about not losing his father and upon the New Year, their relationship is completely >>>

Explore the full implications of the various images of birds in the novel the awakening .how do the different species of birds

For most part, Kate Chopin enriches her novel "The Awakening" with imagery and symbolism through species of birds which essentially reflect the roles, sentiments, and influences of the major female characters Edna Pontellier and Mademoiselle Reisz in the story that depicts a woman's gradual release from the clutch of austere >>>

Novel presentation

It was her compromising style which provoked me to be protective of herHost: according to you what was the most critical aspect of your job as the Katiness stylist? Host: what was the real idea behind portraying Peeta and Katiness as friends in the opening ceremonies of the game?

The novel the bread givers by anzia yezierska analysis

She's only good to the world and not her father. He would not allow her to see him and marriage was out of the question.

Civil war in the killer angels novel

Summary of Contents: In The Killer Angels, Shaara sought to retell the story of the Battle of Gettysburg, a critical turning point in the American Civil War. One unique aspect of Shaara's work is that, in Shaara's own words, "this is the story of the Battle of Gettysburg, told from >>>

All quiet on the western front-novel

"Men may have escaped the shells of battle but were often destroyed by war" How is this idea explored in the novel? "All Quiet on the Western Front" written by Erich Maria Remarque explores the idea that men have escaped the shells of battle but were often destroyed by war. >>>

Nature of changes in our life in novel araby

Although many have strongly conflicting views about the unknown, everyone can agree that the contemplation of reality and fantasy, the re-evaluation of one's true self, and the process of loss of innocence are extremely complex and personalized human processes. This partial transformation is perfectly exemplified at the end of the >>>

Enduring love, a novel by ian mcewan. the theme of conflict in the opening chapter

The shortness and the fact that "The beginning is simple to mark" is so straight to the point that it captures the readers' attention from the outset. This title questions the nature of reality, and makes the reader feel uncertain as to whether reality is as it is perceived to >>>

Life in permanent isolation in ethan from novel

In the beginning of the novel, Wharton focuses on the cold that surrounds Ethan as he approaches the church to wait for Mattie. The author exemplifies this vital contrast throughout the novel to symbolize Mattie's heat as the main component to the thawing of Ethan's cold.

Evolution of a main character in the stranger novel

Meursault, of The Stranger, by Albert Camus, progresses as a character, starting as apathetic about, and unaware of, the happenings of his life and ending the novel with newfound passion and insight on the world. Meursault goes to the funeral, and instead of mourning his loss or reflecting on his >>>

All quiet on the western front – character analysis of paul baumer in the novel by erich maria remarque

This is an example of a well developed character because Remarque did not make Paul that type of narrator that only tells what the others are saying and doing or just telling the setting and the moods of the story. If Paul was a one dimensional character than none of >>>

Humankind and its rudeness in never let me go novel

The ending shot of this scene is a zoom shot to a close up of Ruth, Kathy, and Tommy's faces. The scene is established with a pans scan of the room beginning from Kathy and Tommy to Miss Emily.

Heroism in uncle tom’s cabin novel

Uncle Tom akin to Eva was the protagonist of the story as well as the hero of the novel. Uncle Tom's belief in god was the first step to an end to slavery making him worthy to be a hero for many.

Main theme in and then there were none novel

A recurring theme in the book is the idea that the people on the island are being served a kind of strange ritualistic justice, in the form of a children's rhyme, however, it is revealed that everyone being "served justice" are not really being served justice, but a form of >>>

Foreshadowing in a novel jekyll and hyde

Jekyll and Hyde Essay In the novel Jekyll and Hyde, Stevenson the author, uses foreshadowing to hint at what's to come later on in the book. Three examples that are in the book are how Jekyll and Hyde's penmanship is very alike and that Hyde has a key to Jekyll's >>>

Love is a fallacy in max shulmans novel love is a delusion

Viewing Polly in this way the narrator is nothing short of being ant-women. Love is a Fallacy is a very controversial story, meaning that the view of this essay, whether it is anti-men or anti-women, all depends on the reader.

The contrast between reality and illusion in the novel the great gatsby

The notion of reality and illusion is intertwined with the characters in the novel. The reality and illusion theme is used throughout the entire novel to represent the character of people in the 1920s and their illusionary world.

Main ideas of the souls of black folk novel

In Du Bois's book, he explains to the reader all of the hardships that African Americans had to go through and how the African Americans felt during the time of the twentieth century. Du Bois was not the only African American leader that blacks looked up to and followed.

Why unity is better than segregation in judith guest’s novel ordinary people

In the beginning, this seems to fail, because Conrad does not enjoy nor appreciate the attempts of Berger to close the gap that Conrad has created. Conrad's isolation from his family led to his decline, and after the fact, he was much more down upon life as a whole.

Literary devices in treasure island novel

Another example of symbolism which occurs in the novel is the treasure map which signifies adventure."The doctor opened the seals with great care, and there fell out the map of an island, with latitude and longitude, soundings, names of hills and bays and inlets". The last example of greed in >>>

Self-image problems in good country people novel

She has the potential to lure a male in if she would just groom herself, dress more femininely, and style her hair. To Hulga, however, that leg is her vulnerability even though she appears to be arrogant and independent.

Analysis of the portrayal of struggles of latina women in the novel the house on mango street

In the beginning of the book, Esperanza notes that the boys and girls in her family are separated when they are not home, but that she does not really feel connected to her sister. In this struggle it becomes clear that Esperanza is struggling in finding the balance between the >>>

Children issues in annie john novel

Annie's mother and Annie go to town, do the laundry, and make the beds together daily, while Annie watches and looks up to her mother. Because she is so set on pleasing her mother, Annie never thinks to rebel because her mother is the most important person in her life.

The role of women in the novel chronicle of a death foretold

Secondly, I want to discuss the knowledge these women knew of what was to happen to Santiago and the opportunities they had to intervene and possibly change the outcome. Throughout the story it's obvious that most of these women knew of what was to come and had plenty of opportunities >>>

Novel “song of solomon” by toni morrison

The story is a thorough fantasy of suffering and of magical powers to reach the liberation the people once had. In Danville he is on a hunt, an obsession to learn how his fathers name originated and pursued the origin of his grandfathers name as well.

Mrs. dalloway: a study of suicide in the virginia woolf novel

The repetition of "Holmes would" helps to show Septimus's, and by extension, Virginia Woolf's, opinion on psychiatrists. Woolf's depression is shown through the mental state of Septimus Smith.

Existentialist nature of life of pi novel

Pi understands that he is "condemned to be free [and] responsible for everything he does", and thus, his character remains in the territory of existentialism as Sartre describes it. Instead, Life of Pi and "Existentialism is a Humanism" exemplify the power of subjectivity and an individual's freedom to interpret his >>>

Psychological components in the novel beloved

In order to understand and complicate the magnitude of influence Sethe's unconscious exercises over her, Morrison casts the last of the Sweet Home men, Paul D, as the envoy between Sethe and the reader, the link between her past and his future. While Wyatt appears to concur with Ella's analysis, >>>

Dualistic exploration of marriage and love in bronte’s novel

This view is reflected in Jane's depiction of her own appearance as a wouldependent and a novice', showing her to be without freedom and unworldly in comparison to Rochester, who is a aman of the world'. This view is reflected in Jane's metaphorical, artistic image of portraiture 'Portrait of a >>>

Claudius as the true master manipulator in the novel hamlet

Throughout the play, Claudius used his actions to confuse the minds of others to get what he wants in order to keep the power of being the king and securing his throne of Denmark. According to the criticism on Claudius in Hamlet Outline, it states that "Claudius is clearly a >>>

The failure of civilization in golding’s novel

Yet, contrary to the beliefs of the boys in the novel, the "Beast", or the Lord of the Flies, is not "something you could hunt and kill". A third symbol integral to Golding's novel is that of the "mask".

Similarities between the play ‘king lear’ and the novel ‘the catcher in the rye’

D Salinger's The catcher in the rye, the legends typify the subjects of wildness and self-affirmation through poor decisions, loss of loved ones and loss of mental security. Both King Lear and The Catcher of the Rye plot their own terms of madness which supplements the two as the critical >>>

Cowardly current dystopia in aldous huxley’s novel “brave new world”

The development of modern society is inclined towards the dystopia presented in Huxley's novel and is rapidly progressing en route to. Divorce and infidelity, legalization and usage of pharmaceuticals, and accessibility to the voyeurism industry are just few grounds for the argument of the development of modern day society into >>>

Exploring the novel poisonwood bible and macbeth english literature essay

His aspiration begins to over power his judgement, his ability to ground and his construct of household, which causes the small town people to beat up against him to seek and re derive their freedom and independency hence exercising their ain signifier of power and re-enforcing the overall subjects. These >>>

Last song is a 2009 novel english literature essay

The Last Song is Sparks' fourteenth published novel, and was written specifically as the basis for the film adaptation by the same name. The Last Song is the story of Ronnie Miller and the summer that she spends with her father at Wrightsville Beach.

How prejudice is represented in the help, a novel by kathryn stockett

In The Help by Kathryn Stockett, the author uses the thematic concept of prejudice to recreate the struggles of a colored life in a society where they are considered inferior. Stockett is able to get her message across by showing different point of views and show how a variety of >>>

Analyzing the speech of amy heckerling on emma a novel by jane austen in the movie clueless

He is later identified to be homosexual, and the characters surrounding think nothing less of Christian, Cher's simple response is to dismiss him as a love interest and presently consider him to come in handy when shopping. For the Clueless community, there is no aversion to homosexuality that is occasionally >>>

Never let me go: film vs novel comparison

Perhaps the strongest difference is the emphasis of Kathy and Tommy's relationship in the film, which appears a few chapters later in the book. The last part of the passage involves a dialogue that shows both Ruth's fear of completing and the theme of complacency in the book.

What friendship means as depicted in steve lopez’s novel, a soloist

By the third time Steve and Nathaniel meet on the streets of LA, Nathaniel starts to reveal a little bit more about himself: he's from Cleveland, but has lived in New York and now LA, his life's purpose is to "arrange the notes that lie scattered in his head", and >>>

The maze runner, a novel by james dashner:the maze runner

As he broke the rules and took a step towards survival, saving Minho and Alby from the man eating Grievers, he was cast as the hero in the Glade without intending to and fought to get out of the maze once again. Thomas believed that fighting against injustice is worth >>>

Is therese raquin a naturalist novel?

Zola's prefaces to his novels at as essays on Naturalism and much of the deterministic and scientificphilosophybehind the movement may be found, for example in the preface to Therese Raquin, Zola writes that he sees himself as a "mere analyst, who may have turned his attention to human corruption, but >>>

Good example of analyze the title “white noise”, the novel by don delillo essay

The view of death and white noise is consistent to that that, it is a part "of the white noise that seeps in with the sounds from the nearby highway. These revelations clearly supports the observation that fear and the fear of death is a part of the larger white >>>

Review on the novel “sweet and sour milk” by nuruddin farah

The novel, Sweet and Sour Milk begins with the mysterious death of Soyaan, an economic advisor answerable only to Barre and a leading member of a clandestine opposition movement composed of Somali intellectuals and professionals. In order to discredit the movement and keep Soyaan's true actions from reaching the general >>>

Review of jesmyn ward’s novel “salvage the bones”

Hurricane Katrina can be considered as Mother Earth or even the wrath of Mother Earth that becomes a pivotal moment in the novel as it influences and changes the various attitudes, perspectives and decisions of the characters. In Ward's novel, hurricane Katrina symbolizes a life-giving mother through the regeneration of >>>

Narratology: gerard ganette theory and cassandra novel critical thinking examples

According to a preface of Gerard Ganette to the work of Kate Hamburger, with the title 'The Logic of Literature' that was published in the year 1986 in France,"Fiction is not connected with narrative since one cannot study fictional narrative as narrative and asfiction at the same time: the definition >>>

Themes in the novel maru analysis

According to Moleka, this plate sharing becomes a symbol for the emancipation of the Masarwas and qualifies Margaret to be his equal. However, she still feels lonely due to the fact that she is not married to her first love, Moleka.

Analysis of james patterson’s novel “the maximum ride: the angel experiment”

The novel changes settings throughout the novel and refers to a couple main places, these places are The School, New York City and in Ella's house, which they stayed during the search of the institution that Angel was being held in. The reality was that they could no longer hide >>>

Novel and robinson

Religion is indisputably in the forefront of this tale and, although it may not be the catalyst of the narrator's writing, it is, without a doubt, one of Gilead's main themes. While initially one could think that the novel would focus less with the nature of Christianity, since Ames even >>>

Psychological analysis of the novel “opening skinner’s box”

Psychology is the study of the brain and the different functions that it holds. The "Lost in the Mall" experiment is a great example of cognitive psychology because Loftus proposed the idea that different would be told something which did not happen in real life and would count it as >>>

George orwell’s novel “1984”

However, by the thirties, he was aware that the degeneration of the political system of the USSR was leading the country further and further from the ideas of socialism. But if Trotsky, revealing the contradictions of the development of the Soviet Union and exposing the "traitors of the revolution" in >>>

Examples of perseverance in the novel into thin air by jon krakauer

Jon Krakauer is one of the many people climbing the summit at the time, and would go on to create a personal account of the events that took place. Beck is extremely isolated where he is left, and will have to channel all the strength left in him to be >>>

Critical analysis of a novel things fall apart essay sample

In Things Fall Apart, a novel written by Chinua Achebe, the character of Okonkwo is a valuable warrior of the Umuofia clan, a lower Nigerian tribe that is part of an association of nine villages in Africa. It addresses the issue of European imperialism in Africa, as well as a >>>

The narrative structure of jane austen’s novel emma

It can be difficult to grasp a novel in its entirety and the events that take place within a novel when "the flow is interrupted, and we are led off in unexpected directions" which can be seen through Emma woodhouse, the protagonist of the novel, interestingly the narrator too. When >>>

Analysis of tim winton’s novel “lockie leonard: human torpedo”

The weather is used to express the protagonist's emotions and show the audience that the Leonard family do not want to move to the small coastal town in Western Australia, called Angelus. This novel is following the journey of Lockie Leonard, who is finding relationships and hobbies that define who >>>

Comparative analysis of novel and movie holes

For instance, clearly seen in the movie that the main character Stanley is visually at all not overweight at the slightest but is described as 'big' and 'overweight' in the novel, questioning the role of casting in the movie of a slim child instead of an overweight one. Each and >>>

Significance of chapter 5 to the novel as a whole-frankenstein

In the novel 'Frankenstein,' chapter 5 is seen as crucial; as it is here that the real story of revenge and consequence starts. Chapter 5 is seen as an imperative chapter, this is because it is in this part of the novel that the creation is brought to life, first >>>

Role of beloved in the novel

Sethe becomes tired of Beloved's demands at times and tries to tell her how she suffered as a mother for her and the other children. Sethe does not seem to be the only character to be affected by Beloved and her actions.

Enduring love: how appropriate is the title of the novel?

The one of obsession is obviously the love Jed feels for Joe and the pure love is that of Clarissa and Joe. Enduring Love tells the story of a love that is endured and of a story that endures.

Lord jim: a compelling novel by joseph conrad

His knowledge of Jim is almost omniscient as he is obsessed with Jim's story and recounts his tale in an attempt to find the source of this fascination and deeper meaning behind it. He entire point in recounting Jim's experience is to find deeper meaning and a source of his >>>

Identity and sexuality in benjamin saenz’s novel

In the 1980s, it was hard to be a gay man and not be harassed by other men. In one of the letters that Dante writes to Aristotle while he is living in Chicago, he imagines coming out to his parents and how they might react to this news.

Novel object recognition test

After removal from the pool, each rat was manually dried with a terrycloth towel and placed in a plastic cage with wood shavings for at least 5 min before returning to the home cage. During the probe test, the platform was removed from the pool and the rat was allowed >>>

English novel

Nuttel," said a very self-possessed young lady of fifteen; "in the meantime you must try and put up with me." Framton Nuttel endeavored to say the correct something which should duly flatter the niece of the oment without unduly discounting the aunt that was to come. Sappleton, the lady to >>>

Review of mikomosis and the wetiko novel

On the other hand, Mikomosis is found innocent by his villagers through Cree Law, but the English men use their law to analyze the hearing and decide to use Mikomosis' case as a precedent for the Indigenous People. Canadian Law uses the Indian Act to control the Indigenous people and >>>

Free movie review on elements of noir in gone baby gone film and novel

The community plays a significant role in the movie; the atmosphere created through the different complicities and steadily rising motivations of the characters, takes this movie to unfathomable heights and makes it one of the best debuts for any filmmaker around the world. Having not too many good movies to >>>

Sons and lovers as an autobiographical novel

A contiguous overflow of a thought, which is happening in human psychology become the theme of the novel of the time. Lawrence is also a psychological novel where Lawrence as a psychoanalyst brings into focus the subtle and intricate happening in the minds of his characters, like Gertrude Morel, Paul >>>

Example of movie review on movie/novel comparison – the road

One of the essential components of the story is the father attempting to teach his son how to remain one of "the good guys" in a world of thieves, murderers and killers. Both in the book and in the film, the role of the wife is presented in flashback gradually >>>

Analysis of joseph conrad’s novel heart of darkness

He mainly writes about the exploration of Africa by the Europeans and his main motive is to enlighten Europe's young readers about the exploits of Barth, Denton, et al, explorers who have visited Africa in the past. This is different from the German novels, in which the 'backwardness' of the >>>

A novel privacy policy: mechanism for user-images in content sharing locales

Tally utilized here has no path to extraordinary condition and vitality of imprints and no data into the strategy the part expected while naming for find the opportunity to control. The A3P-center portrays the photograph and picks if there is a need to conjure the A3P-social.

The novel great expectations

As though she were devouring the beautiful creature she had reared", the imagery created here suggests that Miss Havisham was deeply fascinated with Estella and everything she represents, as a result of what Miss Havisham has created her to be, she is so enthralled and captivated in Estella that she >>>

An analytical response to comparing the original novel

The modern interpretation In essence addresses modern day values through the use of the "Lice's Adventures In Wonderland" world, whilst retaining the plot line of the original text and presenting the story in a new textual form: film. It is through the use of various literary techniques such as symbolism >>>

Vladimir nabokov’s use of the sins in the novel, lolita and its effect.

The rationale behind the analysis of sins in the novel is because of the lack of anything like it ever being done and the inquisitive and alluring notion that emanates from sins, seduction and manipulation. It is known that Humbert is a promiscuous middle-aged man that only targets, devours and >>>

Example of essay on what does sula represent in the novel and why

Through the course of time, Nel succumbs to the pressure of the community and her mother to conform, while Sula emancipates herself through college from the shackles of mental slavery. Sula's and Nel's friendship has from the outset of the novel been a monument to female solidarity.

The role of ka in the novel, the dew breaker term paper

Little does she know that all that is a white lie and that her father is the mastermind behind the tortures in the larger Haiti. It is through her that the sad realities of the novel are brought to light.

Reflection on “the awakening novel” by kate chopin report (assessment)

Edna Pontellier and her family spend their summer in the Isle resort belonging to the father of Robert Lebrun. Edna seems to survive in the relationship because of the society and her two sons "Think of the children, Edna.

Showing the world through novel charles dickens’

After reading both the original ending and the published ending of Great Expectations, I think that the original ending is a better fit to the book. The published ending changes the whole theme of the book to happy, which is not the theme portrayed throughout the rest of the book.

Analysis of the novel the bluest eye by toni morrison

In the Prologue, the sentences are short and straight to the point. The excerpt "Mother, will you play with Jane?" shows the parents lack of response to Jane and foreshadows the family dynamic and the isolation many characters experience at home later in the novel.