Useful Teaching Essays Examples

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Greed is not good: teaching ethics to professionals

The paper "Greed is Not Good: Teaching Ethics to Professionals" is a wonderful example of a management essay. Milton Friedman, a free-market movement veteran, advocated that businesses tend to maximize their profit and returns to the owners without any responsibility in the society.

This of teaching practice can, through repetitive

According to Ghaye and Zeichner and Liston reflection can be defined as the process of looking backwards to identify both successes andfailures within our actions and using this knowledge to make meaningfulimprovements, which facilitate change within ourselves. True to this assessment, the behaviour within my classroom did continue toworsen, particularly >>>

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Explain how kolb”s learning cycle might be applied to a small team of trainee marketing staff working under supervision in an international sports organisation. what teaching and learning approaches might be involved

In the marketing training, it would be essential for the learners to instill marketing concepts in their work. In the initial stage, while referring to Kolb's concrete experience stage, would involve giving them mock marketing assignments.

Explain the boundaries between the teaching role and other professional roles

Personal boundaries It is important not to given preferential treatment to one or a group of learners and to treat everyone equally. It is our responsibility to identify areas outside of the professional boundaries of a teacher, either because of lack of necessary skills or expertise or because it is >>>

Ways to promote equality and diversity in teaching and learning essay sample

However, the greatest value that can be found in each and every country are the people living there, because they represent the uniqueness of the place and at the same time each of them has a personality in itself. I used a variety of teaching methods like interactive as well >>>

Primary prevention/health promotion teaching work plan research paper example

The objectives of the CLC group Teaching Work Plan include: The group has the following plans before the actual teaching work is carried out:- Identifying/designing the most appropriate method of reaching as many of the community members as possible.- Conducting public awareness campaigns before teaching work.- Allocating time for the >>>

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Course: second language teaching/article presentation

Given the expanse of evolution and development that has been identified in the article, could educators and second language learners confirm that the current technological applications that aim to develop learning skills in the abovementioned areas are already sufficient to achieve the learning goals that were identified? Meaning, what suggestions >>>

Learning theories in the teaching practice argumentative essay

The most basic learning theories are the theory of Behaviorism, the theory of Cognitivism, and the theory of Constructivism. The experiments have led to the conclusion that conditioning is the main component of the learning process.

Teaching character in curriculum essays example

This is in the belief that it is imperative that a person develops a good character in order to survive and succeed in life. In the same way that a good character is not something that is developed in the course of the semester.

Role of ict in the english language teaching

The teacher for instance can combine offline and online teachings in order to overcome some of the challenges of teaching and learning in a large. The teacher can post the material to his website for the students to download for use in the class.

Language teaching and application of communication technologies education essay

The communicative CALL avoids stating pupils they are incorrect and is flexible to a assortment of pupil responses and uses the mark linguistic communication entirely and creates anenvironmentin which utilizing the mark linguistic communication feels natural. The 3rd stage of CALL, the Integrative CALL, tries to incorporate the instruction of >>>

Article review on teaching american business in russia review title page

I, and I suspect many others; tend to think of language as the biggest barrier to communicating in another language. What I found most surprising about the article was the realization that language can sometimes even be a barrier for communication since it can lead to misunderstandings as would seem >>>

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Technology in learning and teaching essays example

The integration of technology in institutions is one of the important steps in supporting and promoting education. The use of internet is one of the major technologies that have been integrated in teaching and learning.

Hypnopaedia teaching in brave new world

The state leadership in the New World exerts absolute control of the people and suppresses creativity leading to artistic and literary minded people such as Helmholtz Watson living an oppressive and sad life. Due to the malleability of the brain, it is possible that if I choose sleep condition teaching >>>

Creating a teaching learning environment

Three of the nine comprehensive guidelines of American Association of Colleges of Nursing's The Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice are the highlights of this report. The aging baby boomers, cultural diversity brought by influx of global migration, nursing staff shortage, the prevalence of chronic illnesses, the advancement >>>

Clinical teaching and learning experience posts

Also, the use of the competence tests is important to evaluate yourself as well as your students in the material you are teaching and learning respectively. Response to ChrystalIt is more important to teach than it is to grade or rate the performance of nurses.

The glory of god by wayne grudem: the bible’s teaching on the moral goodness of business

He uses each of the subjects within the chapter to show how they can either be used for the glory of god or used for the glory of man, which is never a good thing. The last chapter in Business for the Glory of God is the chapter that stood >>>

Delivering business value with it at hefty hardware teaching

Jenny suggested that "it would be a lot easier for us in IT if the business would get its act together about what it wants from IT." Basically, it is difficult for the IT organization to contribute to the execution of the business treated when the business strategy is an >>>

Teaching ethical integriety in schools

The core academics can teach our youths how to become students of character and veracity. To learn the concepts of character education, the values, and skills that will nurture humanity.

Teaching: first demo exposure

With the experience we have now an idea about what kind of teacher we want to be and what we want our teaching to look like. We now have a picture in our mind of the teacher we want to become.

Effectivie teaching and learning of english in ghana

Teaching has been defined as 'a series of interactions between someone in the role of a teacher, and someone in the role of a learner, with the main purpose of influencing the learner's intellectual, emotional and motor behaviour. The English teacher can, therefore, be said to be the cog around >>>

Teaching technological literacy in middle school exclusive of technological literate educators

In order to provide accurate material to students, we, as an educational community, need to gain an understanding for where the world and society is today, as well as the projected developments of the future. One main achievement issue for the students at a middle school in the county I >>>

Teaching as a vocation, mission and profession

TEACHING AS A VOCATION, MISSION AND PROFESSION INTRODUCTION To enable development of youth first and foremost, the teacher's love for teaching is essential, with teaching as the soul of the teacher. You are called to be a teacher and you are sent into the world to accomplished a mission, to >>>

Building professional relationships with colleagues to share teaching insights and critical thinking example

Since teachers work in relative solitude from each other, it is important for them to seekout professional relationships as a way of validating their profession, gaining support for what they do on a daily basis, and be able to have cohorts who can appreciate their cares and concerns. When teachers >>>

Master of teaching

The goal of me as a teacher researcher is to communicate in native language about school activities and diminish the 'barrier' that limits the teacher parent interaction. Very few of the parents of the students in my class participated in the school-related activities which I experienced at the first year >>>

How to be effective at teaching and learning

In order to be effective at teaching and learning, a teacher has to address all the phases of the teaching cycle: In my own role as a language tutor at the Dutch Flemish Institute in Cairo, I was involved in all stages of this cycle. The interview was simultaneously a >>>

Good teaching

It is also an image that clarifies the goal of good teaching: to draw students into the process, the community, of knowing."To teach is to crate a space in which the community of truth is practiced". Good teaching, whatever its form, will help more and more people learn to speak >>>

Effective teaching strategies

Have students to repeat words after the teachers and to teach the students new words.4. The teacher can have the students to tell their favorite colors and make a graph of their favorite colors and discuss it with the students.3.

Quotes: education and teaching

The professor had to give an A+ to a student who answered: I do not know and I do not care.- Richard Pratt, Pacific Computer Weekly, 20 July 1990 "Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils".- Hector Berlioz Academy: A modern school where football is >>>

The essential characteristics of effective teaching

Teachers professional knowledge of the curriculum, the subjects taught to the students, the core values of the school, the knowledge of the values of the Education Department in their relevant state or territory, the knowledge they have of their individual students, the way they practice in the classroom, and the >>>

Teaching log example

This session has really made me think more about the way in which I am filling out the evaluation ools I am asked to fill out on a monthly basis, as I now understand better how they utilized. Asking questions of the Resident Education director to be better prepared for >>>

In her book teaching to transgress: education as the practice of freedom, bell hooks depicts the

In her book Teaching to Transgress: Education as the Practice of Freedom, Bell Hooks depicts the classroom as a source of constraint on one hand but, also as a source of liberation on the other. Bell Hooks transferred to an integrated school that was the complete opposite of her first >>>

Teaching as clincal practice

Conundrums and Complexities in Teaching and Teacher Education While there is much debate by academics, practitioners and the popular press around the quality of teachers, teacher education and what constitutes 'good' teaching, there is no argument that teaching is one of the most challenging and complex professions. Thinking and acting >>>

The use of teacher questions in learning and teaching

In a schoolroom, the instructor 's inquiries are meant to be a tool intended to pass on the content elements to be learned and the instructions for what they are expected to make and the mode to make it. Furthermore, the chief end of the ION is to develop long >>>

The child is the center of the teaching-


Technology benefits teaching literature review examples

The main problem facing the education system throughout the world has been the need to tailor makes a system that suits the mental capacities as well as the cultural and social needs of each student. Technology makes learning not only highly informative and conclusive but also fun and interesting and >>>

Research paper on teaching students with special needs and inclusion

Schools' attitudes towards the children with special educational needs vary between aiming for an inclusive education and between maintaining the elitist standards, where inclusive education is not anoption, and regarding the gifted students, the educational system seems unsupportive with their needs of gifted students. As Hornby notes, it is used >>>

Teaching rounding with mixed decimals essay sample

This is useful for them because, in their future, they will be dealing with numbers which will require the use of skills of rounding off. Secondly, I will present to the students the skills of identifying numbers that are tenths and hundredths on the right side of the decimal point.

Research paper on research into options for teaching the structure, tag questions, and rationale

Regardless of the age of the individuals the teacher is teaching, one of the most important parts of the lesson is the introduction. In this lesson, we are introducing the concept of "tag questions," so the primary objective of the introduction is to re-introduce the students to the different types >>>

Sequence for teaching activities essays example

The activities that will help the learners acquire the particular skills in order to achieve the broader goals of the course are taken into account. After deciding the contents to be covered in the course, the lesson plan and teaching strategy for accomplishing the course objectives, time schedule for each >>>

Teaching strategy in the classroom essay

Teaching Strategies Applied Effectively in the Classroom In a classroom, the teacher is the leader. As a result, the student's better understood the use of family in Shakespeare's work and were able to recognize differences and similarities between the portrayal of family in the written play and the movie.

Free research paper on the complexity of teaching family values in the modern world

Particularly in our modern era of the 21st Century, it is more important than ever that the family itself teaches family values, as there are so many different worldviews out there on what is of importance and what is not. As divorce, for example, becomes more prevalent, many children are >>>

Teaching/ activity & reflection

Since painting is mode of communication, it involves a lot of learning processes that goes with learning how to communicate. I leant the skill of painting through a step-by-step means of learning just like it occurs when a child learns speech.

Component of effective teaching essay sample

They assess the class as a whole and as individuals to be able to convey the material to all students, not just one or two. Effective teaching methods give students specific tasks, not just assignments, that keep them engaged in the outcome of the class.*Preparation* Effective teachers do not rely >>>

Using movies in teaching english

Dealing with this problem, the use of the movie in the teaching and learning process has important roles to improve the four language skills, especially speaking. Kitses cited in Keith decralered the easy way in recognizing the genre of movie, the characteristics of the story would be described what kind >>>

Constructivist teaching: then and now

Once the students complete the diagrams, the teacher will distribute a word bank to all students except advanced students, and then expect students to identify the different bones of the body. The teacher and students will study the role of the skeletal system, and its benefits to the humans.

Nvq 3 supporting teaching and learning in schools

NVQ 3 Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools NVQ Childrens Care, Learning and Development STL22 Reflect on and develop practice Questions Units KUS Please explain why reflection on practice and evaluation of personaleffectiveness is important Reflecting and evaluating practice and personal effectiveness is importantand will help me in many areas >>>

Teaching english in a multicultural class essay examples

This enables instructor to gauge the students' knowledge of the content. The instructor can also adjust the amount of content to be covered in order to reduce the content load on students; modifying the lessons is vital in order to support the learner's understanding.

Linguistics and second language teaching

However, I still agree if teachers who are teaching English at schools in the urban areas to use English at all times in the class due to the factor that most of the city-born students have already being exposed a lot to the English surrounding. However, since my main focus >>>

Indiana high school math teaching

After learning about the requirements to pass math in the state of Indiana I wanted to take a look at the percentage of passing students to see if the percentage had improved since the Core 40 and GQE was put in place. However, it is reassuring to see that I >>>

Curriculum and the social context of teaching

Aims and strategies of the policy - The aims and objectives of this policy appear to be rather broad and upon further study of the policy and other related documents, it appears that there is a need for the policy to be more specific in regards to exactly what changes >>>

Direct instruction: dynamics of high school teaching

By creating a positive climate for learning, the teacher makes the students to even develop more interest in the subject. A positive climate for leaning can be created by encouraging inclusive learning whereby students are given chance to give their views, there is nodiscriminationor stereotyping in the classroom regarding the >>>

The nature of good teaching

It is obvious that as physical education teachers we have the opportunity to impact students for the rest of their lives either in a positive or a negative way. One of the aims of physical education is to enable students to develop positive attitudes towards physical activity and lifelong habits >>>

Teaching preschool children reading

In order to teach a child phonic awareness and to read, ateachermust comprehend the procedure that the brain formulates in order to understand the printed data. A teacher must instruct a child in the phonological sequences of letters in order for the child to acquire phonological processing.

Teaching language arts to english language learners course work

Language arts are subjects such as spelling, reading, composition and literature that at developing the learner's capacity and comprehension for use of written and oral language. The American National Council of Teachers of English acknowledges that the five strands of the language arts are writing, speaking, reading, viewing or 'visual >>>

Visual aids in teaching essay sample

The advantages of slides and film strips are that they direct the attention of the whole class to the screen and to the pictures and words on it. Motion pictures are not only visual aids, but if designed, they may be the chief means of presenting both meaning and form >>>

Teaching standards, democracy and world learning report (assessment)

To avoid narrowing the curriculum, teachers should be cognizant of the fact that, standardization is meant to be a general guideline, not a specific blueprint. In his letter, Freire discusses the need for teachers to both speak to, and with the learners in a manner that indicates their willingness to >>>

“the dignity of a human person” according to the catholic social teaching

The unity of the person 'z "Man was created by God in unity of body and soul 'z "The person, including the body, is completely entrusted to himself, and it is in the unity of body and soul that the person is the subject of his own moral acts 'z >>>

Teaching of an aspect of mathematics and english education essay

Harmonizing to Braodfoot and Black appraisal sits at the nucleus of acquisition and serves as a communicative device between the universe of instruction and that of wider society. Subsequent to the debut of the NC, the Task Group for Assessment and Testing was developed in order to construct on the >>>

The teaching hospital

To keep the suit and the doctor out of public eye in the hospital, the executive committee decided to move Dr. Uric out of the medical side of the hospital and promote him into a new position where he would focus more on medical researcher, keeping him isolated from the >>>

The main principles of teaching

The 1800s brought a dramatic mount in propounding of teaching theories and principles owing to the fact that the teacher training came to the requirement of qualified teachers. We must know teaching is being aware of what we are doing wrong in the classroom and trying to find ways to >>>

Teaching roles and responsibilities

With differentiation in mind I agreed the content of the course to meet the needs of all the learners so that they each achieve the level of competance and knowledge to meet the standards of the qualification and their own desires."Students will learn best when learning opportunities are natural",so we >>>

Interactive methods of teaching foreign languages

Most of them encourage the natural acquisition of language, not learning. In language learning, students have just knowledge of the language and can operate it.

Use of games in teaching grammar

While the male students tend to ignore and do what they want to do, actually it challenged the teachers' patience. What are the strategies can be used by the teachers to grab male students and other students' attention.

Curriculum for teaching social skills

When the student is not forced to look at the whole picture and is used to just getting glimpses they are unable to realize the overall impact of issues, however when they are exposed to the entire story or belief then they are able to understand the entire story and >>>

Acquisition of metaphor through teaching culture education essay

The findings will be of importance to assorted stakeholders such as instructors of English as Second Language, pupils, instruction sectors, other research workers and larning establishment at big every bit good as Non-governmental Organization,The developed recommendations will be adopted by larning establishments to assist them successfully teach pupils English, a >>>

How does ict enhance teaching and learning?

Thus, the integration of the three ICT components namely information, communication and technology in a foreign language writing classroom is beneficial to improve the learners' motivation to write. By the introduction of information - communication technology into the foreign language-writing classroom and access to the internet, the learners have been >>>

Lvad teaching device

Left Ventricular Assistive Device Teaching Plan GOALS/ASSESSMENT Goal for Teaching Sessions: Inform the patient of what is a LVAD Inform the patient on the purpose for having a LVAD Inform the patients on components of the LVAD system and their maintenance/management Inform patient of potential physiologic problems that can occur >>>

A rationale for teaching the foundation subjects within early years and primary education

Fines also believes in the importance of history due to its cross-curricular abilities, he says "history can contribute to learning across the whole spectrum of the curriculum and does so effectively". It is expected that by the end of the foundation stage, children will 'talk about past and present events >>>

Therapeutic diet teaching plan: gluten free diet

Once gluten has been consumed, the individual will have to live with the consequences until the body has been able to rid itself of the gluten. The most obvious attack to a celiac diet is that on the carbohydrate food group.

Successful teaching of english

Exposing children to a foreign language has proven to be a link in facilitating pronunciation, since the younger a person hears a second language, the easier it gets to mimic pronunciation of native speakers. Young learners are keen to talk about themselves, their own lives, while adolescents are in the >>>

The importance of teaching mathematics and science in english

Retrieved November 30, 2011, from quality-vs-language. Retrieved November 30, 2011, from it or not, we need to master English.

Essay on theories of education psychology in teaching and learning

IntroductionMost people take it too simple to claim that psychology of education is the psychology of teaching and learning but it is evident that most of psychologists of education spend most of their time studying and developing various theories that will enhance in teaching and learning of both children and >>>

The quality of the teaching workforce

The Quality of the Teaching WorkforceThe article published by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development relates the quality of the teaching workforce in terms of the diversity of teachers, maintaining an adequate supply of good and qualified teachers, and developing the skills of those already in profession. The problem >>>

Developmentally appropriate teaching strategies

It is important for educators to ensure that their teaching strategies are appropriate for all of the children in their classroom. Educators need to make sure that they are capable of addressing each of their students' needs individually in order for the students to be able to succeed.

My role as a teaching assistant

During the lesson I would supervise the children using the instruments and check they are using them correctly and are not messing about with them, and causing any damage to themselves, anyone else or the equipment. At the end of the lesson I would check that the instruments are still >>>

Job satisfaction and dissatisfaction of teaching personnel at udm

The purpose of this study is to properly identify the motivating and hygiene factors in relation to the job performance of the faculty members, which will be beneficial for the organization in enriching and improving whatever is necessary for the organization's growth. The focus of the study is limited to >>>

The teaching of english to young children education essay

The purpose of my MA thesis would be to demo how the cognition of broad scope of vocabulary is of import for scholar of Second Language but besides how to do it interesting and easy adaptable for immature pupils. The presentation of new vocabulary can be classified for illustration harmonizing >>>

Behavior systems family and teaching and learning activities

The behavior systems family of teaching models focuses on the behaviorist theories of Skinner,Bandura, and others. According to Weil and Calhoun, at the end of each unit, a test is administered to see if the students understood that section.

Teachers and teaching in the uae education essay

The forum discussed the challenges and troubles to building an first-class instruction work force with quality, instructors ' fulfilment and satisfaction degree with the preparation and instruction they get, and how the preparation of instructors is altering instruction in the United Arab Emirates.Dr. What are the challenges to raising the >>>

Changing teaching styles over time education essay

In recent old ages we have witnessed that there has been a great addition in the esteem of good instruction to non merely the effectivity of schooling but besides on the function of research on learning which would assist in the development of a cognition base to inform the instruction >>>

Free essay on teaching baptism

During the creation period, the Lords spirit hovered in the face of waters to reveal the power of word. The most common injunction to prophets of the law in Old Testament to baptism is found in deliverance of Noah and his entire generation using the ark, Mosaic law distinctively provided >>>

The essential characteristics of effective teaching essay sample

2- Knowledge of schoolAn effective teacher will also have knowledge of their school, having knowledge of the school in which they teach is crucial to understand what resources are readily available for the students use, having knowledge about the school will also give the teacher knowledge on the rules and >>>

Studies related to teaching competency education essay

There was a important negative correlativity between the self perceptual experience of linguisticcommunicationinstructors and learning competence.there was a important positive relationship between instructors ' instruction competence and liking of their students of their instruction behavior. There was no difference between the instruction competence and occupation satisfaction of the instructors on >>>

The effects of reciprocal teaching on english language education essay

Of the 72 pupils, 36 were assigned to the mutual instruction intercession, while the others worked in little groups, with the instructor offering aid if needed in decrypting and transition apprehension. In the initial mutual instruction survey, Palincsar and Brown employed a individual capable research design to look into the >>>

Teaching race

DuBois's pedagogical teachings of race and how it plays a role in the disparities of the criminal justice system, the study of race and its correlation to the criminal justice system started sooner than I would have imagined. The political system for many of years, has worked to break down >>>

The victorian teaching profession code of conduct

It is the responsibility of teachers to provide a safe environment, adapt content to meet the diverse needs of students and deliver quality teaching. As a teacher I will support students of diversity, embracing their cultures in and outside of the classroom, in hope to decrease cultural discrimination and bullying.

Free teaching with technology research paper sample

This website includes exercises/games that help the user to improve the knowledge of usage of the mouse, the keyboard and the computer in general. It's fun learning how to use the mouse and keyboard via this website.

Research based theory on teaching

Is a good teacher based off the knowledge that each student brings out of the classroom, or is it based off how a teacher motivates their students to become what they have inspired to be, inside and outside of a classroom? To know is to modify, to transform the object, >>>

Special education co-teaching essay

For example, in a class of sixteen, six of them with disabilities, it is extremely essential to have two teachers co-teaching together. Co-teaching provides teachers with valuable experience, skills and techniques to teach a diverse class of students.

Multicultural teaching essay

The challenges that face our nation's children relates to the civil right movements and immigration laws that have guided us to a direction of multicultural education. Educators wanted students to respect racial and ethnic minority groups and they wanted the self-image of the minority children to be changed.