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Nestle pakistan limited

Nestle Pakistan also has the Customer Service Department with the logo "Talk to Nestle" in Lahore to receive the complaints and suggestions from the customers. The image of the product in the minds of the customers is also judged and then on the basis There are different ways, which are >>>

Mncs in pakistan

The main objectives which are influencing the companies to engage in international business are expansion of sales,acquiring resources, minimizing competitive risk and diversification of sources of sales and supplies. Skills, production techniques and improvements in the quality of human capital: It can be argued that MNCs bring with them new >>>

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Disaster management in pakistan

Also, most of the people are unprepared to deal with a sudden disaster which results into many losses. Lack of funds with the disaster management units is also a case of poor dealing with a disaster.

Water resources of pakistan water is the basic

Glaciers are spread in an area of about 2,250 km2 and most of the water comesfrom there in the summer. The Indus System and its tributaries carryabout the 154 MAF of water in a year.

Work life balance in pakistan management essay

The paper examines the responsiveness and application of factors that are related to balance of time in family and work i.e.policies, culture, training and the way they impact work and life balance. The results indicate the understanding of areas of policies, training, and culture in which the right decisions can >>>

Case study on dhl pakistan

The evidence suggests that majority of population is exceedingly price sensitive and because of perfect competition in the courier industry, the profitability of DEL Pakistan has been suffering to a certain extent. For example, at the times of high security risk in Pakistan, most of the embassies, consulates and international >>>

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Free marketing barriers faced by pakistan in the halal food products essay example

Interestingly, Pakistan is one of the Islamic states that lag behind in the production and export of Halal foods. Most Halal food products manufacturers in Pakistan lack awareness of the existing wide market for Halal foods.

Marketing analysis of telecom industry in pakistan

In 2008 the industry had a slow and This factor changes the whole industry and nowadays companies focus more on technology than COMPETITORS; A high level of competition exists in telecoms industry of PAKISTAN. Personal Recommendation The recent growth rate of telecoms industry is very much concerning for the marketers >>>

Electronic media of pakistan

2 Influence of electronic mediaIn the last 50 years the media influence has grown significantly with the advance oftechnology, first there was the telegraph, then the radio, the newspaper, magazines, television and now the internet. The provision of reliable verifiable; adequate and complete information is one of the primary functions >>>

Dairy industry in pakistan

The main objective of this article is to review the potentials, problems and solutions pertaining to dairying in Pakistan. 4 million tones of milk in Pakistan.

Agriculture in pakistan

The importance of agriculture in the development of a country cannot be ignored. The Survey also attributed the slippage in agriculture to the weak performance of both the major and minor crops.

Gaps the 2nd largest network of pakistan after

There is a competition held in theregion by the Telenor for the Franchise. Change ofownership is also the require the same data from the customer to change the simowner.

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Impact of energy crisis on textile sector of pakistan essay

The textile sector of Pakistan is scrutinized as the backbone of economy of Pakistan. The objective this study is to compare the performance of the textile sector of Pakistan before after energy crisis.2.

Lawn industry of pakistan

The team sat together to construct a way of finding out facts on the growing trends of lawn and the entire fashion industry at the same time. The aforementioned conclusions are drawn after they were statistically proven and consequently, we recommend KOHINOOR TEXTILES to keep in view the findings of >>>

The e-commerce industry in pakistan

The major concern of people in e-buying is trust, convenience, time, product variety, privacy which is most of the time removed by conventional buying with the help of sales person. E-buying generally refers to "Electronic buying" which is also known as online shopping from different online stores; which is a >>>

Climate change impact on agriculture in pakistan environmental sciences essay

It is the demand of the twenty-four hours to carefully detect clime alteration, the causes of utmost conditions events and happen the necessary solutions to the jobs. The direct and indirect societal and economic impacts of clime alteration will besides be analyzed in this survey.

Pakistan cement industry analysis

The main business of the company is the manufacturing and sales of cement. Overall, the return on invested capital was at a satisfactory level as compared to Lucky Cement, which shows the positive nature of the company's investments.

Essay summary of agriculture in pakistan

In effect, the efficiency and effectiveness of water management relies on the way farmers use the system. 3 million bales in FY 1993 because of the September 1992 floods and insect infestations.

Effects of war and peace in the distribution of foreign aid in pakistan research paper examples

With the help of the United States Agency for International Development in the 1990s, Pakistan again qualified as a recipient of foreign aid, but with the declaration of the Pressler amendment in 1985 that expressly forbade financial assistance or military sales to Pakistan if Pakistan is engaged in creation of >>>

Pakistan wetland program

The Pakistan Wetlands Programme aims to promote the sustainable conservation of freshwater and marine wetlands and their associated globally important biodiversity in Pakistan. The diverse assortment of natural freshwater and marine wetlands that occur within Pakistan support unique combinations of biodiversity.

Strategic analysis of pakistan international airlines

Flag carrier airline of Pakistan is PIA and its all operations based in Karachi and also it's the Sixteenth largest airline in Asia. PIA is owned by the Government of Pakistan through Ministry of Defence holds of the shares and thought BESOS transferred 12% of its share holding to employees.

Dairy industry of pakistan marketing essay

The milk production of the country has not been up to the mark and as a result the demand for dairy products outweighs the supply. Noon Pakistan Limited is a venture of the Noon Family and has been marketing its products under the brand name of Nurpur.

Teacher education in punjab (pakistan)and future demands for globalization of education, adaptation or immitation?

A massive spread of education and of Western oriented norms of learning at all levels in the twentieth century and the consequences of widely available schooling are a large part of the globalization process. With regard to the role of schools, globalization has become a major topic of study, especially >>>

Role of student in making of pakistan

Ideology of Pakistan: The ideology of Pakistan, the overwhelming Muslim country is ideology which comprises the dictates and sanctions which are attributed or prone to the Islamic concept of nation and that of state.i) Muslim nationhood: As regards the Muslims, their basis of nationhood is neither geographical boundaries nor social >>>

Introduction/ of pakistan. this isn’t only a circumstance

Child laborWork of children in any work that denies offspring of their adolescence,meddles with their capacity to go to consistent school, and that is physically,rationally, socially or ethically risky and hurtful refers to Child labor. Policyoptions Achievinga sustainable reduction in child labor therefore requires a policy responsethat is cross-sectoral in >>>

Demographic profile of pakistan

The country borders India in the east, China in the north, Afghanistan in the north-west, Iran in the west and the Arabian Sea in the south. The President functions as the head of state and is elected by the National Assembly, the Senate, and the four provincial assemblies.

Leadership pattern in pakistan

Moreover the weak economy of the country was further debilitating the social control of the Pakistan's nation. In this case, the year of 1965 was very crucial when East Pakistan was at the cross hairs of India attacks during the war and despite the reminders from the helpless political leadership >>>

Pakistan better opportunities of life. this migration is

The migration is also due to the offerof the brilliant opportunity to the life of an individual and to the family. Belgium and Luxembourg 15,000 11.

Non traditional challenges to pakistan

In this regard, the silver lining on the sky is the completion of full term by the elected government in Pakistan and transition from one elected government to another Climate Change & Sustained Development. Modernize the irrigation system in Pakistan to meet climate challenges of the contemporary era.

Water crises in pakistan

Majority of population in the province is exposed to hazards of drinking unsafe and polluted water from both surface and ground water sources. There is a major opportunity for small entrepreneurs to invest in the business of bottled water.

Swelling and joblessness problem in pakistan

Augmentation is striking to be a condition in the economy when the cash supply is getting the chance to be speedier than the making of new things and ventures in a similar economy. Expansion is regularly observed to be a circumstance in the economy when the cash supply is becoming >>>

Non traditional security threats to pakistan

The absence of any meaningful threat from the western border is a heartening development, but the environments in South Asia have now grown more dangerous with the erosion of the discipline and restraint that super powers competition exercised on world rivalries. The ERF in the South Asia of concern to >>>

The identity politics in pakistan

Also, the main plan of the entire movement that is comprehended is to make a division among the people of distinct ethnic groups. Apart from this movement, various other associations and movements have established to make a condition of revolt in the nation.

What effects on profitability of the fertilizers firms in pakistan

In this research study we will find the effect of size of a firm, financial leverage, Asset turnover, sales growth and financial debt ratio on profitability of the listed fertilizers firms in Pakistan. Objectives of the studyIn order to achieve the aim of this study the objectives will be,To find >>>

Poverty in pakistan

It is the fundamental duty and responsibility of the country to fulfill the basic needs of its people. The growth rate of Pakistan is very high and is among the highest in the world.

Kalabagh dam and hydroelectric power in pakistan environmental sciences essay

The Kalabagh Dam was one of the proposed undertakings in Pakistan when it comes to hydroelectric power workss in the state. In add-on to this, the aim of Kalabagh Dam was the handiness of inexpensive hydropower.

Environmental issues in pakistan

Consequences: Global warming is causing the Earth to lose itssnowcover; glaciers are melting, the sea-level is rising, and a lot of arctic floral and faunal species are on the verge of extinction.2. Three REs We should try to reduce the use of substances like plastic that causes environmental pollution and >>>

Banking sector of pakistan

Thus, it is important to understand the culture of the country and context of the sector in which a particular research is conducted. The very foundation of Pakistan is based on religion as its independence is owed to the slogan of 'Two Nation Theory', a term used to describe the >>>

Analysis of values, expectation and environment of national bank of pakistan

The services of NBP are accessible to the government of Pakistan, business units and individuals. According to the annual report of year 2006 the bank earned 26 billion rupees before tax profit and the per share value increased to 24.

Banks history pakistan

At the time of partition, the total number of commercial banks was 38, out of these: the Pakistan banks were 2; Indian banks 29 while the exchange & the total deposits of Pakistan banks stood at Rs. The Hindus in order to rain the economy of the newly established state >>>

Hrm report on national bank of pakistan business essay

The Bank's services are available to individuals, corporate entities and governmentIn today's competitive business environment, NBP needed to redefine its role and shed the public sector bank image, for a modern commercial bank. It has developed a wide range of consumer products, to enhance business and cater to the different >>>

Quaid e azam- an architect of pakistan

The main objective of this research paper is to highlights the efforts of the Quaid-e-As am Muhammad Ali Jinnah in the creation of Pakistan. Yet the paradox is that the younger generation has to be reminded of his contribution to the history of Muslims of the Subcontinent What I want >>>

Indo-pakistan relations

One the other hand, the ruler of Kashmir, Hair Singh, wanted to join India but the majority of Muslim population was in the favour of Pakistan. Pakistani Prime Minister Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto and Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi sign an agreement in the Indian town of Simla, in which both >>>

Islam and politics in pakistan since 1956 to date

Additionally, the study aims at identifying the similarities and differences of Islam involvement in Pakistan politics in the past and present. Politics refers to the art of running the government and the affairs of the state.

Pakistan winning the 20-20 world cup essay

To Make Matters Worse, The ICC cancelled all the matches which were allotted to Pakistan as a Host Nation for the 2011 Cricket World Cup & also shifted the Champions Trophy to a different Country, Pakistan's players were barred from playing in the season 2 of the Cash Rich Indian >>>

Train to pakistan essay sample

When a train arrives, carrying the bodies of dead Sikhs, the village is transformed into a battlefield, and neither the magistrate nor the police are able to stem the rising tide of the summer of 1947. When a train arrives, carrying the bodies of dead Sikhs, the village is >>>

Blasphemy in pakistan essay sample

But coming back to blasphemy, to seek it in acts of obvious insanity is to devalue both Islam and the notion of blasphemy. For the people to be repeatedly denied their rights in a state founded in the name of Islam is blasphemy.

Role of mass media and growing problems in pakistan and develping countries

Definition of Mass Media Mass media consists of the various means by which information reaches large numbers of people, such as television, radio, movies, newspapers, and the Internet. Steffen Cohen in his book 'The Idea of Pakistan'has acknowledged the fact that the media in today's Pakistan isperhaps the freest in >>>

Recent changes in monetary policy in pakistan

The objective of monetary policy in Pakistan, as laid down in the SBP Act of 1956, is to achieve the targets of inflation and growth set annually by the government. The NDA of the banking system, which primarily consists of credit to the government and the private sector, reflects changes >>>

Pakistan humanitarian needs (solar energy and clean water plants)

Lack of substantial changes like resignation of Musharraf would result to the Islamists succeeding in the elections. The cruel acts of militants evident after destruction of Kari-Dor Bridge and Sui gas plants have greatly contributed to answering of the research question.

Freedom of pakistan and india

The Freedom of Pakistan and India Plan of the Investigation: In this essay, I chose to further investigate the freedom of Pakistan and India. In 1905, the British redrew the borders, giving the Muslims a majority of the districts.

The current challenges of police in pakistan

From the view point of the citizens, the police are steeped in, what's derogatorily referred to as, the infamous "Thana Culture" with a clear disconnect between the organization and the community which it purports to protect and serve. In any volatile situation police acts as the "enforcer of the writ >>>

Effects of terrorism in pakistan criminology essay

Sectarian violence further fuelled to fire and the so called "The War against Terrorism" after 9/11, proved a last nail in the coffin of a stable Pakistan. But as pakistan is neighbouring country of afghanistan the effects of terrorism in afghanistan also started to effect pakistan.

Pakistan penal code (act xlv of 1860)

The words "public servant" denotes a person falling under any of the descriptions herein after following, namely:- 15[] 15 Second: Every Commissioned Officer in the Military, Naval or Air Forces of Pakistan while serving under the Federal Government or any Provincial Government; Third: Every Judge; Fourth: Every officer of a >>>

Causes of poverty in pakistan

2% of the total population lives below the poverty line, which is the lowest figure in the history of Pakistan. This is the Direct and visible way of wastage of the nation's money but there is an invisible way as well to collect the money and left the people in >>>

Income tax exemptions in pakistan

In The name Of Allah The Most Merciful & The Most Beneficent Assignment of: Principle & Practice Income Tax Topic: Need of Tax Exemption [pic] Question: What is the need of Tax Exemption or Tax Concession in income tax from government point of view? To Encourage Economic Activities Tax exemption >>>

Water war between india and pakistan essay

India plans to build a structure on the mouth of River Jhelum making it have the absolute capability to control the flow of the water during winter as proclaimed by Pakistan. The decision to do so does not imply that India will control the water from flowing downstream the river >>>

The islamic banking system: study into current practices of islamic banks in pakistan

The main aim of my research work is to analyze the existing and growing trend of Islamic banking system in Pakistan and to find out the reason that why customers prefer to adopt Islamic banking system compared to the conventional banking system. The basic principle of Islamic Affairs first is >>>

The importance of citizenship education in pakistan education essay

It draws attention towards an important concept which is lacking in our society and due to lack of awareness of citizenship education in Pakistan, the society is facing huge disorder in the form of discipline, patriotism, fundamental rights of citizenship, and lack of creation of volunteer role models in the >>>