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A clinical assessment and management of a patient

Ametropia is an anomaly of the refractive state of the eye in which, with relaxed accommodation, the image of objects at infinity is not formed on the retina. The result is that the brain will block the impulses of the nondominant eye with resulting amblyopia or strabismus.

Assessment of psychosocial vital signs and plan of care for a patient diagnosed essay

The patient verbalizes her willingness to deal with the fears and anxiety elicited by the diagnosis as well as the effects of surgery on her body image and sexuality. Encourage Irene to discuss her thoughts and fears openly with the nurse and with her partner as this will enable her >>>

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Patient record management system

CHAPTER I The Problem and Its Setting This chapter presents the background of the study, the statement of the problem, the assumptions made in accordance with the design of the project, the scope and delimitation, the significance of the study, the research design and methodology, and the definition of terms >>>

Patient protection and affordable care act, the act essay examples

However, it is essential to appreciate the fact that the approach concentrates more on the quality of the service and not the quantity. It is expected that the financial management staff conform to the letter of the laws, both at the federal and state levels.

Management of pressure ulcers in a high risk patient: a case study

Since the assessment of skin is an important way to identify patient's risk of developing pressure ulcers, it would ensure the degree of risk of pressure ulcer in this patient and hence, take measures to prevent them before complications arise. Patient and family members were lacking suggestions and expert advice >>>

Strategic delimma, the quality improvement , equal work load and quality and patient safety

Guests did not attend the meeting because they did trust in the mission of the project and there was little trust between Jeff and the would be' members of the team. I order to get the team underway, Jeff should personally communicate with the expected team members and discuss with >>>

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Disclosure of adverse medication events to the patient

Since administration of accurate medication is the most embedded principle of nursing; any event of medication error jeopardizes the livelihood and identity of the professional self, especially when the event has to be disclosed to the patient and his family. According to a study by Treiber and Jones, nurses are >>>

Good example of patient outcomes of falls research paper

The World Health Organization projects that unless there is a concerted effort to address the issue, incidents of falls among the elderly will reach epidemic proportions. The time of day that such incidents occur is in the morning when patients wake up and go to the bathroom.

The documentary “money talks: profits before patient safety”

Most of the reps do not have medical education and knowledge, and they are not qualified to give comments, which treatment therapy is the most appropriate. The job of reps is not to educate doctors or provide medical information.

Reflection on commnication stroke patient essay sample

This will include; definition of communication, the use of non-verbal and verbal communication skills, the barriers that affected communication with the patient and how these were overcome to return the patients autonomy. Being able to empathise with the patient according to Nazarko is critical to the communication process, as it >>>

Free research paper on patient transfer from er to floor without sbar

However the patient handoff is not done in person and usually ER nurses call the nurses on the hospital floor to inform them of the patient's situation. This is when personal choices and reasoning between the nurses in the ER and those on the Floor lead to a conflict in >>>

Nutrition recommendation of a caregiver to the patient

Nutrition Recommendation of a Caregiver to the Patient Nutrition Recommendation of a Caregiver to the Patient Through the feeding process to the patient, a caregiver has to offer total attention to the patient. There should be a friendly rapport between the two parties, the patient and the caregiver for the >>>

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The delivery of patient care by meditech

With the assistance of the website, the work of nurses and other health professionals is eased and is made faster because they can access the data they need through the website, analyze it, and transmit additional information to help support the patient database. In effect, the use of Meditech is >>>

Practical aspects of patient care

Anxiety is usually known for heightening pain and staying with the patient while relieving and stroking him would assist in relieving the pain since distraction assists in reducing pain. This would have been done by giving support and relieving pain while at the same time making the patient comfortable.

The pros and cons of implanting a chip into a patient

One of the most important advantages of implanting of these tiny chips into the human body is that these chips are similar to smart cards; however, they can be accessed and read from a distance. The basic purpose of this chip is to store a person's medical history.

Nursing a patient with paranoid schizophrenia

In order to make the patient in question drink the required volume of water every day, the caretaker must come up with strategies that take into account the fragile and unpredictable state of mind of the patient. If the patient suspects that the water given to him is poisoned, it >>>

Emergency plastic surgery patient management

The researchThis is research had two projects where the two test involved recording the length of time taken during fasting for the patients to be taken to the definitive management and the second was involved in recording the time span from the time the person is injured to the time >>>

Psychological care of terminally ill patient nursing essay

It is these discoveries that can and should be used today to improve the quality of life of terminal patients, as well as the formation of a new attitude to death and dying, and with it the dying patient, put palliative medicine to a whole new level of practical and >>>

Nursing and patient

Even when the patient was upset and not exactly in the best mood, I would respect the patient and do whatever I could to ensure that I have helped the patient. Another part of the nursing code of ethics that I apply to my nursing practice is to always advocate >>>

The nursing shortage and the quality of patient care

Some of the implications of competing shortage are not relevant to the shortage of nursing and the quality of patient care. It has been debated that the lesser the nurse educators, the greater the future problem of the nursing shortage and the poorer quality of patient care.

Example of essay on evolving practice of nursing and patient care delivery

Special training is given to ensure quality delivery of the care services as it also involves administration of drugs when the physician is away, handling of wounds and emotional well being of the patient. It helps the physician know the sequence of the steps to follow for the best interest >>>

Are family-centered rounds effective for the family of the pediatric patient

Indeed, the benefits and limitations associated with the use of questionnaire and interview have been well dealt with in the submission by the writer. One of the greatest strengths of the paper has to do with the fact that the writer clearly elaborated the kind of instrumentation that each of >>>

Patient safety and medication administration

The implication that is developed from this point is that at each stage of the process, there is the likelihood of errors occurring at each stage if the real causes of the errors are not identified and curtailed. For example in a study by Matt G, it was found that >>>

Role of the nurse to manage a patient with myocardial infarction

Also in the care of MI patients, it should be ensured that resources are fairly distributed and no harm is provided to the patient due to carelessness. So, in order to provide psychological care, a nurse should be very attentive to the patient and should carefully explain every step of >>>

Quality and safety of patient care:

The six-sigma team will use diagrams and charts to track the movement of LOS and LBWS and try to draw a flow diagram of how the proficiency of the ED can be boosted. The team might use graphs to compare the targeted reduction in LWBS and LOS, and the real >>>

Improving patient satisfaction through noise reduction activities

To achieve this, the project aims at evaluating the impacts of the most common sources of excessive noise within the hospital environment and developing a long-term solution to the problem. The benefits of the program or project This project will ensure and provide evidence-based practice for improving patient satisfaction and, >>>

Effects of budgeting on patient safety

The article perfectly states the nursing workloads must cater to the diverse needs of the healthcare facilities. The fourth article correctly states that the Ontario government contributes to enhancing the budgets allocated to the safety of the young patients.

Cyclophosphamide therapy for cancer patient biology essay

Therefore, in this experiment, it is hoped that Cyclophosphamide exposed mice treated with Nigella Sativa Extract shows a significant result by decreasing the expression of OGG1 as the antioxidant component in NSE will reduced the cell damage due to the effect of CPA. The cytotoxicity of Cyclophosphamide is mediated by >>>

Hospital improves patient with data warehouse

We also need to understand here it is due to the consequences of actions of a state that international economic relations equate to international political relations. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.

Both worlds: the personal journey from doctor to patient in ‘when breath becomes air’

He had started on his path to become a neurosurgeon and to discover the answer to a question that has lingered with him since his undergraduate years: What "makes human life meaningful, even in the face of death and decay?". He was now standing in his patient's shoes and had >>>

Patient relationship

This could be partially true though it might not be fully for the patient's best interest because in the first place she is mourning a husband whom she believes loved her and was faithful to her yet in the real sense this is not true. For the respect of this >>>

The principle of beneficence vs patient autonomy and rights

The oath expresses the aspirations of the physician, and sets the ethical precedent by spelling out the physician's responsibilities to the patient and the medical profession. The primary concept behind the oath is the principle of beneficence, which is operationalised in the original oath as the resolve to serve "for >>>

Free essay on patient safety outcomes

In Tumolo's article, the author asserted that "a growing body of research supports the relationship between the level of nursing education and both the quality and safety of patient care". Thus, nurses with BSN are more cognizant of adhering to standards of patient safety, high quality of care, and the >>>

Depiction of poet’s sout in a noiseless patient spider

The poem, A Noiseless Patient Spider, connects the life of a spider to the soul of the poet. The spider has patience as said in the first line when the speaker repeats the title of the poem in the first line when the speaker writes "A noiseless patient spider," to >>>

Managing first-line patient care

The essence of giving bath is not just to keep the patients clean, but also to reduce temperature, to stimulate their body, and to make them relax. If the patient is at the height of fever, bath is not advisable, especially the cold bath.

Effective team working can have a significant impact on the quality of the patient experience essay

Therefore, my experience has made me understand the need and importance of multi-disciplinary teams and I know how to take notes and use the recommendations of the group to take the right decision related to the patient's health. I will closely involve the students to the cases that are directly >>>

Patient rights essay examples

This essay therefore focuses on the significance of these two emphasizing why the events, which led to their formation are important and how they affect the ethical issues that actually surround the clinical trials in the present day. It also requires the researcher to be an expert and have the >>>

Importance of the patient and staff satisfaction (pass) committee

Importance of the Patient and Staff Satisfaction Committee The opportunity to work with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality means that nurses have greater resources in researching for best evidence-based practices in order to upgrade the care provided to patients who rely on us to keep them healthy. The >>>

Where would you go for resources in helping a patient deal with his or her grief essay examples

Personally, I would go to a grief support group for resources in assisting a patient cope with their grief. I would choose this source in dealing with a patient's grief because such a group consists of members who have experienced the same situation as the patient once in their lives.

Patient discrimination and inequality issue in healthcare

That is not the case, and as we move forward as a society and a community, we need to become more aware of the racial discrimination that is happening around us. All of these findings led to the acknowledgment that racism and discrimination by healthcare providers is an ongoing issue >>>

The process of digestion and care of a patient with stoma

The gastrointestinal tract is the pathway from the mouth to the anus. In the case of bowel obstruction stoma is need to complete the digestive process.

Patient care essay sample

Take the time to clearly and thoroughly explain the fact of the situation and it will do a great deal to improve patient care. Lost in many of the discussions of patient care however the essential and revolutionary meaning of what it means to is be a patient.

Patient centred care essay essay sample

On admission to the hospital ward Mrs Ford is handed over to the nurse on duty ensuring that confidentiality in line with the code of conduct is adhered to. Using the MUST screening tool indicates that Mrs Ford is at a high risk of malnutrition because she is acutely unwell >>>

Solving patient’s scheduling problems

Also, taking into account the correlation between the other parts of the hospital and the surgical ward increases the importance and complexity of the problem. In the first stage, patients are assigned to one day and one part of the time of the surgical rooms, which are termed the block.

Checkpoint: patient self-determination act

The effect of the Patient Self-Determination Act has given each patient the right to choose what he or she believes what is best for him or her. The act also protects the health care institutions when the agency has to decide what is best for the patient.

Patient care

Doing my job to the best of my ability not only for myself but the patients that are in my care is of the utmost importance. To respect a patient concerns, questions, family, morals, values and religion is important to providing a quality of care that truly puts the patient >>>

Philosophy of holistic patient care in mountains beyond mountains by tracey kidder

In his work, he emphasizes an important aspect of Catholic Social Teaching, the Preferential Option for the Poor, or as he calls it O for the P, and he describes it as "a special concern in distributive justice for poor and vulnerable persons". PIH hospitals are in some of the >>>

Introduction the patient uncomfortable to handle the situation.

The diagnosis ofa chronic illness has the potential to change the fabric of the family dynamicto help adjust to the family member who is ill. Sharing the care: therole of family in chronic illness.

Doctor and patient relationship essay example

Added to the stress of carrying the burden of their illness and the general feelings of pain and discomfort due to being sick, the patient also will experience the lingering feelings of doubt and weary because of not knowing the exact reason for his/her feeling that way. Anything out of >>>

Free critical thinking on critical appraisal of an incident that affected patient safety

However, the wheelchair was not locked properly, the fluorescent lighting in the room was dim hence she could not see clearly and the floor was very smooth so when she tried to support herself on the wheelchair, it moved and she slide and fell fracturing her left hip in the >>>

Example of the english patient essay

It is a historical reminiscence of an English patient who is burnt beyond recognition, a nurse serving and taking care of the patient in the dangerous villa ignoring the dangers of mines and bombs in the villa, an Indian Sikh sapper who is an expert in diffusing bombs and a >>>

Research paper on the ethical issues arising from a patient refusal of treatment

However, tempting it may be for a Health care practitioner to override the decision of the patient due to the competing principle of beneficence and duty to protect life of patients, a Health care practitioner must accept the decision of the patient. There are also instances where laws may make >>>

The it is expected that the patient opens

To deliver this primary care effectivelyand make it patient centred care, the nurse must establish a good therapeutic relationshipwith the patient that he/she will be delivering the care too. By creating this kind of relationship with a patient it would also helpimprove the healthcare provided to be patient centred as >>>

Example of patient information and discharge plan: asthma essay

The way the disease manifests clinically, the level of severity, and the treatment efficacy is determined by the interaction of these features. Remember that it is a chronic disorder and is more likely to be exacerbated to the point of prominent symptoms being experienced however, it may also result in >>>

Good essay on patient centered medical home

The personal health care person has the record of a patient and does regular checking of the patient to ensure that the records are updated continuously. The main objective of the plan is to have a personal health care provider attending to a patient and one who can be easily >>>

Bed closures as a patient safety strategy article review examples

This will be done due to the reason that the institution will be responsible for the safety of patients. If the management opts for the first choice, then the patient, on which a particular nurse is assigned, will be neglected, as the nurse will have to float around the hospital >>>

The nurse staffing standards for patient safety essay sample

American Federation of Government Employees and American Federation of Teacher C. American Organization of Nurse ExecutivesE.

Patient safety culture (psc) amongst the staff at the national district hospital (ndh)

The position of the patient and medical devices should be such where the pressure is evenly distributed and shear is alleviated. Nutrition is an important part of comprehensive care and the prevention of pressure ulcers.

Good example of event procedures as the patient incident occurs essay

In reference to the Washington hospital policies, an elaborate process is required that show the kind of accident that will be reported and analyzed. The step involves the filling a form of claim that is found in the hospital's website.

Impacts of interprofessional collaboration and patient empowerment on the human health experience

After long periods of waiting and apprehension, See and the health care team that was catering to her had realized that she had been having a myocardial infarction all along as per her diagnostic results, they discovered it had been a vascular spasm in the heart that was not releasing, >>>

Patient education plan on cancer of the cervix essay sample

Since this type of cancer is puzzling, the patient must be educated about the basics of the disorder and how is it similar and unique compared to other forms of cancer. Introduction to the disease processFirst and foremost, the disease cancer of the cervix must be introduced properly to the >>>

Patient rights under the hipaa privacy rule essay samples

The following are some of the privacy practices:- Patient's right to request a restriction on the useUnder this policy, the patient is allowed to determine whom to or not disclose the health information of PHI for treatment to. The right to file a complaint should be indicated in the facility's >>>

Literature review on low gas flow in anesthesia and patient temperature

At least in the context of dogs, this article seems to treat the question of flow rate and core body afunction of gas cooling the body.[Comparison of the effects of low-flow and high-flow inhalational anaesthesia with nitrous oxide and desflurane on mucociliary activity and pulmonary function tests.]This study was >>>