Useful Tourism Essays Examples

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Pest analysis for a company in the tourism industry

I will find out about the customers, competitors of the company. To get a better understanding's the services provided by Simply Travel I will split the serotonin Core and Peripheral services.

Alliance med medical tourism business plan sample

4Promotion Strategy:9 List of Tables and FiguresFigure 1: Growth of Inbound Tourism in US 6Figure2: Growth of Inbound Tourism Spending in the US 6Figure 3: Potential Growth of Inbound Medical Tourism in US 7Figure 4: Potential Growth of Inbound Tourism Spending in US 7Company & Services Description- Company Overview:Alliance Med >>>

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The business of travel and tourism essay sample

An example of an organisation which is funded and controlled by central government would be the Department for Culture Media and Sport, a national organisation responsible for supporting the growth of creative industries, organising events such as the 2012 London Olympic games and promoting all the cultural and artistic things >>>

Successful business idea in hospitality or tourism report

The business owner will develop a support system with the people who share a similar vision for the business in order to enhance a successful implementation of the business plan. The goal of this business venture will be to provide our clients with affordable resting place, dining and entertainment which >>>

Regional product as a tourism resource-rural tourism

The two mean, "The Maasai spotted" due to the openness of the plains in the park, which enable people to have extensive views of the entire park and its surroundings. The surrounding scenery in the park is also breathtaking as it is a true signature of a Safari.

Tourism management

Adventures and sports tourism can benefit economies by providing a fast source of income for local government and community, supporting the sustaining improvement and protection forenvironmentand encouragingcultureexchange between the developed countries and the developing world. Adventure and sports tourists can be attract for a certain destination by looking at the >>>

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Reviewing the role of tourism marketing in successful sustainable tourist destinations

Results of the ReviewTourism marketing and Sustainable tourist destinationTourism is a significant component of the growing footprint, while tourism marketing is the application of marketing concept in travel and tourism industry as it uses the four Ps, product, price, place and promotion in advertising tourist destination to consumers. Tourist destination >>>

Good essay on tourism homework

It is vital that employers and their trainers and in the workplace know how to communicate to international groups of employees, seasoned and otherwise. The meaning of training and development in organizing employees to be ready to provide service is vital to the industry.

External influences and there effects on tourism essay sample

It is hard to be able to prepare for such external issues " the need to balance a company's strategy and structure with changes in the external environment is obvious in any industry" The political environment has had a huge impact on the tourism industry; the greatest example of this >>>

Critically evaluate how ict is applied to the tourism and hospitality industry essay

Marketing is vital part of any business now with the development of ICT companies are marketing their products and services now customers have choice to choose the product and service according to their requirement. All the key professionals are recruited according to the requirement of Hilton hotel.*IMPLEMENTATIONOF ICT IN MARKETING, >>>

Travel and tourism essay sample

Thorpe Park is used for several reasons: To help recognition, to make the product different, to create brand loyalty, to develop a brand imageIf the customer really likes the brand they trust the product and buy the same product again. Fright Night is the main event of Thorpe Park which >>>

The ten “p’s” of travel, tourism

Many times the hospitality or tourism product is viewed as more of a "service in the customer's eyes. If you follow "The Ten 'P's' of Tourism Marketing, your customers will come first because you will be able to understand them better.

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Tourism destination: venice case study sample

After a careful analysis of the tourism mix, the current market trends, the destination life cycle and the challenges of Venice, it has been recommended that Venice, a tourist destination should further emphasize on advertisement and marketing to enhance its popularity in the global tourism industry. Moreover, in this part, >>>

Example of tourism and hospitality report

The intent of the paper is to analyze the tourism and hospitality sector within the various states of Australia, with analysis based on various statistics provided. The Globalization of Tourism and Hospitality: A Strategic Perspective.

Marketing for hospitality and tourism

The Ritz-Carlton, Millennia Singapore" Summary Walter Junker is the executive assistant manager infoodand beverage department of the Ritz-Carlton Millennia Singapore hotel. The site gives us information about entrance fee, the chef who will attend the event and pictures from the event This is the picture about strawberry-flavored white chocolate This >>>

Marketing in travel and tourism

On the other hand the wants are the wish for a particular satisfier of need and the demand can be explained as the want for an exact product backed up by the ability and wish to buy it. The value represents the difference between the cost of having the product >>>

Good example of tourism: food applications report

Some of the cons of this app include the limited features available in the free or "lite" version, and the cost of downloading the app. The app is only available on the iPhone and to its users.

Marketing in the travel and tourism industry

The Chartered Institute of Marketing's' definition of marketing goes as follows Marketing Is the management process for Identifying and satisfying customer needs profitably.'Marketing Is the activity, set of Institutions, and processes for creating. Price The price of a product is the amount in which you have to pay to use, >>>

Tourism research

Paper METHODOLOGY The first component of a tourism research methodology is the functioning of the objective of the research. According to Balalia and Petrescu, in order to motivate visitors to visit regional parks, park managers and supervisors had to understand the aspirations, needs and behaviors of the visitors.

The marketing of tourism industry marketing essay

The buying decision of tourists is the combined action of the following four dimensions, stimuli, personal and social determinants of travel behavior, external variables, and characteristics and features of service destination. This allows both the author and the operators to see clearly the entire process and also the influential >>>

Slovenian tourism term paper example

The Slovenian tourism strategy aims at developing a plan the will ensure the destination wins the global competitive advantage in the tourism sector. The destination competitiveness model plays a significant role in the analyzing of tourism competitiveness in Slovenia.

Global sustainable tourism: criteria for destinations essay

Notably, the Global Sustainable Tourism Council notes that its objectives are to create universal principles for sustainable tourism in a common language, to make destinations sustainable, to promote market access, to increase knowledge, and to create an accreditation process that will provide tourists and programs with the information that they >>>

Good essay on economic impact of tourism in the united kingdom

The second perspective to the impact of the tourism industry to the economy of the United Kingdom is the indirect impact. The tourism industry in the UK impacts the economy through the provision of direct employment to many people in the United Kingdom.

Tourism industry

On September 4th, on one of the early tests over Vancouver, the aircraft experienced engine problems and the pilot elected to head for the waters of Coal Harbor. These aircraft were not used operationally in 1920 but the HAS-AL was tested and evaluated by the Forest Branch and Air Station >>>

Innovation in tourism in response to global concern

It is for this reason that innovations in tourism in response to global concern is of at most importance to the continuity of the tourism and travel sector. With such influence of climate on the tourism industry, management within this sector have to make crucial decisions and innovations that minimize >>>

Tourism industry in laos essay

The country has almost unlimited potential for the development of tourism industry, and the recent political and taxation shifts have resulted in the dramatic tourist arrivals' increase. The development and implementation of open-door policies was accompanied by the relaxation of visa requirements; and since the middle of the 1990s tourism >>>

Tourism is an economic necessity essay

There went from being 450million visitors in 1997 to an estimated 570million in 2030 according to Of course to deal with such a large income of people mainly during the summer months the countries have to find some sort of balance in terms of the resources available and the number >>>

Review of two articles on tourism sector & transport sector essay

It's well known to promote the environment and offer a wide range of job opportunities to the desired candidates hence improving the economy. From the point of view most people are profiting from a well organized tourism and these gains can be of added advantage in most parts of the >>>

Tourism industry of bangladesh

The foreign exchange figures are released by the Bangladesh Bank on the basis of returns furnished by the stakeholders of the tourism industry. Industry Size and Growth The government created the Tourism Board in 2009, in addition to the Bangladesh Parental Corporation, which existed for the last 40 years to >>>

The tourism industry of bangladesh prospects and barriers essay

Research MethodologyIn order to understand the barriers of tourism, and to find meaningful answer to the research questions, qualitative research needs to be carried forth. For this research, all the tour operators of Bangladesh are the population for research.

Sample research proposal on tourism system in molokai (demand and supply characteristics)

Tourism is one of the economic boosters of the Maui County, and part of the tourism revenues of Maui County is from the Island of Molokai though in a larger proportion. Tourists coming to Molokai have had to respect and cope with the Hawaiian culture that is upheld on the >>>

Role of it in travel and tourism industry

Let me first introduce you to the travel and tourism industry at large, and the focus is particularly on the Indian travel and tourism industry as a subset of the global tourism market. Coming to IT in tourism, when informationtechnologyis used in travel and tourism industry, it leads to the >>>

Tourism and fastest growing industries

The environment can be greatly affected by tourism in cases where the attraction is a vista of nature's beauty, visits of people in large numbers could mean huge amounts of treading andpollutionof materials such as plastic waste, bottles, which in the long run could be disruptive to the habitats of >>>

What is the impact of the lord of the rings on new zealand’s tourism industry?

Thus, this assignment will attempt to answer the question: What is the impact of the Lord of the Rings on New Zealand's Tourism industry from the release in 2001 till the year 2016? The Importance of the movies to not only the tourism industry but the country as a whole >>>

Good example of report on travel vs. tourism

The specification for a job here would be for bartending and the reason for such attributes listed below are because a bartender requires knowledge for the work. The professional bartenders handbook: a recipe for every drink known - including tricks and games to impress your guests.

Roles of urban redevelopment authority in tourism planning

Hence, this show that URA actually plays the role of distributing and supplying the land and infrastructure for tourism-related purposes, as well as setting rules and guidelines in controlling and maintaining a healthy balance of tourism supplies even after the construction of the infrastructure. Especially iconic buildings which required a >>>

Tourism development and host community

Without community participation, tourism development could not be achieved hence there is a need for governments in the developing world to play a role in fostering community support for tourism development and enhancing long-term sustainability as a broad base for tourism development planning as cited by Hall, Kirkpatrick, Michael states >>>

Good essay on arctic tourism influences arctic environment

According to the Arctic Council Working Group the CAFF, the predominant environmental impacts due to Arctic tourism are the following:The transportation of tourists in the Arctic increases the volume of airplanes and ship traffic. The information that has been taken from the Unit 2 in this paper is the impact >>>

Example of indigenous tourism research paper

The expansion of indigenous tourism has been reinforced and its active participation in the Australian tourism industry is very much encouraged with the conviction that tourism is a prospective instrument to bring economic benefits for the indigenous people. Another driving force in the development of indigenous tourism is the assumption >>>

Sri lanka tourism development authority information technology essay

This organization is the main body or the foundation of the travel and tourism industry of Sri Lanka. This program mostly focuses on judging the standards and quality level of the tourism products plus services, moreover, which will accommodate to encourage and inspire hospitality service providers to build up, maintain >>>

The customer satisfaction in the airlines industry tourism

2 ) Measuring the client satisfaction in the air hoses industry:3.2. 3 ) The client ' benefits from competition in the air hoses industry:The chief purpose of this chapter is to reexamine the theories and old research documents which are chiefly concentrated on the rating of client satisfaction in the >>>

Ticket pricing behaviour in indian airline industry tourism essay

The heavy traffic routes like Delhi-Mumbai have significant passenger volume for most of the time in a day and hence, the number of airlines operating between these routes is greater in number. The details of the routes are given below[3]: For the purpose of our study we have taken the >>>

Indigo airlines marketing plan tourism essay

Indigo airlines aims to become the number one leader in the low cost airline industry of India, offering the best service and ensuring highest standards of quality at low cost to the customer. Effective costing of productsCost cuttingIncreasing the market share by 25% The strengths for indigo airline in the >>>

Rivalry in the airline industry tourism

Harmonizing to the analysis as shown in figure one it is clearly seeable EasyJet is a low monetary value air hose." The CEO of EasyJet has outlined that our focal point is on the budget-minded concern travellers for European flight. Furthermore, in the low monetary value class surely means corporations >>>

Macro environment influences of the airline industry tourism essay

In terms of the case, it suggests that the environment of airline companies is not very stable, especially the increasing price of fuel which is the key driver of change. The impact to the airlines companies is obvious and the budget airlines may face the trouble more so than normal >>>

Analyse the current strategy of ryanair tourism essay

Undertake an environmental analysis of the European airline industry with implications for the budget sector and Ryanair in particular. This assignment will analyse the business environment of the airline industry in Europe, then it considers the competitive strategy and sustainability of Ryanair.

E commerce in the airline industry tourism essay

As estimated by the Economist, the management information systems and the Internet together has saved the airlines "commissions of up to 5% on ticket sales" and "cost of printing and sending out tickets and the fees for the computerized reservation services". This paper traces the history of integration of IT >>>

The low budget airline jetstar asia airways tourism essay

The final category is the low cost carriers, such as Jet Blue, Westjet in North America; Virgin Blue and Australian Airlines in Australia; Ryanair, EasyJet, and Air Berlin in Europe; Air Asia, Oasis Hong Kong Airline, Jetsatr Asia Airway, and Tiger Airway in Asia Pacific. With PEST analysis as above, >>>

Human resources planning for hospitality and tourism

He does a good job of screening potential employees for his front desk area of the hotel because he realizes the importance of that area of the hotel, especially in tourist areas. Brian knows that he has many problems to deal with and so he goes to the Sunrise Hotel >>>

Essay on tourism attraction

Also, United States cities utilize the art of photographing in presenting the image of their cities and scenery to local and international tourists. Many cities are increasingly competing in the construction of festival malls, with intent to attract tourists.

Tourism book reviews example

Besides,Tourism needs peace to flourish as seen in the book tourism and war. Dark tourism in research is not focused as a relationship only between war and tourism because it primarily focuses with the aftermath of the war and conflict.

What makes tourism a social practice essay

The sheer fact of travelling with the objective of meeting and interacting with new people in other places makes tourism a social practice. These are social activities meant to improve the welfare of people.

A comparative analysis of community-based tourism in uganda and kenya

The paper will first define the concept and then explore the demographics and history of tourism in Kenya and Uganda, and finally examine the socio-economic and environmental impacts. The ethnic flare-ups, land use conflict between local communities and wildlife managers, threats of extinction of species and the apparent inability of >>>

Essay on community based tourism

Training is given to increase the skill level and to strengthen the capacity of individuals and organizations to develop and support the program of CBT as a tourist activity. Part of the program for capacity building for the local community consists of eight modules described below and it is designed >>>

Cultural tourism essay sample

The demands of the post-modern era and commercialization are the two main reasons why the culture and cultural tourism are provided increasingly in the recent years. TOURISM AND THE COMMODIFICATION OF URBAN CULTURE.

Tourism: england and local facilities

This leads to thedevelopment of the countryand, of course, is beneficial for both, citizens and tourists. Consequently, the development of the country must be controlled and planned in such a way it does not destroy the natural beauty.

Tourism sustainability case study examples

The development of a tourism hotspot in the Favela region has been set to use a strategic and systematic approach at achieving the set goal of increasing the tourist attraction sites in the region. The inhabiting residents have also been presented with ideas and proposals for the of turning parts >>>

Tourism, cultural and personal perspectives essay sample

People are travelling ever more than before, be it for business or pleasure, to every corner of the world. This essay investigates the extent to which a broad understanding of other countries is achieved, and in which particular areas it may be possible.

Bergala resorts assesment of tourism with sustainable managment of environmental resources

Methodology:A survey was conducted in the proposed land between 28th December 2006 and 15th January 2007 in order to evaluate the potential of the proposed land for ecotourism. A team of specialists in the fields of forestry, flora, fauna and geology participated in the survey.4.

Coral reef pollution can hurt bermuda’s tourism industry

This is a state of the environment report on the islands of Bermuda that serves to shed light on the pollution of the coral reefs due to waste management problems and the subsequent potential adverse effects it can have on the Tourism industry. Secondly, a description of the human development >>>

Entrepreneurship in tourism and hospitality

This would be illustrated in terms of the international standards provided within the hotel which is rare in the area where the hotel is built. 3 Why it is innovative Our plans include to receive several awards amongst which is Ecotourism award and to be the first Danish hotel in >>>

Example of essay on significance of authenticity in the provision and experience of cultural tourism

Nonetheless the destinations in the developing world have shaped their tourism to suit the criterion of tourism authenticity that is defined by the western countries given that many of the tourists who visit the destinations are from the west. The aim of this paper is to advance the argument that >>>

How bali bombing affects the tourism in bali essay sample

In this paper, the author would use the impact of the first Bali bombing to the tourism industry in Bali as the case study. Tourism and total crisis in Indonesia: the case of Bali.

New york city culture tourism essay examples

New York remains at a risk of standardization in the course of fulfilling the desires of the tourists: whereas, accommodation, food and drinks, and landscape must conform to the desires of the tourists, especially for theunfamiliar and the new visitors. The new year parade of Chinese is the peak of >>>

Health tourism and its impacts on host nation and hospitality industry

In India, health care is one of the largest sectors, in terms of revenue and employment, and this sector is expanding rapidly largely due to health and medical tourists. This increases the sale of medicines in a directly proportional manner such that, the number of surgeries or treatment conducted directly >>>

Marketing in travel and tourism essay

Objectives: The aim of this assignment is to make the reader understand the key concepts and principles of marketing in the travel and tourism industry also as the key points affecting marketing environments and its function in different segments of the tourism industry. The main factor is the one in >>>

Tourism and hospitality in melbourne

Since its opening in 2002, The Federation Square has been visited by more than a 100 million visits and has recently been named the 6th Best Public Square of the World, It is currently number two for national and international visitation to Melbourne and is regularly among Victoria's top two >>>

Investment in maldives tourism

The purpose of the report is to inform you about the scenario analysis of investment climate in the tourism industry of Maldives, one of the fastest growing developing countries in the South Asian region. Executive Summary The report titled "Investment in Maldives Tourism discusses the overall scenario analysis of the >>>

The holiday inn london bloomsbury organisation tourism essay

ORGANISATION STRUCTUREThe organisation structure of Holiday Inn London-Bloomsbury shows a comprehensive plan that depicts the duties and responsibilities of employees in each position within the organisation, who they lead and manage and who they report to. An example of the application of the star performer development programme is evident in >>>

Website proposal for holiday inn hotel tourism essay

The new website can be developed by outsourcing the development of the website to some leading website developers specially related to the hospitality industry. The limitations of the research and the potential for advanced features on the Holiday Inn website will also be discussed.

History – development of travel, holiday and leisure activities and tourism

Already in ancient Egypt and others cultures on all continents, there are journeys from religious set up: pilgrimages to the temples of the Deities, such as the Hajj pilgrimages of pious Muslims to Mecca or the meetings of Hindus for ritual bathing in the Ganges. A type of traveler more >>>

Factors before introducing ethno tourist holidays tourism essay

Ethno-tourism is focus on the people who did not know the culture of the tourist district and also living out of this kind of culture. Whereas, considering from the benefits the companies could get from ethno-tourism people also should consider the negativity tourism would occurred in tourist places, will it >>>

Free research paper on cultural heritage tourism

The definition of cultural heritage tourism according to the national trust is the travelling to see and experience a place and activities that authentically represent the stories and the people of the past as well as the present. The secrete idea in cultural heritage tourism is that, preserve your heritage >>>

History of tourism essay sample

Early Egyptians started the trait of purchasing souvenirs from the places they visitEarly Beginnings of Travel The Egyptians 2700 BC: the Pharaohs began to build elaborate burial tombs Egyptians were also the first ones to start celebrating festivals. First Voyage Around the World Use of Early roads The Romans developed >>>

The global economic crises and tourism effects tourism essay

The financial integration, the intercontinental investments and the global companies are reasons that make the economies of the entire world related and dependent to each other. Hawaii is facing a recession due to the financial crises and as a state which relies mostly in tourism, this industry is the most >>>

Economic and employment impacts of tourism

Studies on the impacts of tourism have demonstrated that a destination's population acknowledges the economic and social benefits and also the cost of tourism on the respective community and lives. The aim of this study is to provide an overview of the effects of the tourism expansion on the economy >>>

Local community participation in eco tourism

A study conducted by Assefa and Olav to examine the local people's participation in the management and development of ecotourism projects in the Adwa district, Northern Ethiopia, the authors investigate the relationship between awareness of impacts of tourism on local life & level of community participation, the authors found a >>>

Tourism and economic growth of sri lanka tourism

The purpose of this paper is to discourse the development of touristry industry and it 's part to develop the economic system of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Tourist Board and Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority are runing under the authorization of Ministry of Tourism and these organisations helped to develop >>>

The principals and benefits of ecotourism tourism essay

According to the world tourism organization tourism encompasses the activities of people traveling to and staying at places outside their normal environment for not more than one consecutive year for relaxation, business and other objectives not related to the exercise of an activity paid for within the place visited. As >>>

Ecotourism an idea for sustainable development tourism essay

1 Aware of the Environment - Today the "Green Laws" of conservation are making people aware of how man and the environment can live symbiotically for more time to come and eco-tourism is the only way to maximize the economic, environmental and social benefits of tourism. Madhya Pradesh, the second >>>

Economic environmental and culture impacts of tourism

In light of the increasingly competitive day visit market and concern about the keeping of wild animals in captivity for human amusement, the national Zoo of Bangladesh must balance carefully the demands of the paying visitor with those of maintaining credibility as conservation and education-oriented organisations. The major tourism issues >>>

Social and economic effects of an urban region tourism essay

The reason for this is the direct result of the relationship between population size and proximity to the city for the purpose of work. Richmond Hill being situated in the heart of the GTA between the city core, large neighboring cities: Etobicoke and Mississauga, and Newmarket in the north had >>>

Effects on vietnam’s economy: hospitality and tourism

Moreover, Vietnam should expand bilateral and multilateral cooperation relationship to gain the support of other countries and international organizations, accelerate Vietnam's tourism development and integration, and increase the image and status of Vietnam's tourism in the international arena. We should upgrade and expand the system of international airports, increase the >>>

Economic social cultural environmental and political impacts tourism essay

All these can emerge prior to the event, during the event or even after the event, and they can be either or both positive and negative impacts, operating both in the short-run and long-run, that will be beneficial to a tourism destination or act as a threat to it. The >>>

eco-tourism: opportunity and challenge in nepal essay sample

The concept of the eco tourism has come into practice to safeguard the environment and promote local culture and benefit the local communities and the tourists. The ecotourism focus on the conservation of the ecology and the goal is to achieve the sustainable development through responsible tourism.

Economic advantages of tourism in poland economics essay

Contribution to local economiesThe environment is a basic part of the assets used by the tourism industry and for that reason profit coming for the field of tourism is measured to measure the economic value of protected areas. It is also related with tourism produced exports and with investments related >>>

Promoting eco tourism in malaysia

It is an institution member of the Association of Southeast Asian Country and the Organization of Islamic Conference, and a member of Asia-Pacific Economic Corporation, the Commonwealth of Nations, and the Non-Aligned Movement. To study the purpose in incorporating the ideas of youths view the range of vision and maintenance >>>

The local economic impact from mega events tourism essay

The aim of this research is to discuss the impact of strategic analysis tools used on mega-events, on how events such as Formula One is marketed to the beneficial of Singapore's local economy. The following section will examine what the natures of the said four analysis tools entails and how >>>

Ecotourism in dominican republic tourism essay

According to the definition of ecotourism is 'Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people.'. The main developing marketing is in the key markets of Europe and Caribbean and a range of additional materials to aid in the marketing of the ecotourism >>>

Asian tourism comparison and effect on economic growth tourism essay

According to Sinclair and Stabler, the range of goods and services encompassing tourism include natural resources and especially the non-price feature and the positive benefits derived from attractive environment and the negative effect of pollution. The causes of this problem in Brunei tourism is because of the pollution that happen >>>

Pilgrimage tourism

The Hindu religion and place of worship are always unique to the rest of the world. In the 2009-10 a total of 2.