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Nursing essay samples

In addition, the essay will seek to answer various questions arising from the study of the American Nurses Association. In the case of a professional nurse organization, the American Nurse Association was considered.

Sample essay on nursing ethics and patients safety

It considers the implication of the nursing ethics and the safety of patients on nursing management and also states the strategic role of the nurse managers in patient safety. The concept of patient safety and that of human dignity are intertwined, every safety action is aimed towards the promotion and >>>

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Nursing: advanced practice nurse leader interview project research paper sample

Description of the NONPF NP Core CompetenciesDescription of the Interview with the APN. While self-management limits the healthcare provider's participation in the patient's care at home and community, the advanced nurse practitioner is responsible for guiding the patient with hypertension into feeling confident in taking medication as well as life >>>

Nursing research proposal research paper examples

Purpose: The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effects of implementing a patient education program with social support forboth caregivers and patients within 1, 3 and 6 intervals. Caregivers are in a position to improve social support by increasing their knowledge base through diabetic education regarding the care >>>

Terminologies to support nursing practice essay example

In integration of nursing to computer science to avail nursing informatics, the question as to whether terminology should be agreed upon or otherwise cannot be simply wished away. The basic and most likely disadvantage of this is that dynamism of the field may be tied to traditional agreed terminologies.

Future nursing role essays examples

With day-to-day advancement in technology whichultimately has to be incorporated so as to be able to achieve the best outcome and with the inevitable change in the management at the work place, I believe my ability to positively adapt to change will play a big part to help myself settle >>>

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Free effective approach in nursing leadership and management to address the nursing shortage research paper sample

Many countries of the world are facing the problems of the nursing shortage and high nurse turnover in the healthcare set-ups. On the other hand, transactional and passive-avoidant leadership styles of the nurse managers lead to staff dissatisfaction and higher turnover.

I branch of nursing for me. it

Being brought up in acaring household and access to good education has allowed me to embark on mylove of science and has given me a set of moral principles to live by. Volunteering is a commitment I am willing to spend my time onbecause of how fulfilling it is to >>>

Free literature review on poor performance in nursing

They include poor and unrealistic patient and work scheduling, biased and poor enforcement of policies, lack of leadership in the profession, failure to pay attention to the grievances of employees, failure to show care to the employees and failure by the management to lead by example. K, & Black, B.P.

Example of nursing informatics theory paper essay

Nursing informatics is the integration of computer science, healthcare science cognitive science and information science to assist in addressing the management and study healthcare information. Nursing informatics is the new age and the new digital world of practicing nurses and healthcare in a more advanced and updated way.

Example of essay on nursing manager retention

Approaches that are based on alleviating decision-making responsibilities of nurse managers, such as the self-scheduling model, improve the well-being and retention rates of both the nursing staff and nursing managers in healthcare facilities. Other researchers confirmed that improving the influence of the nursing staff increases workplace and job satisfaction for >>>

Good essay about nursing care guided by the rnao best practice guideline on client centered care

The performance of the disease-specific skills that are essential for the management of the disease is called self-efficacy. Therefore, it is important that as a health professional, one provides the necessary information and environment for the patient to make an informed decision.

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Essay on effective approaches in leadership and management in the nursing profession

These problems have once again put the profession in the limelight as nursing management and leadership styles become issues in the healthcare industry. Leadership and management styles are vital to address the problems of nurse shortage and high turnover due to heavy workloads, rotating work schedules, low professional status, and >>>

Free combining nurse leader with advocacy research paper example

My strength is in personal growth and development because I am committed to engage in continuing education and improving my skills. For my weakness in this aspect, I still lack in the certification and also in the professional association involvement.

Nursing issues essay

The National Association of Colored Graduate Nurses was organized in 1908 to defend and represent the small minority of black nurses. Nurses have also responded to the frustrations of hospital work with revised and expanded forms of nursing practice.

Research paper on nursing research.( evidence-base practice)

Application of Evidence-Based Practice in Workplace by NursesEvidence-based practice in nursing practice refers to the interdisciplinary approach whereby nurses and other healthcare professionals are supposed to make practical decisions basing their evidence on research studies done. In this regard, the healthcare practitioners will be able to make the best decisions >>>

Human at london nursing home. in addition,

This essay will explainthe systems for monitoring and promoting the development of individuals, aswell as, understand the approaches for managing people working in health care in relation to the given case scenario at London Nursing Home. Thus, this essay will be concluded on evaluating the appropriate leadershipand management style in >>>

Good essay on nursing: examination of a nursing leadership role in the context

ConclusionOf a healthcare organizational mission, structure, budget, Introduction The article selected for this analysis contains a study concerning 'Nurse Managers' Perceptions Related to Their Leadership Styles, Knowledge, and Skills in These Areas A Viewpoint: Case of Health Centre Wards in Finland.' The study was conducted by Soili Vesterinen, Marjo Suhonen, >>>

Free nursing: leadership shadowing experience essay example

The nurse manager adopted a strict approach on adherence to hospital policies, and improving the quality of care offered to patients and their families. The intensive care unit exhibited diversity in terms of the nursing team members and the patients.

Professional development for nursing assignment

As I was hanging on to the leg of this dog, and feverishly trying to hold off the vein I knew the answer-absolutely not a vet. In order to prevent feeling overwhelmed, I will create a calendar, which contains my work and school schedules, and set it so that my >>>

The new age of nursing and leadership

Upon reflection of my experiences as a servant leader, I started to recognize the downfalls and challenges despite my positive recollection. The main differences between servant and authentic, I would like to focus on self-awareness and self-regulation in addition to communication.

Essay on nursing capstone practicum

During my practicum, I worked in the capacity of a team manager, managing an interdisciplinary team of nurses to ensure collaboration and smooth working with the terminally-ill patients' families to prevent the patients' symptoms and ease their pain as much as possible. Realizing the importance of a preceptor in a >>>

Course work on leadership and managing in nursing

One of the duties that the nurse should ideally disseminate is the allocation of duties to the junior staff. The fact that there is expectation of a full census and the missing luxury of closing beds is the basis of the problem and dilemma for the leadership.

Good essay about research article assignment- nursing

The program educates the nurses in the patient care and enables patients to develop self-management skills through a set of the action plan. The Development of a Community and Home BasedChronic Care Management Program for Older Adults.

Thesis on nursing shortage

Topic - Nursing ShortageIntroductionThis paper begins by discussing the background of the problem capturing global nursing trends; the magnitude of nursing shortage in the U. Additionally, the paper examines the effect of inadequate teaching staff on nursing courses at the university and seeks to identify the causes and extent of >>>

Essay on nursing

Donna mostly focuses on health care delivery system, on September 2013; she made it a felony to abuse emergency room staff in the ERs. Though the public health official recognize this need, Donna has taken as her personal task to ensure that a system will be put in place to >>>

Nursing essay example

Nurses play a pertinent role in process and program improvement in the hospital leading to improvement of care and organizational outcomes. Certainly, nursing professionals are useful in offering solutions to curb hostile and disruptive behaviors in a hospital to enhance the quality of care and organizational outcomes.

Free research proposal on grief and nursing personnel

In some cases, especially those relating to giving attention to patients that are in need of care the bond between the nurse and the patient is stronger, because of the prolonged stay at the hospital. The factors that were prominently considered in this study were emotional bonds with the relatives >>>

Relationship between nursing image and the role of the nurse essay

Discuss the relationship between nursing image and the role of the nurse from the personal perspective including the potential impact of these perceptions on future professional nursing practice. In the following pages of this paper the writer will discuss the relationship between nursing image and the role of the nurse >>>

Sexual assault nurse examiners perceptions of the revictimization of rape victims

This is because it helps an individual think broadly to obtain the cause, hidden evidence and any other leads that can help in prosecuting the case. In most traditional forensic investigations, the investigators are usually interested to know and proof who did the act, but not the reason an individual >>>

Free essay on nursing leadership

I chose to review this article because there is a positive relationship between the effectiveness of nursing leadership and the productivity of the nurses in the workplace. I believe that if the leadership is able to take the lead, there would be a transmitted effect of good productivity on all >>>

Good example of nursing fraternity: dissemination of evaluation plan findings essay

The nursing fraternity is a crucial facet of the overall medical arena, fundamental in the continued preservation and enhancement of patient health care and medical wellbeing. This therefore portends to the need of a coordinated effort, with respect to the implementation of various aspects pertinent to patient health improvement and >>>

Example of proper nurse staffing literature review

On the contrary, infections that are preventable increase and the satisfaction rate of clients and motivation of nurses is low when the staffing is poor. The argument of proper staffing is on the rise as a result of the increasing ageing of population and lack of nurses.

Good example of nursing: literature review

The main aim of this study was to scrutinize the relationship between nurse staffing and nurse-rated quality of nursing care and the job outcomes. Nurse staffing, direct nursing care hours and patient mortality in Taiwan: the longitudinal analysis of hospital nursing staffing and patient extreme study.

Free essay about nursing

The reporting of the results of observation of hand hygiene to the healthcare workers is an elemental aspect of the multi-modal strategies of improving practices of hand hygiene. The involvement of patients in the process of hand hygiene is an important element of preventing infection and farming the patient hygiene >>>

Example of nursing: nursing admin. specialist controlling case study

Introduction- 1dentifying possible causes of the staff's problem applying FOCUS model- Find the process improvement based on the given scenario- Organize a Team That Knows the Process- Clarify Current Knowledge of the Process- Understand Causes of Process Variation- Improvement to ensure appropriate response times and appropriate clinical interventions in the >>>

Free nursing research article critique and ebp plan paper article review example

The main objective of the research is to examine the employment of temporary nursing staff in the intensive care unit and its relationship to nosocomial infections. The study samples used in the research were limited and small, and the approach used in the research failed to investigate more complex factors >>>

Free essay on nursing shortage and impact on patients: a literature review

The quality of patient care, as well as the underlying tenets of timely, safe, effective, efficient and patient-centred health care, is inherently threatened by the increasingly difficult workload on the falling number of nursing staffers. The adjusted regression analysis showed that nurse staffing levels had a statistically significant, andpositive effect >>>

Nursing leadership: emergency nursing research paper examples

The development of effective communication at healthcare facilities is the first leadership and managerial process that needs to be undertaken in order to have an effective nursing leadership. In this regard, the nursing leadership at each hospital operating an ED should develop a set of questions to be directed to >>>

Empowerment in nursing practice essay sample

The World Health Organisation defines health promotion "as the health and well being of the whole population rather than a specific disease, and it enables people to take control over their own health to help to improve it," whilst Naidoo and Willis focuses on the individual taking more control and >>>

Example of work experience: nursing essay

I arrived early on the day of my interview and was waiting for my turn by the reception, when the DNS came and suggested we both walk to her office. I was always assigned to her as a nursing Aid and in time I connected to her and learnt of >>>

Nursing: ltc-310 aging in america report examples

Introduction- Application of Health Indicators to estimate Community and US health Status- Analysis of how determinant os health influence quality of life of older adults- Evaluation of effectiveness of Health promotion Message- Identify risk factors that create disparities Introduction- Description of Chronic disease and risk factors Estimate my chances of >>>

International marketing plan about nursing

Medical caretakers in the Assembled States are so worried from the lack that a considerable number of them need to movement outside of the nation for the experience and fervor regardless of whether it implies less cash. In several cases, it's cheaper for them to usher in nurses as hostile >>>

Social marketing and nursing essay example

According to Kotler, social marketing is the application of marketing techniques in solving social problems. Secondly, nurses should train on leadership and social marketing skills in order to drive the process of behavior change that is embraced in social marketing.

Prospection: nursing is my future

The discipline of nurse anesthesia developed because of rising demands of surgeons looking for a solution to the high mortality and morbidity connected with anesthesia at that time. Thus, I have great aspirations that I will receive the highest quality of education and professional growth during next few years; I >>>

The accelerated nursing curriculum demanding your personal time

My plan is to give total commitment to my studies, which will take up to 80% of my time; the remaining time will be used for my personal activities and folks. In conclusion, my plan will be appropriate in balancing between studies and other activities making it possible to pursue >>>

Nursing image analysis essay

The thing is that there are not enough nurses in the American hospitals and clinics due to the small salaries and the lack of perspectives for the career development the registered nurses have. In the ER lots of episodes with doctors and nurses are aired, and it depends on the >>>

Example of nursing leadership essay

The information highlighted by the articles provides a clear view towards the situation and the trends within the leadership part of nursing. Furthermore, nursing leadership occurs as a system with parts, which work together towards patient's outcomes and satisfaction within the health care industry.

How is nursing different from medicine essay

Thus, comparison of the two professions on the basis of one being the boss and the other being the subordinate is wide off the mark. The doctor is also responsible for informing the patient the results of the tests, the disease and the method of treatment to be employed.

Free research paper on middle range theory dnp graduates and nursing theory

The discussion will focus on the background of the theorist and how some significant life experiences affected his work as a nursing theorist; scrutinizing the principles as presented bythe author of the theory, identifying and discussing the different problems and or issues that the theory tries to address, and an >>>

Advanced roles in nursing essay example

However, many of the competencies learned through the curricula, such as leadership and management, advanced clinical skills, provision of primary care, information technology, and education are common across the various roles but differ in application. They may interact with patients for the purpose of monitoring the quality of care, the >>>

Nursing essay

In the recent period, there is a growing attention on the use of evidence-based guidelines or literature to modify the existing the procedure and optimize the care. Prior to the proceeding for a change, the nurse administrators could institute a query to determine the type of personnel involved in the >>>

An exploration of my career choice nursing essay

The first one I have already done I applied and got accepted to a Nursing Program in the University of Georgia. It is a perfect opportunity for me to explore the career of a nurse, to discover my major interests and the fields of nursing, I am going to specialize >>>

Example of cultural diversity in nursing research proposal

ObjectiveThe main objective of the seminar is to highlight on the major issues attached to the diversity of culture in the field of nursing. Although an improvement is noticed in the nursing sector, there should be a continued effort to satisfactorily address this call of urgency.

Essay on difference between dnp and phd in nursing

This is because it being quite new in the industry, it offers more to the direct health care system.D.N. This is due to the complex nature of some tools in use that requires people of impeccable experience to help others out.

Advanced nursing essay examples

The delegating model of providing care has its basis on ensuring that the RN or nurse leader focuses on the aspects of care that require critical thinking and judgment while collaboration with the other nurses to develop care plans and ensure adherence to them depending on response. This is a >>>

Communication in nursing essay sample

Without efficient communication between a nurse and the patient, or colleagues, it would put a strain, or even abruptly end the organization and prioritization of patient care, the patient's health status or quality of life, as well as the confidence and motivation of a nurse to think critically in a >>>

Role of nursing informatics today

All the while, my classmates, the luckier ones, had been sitting at the comforts of their homes surfing the internet and printing data out in one sitting. Three: that I should acknowledge that Facebook and Twitter sites are not just for the fun that they market themselves to be, they >>>

The australian health care system nursing essay

Paramedics incorporate their knowledge and clinical expertise with the outcomes of evidence-based practice in order to make appropriate judgements and decisions for patients. Clinical Judgement and Decisions based on Evidence-Based PracticeClinical judgement and decisions are fundamentals of the paramedic profession and form part of the everyday routine.

The history of dietary strategy nursing essay

When considering the therapeutic approach the stages of change model is important to consider, if a client does not want to change then it will be difficult to persuade them to make the relevant changes and a therapeutic approach can also be used in order to prevent relapse having taken >>>

Degree level in nursing versus the baccalaureate

The associate-degree and the baccalaureate-degree levels of nursing both provide contributions towards the contemporaryhealthcare system, advancement of the nursing profession, and promotion of a profession dedicated to lifelong learning. Transitioning to the Baccalaureate-Degree Level of Nursing The movement to increase the number of baccalaureate-prepared nurses in the workforce is accelerating >>>

Nursing theory critique

Nursing Theory Critique Patient-Centered Approaches Theory Faye Glenn Abdellah is the pioneer researcher who developed this theory with an intention of transforming nursing theory, nursing care and nursing education. The major concepts in this theory are the achievement of health, the total health needs and the healthy state of body >>>

History of my nursing practice

The value of decision-making autonomy and working with patients under intensive care have shaped my understanding of person-centered care and its relevance to nursing, as a profession and a practice. In the course of my practice, I try to comprehend and share into the perspectives, current situation and feelings of >>>

Free essay on study of martha rogers nursing theory

The theory addresses the focus of nursing and knowledge needed to develop the science of nursing. It is an art in the sense that it is involves the creative application of the science of nursing for human betterment.

Image of nursing

According to Morteza et al, analysis of nursing image forms the basis of understanding the nature in which the media, the public and nurses view the profession of nursing. The unsatisfactory image of nursing has been a leading factor in low staff recruitment, shortage in nurses, and lack of public >>>

The symptoms of mrsa nursing essay

MRSA outbreaks have growing since the 1960s up until the 2000s, in the USA the MRSA death toll exceeds the death of AIDS, hepatitis B and tuberculosis. MRSA Screening is another way to stop MRSA from spreading on you and for others, this is when many people have MRSA on >>>

Roles of the arnp and the need for evidence base nursing

Roles of the ARNP and the Need for Evidence Base Nursing Research al Affiliation Need For Evidence Based Research Advancedpractice registered nurses are the professional nurses in the practice who have a minimum of master-level nursing education. In addition, research-based practice increases the availability of knowledge and development of the >>>

An important role of nurses accountability nursing essay

HMSO states in prescribed situations, nurses owe a responsibility to act in the best interest of their clients and the public; and this duty may take priority over the duty of confidentiality of the patient. Hendrick, states if a person is incapable, due to a lack of decision making capacity, >>>

The transplant learning center indices nursing essay

Aim of the study was to determine the prevalence of nonadherence in a cohort of RTRs using specific questionnaires, and to evaluate prospectively whether a greater clinical surveillance and the reduction in pill number, through the adoption of once-daily Tacrolimus, may enhance adherence to ISA. The recent introduction in the >>>

Future of nursing: leading change, advancing health

The future of nursing affiliation The future of nursing The future of healthcare provision depends on the future of an effective healthcare workforce. The future of nurses is greatly influenced the quality of training and education the nurses get.

Principles of nursing practice

The nursing staff undertakes steps to promote the delivery of safe, and appropriate ethical care to patients. The nursing team engages in compassionate care through their speech and physical response in an effort to realize and care for the needs of the patients.

Current trends in nursing practice

Accountable Care Organizations al Affiliation) Accountable care organizations comprises of a group of doctors, hospitals and health care providers who come together voluntarily in order to give coordinated high quality care to their Medicare patients with an aim of ensuring that chronically ill patients receive the right care and treatment >>>

The effects of clinical instructors on nursing students

The effective clinical instructor is a role model for the clinical student. The student, observing this role model, will identify with the instructor and work to imitate the skills exhibited.

Roles of nursing in improving the patients health literacy

Patients should ensure the information they use have identifiable author and source. The patients should clearly understand the information contained in them with the help of nurses.

Nursing knowledge resource paper

One benefit of Sigma Theta Tau in regards to research and evidence based practice is that the honor society supports numerous education and research conferences one of which is a research meeting that presents the latest nursing research from around the world. One benefit of The Joanna Briggs Institute in >>>

Advantages and challenges of a blended family nursing essay

This case study will discuss the main issues faced by Katya and her family including the immediate challenges, strength and weaknesses of the family coping with their stressors, the advantages and challenges of a blended family and the areas which could impact on the families ability to access health care. >>>

Community /public health nursing

Although it is impossible to attain the state of complete health, community health is an aspect of health care that strives to maintain the normal state of health, as well as prevention of infections in the community. Provision of care to a community that does not meet the standards of >>>

Partner/ risk reduction with nursing diagnosis

The recommendations are based on the general health of people that can be altered through the change of lifestyles and medical checkups. In analyzing the real age test in partner health promotion, the results from the test is a great determinant on how to adhere to the recommendations.

History of the therapeutic relationship nursing essay

It is therefore the role of the nurse to be an advocate to patients and their families, ensure health and to promote wellness in the nation as a whole. It is the role of the nurse to know the importance of equality and diversity and to respect and treat patients >>>

Nursing expertise self-report scale and reflection

I also find thatcommunicationis essential to all aspect nursing care because it allow the patient to feel connected to the staff as well as understand his/her plan of care. This exercise help me realize that I need to communicate with my patient more often to help them understand their care >>>

The history of computed tomography nursing essay

Hence, this coursework will also illustrates how I could contribute to the inter-professional team in reaching the ultimate goal of creating a healthcare system with high quality patient centered careTo protect the confidentiality of the patient, hospital and healthcare professionals involved in the incident, the identifiers will not be disclosed >>>

The history of qualitative critique nursing essay

The title of the study is clearly defining the purpose of the study. Moreover, Coughian says that it is good for the researcher to give their qualifications so that the readers must emphasize the expertise and command of the authors in the relevant field but unfortunately the description related to >>>

Time management and personal audit nursing essay

A person must be able to audit to know the limitation and opportunity of his life. According to National Staff Development Council, Through the personality a man can audit his skill.

Concept analysis: mentoring nurse managers

The purpose of this paper is to explore the concept of mentoring and the key role it plays in the development of nurse managers. Mentoring nurse managers is crucial to the success and survival of nurses.

Interest in becoming a nurse practitioner

When I was first exposed to the field of nursing I realized that this is the field in which I can satisfy my desire and need to help people who are experiencing problems in their lives. While pursuing my education as a BSN my aim of becoming a nurse and >>>

Application of the nursing process to delivery culturally competent care

Delivery of Culturally Competent Care Application of the Nursing Process to Delivery Culturally Competent Care As a professional, I believe in the diversities of the society. So, in my plan of action, I would dedicate my time to understand much about the cultural diversities of the Hispanics.

Nursing informatic systems

A broad base of benefits come with nursing informatics, both in terms of direct and individual job performance and in terms of benefits to the nursing profession overall. These suggested uses and benefits all indicate that nursing informatics are becoming an integral part of the profession as a whole.

Controversial issue in nursing

Opponents of the nursing controversial issue claim that an increase in the figure of nurses will be unfair to the hospitals as it will burden the hospital budget. ConclusionConclusively, controversial issues in nursing refer to the publicly debated issues affecting individual and personal practices of nurses.

Nursing diagnosis for mr. katter

Intervention: listen to heart sounds while noting heart rhythm, tachycardia, crackles, and lung sounds; observe for chest pain and discomfort; observe for confusion and agitation; place on cardiac monitor.2. Disturbed sensory perception, related to cognitive orientation characterized by dizziness and disorientation.

Nurse leader interview essay sample

When she was ten years old her family moved to the United States to escape the poverty and ill treatment T.E.T.E.was able to overcome the abuse she suffered as a child. She also develops and implements wound care services according to the directives of the medical staff and the policies >>>

Psychiatric nursing

Section/# Journal Article Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing "The Role of Intrusive and Other Recent Life Events on Symptomatology in Relapses of Schizophrenia: A Community Nursing Investigation"This study focuses on the effects of "life events" on the relapse of psychotic symptoms in individuals that have been previously diagnosed >>>

The american academy of nurse practitioners

American Academy of Nurse Practitioners is one of the most prestigious nursing organizations that is committed to harness the growth of its students through professional development, knowledge and resources. The function of the organization is to create a solid foundation of networking for students.

How the practice of nursing is expected to grow and shift

How the practice of nursing is expected to grow and shift al Affiliation How the practice of nursing is expected to grow and shiftQuality health care is the desire of every person and every government. One of the changes expected in the future is an increase in the number of >>>

Nursing and best practice

The assessment should evaluate the risk for developing a pressure ulcer and detect existing pressure ulcers. In conclusion, the key to prevent pressure ulcers is improved basic nursing care.

Free critical care nursing term paper sample

Furthermore, it is imperative on the part of health care professionals, medical specialists, and nurses to know that their patients in the intensive care unit may behave extraordinarily different because of their experience in traumatic injuries like swelling or bruises and on how their body and mind can dwell on >>>